Book Emmanuel: The task of Spiritual guides

The invisible guides, of man may not, in any manner, depart the material difficulties of his evolutionary pathways on the face of the earth.

Space is full of unknowns for all the Spirits. If the incarnated feel the existence of imponderable fluids that can not yet understand, the disembodied are also marching to the discovery of other divine secrets which concern their minds.

When we speak, therefore, of the influence of the Gospel in the great sociological issues of the present, we point to the creatures body of laws by which should guide their lives on the planet. The leader of certain services receive necessary regulations from his superiors, he must put into practice in the Administration.

Our business is to cooperate with our brothers in knowledge of these codes of justice and love, whose base will live in the future legislation. Spirits do not return to Earth to just tell their companions, the eternal beatitudes in the divine plan of immensity. All men know the fatality of death and know that it is inevitable to change their future to the spiritual life.

All creatures are consequently bound to know what we already know. Our word is in order the earth may vibrate with us in the lofty ideals of brotherhood and spiritual redemption. If we discus about improved conditions of existence in redeemed plans of the universe, is that the Earth may put into practice these same conditions. The codes applied in other more advanced spheres, based on universal solidarity, should in turn,  be given attention and precise studies.

Earth orb  is no stranger to the universal concert of all the suns and all spheres that populate the Unlimited; part of the community infinite worlds, the Earth will know the joys of perfect harmony of life. And life is always love, light, creation, movement and power.

Deviations and the excesses of the men have made of your planet the sad mansion of shadows and contrasts.

Mysterious *fluid bind to God all the beauties of his perfect and inimitable creation. Men will therefore have its fair share of undying happiness when they are integrated in harmony with the Creator.

The earliest and most distant suns unite to your Orbe of shades through * powerful and intangible fluids. There is a law of love that unites all spheres, within the universal ether, as there is this ignored force of a moral nature, maintaining the cohesion of the social members, in human collectivities. The Earth is therefore a component society  of the worlds.

Just like Mars or Saturn have reached an further advanced  stage in knowledge, improving the conditions of their communities, your orb has also the duty to improve themselves, moving, upgrading their laws to a higher stage in the universal Frame.

Men, therefore, should not remain enraptured in front of our descriptions.
The key is to get to work, perfecting, each, his own heart first, tuning it with the lesson of humbleness, and love of the Gospel, turning then their homes, their cities and their countries, so that
everything on earth breathe the same happiness and the same beauty of the high orbs according to our narratives of the Infinite.



* Dark Matter and Dark Energy

  1. Is density an essential attribute of matter?

“Yes, of matter as understood by you, but not of matter considered as the universal fluid. The ethereal and subtle matter which forms this fluid is imponderable for you, and yet it is None the less the principle of your ponderable matter.”

Density is a relative property. Beyond the sphere of attraction of the various globes of the universe, there is no such thing as “weight,” just as there Is neither “up” nor “down.”

  1. Is matter formed of one element or of several elements?

“Of one primitive element. The bodies which you regard as simple are not really elementary; they are transformations of the primitive matter.”

  1. Whence come the different properties of matter?

“From the modifications undergone by the elementary molecules, as the result of their Union and of the action of certain conditions.”

36. The absolute vacuum exists somewhere in universal space ?
No, there is no vacuum. What seems to you empty, it is filled by matter that escapes you to the senses and instruments.

41. Can a world completely formed, disappear and disseminate up again in space the matter that composes it?
Yes, God renews worlds as renews the living beings.

45. Where the organic elements were prior to the Formation from the earth?
They thought up, so to speak, in a state of fluid in the space, in the midst of spirits, or on other planets, waiting for the earth’s creation to begin new life in a new world.

Peopling of the Earth – Adam

  1. Did the human race begin with one man only?

“No; he whom you call Adam was neither the first nor the only man who peopled the earth.”

  1. Is it possible to know at what period Adam lived?

“About the period which you assign to him; that is to say, about 4000 years before Christ.”

The man of whom, under the name of Adam, tradition has preserved the memory, was one of those who, In some one of the countries of the globe. survived one of the great cataclysms which at various epochs have changed Its surface, and who became the founder of one of the races that people the earth at the present day. The laws of nature render itimpossible that the amount of progress which we know to have been accomplished by the human race of our planet long before the time of Christ could have been accomplished so rapidly as must have been the case If it had only been In existence upon the globe since the period assigned as the date of Adam. The opinion most consonant with reason is that which regards the story of Adam as a myth, or as an allegory personifying the earliest ages of the world.


Date of first publication: 18 April 1857



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