Courage despite the struggles and sufferings

Book Emmanuel I –         Year of Publication: 1937

Author: Emmanuel       Medium: Francisco Xavier


Content Index Part I

Weakened Souls
What is modern Spiritualism
The necessity of own effort
To the Weakened of the Fight



My words today are addressed to those who started the spiritualist studies, herded by pitiless scourges of suffering; at the height of their pain, they turned to the moral support that the doctrine  gave them, and felt that the storms has calmed down His recognized hearts turned then to spiritual things; however, the torment did not disappear. Passed a slight lull, there was recrudescence of bitter tears.

Experiencing the same torture, feel vacillating in their faith, and after the excitement of the first hours, it is common to hear their exclamations: I have no longer more faith, I have no hope Invincible rebate invades the tepid and weak hearts in the battle, helpless in their faltering will and their spiritual inertia.

These souls were unable to penetrate the spirit of the doctrine, wandering merely among the superficiality Waters.


Modern Spiritualism does not come t oabolish existing laws directors from collective evolution. Its advanced concepts represent an evolutionary surge of mankind, an era of more understanding of life’s problems without offering talismans or magical arts with the intention to derogate from the laws of nature. It reveals the man a fragment of the veils that hide the fate of an immortal being and teaches that daily difficulties and problems are the vehicle of their progress and their redemption.

Carries with it the noble goal of enriching, with its blessed claritiesthe men who accept themaway from the vanity to promise them wealth and earthly enjoyments, temporal goods that only serve to strengthen the selfishness roots in their hearts, shackling them the foal of painful Generations.


Inquiry itself  sometimes why the clarified Spirits, which  accompany all the times with affectionately march the Events of Earth. Why do  they not prevent the wars that decimates millions of existences and impoverish communities, influencing the directors of subversive movements in their plans office?
Enquire to why, the embittered and afflicted existences , from many of who are devoted to spiritualism by giving them the best of their forces, and always tortured by the most bitter trials and the most acerbic dislikes. Hence, mournfully contemplating these desperate and disillusioned souls who know not to find beyond the childishness of life.

After disembodying (after death), the Spirit  does not enter in possession of absolute power. Death means only a new mode of existence that continues without miracles and without heels.

We must face the situation of disembodied with the precise naturally. There is no miraculous strength to humans as there are also not for us. The relative free will is never abrogated in all of us; together, we are obliged, in any plan of life, to work for our own advancement.



It will be necessary that the man recognizes the need of difficulty as the daily bread. The belief must be the compass, the Lighthouse on obscurities that surround the temporary existence and prayer should be cultivated, not for the provisions of divine law be repealed, but to the courage and patience inundate the heart of strength in the harsh struggles but necessary.
The soul, in returning to God, must not have in mind only the sincere humility in accepting his superior will.



weak souls, who have often felt on the forehead cold blast of adversity, who have shed many tears on difficult journeys on rude and suffering roads, seek in faith your imperishable treasures.

I know the intensity of your distress and I know your strength to despair. Courage and bravery! At the end of all pain, opens an immortal bliss of dawn. Of experienced bitterness, of lessons received from the teachings conquered at the expense of insane effort and painstaking work, spins the soul its aura of glorious eternity. Behold the tombs are broken, and full peace of ashes and shadows of deposits, emerge poignant voices of the dead. Hear them! … They tell you the accomplishment of happiness, the awareness of the torments on deviations of necessary obligations.

Pray, work and wait. Insole all walks of proof with fearlessness and serenity.

The tears that lacerate, the wounds that hurt, disappointments that afflict the heart, are only mitigating elements of your imperfection, in the august court, which pontificates the fairest, magnanimous and integrate of the judges. Taste and trust that the silence of death is the ticket to another life, where all actions are counted and recorded the smallest expressions of our thoughts.

Love much, even by bitter sacrifices, because love is the only currency that ensures peace and happiness in the universe.

Carrying similar light outside, until we can install it inside ourselves, we offer it to you, incarnated in the World, in the form of notes, showing the right direction in benefit of us all. Those who have already recognized the needy of inner peace, by victory over ourselves with a view to our ultimate integration in Jesus in order to live, and learn to live with Jesus and for Jesus. Emmanuel


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