The former Christianity – Religious Basis

Keep inside you the sacred heritage of beliefs. Besides the transitory things of the world there is an Integral Wisdom and Inviolable Order. Let us strive, therefore, with boldness and courage, because God is just and the soul is immortal. Emmanuel

Book Emmanuel – Chapter III and IV –         Year of Publication: 1937

Author: Emmanuel                                Medium: Francisco Xavier


Content Index Part III

Rome and Mankind
Rome in ist beginnings
Christianity in its origins
The Bishops of Rome
Innovations and Romans Dogmas
The Roman Claims

Content Index Part IV

The toxic of intellectualism
declining experience
Human fallibility
The sublime legacy
Religion and Religions 
Integral wisdom and inviolable policy



My dear friends, some of you who are here, have a dedication and love for the cause of Light and Truth; We can, therefore, seek to match your efforts and aspirations of knowledge, offering you all the things of the spirit, within our possibilities, to serve you assistance in the difficult climb of the truth.

Our wish would be that our voice could be heard, conveying the word of immortality over all the earth; however, our calls will not be made in vain.
Because it constitutes the subject of public interest, as many toil in the blessed of knowledge the truth chores, I will use these words to the heading “Rome and Humanityin order to bring you my little instruction portion of Catholicism that misrepresenting in its goals the lessons of the Gospel, has become a political organization in which predominates the essentially worldly Features.

Because it constitutes the subject of public interest for those who longing the blessed chores of knowledge the truth, I will use these words for heading “Rome and Humankindin order to bring you my little Portion  of Catholicism instruction, that misrepresenting us its objectives, the lessons of the Gospel, has become a political organization in which predominates the essentially worldly Features.



Founded in ancient times by groups of men who experienced the need for mutual defense and mutual protection, Rome was built on the legend of Romulus, the rape of the Sabines and others. Inhabited by people accustomed to rudeness, became crowded with reinforcements of people who constantly came down from the surrounding nuclei, coming soon to be the city that would become the famous republic and then empire, and so strongly predominates over humans destinations.

But, however is not our  object  of the lecture the study of world history, we will synthesize to achieve our Desideratum.



Edifying is the research, the study of Christianity in the early days of its history; It is edifying to remember the deleted figures of humble fishermen, rude and almost illiterate people, to face the extraordinary and secular building, erected by the Roman triumphs, aiming its comprehensive Reform.

Affronting the death in all ways, recognized soon that innumerable oppressed spirits were waiting and they were transformed into heralds of the cause of the Divine Master.

The history of the Christian Church in the early centuries is full of sanctifying heroics and redeeming self-denials. In the ten major persecution of Christians, from Nero to Diocletian, we see, by the witness of history, moral beauty gestures, worthy of imperishable monuments. It was thus that, with the animated version of the philosophy of authorities in vogue at the time, the followers of Christ felt strong support in the enlightened voice  of Tertullian, Clement of Alexandria, Origen, and other luminaries voices of the time.



In primitive propaganda movements of the new faith, the Roman bishops did not have any supremacy among his fellow the episcopacy, and the Church was pure and simple, as at the time that followed the return of His divine founder to the regions of Light. The first reforms came in the fourth century of your era, when Basil of Caesarea and Gregory Nazianzen established the cult of the Saints.

The Roman bishops always desire to exercise unjustifiable primacy among their brothers; However, similar claims have always been slaughtered, being distinguished
among the figures that fought, let´s find the venerable Augustine’s figure, which had become a fervent follower of the Crucified, by dint of hearing the preachings of Ambrosia, bishop of Milan, whose feet prostrated Theodosius the Great,  in penitence of cruelties perpetrated by himself, to repressing the revolt of the Thessalonians.

Since the first ecumenical council of Nicaea, called for condemnation of the schism of Arius continued meetings of such ecclesiastical parliaments, where they discussed all the issues that interested the Christian movement.

The disfigured innovations of the beauty of simple Gospel were emerged from those famous Meetings. Even so, however, in those early centuries that followed the implementation of the doctrine of Jesus, used to exert a marked influence as the law of all people, did not known at all, the hegemony of the Church of Rome between the other congeners.

Only at the beginning of the seventh century, the presumption of peeled Roman found shelter in the infamous Emperor Phocas, who granted to Boniface the unjustifiable primacy of universal bishop. Consummated this measure, which facilitated to pride and selfishness all its harmful expandability, it has been carried out until now, with the major attempts that culminated in 1870 in the Statement of papal infallibility.



The doctrine of Jesus, concentrating the force in the city of Caesars, there remained imprisoned by human power and, through successive reforms, lost the simplicity charming of its origins, changing into a pompous externals building. After the institution of the cult of saints, immediately came the first rehearsals of altars and vestments for the church ceremonies, measures invented by converted pagans, which constantly been adapting the Church to all religious systems of the past.

The dogma of the Trinity is an adaptation of the Trimurti of Oriental antiquity, which brought together the three gods of Brahmanism‘s doctrines Brahma, Vishu and Shiva.

It is true that  inaccessible things even to your understanding, and which constitute the celestial mysteries, only can be transmitted on their symbolic expressions. However, Catholicism can not take advantage of this argument to impose itself as the only infallible and sovereign doctrine.  It was a religious school, like any other that seeks to guide the men for good and for God but he lost that goal, constantly sinning by pride of their leaders, who rarely know how to exemplifying Christian piety.

The history of the papacy is the distortion of the principles of Christianity, because, little by little, the Gospel almost disappeared under his despotic innovations. They created the pontiffs into Latin rituals, the worship of images, the canonization, auricular confession, adoration of the Host, priestly celibacy and currently ninety percent of the institutions are very human origin, out of any divine characteristics.



Lost the scepter of its hegemony in ancient times, the spirit of supremacy persisted, however, in the great city, once the theater of all defilements and corruption of mankind. Probably it was of that longing, of operating a retrospect of history, that born
 the desire of the Roman bishop to becoming head of Christianity; What Rome would lost with the progress and expansion of people, recover in the fields of spiritual things.

And so it happened.
The Vatican, however, did not know, but to produce character works exclusively material, becoming a kingdom of power and temporal authority. Drowned in vanity, getting what he wanted, how has his empire on Earth that is not yet the kingdom of Jesus.
His meridian, its sumptuous basilicas, its pompous ceremonies remind polytheism and the dissipations of Roman society and, when the supremepontiff appears on his days at gestatorial headquarters, it is the portrait of former senatorial consuls when leaving the public, preceded by litores. The simile is perfect.

My purpose was to show you the lack of divine seal in Catholic institutions. All the strength of the Church, today, is the political organization that seeks to compromise with the ignorance. The miracle that has taken place in some electing spirits,
as the divine inspired Umbrian generated from the beauty of the Gospel and the apostolic times, only because, between Jesus and the Pope, among the apostles and clerics, there is an immeasurable distance.

The Vatican will retain its power, while it may adapt to all political customs of nationalities; but when the Gospel is fully restored, when the wave of a visceral reform purify the environment of democracies with the luminous message of human brotherhood, will disappear and can not be acquitted on the scales of history, because alongside the few assets that has spread is the crushing weight of its many iniquities.



In the future, humanity will live outside this animosity environment, between science and religion, and I think even if, in any civilization can first replace the second. Both, complement the process of evolution of all souls to the Creator and to the perfection of his work. Their apparent antinomies, which derive, at present, the poor understanding of man, in the face of the transcendent problems of life, will be eliminated within the study, analysis and reasoning.



In modern times, there are mentalities that are fighting for the disappearance of religious notions of men’s hearts, saturated of the century scientism, and worked by eccentric ideas, without realizing the serious responsibilities of their intellectual labors, so they will reap the bitter fruit of seeds planted in the young and indecisive souls.

Calls for an education without God, the destruction of faith, the removal of the hopes in another life, the death of the belief in the powers of a strange Providence to the men.  This task is useless. Those who sway to suggest similar ideas can be worthy of respect and admiration, when out due to their scientific merits, but they resemble someone who had the fortune to get an oasis of vast deserts. Comforted and satisfied in their occasional happiness, do not see the myriad of unfortunate caravans, full of thirst and hunger, moving on the burning sands.



The religious feeling is the basis of all civilizations. Advocates an education by intelligence, granting freedom to the natural human impulses. The experience would fail. It is idle to add that I am referring here to religious morality, which
should inspire the formation of character and family institute, and not partisanship of narrow circle of earthly churches, which tend to poison, there in the world, the environment
of public schools, which must always prevail wider criterion of freedom of thought. I speak of home and of inner world of hearts.

On the day that evolution dispense religious competition for the solution of the major educational problems of the soul of man, all humanity will be integrated in religion, that is the truth, lying united to God by faith and by Science, finally twinned.



In every century, scientific progress renews its perception of the most important problems of life. Rarely the true wise are understood by his contemporaries. If the contradictions of the scholars are the sign that science always evolves, they attest also the weakness and inconsistency of their knowledge and human fallibility.



It is said that religious thought is an illusion. This statement is unfounded.
No scientific theory, no political system, no re-education program can rob the world the ideas of God and immortality of being innate in human hearts. The new ideologies also will not be able eliminate it. Religion will live among the creatures, instructing and comforting, like a sublime legacy.



What you do need at  your time is to differentiate between religion and religions.

Religion is the divine feeling that binds man to the Creator.

Religions are organizations of men, fallible and imperfect as themselves; worthy of all reverence by the breath of superior inspiration that gives rise, are like drops of heavenly dew, mixed with earth elements which fell. Many of them, however, are led astray by criminal interests, and the unfortunate ambition of its exhibitors; but the truth one day will shine for everyone, without needing the cooperation of no man.



It behooves us, therefore, that there is not any point of doubt regarding life after death, exclaiming to those who believe and hope:

“O our brothers who trust in Divine Providence inside darkness of the world … From the Portal of clarity Beyond the Grave, we extend fraternal hands to you Our words run the world as powerful breath of truthsDeath does not exist and the Spirit is the only immutable reality of existence. All Babylons of the past lie at the time of the dust, with its glories reduced to a handful of ashes, but inside the universe thousand ties unite us.

On the ruins, over the rubble of dead civilizations and crumbling temples, we will live forever. A sovereign justice, fair and merciful, presides over our destinies. On Earth or in space, let us unite our efforts for the collective good.

Keep inside you the sacred heritage of beliefs because, besides the transitory things of the world there is an Integral Wisdom and Inviolable Order. Let us strive, therefore, with boldness and courage, because God is just and the soul is immortal.


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