Confession in Apostolic times

Each individuality should extend the circle of his spiritual abilities, because, may, as a reward for his perseverance and effort, make sure the sublime truths of the unseen world, without the help of any intermediaries. What makes him, but highly needed is love, devotion, pure aspiration and unwavering faith, concentrated in this light that the heart longs fervently; this spiritual state will increase the vibratory power of the mind and the man will then born for a better life. Emmanuel

Book Emmanuel – Chapter VII and VIII        Year of Publication: 1937

Author: Emmanuel                      Medium: Francisco Xavier

Content Index:

Difficulties of the communication
The work of Spirits
The necessity of sacrifice
Development of Intuition

The  confession in Apostolic times 
The Auricular confession and his great victim
Needed Reformation
Confess you to each other



Banished the heavy curtains materials, that there on Earth, covered in the eyes of the Spirit, we experience, combined with the ecstasy of commotionsin the face of immensity, the desire to communicate the truth to all creatures. But how to achieve similar Desideratum?

Due many obstacles are placed in front of the eyes, looming a lack of a direct settlement between the material and spiritual plane, we could only get through strong generalized mediumship, capable of recording in a tangible way all the wonders of the psychic world. However, the human future makes us see this more intimate connection of spirits, belong or not to the mental sphere.



Today, almost every psychic factconstitutes the phenomenon, the mystery, the event that exceeds its natural laws, considered therefore wrongly by their observers. That is why the birth of numerous difficulties for many entities to act sensitively in your lives.

But if direct communication is impossible for you, it’s easy to participate, through your to-do, studies, thoughts and concerns. Representatives to this or that mister, within the humanity and nature, the Spirits form a harmonious whole and much larger than you judge.

Broken the bond that unites the matter, one of the first thoughts of the soul is to the loved ones who were at a distance, and the anxiety of seeing them is one of the holiest objectives of their aspirations. This is not always allowed to, because an indefectible order presides over the cosmic laws, that are divine laws. However, they do everything, in order to them to become worthy of higher trust. Being so, many disembodied creatures indulge in your environments, in dignifying and redemptive misteres.



The entities of the invisible world, take part in your lives without you perceive: without that you may see, they wander in your midst, act in your actions without your visual nerves register their presence;

Edifying is to observe the sacrifice of so many involved beings who devote themselves to holy labors in the world of shadows, working unselfishly in the service of redemption of all souls, throwing themselves fearlessly the arduous task, full of sanctifying Resignation, in favor of those suffering souls, as in the regeneration of individuals who are still obsessed with evil.



Out of the flesh, it is understood the excellence of self-denial and sacrifice for the sake of others. Most of our personal works are like soap bubbles of water that disperse in the air, because, aiming at to the welfare and the rest “I” (self), are based on selfishness that atrophy our evolution. All the happiness of the Spirit comes from the happiness he gave to others, all of its assets come from the good that has spread disinterestedly.

Understanding these truths, often after the transformation of death, it is never too late to assimilate them, because, tenure the realities, closer to the Absolute, concatenate our chances, actively laboring in the lofty work of the common good and general progress, finding thus new forces that enable us to deserved success in new existences of selflessness that will lead us in the happy  spheres of the universe.

Blissful are the pure spirits who feel the sublimity of these truths in bodily life. Sacrificing yourself for the benefit of similar experience, even under the cross of pain, mild emotions of celestial fortunes that await them in the perfected  plans of Infinity.



It should be mister in your timesthat seek to develop all your spiritual energies – hidden forces that await your desire to fully bloom. The human needs its intuitive faculties, through successive exercises of the mind, which, in turn, will vibrate to the rhythm of the generous ideals.

Each individuality should extend the circle of his spiritual abilities, because, may, as a reward for his perseverance and effort, make sure the sublime truths of the unseen world, without the help of any intermediaries.

What makes him, but highly needed is love, devotion, pure aspiration and unwavering faith, concentrated in this light that the heart longs fervently; this spiritual state will increase the vibratory power of the mind and the man will then born for a better life.



Asked a few days ago about the auricular confession, nothing more I could do to give a summarized answer, for the moment, putting off the moment of expend other considerations relating to the subject.

Catholic priest who was in my last earthly pilgrimage, I feel comfortable to talking with sincere impartiality.

Is not my word that will condemn any religion, all of them born from a higher inspiration, that men addicted, accommodating the provisions of divine order to their own interests and conveniences, distorting unto them the sacred principles.

All religious doctrines have their reason for being within the communities where they were called to carry out the mission of peace and human harmony. All their ailments comes from precisely of human abuses, conforms them to the abyss of their usual materiality; and, in fact,  one of those abuses is the institution of auricular confession, concocted by the Catholic Church.



If it is true that at the time of the Precursor, the new believers had adopted the system of publically confess their faults and errors, such custom differed essentially from all that has created the Catholic Church, in this regard, after the departure for the Beyond, the high spirits that launched with the blood of their sacrifices and the highest renunciation of earthly goods, the foundation of faith, which have resisted the molds of centuries. The public confession of his own defects, in apostolic times, is for man strong barrier preventing their recurrence in faults (errors committed).

A deep sense of true humility moves the heart in those moments, offering the best possibilities of resistance to the siege of temptations, and similar principle represented as a vaccine against remorse ulcers and moral wounds.

However, the time elapsed and, in its course, the radical transformation is observed in all the sublime laws of Christian brotherhood, previously preconized.



Auricular confession is an aberration inside the jumble of distorted doctrines of Romanism. And it is the woman, the sensitive religious Spirit, that characterizes the biggest victim of the confessional.

Unfortunately, the whole series of absurdities of unspeakable sacrament of penance comes from the ecclesiastical superiors, theologians and false moralists of the church that, perversely, created a long and indiscreet interrogations, which  woman shall have passively to submit,  before one single, strange man  that she countless times not even know.

The priests usually because of their lack of knowledge of sacred duties of fatherhood, not will interpellate concerning the austere obligations of the administration of the house. They injure precisely the most intimate problems and most delicate of the couple’s life, violating the sacred respect of the issues of home, giving pasture to more unjustifiable  and sometimes disgusting thoughts.  And the veil of modesty and beauty that God has given to the woman, which she could dive as a spiritual lily in the swamps of this world, it is precisely ripped by such man who inculcates the Minister of celestial lights. It is often in the confessional that starts the social calvary of women. Sorrowful and heavy taxes are imposed to the Catholic-Roman women, who trusted in God, they throw themselves at the feet of a man full of the same weaknesses of other mortals, in the mistaken assumption that the priest is the image of the Lord’s Divinity.



You can not calculate the immensity of crimes perpetrated in the shadow of shadowy confessionals, where harassed and Fervent souls seeking consolation and spiritual comfort.

What is needed in your days is the reform of similar customs. When this renewal does not leave the ecclesiastical authorities, it may be born of the joint efforts of all spouses and all parents, replacing them confessors with their wives and their daughters.

Many times when searching for profaned conscience that came to me, confessing the sad story of their existence full of slips, I never felt with the authority enough to hear them.



Every spirit of the Gospel, bequeathed by the Master to ´the suffering humanity, was misrepresented by men within their petty interests and their anthropomorphism ideas.

Therefore, we who already bring the heart worked in the most painful experiences, we can declare, before our conscience and before God who hears us, that no good can bestow auricular confession to the spirit, being an eminently harmful usual with its characteristic of moral depravity, deserving, therefore, all the attention of modern sociology.

Confess you to each other, looking for, in particular, those whom you offended, and when your imperfections do not allow you, seek to hear God’s voice, the voice of your own conscience.



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