The violent and unexpected death

Book: The Comforter     Year: 1939

Author: Emmanuel   Medium: Francisco Xavier

147 -Provides death unexpected changes and certain quick modifications, how will be desired?

-The Death does not bestow miraculous states to our consciousness.
Disincarnating is to change plan, as someone who were to move from one city to another, there in the world, without the fact you change the infirmities or virtues with the simple modification of the externals. It only observe the expansion of these aspects, comparing the earth plane with the sphere of action of the disembodied.

Imagine a man who changes his village to a modern metropolis.
How he will act in the event of not finding properly prepared in the face of the imperatives of his new life?

The comparison is poor, but it serves to clarify that death is not a leap in nature. The soul will continue in his evolutionary career without prodigious miracles.

The two planes, visible and invisible, intertwine in the world, and if the human being is unable to realize the plan of immaterial life is that his sensorium is only entitled to certain perceptions, without it being possible for him, for now, overcome the narrow window of the five senses.

146 – It is fatal the moment of death?

-With the exception of the suicide, all cases of disembodiment are determined in advance by the spiritual forces that guide the activity of man on earth.

Clarifying you about this exception, we must consider that if the man is a slave of the external conditions of his life in the orb, he is free in the inner world, for this reason, bringing in his map of proofs, the temptation to desert  the atoning and grinding life, (suicide), contracting a painful debt the one that ruinsby disbanding his own energies.

Education and intimate lighting, constitute the love of the temple of God in our souls. Who performs them in itself, deep in the inner freedom, can modify the determinism of the material conditions of their existence, reaching to the light and the good. Those who eliminate, however, their own energy, undermine the divine light that throbs in themselves. That is why complex of their painful debts.

And there are still slow and gradual suicide, caused by greed or by inertia, by abuse or by inconsideration, so dangerous to the life of the soul, as those seen, spectacularly, between the struggles of the world.

This is why so often hit the incarnate of the instructors, the continuing need for prayer and vigilance, so that the friends do not fail in temptations.

153 If the time of death there is not reached, can man perish under the dangers that threaten him?

-The external aspects of life, and since the incarnate Spirit proceed in accordance with the dictates of conscience rectilinear and well-meaning heart, without imponderation of precipitates and without the selfishness of ambitiousall and any defense of man lies in God.



152 -A violent death gives disembodied different sensations, in relation of the “natural death?”

-The Disembodiment by accidents, fulminant cases of detachment provide very painful sensations to the disembodied soul in view of the surprise situation before the supreme and irremediable events. Often, in such circumstances, the creature is not properly prepared and unforeseen situation brings him bitter and terrible emotions.

However, these sad surprises do not occur for the souls, in the case of painful and prolonged illness, in which the heart and reason meet, the lights of healthier meditation, watching the illusions and damage from excessive attachment to earth, being fair consider the usefulness and necessity of physical pain, in this particular, because only with his precious tender man can get rid of the burden of his harmful impressions of the world, to quietly penetrate the threshold of the Infinite life.

156 -The spirits after their disembodiment are satisfied by the possibility to communicate with us?

In general, very little is the number of human beings who are preparing for death emotions in the development of their common work on Earth and often the infirmity of the meditations are not enough for a state of perfect tranquility, in the early days from beyond the grave.  This is the reason why so salutaris are necessary to your study meetings and evangelization, which competes large number of our brothers, anxious for a word of the Earth, because the impressions that bring the world do not allow them the perception of high mentors , of the highest spiritual spheres.

157 -The disembodied spirits can hear and see us, when they want? How to proceed to make a similar desire?

That’s possible, not when they want, but when deserve it, because there are spirits guilty that only many years after the release of the world, can be allowed to hear the friendly and comforting word of his brothers or loved ones of the Earth, to orient themselves in the labyrinth of atoning sufferings. The attendance of a newly disembodied entity, the meetings of the Gospel, already means a blessing from God for their disillusioned heart, because this condition is accompanied of higher benefits to their inner life.

Regarding the process of their contact with you, we need to consider that beings from Beyond the Grave, in their generality, to communicate in the world environments, adapt to your way of being, conditioning his faculties to your fluidic condition on Earth; reason why those moments in the common form, have your sensory capacity, restricting their vibrations in order to accommodate, again, the terrestrial Environment.



260 -In the face of science and philosophy how to interpret the religion in the activities of life?

– Religion is the Divine feeling, which exteriorizations are always Love, in the most sublime expressions. While Science and Philosophy operate the work of experimentation and reasoning, Religion builds and illuminates Feelings.

The first are joined in Wisdom, the second embodies the love, the two divine wings on which the human soul will enter one day in the sacred porches of spirituality.

251 – Unbelief is a challenge?

– Atheism or absolute unbelief does not exist, except in the play on words of the desperate brains, the theories of the world, because at heart, all spirits identify with the idea of God and the survival of which they are innately . This superior idea will hover above all the negativities and leave victorious of all power decrees that are organized in the states of earthly, because it is the light of life and the most precious hope of souls.

253 – Virtue is granting of God, or is the acquisition of the creature?

– Pain, struggle and experience are a sacred opportunity given by God to his creatures, at all times; however, the result is always sublime and undying spirit of the the acquisition on the roads of life, embedded eternally to their values, conquered by the work in their own efforts.

250 – How is the collective Trial?

– In the collective probation there is the convocation of incarnated spirits, participants at the same bandwidth, with reference to the criminal and obscure past .

The mechanism of justice , the law of compensation, then works spontaneously, through the representatives of Christ, which summons the cronies in the debt of the past for redemptions in common, reason why often you call “painful accident”. This circumstances brings together the most disparate creatures in the same accident, which causes them to death of the physical body or the various mutilations, in the context of their individual commitments.

246 – What is the difference between proof (Trial) and atonement?

-The Trial is the situation that teaches the rebellious and lazy disciple the road of work and spiritual edification. The atonement is the penalty imposed on the criminal who commits a crime.

247 – The law of proof (Trial) and atonement is inflexible?

– The courts of human justice, though imperfect, sometimes do not commute the sentences and not benefit the offenders with the “probation”?

The flexibility and hardness are not for the mercy of God, which, as the conduct of the Incarnate Spirit, may waive the law in favor of man, when its existence already demonstrate certain expressions of love that covers a multitude of sins.

245 – If it is fair to expect during our trials script on Earth by certain pains, we must always cultivate the prayer?

The law of proofs is one of the largest universal institutions for the distribution of divine benefits. You should understand this, accepting all pain with feeling of Nobility.

Prayer can not ward off the unpleasantness and beneficial lessons of bitterness, constant circle of services that each spirit must provide in his earthly Task , but must be cultivated within, as the light that illuminates to the dark path, or kept in the heart as the indispensable food that is prepared in order to satisfy the own need, in the long and difficult journey, because the sincere prayer establishes the surveillance and is the biggest factor of moral resistance, in the center of the most rugged and rudest Trials.

241 Where the greatest help for our spiritual redemption?

– In the work of our redemption, whether individual or collective, the pain is always the friendly and indispensable element. And the redemption of a spirit incarnated on earth is the redemption of all debts, with the consequent acquisition of moral values that can be achieved in the planetary struggle, situation that increases the spiritual personalities to new and loftier horizons in  Infinite life.





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