Science and immortality of the Soul

Book: Emmanuel                      Date of Publication: 1937
Author: Emmanuel                  Medium: Francisco Xavier

Content index:






It is not reprehensible from the point of view of common sense, without any intransigent dogmatism, doubt that led the science of your time to collect the positive realities; of course, according to religious beliefs, materialism is pernicious, under all forms in which it presents us, but it is necessary to convince you that in any case always prevails the law of progress.
If atheism reigns, it is because, it has derived from the dogmatic abuses that the intransigence of some systems have intended to impose on human consciousness, free in their intimate expansions.
However, in the absolute certainty of evolution that takes place through all the obstacles brought in your path by ignorance and bad faith, behold, today, the very question underlies the monument of the rationalized faith of the future.



Seeing the Science duty to investigate, to study, and in his incessant desire to know,
roll on the ground erroneous ideas, maintained until today as foundations of all its
perquisition, for example, the theory of indivisible atomic.
Discovering imponderable centers of attraction such as the electronic components of the infinitesimal atom and the Ionians, reaches the truth, for the theories of vibration, presiding at the base of cosmic matter, all the movements of life in the universe.
The indefatigable science  demand now matterstandard, powersource, simplified,
which believes emanate all the compounds, and that is useful to study itself
asserting itself atheistic, unbeliever, walks to the knowledge of God.


There are few scholars who seek to investigate the areas of psychic science, thirsting to find the real side of life; however, if many times they just think the failure of their hopes, the capsizing of his ideals, is that they throw themselves in risky studies unprepared to resolve such high issues, missing voluntarily in the spirit of skepticism, often unjustifiably, since it is not a descendant of accurate and profound reasoning. The successful study such transcendental problems, demand the use of moral factors, rarely found; hence the lack of productivity of enthusiasms and desires which may be ardent and sincere.



The absence of histological statements do not imply the absence of the Spirit. And that assurance incumbent on science to achieve.

Many obstacles, however, are opposed to obtaining this goal, allying the academic prejudice, unbridled utilitarianism that infest politics and religion; he is the greatest enemy of the expansion of spiritual truths in the world, because coming from lower and narrow interests. The own tendency to atheism, prevailing in almost all social classes, is a logical derivative of the mind of interest, which has destroyed the beauty of religious principles, undermined by utilitarianism, of false missionaries.
But we trust the influence of spiritualism in the near future. Its performance
predominantly beneficial it is to make itself felt, destroying everything of harmful and unhelpful that finding in its way.


We marched to a time of steady and comforting belief, that pour the balm of pure and enlightened faith on the souls who worship the Creator, without any veil of inadequate and obsolete formalities.

Similar changes will be made after many struggles, filled with fears and terrors the incarnate spirits. Let us remember, however, that “God is at the helm.”
This is the future of the orb where you live. However, how long it will run until this new era shine in the human horizons of understanding? We ignore. Let us, however, combine our efforts to achieve this aim.
Demonstrate with your example that light is in your hearts and cooperate with us, in favor of these specific mutations.
Every reform must be born inside every being. Of enlightenment heart comes true
Christianization of home, and the improvement of communities will emerge the new and glorious day of humanity.


All theories that aim to elucidate the psychic phenomena, unrelated to the Doctrine
Spiritualist, sin by insufficiency and falsity.

In vain seeks to complicate matters with elaborate terms, presenting the most unreasonable and absurd hypothesis, because the modern-day knowledge of physics, physiology and psychology do not explain facts such as levitation, materialization of nature, after all genuinely spiritualist.


For ankylosed science in dogmatic conceptions of each school, the psychic phenomenology should not be the object of ridicule and derision, but a heap of precious materials by its observation.
Fortunately, if many of the researchers created the most complicated enlightening systems, full of extravagance in their misleading conclusions, some of them,
fearlessly, they have collaborated with the spiritualist philosophy to achieve its grandiose plans, which involve human happiness.


The subconscious, so investigated in your days, does not explain the problems of so-called intellectual phenomena. Carried out studies on this dark chamber of the mind are still misguided, nevertheless, many rushed theories presume to explain all mediumship with his strange influence on the conscious “I”.

In fact, there are subliminal phenomena; however, the subconscious is the wealth of gained  experience by being in his past existences.

In the ceaseless labor of its multiple existences, the Spirit will help bouts of his achievements, in his opportunities, his works. At his spiritual brain is organized, then this deep consciousness, in whose mysterious domains will archiving the memories, and the soul, at every stage of her immortal life, will reborn to a new conquest, always aiming the highest improvement.


Forgetting of the fragmentary existences, obeying the higher laws who preside over destination, is the reduction of the vibrational state of the Spirit in contact with the substance. This forgetfulness is necessary, and moving away from the spiritual benefits that this question implies, in the light of scientific concepts, can these problems be studied carefully.

Taking a new body, the soul needs to adapt to that instrument. Must abandon the baggage of his addictions, his defects, its harmful memories of past events on the dark preterits. Need new virginity; a blank instrument it is then provided. The Neurons of this new brain function as the devices that break the light; The sensory limits the perceptions of the Spirit, and only then can the being rebuilding his destination. In order that man reap benefits from his temporary life, it is necessary that it be so.
His consciousness is only the emerging part of his spiritual consciousness; his senses are only necessary for his evolution on the earth plane. Hence, the smallness of his visual and auditory perceptions in relation to the inconceivable number of vibrations that surround him.


However, within that dark required by his need to study and development, sometimes, the soul experiences an indefinable feeling … is a innate vocation that impels to this or that way; It is a vague incomprehensible longing that pursues in his meditations; They are introspective phenomena that often besiege.

At such times, a vague light of subconsciousness runs through the chamber of shadows,
imposed by brain cells. And through that strained light enters the Spirit in vague
relationship with his distant past; such events are common in evolved beings, of whom the flesh no longer engaged invincible performance. In these vague moments it seems that the embodied soul hears the hoofbeats of the memories that go in flight… Old hatreds, sanctifying loves, improved taste, everything appears in a fraction in his conscious world; but it is made mister to forget the past to reach success in the fight.


Although the coryphaei of atheism  propagate their bitter theories, whose aim is the destruction of the idea of immortality among men; Although new education systems teaching within the innovation of political codes, trying to suffocate it, because all creatures are born on earth with it engraved in the hearts, including alleged unbelievers, whose mentality, not managing to solve problems complexes of life, revolts, cursing against the supreme wisdom, as if his blasphemous cries could dim the light of divine love, staking the sublime springs of life. It may the political prevent to its manifestation, prefixing her coercive forces: the idea of immortality will always live in the souls, as the latent aspiration of the Beautiful and the Perfect.
Above the temporal power of the rulers and the dubious moral of the preachers of religion, it continually pursue sweeten the hearts and extolling hopes, because it means in itself the luminous heritage of the incarnated soul, as a constant reminder of life in the hereafter, symbolizing the unbreakable bond that unites the earthly life to eternal life, as envisioned by its temporarily damped memory.


Since the prodrome of Civilization the idea of immortality is congenital in man. All religious conceptions of the remotest antiquity, although embryonic and crude in their exteriorizations in her testify. Among the barbarous races abounded terrorist ideas of a God whose destructive anger to soften the expense of human sacrifices and blood holocausts, and everywhere where primitive men have left traces of their passage, you see the sign a deity, whose providence and wisdom creatures confidently delivered their destinations….


In the history of all peoples it is observed the religious tendency of mankind. It´s because in every personality there is a divine spark – the consciousness, which stereotypes in every mind the grandeur and sublimity of its origin; in the embryo, the rude principle in its smaller manifestations, the consciousness,  under many lives of their life cycle in different life circles, goes undressing of imperfection and brutishness veils that surround until it reaches the fullness of psychic improvement and full knowledge of his own “I”, which then will join the creative center of the universe, which are all gathered causes, and from where irradiate his eternal poem of wisdom and love.
It is the consciousness, divine spark of light that is born out of the idea of individuality truth, for spiritual problems, making you feel the positive reality of immortal life, attribute to  all beings of creation.



In the early days, as today, the man had an anthropomorphic conception of God. In primary periods of Civilization, as the laws preponderance of brute force and humanity it was a conglomeration of beings who were born of brutality and harshness, that only knew the instincts in their manifestations. The worship of invisible beings who personified their gods was made of unacceptable sacrifices in your time. Contemporaneously, the selfishness times of utility, God is regarded as powerful tycoon, who can suborn with flattery and promise, dissolved in many religious doctrines.


However, in almost all the ideas of this nature within the primigênias races in their very remote clusters, the cult of the dead reaches staggering proportions. Many were the tribes which they delivered to the invocations of the slain, through incantations and magic ceremonies. Excessive homage to the dead, within the civilization of the Egyptians, are, even in your days, special studies object. Entire eastern life is amalgamated into the mysteries of death and in the West, one can notice, among the primitive races, the Celtic people as the repository of distant traditions, which relate to spirituality.


The idea of immortality is latent in all souls and is the substratum of all ancient and modern religions.

In every human progress period, the religious systems renew at the fountain of relative truth that shines from above, compatible with the time.

In modern times, the new ideas referring to spiritualism and immortality, need to spread everywhere. Not the conception of terrible God, creating the torment of eternity , according to theology in vogue, which has wrongly taught the idea of a paradise blissful, tasteless, and a terrifying, irremissibly eternal  hell; not that religion that malsina progress and research, but the pure idea and true immortality for all creatures, life estuando throughout the universe, and the struggle in all its most recondite argamassando at the expense of efforts of each one, the mighty edifice of human evolution.


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