The reason for Life: Rational solution of the problem of existence

Rational solution of the problem of existence:  What are we? Where we came from? Where are we going?

Author: Léon Denis       (January 1, 1846 – March 12, 1927)



I – Duty and Freedom
II – The problems of the existence
III – Spirit and matter
IV Harmony of the Universe
V – The successive lives
VI – Justice and progress
VII – The ultimate purpose
VIII – Experimental Evidence
IX – Summary and Conclusion



It is to you, O my brothers and sisters in humanity, to all of you who burden of life’s crooked, to you whom the harsh struggles, care, proofs have overwhelmed that I dedicate these pages. It is the intention of you afflicted, disinherited of this world, I write. Humble pioneer of truth and progress, I place them the fruit of my vigils, my thoughts, my hopes, of everything that have me consoled, sustained in my walk down here.
You may find there some useful lessons, a little light to lighten your ways. May this modest work should be, for your sorrowing that spirits that the shadow is to the worker, sunburned, what is in the arid desert, the clear and refreshing source offering in the sight of thirsty traveler!

Léon Denis


I – Duty and Freedom

Who, in the hours of silence and meditation, never questioned to the nature and his own heart, asking them the secret of things, the why of life, the reason for the universe? Where is he who has ever tried to know their fate, lift the veil of death, find out if God is a fiction or reality?

It would not be a human being, no matter how careless he was, if he had not considered, sometimes these tremendous problems. The difficulty of solving the inconsistency and multiplicity of theories that have been made, the deplorable consequences which result from most systems already disclosed, all this confusing set, fatiguing the human spirit, are relegated to the indifference and skepticism.

Hence man needs the knowledge, light to clarify, the hope that console, of certainty to guide and sustain him. But he has also the means to get to know, the ability to see the truth stand out from the darkness and flood him in its beneficent light.
Therefore need to turn off the preconceived systems, down to the bottom of himself, listen to the inner voice that speaks to us all, and that sophistry can not deceive: the voice of reason, the voice of conscience.
So I did. For a long time I reflected, I meditated on the problems of
life and death, and with perseverance probed these deep chasms. I drove to the Eternal Wisdom an ardent appeal and she answered me, as always respond to everyone.
With the lively spirit of love for good, clear evidence and facts of direct observation have confirmed the deductions from my thoughts, my beliefs offer to a solid, unshakable foundation.
After having doubted, I believed, after having denied, I saw. And peace, confidence and moral strength went down on me. These are the goods that, in the sincerity of my willing heart to be helpful to my fellow men, I come to offer those who suffer and feel despair.
Ever, the need for light did feel of more powerful way. A huge transformation operates within societies. After having been subjected for a long sequence of centuries, to the principles of authority, the man aspires more and more to free himself from all obstacles and to direct himself. At the same time the political and social institutions change, the religious beliefs and faith in the dogmas become weakened. It is also one of the consequences of freedom in its application to the things of thought and conscience. Freedom, in all areas, tends to replace coercion and authoritarianism and guide the nations to new horizons.
The right of some makes the right for everyone, but in order for this sovereign right is consistent with justice and bring its fruits, it is necessary that the knowledge of moral laws come and regulate its exercise. For freedom to be fruitful, so that offer to human actions a certain and durable basis, must be complemented by light, wisdom and truth.
Freedom, for the ignorant and vicious men, would be like a powerful weapon in the child’s hands. The weapon in this case often turns against the one who has it in the hands and hurt himself.

II – The problems of the existence

What matters to man to know, above all, is: what he is, where he comes from, where he goes, what’s his way. The ideas that make the universe and its laws, the role each must play on this vast theater, are of paramount importance. For they drive our actions. Consulting them, we set a goal in our lives and for it we walk. In that is the basis, what truly motivates every civilization.
So superficial is his ideal, the superficial is man. For collectives, as for the individual, it is the conception of the world and of life that determines the duties, setting the way forward and the resolutions to be adopted.
But as we said, the difficulty in solving these problems very often makes us reject them.
The opinion of the vast majority is hesitant and indecisive, his actions and characters suffer the consequence of this. It is the evil of the time, the cause of the disturbance to which remains attached. It has been the progress of instinct, one can walk but to get where? This is what one does not think enough. The man, ignorant of his destinations, is like a traveler who mechanically goes through a journey without knowing the starting point or the arrival, without knowing why traveling and, therefore, is always willing to stop at the slightest obstacle, wasting time and neglecting the purpose to achieve.
The failure and obscurity of religious doctrines and abuses that have engendered, launched numerous spirits to materialism. It is believed, voluntarily, that everything ends with death, that man has no other destiny than to vanish into nothingness.
We will demonstrate below how this view is in stark opposition to the experience and reason. Let us say from now on, that is devoid of all sense of justice and progress.
If life were limited to the period from the cradle to the grave, if the prospects of immortality not explain his existence, man would have no law but that of his instincts, appetites and enjoyments. Little mind to love good and equity. If it does not only appear and disappear in this world, it brings forgetfulness of his hopes and affections, would suffer all the more, the more pure and higher were their aspirations. Loving justice, soldier of law, would believe sentenced to almost never see his achievement; passionate for progress, sensitive to the evils of his fellows, would imagine that would die before seeing his principles to triumph.
With the prospect of anything, even more had practiced devotion and justice, his life would be more fruitful in bitterness and disappointment. Selfishness, well understood, it would be the supreme wisdom, and life would lose all its grandeur and dignity. The noblest powers and the most generous tendencies of the human spirit would eventually bend and extinguish entirely.
The denial of the afterlife also suppresses all moral sanction. With it, whether good or bad, criminals or sublime, all acts would lead to the same results.
There would be no compensation to the miserable existences, the dark, oppression, pain; there would be no consolation in trials, hope for the afflicted. No difference could be expected in the future, between the selfish, who lived only for himself, and often dependent on his fellows, and to the martyr or apostle who suffered, who succumbed in combat for the emancipation and progress of the human race . The same darkness would suit them shroud.
If everything ended with death the being would have no reason to be embarrassed, to contain his instincts and his tastes. Out of the earthly laws, no one could stop him. Good and evil, just and unjust is also confuse and would blend of nothing. And suicide would always be a way to escape the rigors of human laws.
The belief in nothing, at the same time which ruins all of moral sanction, it leaves unresolved the problem of inequality of existence, in what regards the diversity of faculties, skills, situations and merits. Indeed, why some is given all the gifts of mind and heart and fortune favors, while many others have only shared intellectual poverty, vice and misery? Why, in the same family, relatives and brothers, right out of the same flesh and the same blood, essentially differ on many points? So many insoluble questions for materialists and that can be answered so well by the believers. These issues, we will briefly examine in the light of reason.

III – Spirit and matter

There is no effect without cause; It does not come from nowhere. These are axioms, ie,
incontestable truths. Now, as noted at each of us the existence of forces and powers that can not be considered as materials, there is a need to explain its cause, to get to another source beyond matter, this principle is called soul or spirit.
When down to the bottom of ourselves, wanting to get to know us, to examine our faculties, when, pulling away from our soul the dregs that life accumulates, the thick envelope of prejudices, errors and fallacies that have
coated our intelligence, penetrating the innermost recesses of our being,
we find ourselves face to face with these august principles without which there would be no greatness for humanity: love the good, the sense of justice and progress.
These principles, which are to varying degrees, among the ignorant among men of genius, can not come from matter, that is devoid of these attributes. And if the matter does not have these qualities, how could form alone, the beings who are endowed them? The sense of the beautiful and the true, the admiration we feel for the great and generous works, could not have the same origin as the flesh of our members or the blood of our veins. There is, for the most part, as the reflections of a sublime and pure light that shines at each of us, just as the sun is reflected on the water, whether disturbed or clear.
In vain is intended everything to be matter. And though still we resent powerful impulses of love and kindness, we already love virtue, devotion, heroism, a sense of moral beauty is engraved in us, the harmony of things and the laws penetrates us in snatches. And with all that, nothing would distinguish us from matter? We feel, we love, we have consciousness, will and reason and would proceed to a cause that does not close these qualities in any degree, of a cause that does not feel, do not love or know anything, who is blind and changes? Superior to the force that produced us, we would be more perfect and better than her! Such a way of seeing does not support an examination. Man participates in two natures.


For his body, his organs, derived from matter, by his intellectual and moral faculties, is spirit.
Saying more preciselyrelative to the human body, organs that compose this amazing machine are similar to wheels unable to act without an engine without a will to put them into action. This engine is the soul. A third element reconnects the two others, transmitting the organs orders of thought. This element is the perispirit, ethereal matter that escapes our senses. It envelops the soul, accompanies her after the death in their endless wanderings, debugging, progressing with her, forming a diaphanous, vaporous body. We’ll come back later, to comment on the existence of the perispirit, also called  double fluidic. 1
The spirit lies in the matter as a prisoner in his cell, the senses are openings which communicate with the external world. But while the matter sooner or later declines, perishes and disintegrates, the mind increases at power, be strengthened by the education and experience. Its aspirations magnify themselves, extend beyond the grave, her need to know, to understand and to live has no limits. All shows that the human being belongs only temporarily to matter. The body is nothing but a borrowed dress, a temporary form an instrument with the help of which the soul pursues in this world, its work of purification and progress. Spiritual life is a normal life, true, endless.
1 After a few years, a certain school struggled to replace the dualism of matter and spirit by the theory of the unity of substance. For it to matter and spirit are different states of one and the same substance that in its eternal evolution, thins, Purges, becoming intelligent and aware. Without addressing here the fundamental issue, which requires lengthy discussion, we must recognize that the idea that until now was the matter was wrong. Thanks to Crookes discovered, Becquerel, Curie, Lebon, the matter appears to us today under very subtle states, and these states, property revestese
infinitely varied. Its flexibility is extreme. At a certain degree of rarefaction, it is transformed into energy. G. Lebon can say with apparent reason, that matter is nothing but condensed energy and energy, disassociated matter. How to deduct these facts that intelligent energy, at a given moment of its evolution, it becomes conscious, it is still a hypothesis. For us, there, between being and not being, a difference of essence. On the other hand, the Haeckelien monism, refusing the human spirit an independent life of the body and rejecting any notion of survival, logically ends the same consequences as the positivist materialism and incur the same criticism.

IV Harmony of the Universe

We have seen above the existence in us of an intelligent and rational principle;
now we return to the source from which arises to explain its origin by
chain of causes and effects. Men call this source in its poor and insufficient language of God.
God is the center from which they emanate and to which return all the powers of
the universe. He is the focus from which radiates all idea of justice, solidarity and
love, the common goal for which all beings make their way, consciously or
unconsciously. It is our relationship with the great Architect of the Worlds
that. derive universal harmony, community and fraternity. For us to be
brothers, in effect, there must be a common parent, and that parent can only be

God will say you, has been present in ways so strange sometimes so revolting to the believing men that the modern spirit is moving away from him. But that matters these sectarian ramblings? To claim that God may be reduced by the purposes of the men to say that the Mont Blanc and the Himalayas can be spotted by the breath of a mosquito. The truth hovers radiant, stunning, nicely above the theological obscurities.

To entertain this fact, the thought must turn off the narrow rules of the common practices, reject puerile ways in which certain religions have involved the highest ideal. You must study God in the majesty of his works.
By the time everything rests in our cities, when the night is clear and the silence is over the sleeping earth, then, O men, my brothers, raise your eyes and contemplate the infinite of heaven!

Note the rhythmic march of the stars, evolving into the depths. These countless fires are worlds by which the Earth is but an atom, suns prodigious circumvented by ball motorcades and of which the amazing distances that separate us are measured by millions of light years.
Therefore seem to us to simple bright spots. But, drive for them this colossal eye of science, the radio telescope, and you distinguish their surfaces, like oceans on fire.

Search in vain to count them; they multiply even in the most remote regions and confused in the distance, like a luminous dust. Notice also, as on the neighboring worlds of the earth will draw the valleys and mountains, seas are dug in, clouds move. Recognize that the manifestations of life are produced everywhere, and an admirable order unites under uniform laws and common destinations, the Earth and its brethren, the wandering planets in the infinite. Verify that all these worlds, inhabited by other human societies, agitate, move away and near endowed with various speeds, traversing immense orbs; everywhere movement, activity and life are shown in a grand spectacle.

Look at our own globe, the Earth, which seems to say: “Your flesh is mine, your loved my children.” Look it, this great wet nurse of humanity; see the harmony of its contours, its continents, within which the germinate and grow nations his vast oceans always moving, accompanying the renewal of the coating to stations, each time , green adornments or blond crops; contemplate living beings that populate it: birds, insects, plants and flowers, each of which is a wonderful carved, a gem of the divine case. Watch yourself; see the admirable performance of its organs, the wonderful and complicated mechanism of his senses. What human genius could imitate these delicate masterpieces?

Consider all these things and ask to your reason, so much beauty, splendor and harmony, may result from the chance, or if there is, above all, an intelligent cause presiding over the order of the world and the evolution of life. And if you me oppose the scourges, disasters, everything that comes to disturb this admirable order, I will answer thee: to probe the problems of nature, do not lay down on the surface, sink to the bottom of things and discover with surprise that the apparent contradictions do no more than confirm the general harmony, which are useful to the progress of beings sole purpose of existence.
If God made the world, triumphantly replicate certain materialists, who
then made God? This objection does not make sense. God is not a being who join the
series of beings. He is the universal, unlimited in time and space,
Consequently infinite, eternal. There can be no being above or beside Him.
God is the source and principle of all life. It is He who reconnect, unite and
harmonize all the individual forces, and that without him would be isolated and
Left to themselves, not being governed by a law, a higher will, these forces would not have produced except confusion and chaos. The fact that there is a general plan, a common purpose, which involved all the powers of the universe proves the existence of a cause, a supreme intelligence, who is God.

V – The successive lives

As we said, the man must first of all learn to know in order to clarify his future. To walk with a firm step, needs to know where he goes. It is conforming his actions to the higher laws that man will work effectively for self improvement and social environment. The important thing is to discern these laws, determine the duties they impose on us, foresee the consequences of their actions. The day is pervaded the greatness of its function, the human being can better let go of what diminishes and demeans, can govern wisely, prepare for their efforts fruitful union of men in a large family of brothers.

But we are far from this state of affairs. Although humanity continue on the path of progress, it can be said, however, that the vast majority of its members walk the common path, through the dark night, ignorant of itself, no understanding of the real purpose of existence.
Thick darkness obscures human reason. The radiation of truth arrive paled, weak, powerless to clear the winding routes threshed by countless legions on the march and to resplender their eyes the ideal and distant goal.

Ignoring his destinations, floating unceasingly between prejudice and error, man curses sometimes life. Bowing under his burden, throws on his fellow guilt of proof that supports and that too often are generated by his shortsightedness. Rebelled against God, who accuses him of injustice, even sometimes in his madness and desperation, deserting the salutary combat, the fight that, by itself, could fortify his soul, enlighten his judgment, prepare you for work of a higher order.

Why so? Because man is born weak and unarmed in the great arena where crashes relentlessly, tirelessly, eternal and gigantic battle? It is because this globe, the Earth, is at a lower step in the scale of the worlds. Here reside mostly children’s spirits, that is, souls born recently to reason. Matter reigns supreme in our world. Curve upon us its yoke, limits our faculties stagnate our impulses for good and our aspirations for the ideal.

Also, to discern why life to entertain the supreme law governing the souls and worlds, you need to know to release these heavy influences, detaching of the concerns of the material order, of all these temporary and changeable things that cover our spirit and that cloud our judgments. It is bringing us by the thought above the horizon of life, making abstraction of time and place, hovering, somehow above the existence of details that will realize the truth.

By an effort of will, we abandon a moment the earth gravitating to these lofty heights. From above will unfold for us the immense panorama of age without number and spaces without limits. Just as the soldier, lost in the conflict, sees only confusion around it, while the general, whose gaze embraces all the vicissitudes of the battle, calculates and provides the results; just as the traveler, lost in the meanderings of the land can, climbing the mountain, see them merge into a grand plan; so the human soul, the height of which hangs, away from the ground noise and away from shady shallows, discover the universal harmony – that which, down here, it looks contradictory, inexplicable and unfair, but when viewed from above, it reconnects, clears, the meanderings of the way straighten themselves out, everything comes together, are linked together. To the spirit, fascinated, appears the majestic order that regulates the course of the existence and the march of the universe.

From these enlightened heights, life is not, to our eyes, as it is for the crowd – a vain pursuit of ephemeral satisfactions – but rather a means of intellectual training, moral elevation, a school where one learns gentleness, patience and duty. And this life, to be effective, can not be isolated.
Outside its boundaries, before birth and after death we see, in a kind of twilight, unfold innumerable existence through which, the price of labor and suffering, conquer, piece by piece, retail by retail, the little of knowledge and qualities we possess, for they also conquer what we need: a perfect reason, a science without gaps, an infinite love for all that lives.

Immortality is like an endless chain and takes place for each of us in the immensity of time. Each existence is a link that reconnects, front and back, the different links, different but solidary lives together. This is the consequence of the past and the preparation of the future. From step to stepthe being rises and grows. Artisan of their own destiny, the human soul, free and responsible, choose own way, and if this path is bad, the falls that will come, the stones and thorns that pierces, will have the effect of developing his experience and clarify its rising reason.

VI – Justice and progress

The higher law of the universe is the unceasing progress, the rise of beings
for God, focus of the perfections. Of life deep depths, by an endless route and a constant evolution, we approached to Him. At the bottom of each soul is deposited the germ of all the powers, all powers fitting it make them hatch for their efforts and their work. Seen in this light, our progress and future happiness are our work. Grace has no more reason to be. Justice radiates over the world because if all we have fought and suffered, we shall all be saved.
Similarly, if revealed here in all its grandeur the pain of the function and its usefulness to the advancement of beings. Each globe spinning in space is vast workshop where works unceasingly to spiritual substance. As the coarse mineral, when under the action of fire and water, becomes little by little in pure metal, also the human soul under heavy pain hammers transforms and fortifies. It is through of proof that season the big characters.
Pain is the supreme purification, the furnace where merge all the impure elements that tarnish us: pride, selfishness and indifference. It is the only school where refine the sensations where one learns compassion and stoical resignation. Sensual enjoyments, linking us to the matter, slow our elevation, while the sacrifice and self-denial, free us in advance of this thick jeans, prepare us for new steps to a higher rise. The soul, purified, sanctified through the trials, see cease painful incarnations. Leaves forever the material globes and towers over the magnificent scale of the happy worlds.
Runs through the field without limits of spaces and ages. Every step forward, sees his horizons expand and grow his sphere of action, realizes more and more clearly the great harmony of laws and things of them participating in a closer way, more effective. Then the time eclipses, the centuries seeps like hours.
United to his sisters, companions of eternal journey continues his intellectual and moral rise within a light, always great. From our observations and research stands out, as well, a great law: the plurality of existences of the soul. We had lived before birth and we will relive after death. This law gives the key to these problems hitherto insoluble.
By itself, explains the inequality of conditions, the infinite variety of skills and characters. We have known or will know successively every phase of social life and cycle through all its means. In the past, as were the savages who inhabited the backward continents;
in the future, we can rise to the height of the immortal geniuses of giant spirits who, like bright lights, reclarifies the march of humanity. Their history is our history and from her participants go through their arduous paths, we support the secular trends reported in the annals of nations. Time and work: these are the elements of our progress.
This law of reincarnation shows an obvious way, the sovereign justice that reigns over all beings. Each time we forge and break our own chains. The startling events that some among us suffer are generally a result of our past conduct. The despot becomes a slave; the haughty woman, proud of her beauty, takes on a body sick, suffering. the idle becomes mercenary bent under a thankless service. He who has made suffer suffer in turn. Useless to look for hell in unknown or remote areas, hell is in us, is hidden in the recesses ignored of the guilty soul, which only atonement can terminate the pain. There is no eternal punishment.
But it will tell you if other lives preceded the birth, why their lose memory? How could atone with advantage when the faults are forgotten?
The memory would not be a heavy ball attached to our feet? outbound Painfully of fury and bestiality age, what it was like that last from each of us!
Through the implemented steps, many shed tears, how much blood shed by our actions! We know hatred and practice injustice. What moral burden would be this long perspective of faults for spirits, still weak and vacillating!
And then, the memory of our own past would not be linked intimately to the past memories of others? What situation for the guilty, marked by red-hot iron, for all eternity! For the same reason, the hatred and the errors perpetuate, digging deep divisions, indelible, within this humanity already so torn apart.
God did well by erasing of our weak minds the memory of a terrible past.
After having sipped the brew of oblivion, reborn to a new life.
A different education, a more advanced civilization, is fading chimeras who once visited our spirit. Relieved that blocking luggage, move with faster steps in the way we are open.
However, this past is not erased so that we can not foresee some of its traces. If we detach from outside influences, descend to the depths of our being, if we look at carefully, our tastes and aspirations, we will discover things in our present existence and the education received, that nothing could explain. From there, we will come to reconstruct this past, but in all its details, at least in its broad outlines.
Deficiencies, which imply a necessary atonement in this life, even if momentarily erased in our eyes, its primary cause is still there, always visible, that is, our passions and impetuous character, the new incarnations aim to tame, double.
So then, if we fail on the threshold of the the most dangerous life memories, at least take with us the fruits and the consequences of the work done, it is a consciousness, a judgment, such a character which we shall carved. All that to us is innate, is nothing but intellectual and moral heritage that faded lives left us.
And every time, are opened to us the gates of death, when, freed from the yoke materials, our soul escapes from his prison in the flesh to re-enter the empire of spirits, then his past reconstitutes, little by little. One after another, on the way followed, reviewing her existences, falls, high, rapid advances.
Judge herselfby measuring the path that has been traveled.
In the credits of God show or its merits, exposed before it finds its punishment or its reward.
Since the purpose of life the intellectual and moral improvement of being which conditions, which means we would suit best to accomplish it?
Man can work on its improvement in all conditions, in all walks of life; however, it would do much more easily within certain specified conditions.
Wealth gives the man, powerful study of media, allows give his mind a more developed and more perfect culture, puts in his hands more facilities to alleviate their unfortunate brothers, participating through public utility foundations, intended to improve its destinations. But rare are those who consider it as a duty to work in relieving poverty, education and improvement of his peers.
Wealth often dry the human heart; extinguishes the flame
Inside, this love of progress and social improvements that animates every soul
generously; raises a barrier between the powerful and the humble; takes to live in an environment where not reached the disinherited of this world and where, consequently, their needs and ills are almost always ignored and unknown.
Poverty also has its appalling dangers: the degradation of the characters,
despair, suicide. But while wealth makes us indifferent and selfish, poverty, to get closer to the humble, makes us share the pain. One must have suffered, by itself, to appreciate the sufferings of others. While powerful, within the honored, envies and seek to rival the brightness, the poor approached by necessity, live sometimes in touching fraternization.
Look at the birds of our region during the winter months, when the sky is dark, when the earth is covered with a white blanket of snow, tight against each other, on the edge of a roof, warming each other in silence. The necessity binds them. But the beautiful days come, the bright sun, the abundant supply, and they chirp, chase each other, fight each other, lacerate.
So is the man. Sweet, affectionate with their counterparts in the days of sorrow, the possession of material goods makes him very often forgotten and hard.
A modest means should be better to the spirit desire to progress, to acquire the virtues necessary for his moral rise. Far from the turmoil of deceptive pleasures, will value better life. Request of matter which is necessary for the preservation of his body, but avoid falling into harmful habits and become prey of the innumerable fictitious needs that are the scourges of humanity. Will be sober and hardworking, content with little, binding, above all, to the pleasures of intelligence and heart jewelry.
Thus fortified against the assaults of the matter, the wise, in the pure light of reasonwill see shine his fate. Informed about the purpose of life and the reason for things shall remain firm, resigned in the face of pain, will know make it serve its clearance, its advance. Will confront the exam with courage, understanding being healthy, which is the shock that rend our souls, and that’s just for this tear that can be poured the gall that is in us. If men laugh at him, if the victim of injustice and intrigue, learn to patiently endure his ailments, his thoughts to our elder brothers Socrates drinking the hemlock, Jesus on the cross, Joan at the stake. It will be comfort in the thought that the greatest, the most virtuous, the most worthy, suffered and died for humanity.
And when, finally, after a well completed existence, comes the solemn hour, will calmly, without regret, to welcome death, death that men involved with sinister apparatus, the death of the powerful and sensual astonishment and that, for the austere thinker, is no more than the release time of transformation, the door that opens to the bright empire of spirits.
will flanquer serenely this threshold of above-ground areas. His consciousness, detached from material shadows, will wear before him as a judge, God’s representative, asking and answer “What did you do in life?” – “I have fought, suffered, loved, taught good, truth, justice; I have given to my brothers the example of uprightness, sweetness, I have helped those suffering, consoled those who weep. And now that the Eternal judge me, here I am in His hands!

VII – The ultimate purpose

Man, my brother, have faith in your destiny, because it is great. You were born with innate faculties, infinite aspirations, and eternity is given to you, develop a few and satisfy others. Growing life to life, clarify by study, purified by pain, acquire an ever wider science, more noble qualities; this is what it is reserved. God has done even more for you. He is given the means to collaborate in His work, to participate in the unlimited progress of law, opening new avenues to your fellows, raising your brothers, attracting them to you, by starting them in true splendors and the beautiful, the sublime harmonies of universe. Is not that create, transform souls and worlds?
And this immense work, rich in character, it is not preferable to a warm and sterile home? Collaborate with God! Perform at all and for all the good and justice! What can be greater, more worthy of your immortal spirit! then lift your gaze and embrace the vast prospects for its future. Put that spectacle the energy to face the winds and the storms of the world.
Marche, brave, fighter, go up the ramp leading to the heights we call virtue, duty, sacrifice. Do not stop on the way to collect florets or bush, to play with golden pebbles. Forward, straight ahead!
See you in heaven these splendid flaming stars, these innumerable suns dragging in his prodigious developments, brilliant parades of planets? How accumulated centuries were not necessary to form them!
How many centuries will not be accurate to dissolve! Well! A day will come when all these fires will be extinguished where these gigantic worlds will vanish to make way for new globesto other families of emerging stars of the deep. What you see today, will no longer exist.
The wind of the spaces will forever sweep the dust, these, used worlds; but you, you will live forever, pursuing your eternal march within a constantly renewed creation. What then will be to your soul purified, magnified, the shadows and the care of the present? ephemeral Accidents at our course, will not leave, deep in our memory, more than sad or sweet memories. Before the infinite horizons of immortality, the evils of the present, the sustained proofs, will be like a cloud, fugitive in the middle of a serene sky.
Then measure at fair value, the things of the earth. Do not disdain, no doubt because they are necessary for progress, and your mission is to contribute to your improvement, the improvement of yourself, but do not turn your soul exclusively on that, first of all, look for the lessons that you bring. For them, you will understand that life’s goals are not the pleasures or happiness, but above all, a form of work, study and performance of duty, the development of the soul, of the personality that you recognize beyond tomb, like the carving has been, yourself, in the course of your earthly existence.

VIII – Experimental Evidence

The solution we have just given to the problems of life is based on the most rigorous logic. It is in line with the beliefs of the great geniuses of antiquity, with the teachings of Socrates, Plato, Origen, the druids, whose profound insights, today reconstructed the story, have confused the human spirit for twenty centuries.
It forms the bottom of the philosophies of the East. It has inspired works and deeds
lifted up, our parents, the Gauls, then took his indomitable courage, his disdain for death.
In modern times, it has been professed by Jean Reynaud, Henri Martin, Esquirros, Pierre Leroux, Victor Hugo, etc.
However, despite its absolutely rational character, despite the authority of the traditions on which they rest, these views would be characterized as pure hypotheses and relegated to the imagination domain, if we could not sit them on unshakeable base on direct and sensitive experiences available of all.
Tired of theories and systems, the human spirit, before every new statement complains today for evidence. Such evidence of the existence of the soul, its immortality, experimental spiritualism brings evident materials. Just look at them, cold and seriously, studying with perseverance psychic phenomena, to be convinced of its reality and its importance and feel the vast consequences that will have, from the point of view of social change, for bringing a positive base, solid point of support to moral laws and the ideal of justice, without them no civilization could grow.
The souls of the dead are revealed to humans. Manifest their presence, talk to us, initiate in the mysteries of reincarnation, the splendors of that future will be ours.
This is a real fact, very little known and often contested. The Spiritualists experiences have been greeted with sarcasm and all that it has been concerned from the beginning, have been ridiculed, considered as fools.

This has been at all times the destiny of new ideas, the reception given to great discoveries. It is agreed as trivial use of turning tables, but the highest laws of the universe, the most powerful forces of nature, were not revealed in a more impressive way. It is not thanks to experiments with frogs that electricity was discovered? The fall of an apple showed the universal attraction and boiling in a pot, the steam action. About being labeled as crazy, spiritualists share this point the fate of Solomon of Caus 2, Harvey 3, Galvani 4 and many other men of genius.

It is noteworthy that: most who passionately criticize these phenomena not have neither observed nor studied, or have done it very superficially: now, between the number of those who know and assert their existence, are the largest sages of the time. Among these are in England: Sir William Crookes, a member of the Royal Society of London, eminent physicist who was responsible the discovery of radiant matter;

Russel Wallace, Darwin’s opponent, Warley, chief engineer of telegraphs, F. Myers, president of the Society for Psychical Research, O. Lodge, dean of the University of Birmingham, in America, the Edmonds jurist, president of the Senate, Professor MAPPES , the national Academy; in Germany: Zoellner astronomer, France: Camille Flammarion, Dr. Peul Gibier, a pupil of Pasteur, Vacquerie, Eugène Nus, C. Fauvety, the Colonel de Rochas, Professor Charles Richet, member of the Institute, Dr. Maxwell, attorney general of the Bordeaux appeal Court.

In Italy the celebrated Professor Lombroso, who first challenged for a long time the possibility of spiritualistic facts, studied and then had publicly acknowledged the reality. How much has been said about which side would have guarantees, having carried out a serious examination and a mature reflection! Galileo, to those who denied the motion of the Earth responded “And moves by itself.” Crookes so pronounces on the subject of spiritualistic facts: “I did not say it could be. I said that it is. ” The truth, at first described as a utopia, has always prevailed.

We note however that the attitude of the press about these phenomena is significantly modified. No more jokes and ridicules, first signs that there is something seriously. The major newspapers of Paris, FIGARO, the “MATIN, the “Eclair”, the “JOURNAL, the “PETIT PARISIEN“, etc., frequently publish serious articles on these matters.

The doctrine of experimental spiritualism expands in the world with a prodigious rapidity. In the United States, its followers are counted by millions, in Western Europe it is beginning and even in the remotest resources, research companies are based, numerous publications appears. A metaphysical institute was founded in Paris, with the state of the competition for the experimental study of these facts.
The competition of individuals, particularly gifted is indispensable in the achievement of psychic phenomena. Spirits can not act on the material bodies, impressing our senses, without a provision of animal fluids, that take by borrowing from individuals called mediums. Everyone has the rudiments of mediumship, which can be developed by work and exercise.
The soul in its existence beyond the grave is not without form. It has a fluidic body, vaporous, quintessential matter, called perispirit, which pre-exists and survives the body material, which is both the matrix, the model and the engine. This perispirit or fluidic body has the whole, a subtle body, which is why its action, combined with the vital fluid of mediums, that the Spirit is manifested to men, making them hear blows, moving objects, corresponding to a conventional signs. In some cases, it can even become visible, tangible, to produce direct writing, messages, and even impressions and casts of their materialized envelope.
All these facts have been seen thousands of times by the sages for this designated and by people of all classes, of all ages and all countries.
They prove experimentally the existence around us, an invisible world of souls village that left Earth, among which are those we had known and loved, and who will join us one day. It is they who teach us the consoling and grand philosophy which we have outlined above the essential traits.
And that repairs well that these manifestations, considered by many men – under the rule of narrow prejudices – as strange, abnormal, impossible, they always have been. Constants relationships have united the world of spirits to the living world. History proves it. The appearance of Samuel to Saul, the familiar genius of Socrates, those of Tasse 5 and 6 Jérôme Cardan, the voices of Joan of Arc and many other similar facts, come from the same causes.
Only that once were regarded as supernatural and miraculous, presenting itself today with a rational character, as a set of facts governed by strict laws, whose study is born in us a deep conviction, clarified.
The invisible world is not, in fact, but the extension of the visible world. In addition to the limits set by our senses, there are forms of matter and of life which science increasingly admits the possibility, after the discovery of radiant matter, the application of X-rays, Hertz work on wireless telegraphy, Lockyer on nebulae, those of Becquerel, Curie and Lebon on the radioactivity of the bodies, opened it all an unknown domain of nature.
Spiritualists facts, as you see, far from being negligible, are one of the largest intellectual and moral revolution that has been produced in the history of the world.
They are the most serious issue that may oppose materialism. The certainty of life from beyond the grave, in the fullness of our faculties and our consciousness, makes losing the fear of death. Knowledge of the happy or painful situations experienced by spirits for their good or bad deeds, has a powerful moral action. The prospect of endless progress, intellectual achievement, that await all beings and leads for common destinations, can, by itself, bring the men, uniting them by fraternal ties. The doctrine of experimental Spiritualism is the only positive philosophy that answers all the moral needs of humanity.
2 Salomon de Caus: French Engineer (15761626). We consider it as the true inventor of the normal steam engine.
3 Har vey: English Medical (15,781,657). He discovered the circulation of blood.
4 Galvani: Italian physicist (17,371,798).


IX – Summary and Conclusion

In short, the principles arising from Spiritualism, principles taught by the disembodied spiritsin much better position than we are to discern the truth are as follows:
Existence of God, governing intelligence, living law, the soul of the universe, supreme unity where intended and harmonize all relationships, immense focus of the perfections of which radiate and extend to infinity all the moral powers:
Justice, Wisdom and Love!

Immortality of the soul, spiritual essence terminating in the state of germ, all the faculties, all powers; that is destined to develop them by their work, embodying on material worlds, rising by successive and innumerable existences of step stepped up to perfection.

Communication of the living and the dead, reciprocal action on each others: permanence of the relationship between the two worlds; solidarity of all beings, identical in its origin and its purpose, different only by their transient situation: one in the state of Spirit, free in space, others covered with a perishable envelope, but passing alternately from one state to another, death is not, but a transitional period between two terrestrial existences.

Infinite progress, eternal justice, moral sanction; the soul, having freedom in
its actions is responsible, creates for itself the own future. According to its normal state, the gross or subtle fluids that make up the perispirit, which have been drawn to her by her habits and tendencies; These fluids, subject to the universal law of attraction and gravity, drag her to the lower globes, to the worlds of pain, where she suffers, atones, rescues the past, or where the matter is under supremacy where reign harmony and the happiness. The soul, in its superior and perfect life, collaborates with God, form the worlds, driving their evolution, watch the progress of the humanities, the fulfillment of the eternal laws.

Such are the teachings that the experimental Spiritualism brings us. There are others that of early Christianity, detached from forms of worship material, stripped of dogmas, of misrepresentations, errors, under which man has concealed, kept beyond recognition, the philosophy of Christ.

The new doctrine, revealing the existence of an invisible spiritual world, as real and as alive as ours, opens horizons to human thought before which, still hesitates, interdict, obfuscated. But the relationship that this revelation makes among the dead and we, the consolations, encouragements resulting therefrom, sure to find those that we believed to be lost forever to receive them the supreme teachings, all this is a set of forces of moral resources that man could not ignore or disdain without danger to him.
However, despite the high value of this doctrine, the man of this century, profoundly skeptical, blunted with their prejudices, hardly would it have made sense if facts had not come support it.
To achieve the human spirit, superficial, indifferent, were necessary materials and noisy demonstrations. That’s why, in 1850 and by various means, furniture of all shapes bobbed, walls rang sound blows, heavy bodies moved contrary to the known physical laws; but after this first crude stage, the spiritual phenomena have become increasingly intelligent.
The facts of psychic order (psickè Greek: soul) succeeded to the physical manifestations, psychics, writers, speakers, sleepwalkers, medicine men, was revealed, receiving, mechanical or intuitively, inspirations whose cause was
out of them. visible and tangible apparitions were produced, and the existence of spirits became incontestable for all observers who no longer fascinated the taked  option.
So appeared to humanity the new belief, supported on one side on the traditions of the past, on the universality of principles which are at the source of all religions and most philosophies, the other on innumerable psychological testimony on facts observed in all countries by men of all conditions.
Remarkable thing is this science, this new philosophy, simple and accessible to all,
free of any apparatus or form of worship, this science arrives at a time when the
customs are corrupt, social bonds are relaxed, in which the old world misses the
drift, without brake, without ideal, no moral law as a private ship of government
floating in the wind.
Every man who observes and reflects can not deny that modern society goes through a looming crisis. A deep decomposition corrodes dully. The hatred that divides the classes, the lure of profit, the desire of enjoyments,
become every day more rude, more ardent. Wants to possess at whole price. All means are good to get welfare, the fortune, the only goal that is deemed worthy of life. Such aspirations can not but produce two consequences: the ruthless selfishness among the happy, despair and anger among the unfortunates. The situation of the small, the humble is painful, and often dipped in a moral night where no consolation lights are driven to seek in suicide, the end of their ailments.
The spectacle of social inequalities, the sufferings of some, as opposed to the apparent joys and the indifference of others, stir up among the disinherited burning desires. Hence then the claim of material goods is accentuated. Just the outclassed masses rise, and the world is about to be shaken by atrocious convulsions.
Science is powerless to avert the evil, to recover characters, heal wounds of fighting life. In fact, in our time, almost only exist specialized sciences in certain aspects of nature, gathering facts, bringing the human spirit a sum of knowledge of its own.
That was how the physical sciences have become prodigiously enriched after half a century. But for these sparse constructions are missing the unity and harmony loop. The science par excellence, the one that the series of events dating back to the cause that produced them, which must rewire, to unite these different sciences in a large and magnificent synthesis, putting forth a general conception of life, fixing our destinations, highlighting a moral law, a base of social improvement. This universal science, indispensable, does not yet exist.
If the religions agonize if the vigilant faith dies, if science is powerless to give the man the necessary ideal to regulate their march and improve society, we would all of us, then, hopeless?
No, because a doctrine of peace, fraternity and progress rises on troubled world, coming to appease the wild hatred, calm the passions, teaching solidarity, forgiveness and kindness to everyone.
It offers to science this synthesis, anticipated, without it it would remain forever sterile. Triumphs of death and forward this life of trials and evils, open to the spirit the radiant prospects of a boundless progress in immortality.
He tells everyone: “Come to me, I warm you, comfort you, I will make your life sweeter, the courage and patience easiest, most affordable proofs.
I will Lighten with a powerful reason your obscure and devious ways. Those who suffer will give hope, those who seek, I will give light; those who doubt and despair, I will give the certainty and faith. “
Is also said: “Be brothers, help each other, give aid in your collective march.
Your goals are beyond this life, material and transitory. It will be in this spiritual future you will meet as members of one family, under the concerns, needs and the numerous ills. Deserve it then for your efforts and your work!
Humanity will rise, great and strong, on the day that this doctrine, infinite source of consolations, be understood and accepted.
On that day, envy and anger extinguished in the hearts of little ones, the powerful, understanding that has been weak, and can redeem himself, his wealth is only a loan, from the High, it will become more charitable and sweeter with their unfortunate brothers. The science, concluded, fertilized by the new philosophywill see fall in front of her superstition and darkness. No more atheists and skeptics. A simple, great, fraternal faith, will extend over the nations and cease their resentments and deep rivalries. The Earth, free from scourges that devour, will continue its moral ascension, will be raising a step in the scale of the worlds.
About the Author:
It was next of Camille Flammarion and Gabriel Delanne, one of the main expressions of the Spirit Doctrine, after disembodiment of the encoder Allan Kardec, defending and spreading Spiritualism.
Born in Foug, Tours, France, on January 1, 1846 and since young hugged THE BOOK OF SPIRITS. It was nicknamed “spiritualist Apostle” for his great contribution, is the battle against the detractors of the doctrine, whether in lectures, is the literary works that left – whose style is rationalism, depth and cognition. The philosopher already in his time, was reputed of a lush wisdom and docility.
Underwent a process of progressive blindness, exacerbated from 1910, without leave to work for the spiritualist cause, including writing – in the use of language in Braille.
He passed away in his homeland, on March 12, 1927, sinking his name in
gallery of the greatest thinkers of Spiritism and leaving great works, such as:
Photo: Theodora

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