The evolution of thought after death

In this universe, where all beings and every created thing are interdependent and united, like the links of an endless chain, there is space neither for the supernatural, nor for the miraculous. Laws, as rigid and inflexible as those which govern matter, rule the invisible world. To understand the admirable mechanism of this law, there is but one way, the patient study of them. Leon Denis

Book: The problem of being   Original title: Le probleme de l’être.       ISBN   85-7253-064-9

Author: Leon Denis (1846 – 1927)

The evolution of thought

A law, as we have said, governs the evolution of thought, as well as the physical evolution of beings and worlds; The understanding of the universe is developed with the progress of the human spirit.
This general conception of the universe and of life was expressed in a thousand ways, in a thousand different forms in the past. She is now, in broader terms, and will always be, more broadly, as humanity climbing the steps of his ascension.
Science sees be enlarged unceasingly their farm field.
Every day, with the help of its powerful instruments of observation and analysis, she discovers new aspects of matter, force and life, but she finds the spirit had noticed long ago, as the flight of thought is always ahead and overcomes the means of action of positive science. The instruments would be nothing without intelligence, without the will that drives them.
Science is uncertain and changeable, is renewed constantly. Their methods, their theories and their calculations, built with great difficulty, collapse before a closer look or a deeper induction, to make room for other theories which in turn will not be definitive.
Nuclear science, for example, dropped the theory of the indivisible atom, that two thousand years ago served as a basis for physics and chemistry. How many similar findings, demonstrated in the past the weakness of the scientific spirit! This will only come to reality when rising above the mirage of material facts, towards the region of the causes and laws.
It was in this way that science could determine the immutable principles of logic and mathematics. Not so with the other search fields. The wise, in most cases leads to her his prejudices, trends and patterns and all the elements of an undeveloped personality, as we see in the field of psychological studies, especially in France, which have so far been few courageous scholars found and truly enlightened to follow a road already widely trodden by the most beautiful intelligences of other nations.
After all, the human spirit moves forward step by step in the knowledge of being and the universe. Our information about the power and matter are changed every day; human personality is revealed in unexpected ways. In the presence of so many phenomena experimentally observed in the presence of witnesses that accumulate from all over, no intelligent and insightful spirit can continue to deny the reality of survival of spirit; nothing can escape the moral consequences and the responsibilities it entails.
What we say of science, we could also say of philosophy and religions that have arisen over the centuries.
They constitute so many stages or sections traveled by humanity as a child, rising to spiritual planes increasingly vast and interconnected. In his chaining, these diverse beliefs appear to us as the gradual development of the divine ideal, reflected in thought, the more brightness and purity the better and purer becomes.
This is the reason why the beliefs and knowledge of a time or a middle seem to be, for the time or the environment in which reign, the representation of the truth as men of that time can reach it and understand it until the development of their faculties and their conscience makes them able to realize a higher form, a more intense radiation of this truth.
From this point of view, fetishism itself * is explained, despite its bloody rites. Are the first words of the child’s soul, trying to spell the divine language and setting in coarse traits, under the appropriate forms to his mental state, his vague concept, confused, rudimentary, from a higher world.
Paganism is a higher concept, although quite anthropomorphic **. In it, the gods are like men; They have all the passion, all the weaknesses. But now, the notion of the ideal is refined with the good. An eternal beauty ray comes to  impregnate civilizations in the cradle.
Further up comes the Christian idea, full of sacrifice, renunciation in its essence. The Greek paganism was the religion of radiant nature; Christianity is the suffering humanity, religion of the catacombs, crypts and tombs ***, which began in the persecution and pain, and keep the mark of origin. Necessary reaction against the pagan sensuality, will become, by his own exaggeration, powerless to overcome it, because with skepticism **** the sensuality will be reborn.
Christianity, in its origin, must be regarded as the greatest effort attempted by the invisible world to communicate openly with our humanity. It is, in the words of F. Myers, “the first authentic message from beyond.” Already pagan religions were rich in occult phenomena of all genres and riddles. But the resurrection, or the appearances of Christ materialized after his death, is the most powerful manifestation that men have been witnesses. It was the input signal on the scene of the spirit world, which is produced in a thousand ways in the early Christian times.
We said, in fact, in another work, how and why, little by little, the veil of the addition was ducking and there was silence, except for a privileged few: clairvoyants, prophets and ecstatic *****.
Today we are witnessing a new impulse of the invisible world in history. The manifestations of astral world fleeting and isolated, tend to become permanent and universal. A path is established between the two worlds, the single lane, narrow path first, but it extends, improves little by little to become a large and safe road. Christianity took as its starting point the nature of phenomena, similar to those observed today in the field of psychological sciences. It is through these events that reveal the influence and action of a spiritual world, true dwelling and eternal home of souls.
For them, a blue immense opens on the infinite life; hope is reborn in anguished hearts, and humanity will be reconciled with death.
Religions have contributed decisively to the human education; has
put a stop to the violent passions, the barbarity of iron ages and strongly etched moral notion on awareness background. The religious aesthetic created masterpieces in all areas; has participated actively in the development of art and beauty that have manifested over the centuries. Greek art created wonders. Christian art has reached the sublime in the Gothic cathedrals that rise, bibles of stone under the sky, with its remarkable carved towers, its stately ships, full of vibrancy of the music of the organ and sacred chants, their high warheads, where the light down in waves and pours the frescoes and statues; but its role is running out, because today she repeats to herself, or rests, exhausted.
The religious error, mainly Catholic, does not belong to the aesthetic, which is not mistaken: it is by logical order. It is to end the religion in narrow dogmas in rigid forms. Once motion is the very law of life, Catolicism immobilized thought, instead of causing its expansion.
It is in man’s nature to exhaust all forms of an idea, to go to the ends before resuming the initial course of its evolution.
Every religious truth affirmed by an innovative, grows weak and changes with time, being the disciples often unable to keep the height to which the Master had attracted. The doctrine becomes, from that moment, a source of abuse and causes little by little, an opposite movement in the sense of skepticism and denial. After the blind faith comes unbelief; Materialism does his work, and only when he shows all its impotence in the social order is that an idealistic renovation becomes possible.
From the earliest times of Christianity, different currents – Jewish, Hellenistic *, ** gnostic – mingle and clash in the bed of the nascent religion. Schisms come to light; disruptions and conflicts succeed in the midst of which the thought of Christ will gradually be covering and obscuring.
Show of what changes in which successive changes to Christian doctrine was the subject in the course of time. True Christianity is a law of love and freedom; Churches have made it a law of fear and slavery. Hence thinkers gradually withdraw from the Church; hence the weakening of the religious spirit.
Because of the disturbance that broke minds and consciences, materialism gained ground. His moral, scientific said, proclaiming the necessity of the struggle for life, the disappearance of the weak and the selection of strong, sovereignly reigns today in public life and the individual. All activities turn to the conquest of well-being and physical pleasures. For lack of moral preparation and discipline, the soul loses its strength; the discomfort and discord spread everywhere, in families, nations. Yeah, we said, a period of crisis. Nothing dies, despite appearances; everything is transformed and renewed. The question that haunts the souls in our time paves the way for the convictions of tomorrow, for intelligent and enlightened faith which will rule the future and will extend to all peoples, to all races.
While still young and divided by the territory needs, distance and climate, humanity began to realize itself. Above and beyond the political and religious incompatibility, intelligence groups are constituted. Men concerned about the same problems, the same care instigated, inspired by the invisible work in a common work and pursue the same solutions.
Little by little the elements of a psychological science and a universal belief appear, strenghten and increase. A large number of impartial witnesses see it the beginning of a movement of thought that tends to encompass all societies on Earth.
The religious idea just go through its lower cycle, and plans of a higher spirituality will sketching. It can be said that religion is humanity’s effort to communicate with the eternal and divine essence. That is why there will always be religions and increasing services and according to the higher laws of aesthetics, which are the expression of universal harmony. The beautiful, in their higher rules, it is a divine law, and its manifestations, linked to the idea of God, will clothe, perforce, a religious character.
As the thought evolves, missionaries of all orders come to provoke religious renewal among mankind. We witnessed the beginning of one of these renovations, much larger and much deeper than before. Already it has not only men of representatives and interpreters, which would make this revelation as precarious as the others. Are the inspiring spirits, geniuses of the space, exercising at the same time their action over the whole surface of the globe and in all areas of thought. All the points, appears Spiritism. And then the question arises: “What are you? Science or religion? short-range spirits, you believe that thought must follow forever the paths opened by the past?
So far, all intellectual fields have been separated from each other, surrounded by barriers, walls, science on the one hand, the religion of the other; philosophy and metaphysics * are bristling with impenetrable thorns. When everything is simple, wide and deep in the realm of the soul as in the universe, the spirit of system, everything complicates decreases divides. Religion was bricked in the dark prison of dogmas and mysteries; science, trapped in the lower layers of matter. This is not the true religion or true science. Suffice to rise above these arbitrary classifications * to understand that everything reconciles and is reconciled in a higher vision.
Today, our science, although elementary, when studying the space (astral) and the worlds, not immediately causes a sense of excitement, of almost religious amazement?
Read the works of the great astronomers and mathematical genius. They will tell you that the universe is a wisdom prodigy of harmony, beauty and that together these higher laws, takes place the union of science, art and religion by the vision of God in his work. Having reached this point, the study becomes a deep meditation and thought becomes prayer!
Spiritism will enhance and develop this trend, give it a clearer and more precise sense. On the experimental side, it’s just a science; by the objective of their research, penetrates the invisible regions and rises to the eternal sources, from where all the strength and life. Thus, unites man to the divine power and becomes a doctrine, a religious philosophy. It is, moreover, the bond that meets two humanities. Through it, the spirits, who are prisoners in the flesh and those who are free, shall communicate to, establishing a true communion with each other.
One should not, therefore, see in it a religion in the strict sense, the current sense of the word. Religions of our time want dogma, priests and rituals, and the new doctrine does not support them. It is open to all researchers; the spirit of free criticism, examination and verification shall chair the investigations.
The dogmas, priests and pastors are needed, and still will be for a long time to the young and timid souls who enter every day in the circle of earthly life and can not govern in the way of knowledge or analyze Their needs and feelings.
Spiritism is addressed above all to evolved souls, to the free and emancipated spirits who want to find by themselves the solution of the major problems and the formula of their creed. It offers them a design, an interpretation of the truths and universal laws, based on experimentation, reason and the teaching of the spirits. Add to this the revelation of the duties and responsibilities that, by themselves, provide a solid foundation to our instinct for justice. Then, with the moral force of the heart the satisfaction, the joy of being reunited, at least in thought, sometimes even with the way the loved ones that we thought lost. The proof of their survival sum the certainty to meet them and revive with them innumerable lives, the rise of life, of happiness or progress.
As soon gradually the more obscure issues are clarified; the beyond opens; the divine side of beings and things is revealed. The strength of these teachings, sooner or later, the human soul will rise, and the heights that achieving will see that everything is connected, that the different theories, contradictory and hostile in appearance, are just different aspects of the same whole. The laws of the majestic universes summarize, for her, a single law, force at the same time intelligent and conscious, way of thinking and action. And for her, all worlds, all beings will find themselves connected in a single powerful unit, associated in the same harmony, dragged to the same goal.
There will come a day when all the small systems, limited and outdated, will merge into a vast synthesis, covering all the kingdoms idea. Science, philosophy, religion, today divided, will meet in the light, and then it will be life, the splendor of the spirit, the kingdom of knowledge.
In this magnificent agreement, the sciences provide the accuracy and the method in the order of events; philosophies, the rigor of his logical deductions; poetry, radiating its lights and the magic of his colors. Religion add to all this the feeling of quality and the notion of high aesthetics. Thus it will be realized the beauty in the strength and unity of thought. The soul will be oriented to the highest peaks, while maintaining the necessary relationship of balance that must regulate the parallel and rhythmic march of intelligence and consciousness in its rise to the conquest of good and truth.


After death

Death is only a change of state, the destruction of a fragile way that no longer provides to life the necessary conditions for its operation and its evolution. Beyond the grave, another phase of existence opens. The spirit, in his fluidic form, imponderable, prepares for new reincarnations and finds in his mental state the fruits of last existence ended.

Life is everywhere. The whole nature shows us in their wonderful picture, the perpetual renewal of all things. Nowhere is there is death, as such, in general it is considered among nodes. Nowhere there is annihilation. No being can die in principle of life, in his conscious unity. The universe is overflowing with physical and psychic life. Everywhere is the huge tingle of beings, the development of souls who only escape the slow and obscure preparations of matter in order to continue in the steps of light in its magnificent ascent.

Man’s life is like the sun of the polar regions during the summer: slow down, low, going weaken, it seems to disappear in an instant on the horizon. Apparently it’s the end; but soon rises in order to again describe his immense orbit in the sky.
Death is only a momentary eclipse in this great revolution of our lives. But this instant is enough to reveal the deep and profound meaning of life. Death itself can have his nobility, his greatness. We should not fear it, but strive to beautify it, preparing for it
continuously by research and conquest of moral beauty, the beauty of the spirit that shapes the body and decorates with a sublime reflection at the time of the supreme separations. The manner in which each one knows to die, as is, by itself, an indication of what will be, for each of us, the spiritual life.
There is as a cold light and pure at the head of certain deathbeds. Faces, hitherto insignificant, seem to be frame-by clarities of beyond. An impressive silence is around those who have left the Earth. The living, death witnesses, feel great and serious thoughts detach from the banal background of their usual impressions, giving a little beauty to their inner life. The hatred and the evil passions not resist this spectacle. Facing the body of an enemy, all animosity is slowed, all desire for revenge disappears. Ahead of a coffin, forgiveness seems easier, the duty become more imperative.
Every death is a birth, a rebirth. It is the manifestation of a life hitherto hidden in us, invisible life of the Earth that going meet with the invisible life of the space. After a time of disturbance, we met again on the other side of the grave,
in the fullness of our faculties and our consciousness, among the loved ones who shared the sad or happy hours of our earthly existence. The tomb only keeps dust. Let us raise our highest thoughts and our memories if we want to meet again the souls of the trail, which are dear to us.

Do not ask the tomb stones the secret of life.
Be assured that the bones and ashes that remain there are nothing. The souls that enlivened left these places and relive in more subtle ways, more accurate. From the bosom of the invisible, where your prayers reach and unmoved, they follow you with their eyes, respond and smile for you. The spiritual revelation teach you how to communicate with them, to unite your feelings in the same love, an inexpressible hope.
Often the beings who weep and what ye seek in the cemetery are at your side. They come back and come to take care of you, those who have the support of your youth, that cradled you in his arms, friends, companions of your joys and your sorrows, as well as all forms, all gentle, ghosts of beings that you found on your way, that part of your existence and took with them something of yourself, of your soul and your heart. Around you float the multitude of missing men in death, agitated crowd that revives who calls you and you show the way to go.
O death! Oh, serene majesty! You, who make a scarecrow, are for the thinker but a moment of rest, the transition between two acts of fate one of which is over and the other is getting ready! When my poor soul, wandering for so many centuries by the worlds, after so many struggles, setbacks and disappointments, after many broken illusions and hopes deferred, is standing again in your bosom, it will be with joy that will greet the dawn of fluidic life . Full of wonder and delight, will rise from the earth’s dust through the fathomless spaces toward those who loved this world and the hope.
For most men, death remains a mystery, the dark problem that no one dares face.
For us, the spiritualists, it is the blessed time when the tired body returns to the great nature to let the psyche, his captive, free passage to the eternal homeland.
This country is the radiant immensity full of suns and spheres. Compared to it, as our poor Earth will seem undeveloped! Infinity surrounds on all sides. There is no end to the extent, and there is no end in duration, whether the soul, or the universe.
Just as each of our existences has its purpose and should disappear to make way for another life, each seeded worlds in the universe must die to make way for other more perfect worlds.
The day will come that human life will be extinguished on the globe that has become cold. The Earth, vast necropolis, will roll, dejected, in the silent vastness. imposing ruins will rise in places where there were Rome, Paris, Constantinople, capital corpses the last vestiges of extinct races, gigantic books of stone that no carnal look will read it again.
But humanity will have disappeared from the earth only to continue in most gifted spheres, other stages of its rise. The power. of progress will have taken all the earth souls to the best prepared planets for life. It is likely that prodigious civilizations flourish in Saturn and Jupiter; there reborn humanities will expand an unrivaled glory. Over there is the future place of humans, their new field of action, the blessed places where it will be given to continue to love and work for its improvement.
In the midst of their work, the sad reminder of the Earth, yet will perhaps grieve these spirits; however, of the affected heights, the memory of the pain suffered, the evidence supported, will only be a stimulant to rise to greater heights.
In vain the evocation of the past make them appear before the eyes the spectra. of the flesh the sad remains that lie in the ground graves. The voice of wisdom will say: “What matters the shadows that are gone? Nothing dies. Every being is transformed and clarifies the steps leading up from sphere to sphere, sun in the sun, to God. immortal spirit, remember this: there is no death! “

* Fetishism: worship of material objects, regarded as the incarnation of a spirit, or in connection with it, and possessed of supernatural powers (N.E.).
** Anthropomorphic, that has a similar way to man (N.E.).
*** Crypt: in this case, in which underground gallery were Christians persecuted at the time when Christianity was prohibited (N.E.).
**** Skepticism: disbelief, state who doubts everything (N.E.).
8 – See Christianity and spiritualism, Chapter 5, FEB..
***** Ecstatic: who goes into a trance. It is when the spirit of the medium reaches of extraordinary independence states in relation to the physical body and penetrates unknown worlds, as in dreams and somnambulism the spirit travels through the earthly world. – See The Spirits’ Book, question 455 (N. E.)
2. * Hellenic: relating or belonging to ancient Greece (N. E.).
** Gnostic: that follows the teachings of gnosis (inner search or self), whose origins are in the ancient Eastern religions and Greek philosophers, especially Plato and Socrates (N.E.).
9 – Christianity and spiritualism, first part, FEB..
.10 – Sir O. Lodge, dean of the University of Birmingham, a member of the Royal Academy, sees in psychic studies the near advent of a new and freer religion (
Annals of Psychical Science, December 1905). See also Maxwell, attorney general in the Court of Appeal of Paris (
Les Phenomenes Psychiques – The psychic phenomena).
* Metaphysics: according to Aristotle, the study of being as being and on the principles and first causes of being (N.E.)

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