Answers for Life

Book: Answers for Life    Date of Publication: May 21, 1975

Spiritual author: André Luiz
Psychographic: Francisco Cândido Xavier


Life always answers our questions.
Studies and research are long-range problems that Spirit asks, ahead of the Universe; inventions and discoveries are solutions that Divine Wisdom gives us by the school of the work.

Many members, by addressing inquiries to our friend André Luiz, inspired the formation of this book that gathers responses, especially regarding the intimate illumination and common relationship relative to our spiritual improvement.
Delivering thereby these pages readers friends, to the satisfaction of those who enjoys the mail of friendship to bring you observations and news, tips and notes, excellent companion Spiritual Plan, we pray to Jesus to lead us on the paths of the Light and Love,
Renewal and Progress He even drew us, inspiring us and blessing us today as ever.
Emmanuel, Uberaba, May 21, 1975.


This day –

This day is your best time, the time is now.
If you keep inclination to sadness, this is the opportunity to meditate on the joy of life and accept the permanent renewal message.
If the disease remains in your company, came the opportunity to deal with security.
If you was wrong, is the time to access the adjustment.
If this or that work plan is incubated in your thinking, now is the time to begin to realize it.
If you want to do some good deed, came the moment to promote it.
If someone awaits your apology for the misconduct, it has sounded the time you may forget any unfortunate occurrence and smile again.
If any visit or affective expressions await you, the time has come to meet them.
If you need to study particular lesson, you found the opportunity to do this.
This day is a gift of God to our aid; of us depends on what we will do with it.


2. Gaining strength

You recognize that your resistance must increase; for this reason not despise the effort any good, both beyond the level.
If the work seems grueling, support a little bit more the difficulties that you are involved the charges.

Where it seems already be exercised maximum humility, leave the way open somewhat more in favor of others so that your group reach an ideal security.
Show a little more patience in times of unrest and prevent untold grief.

Abstaining you from even just claims, with regard to your personal interests and notice how much sympathy will come to meet you.
Show a little more serenity in moments of crisis and you
become the providential support of many people. Trust something more to protection of Divine Goodness and you will overcome obstacles that appeared insurmountable to you.
In the days of illness hold on a little more over the difficulties, and you
will accelerate your own improvements in an unpredictable manner.
Tolerate a little more the intrigues that, perchance, harass you playing field, without giving them any, and defend your own happiness, with unexpected brilliance.
You live in World in the midst of trials and struggles, challenges and needs as a student between the lessons that you need at school, in favor of own use; learn to bear the invitations to the good of others, and you will get the best values of resistance.

3. Success Ingredients

Success awaits you as much as comes extolling as many as reached the guidelines.

Drop any shadow of the past on the ground time, like a tree that casts the dead leaves.

Do not stop before the opportunity to serve.
Mobilizing the thinking to create new life.
Improve your own knowledge, studying always.
Emphasize qualities and forget the defects.
Develop your sympathy resources and avoid any form of aggression impulse.
If you can help, to the aid of someone, do it now.
Enrich your vocabulary with good words.
Learning to listen, you will know to understand.
The best way to extinguish the evil will be replace it with good.
Emphasis (highlight) others and others will highlight you.
Live the present, acting and serving with faith and joy without grieving for the future, because to live tomorrow, you have to live today
Get used to smile.
Remember that despondency never helped anyone.
Do not allow the difficulty opens door to discouragement because the difficulty is the way that life is worth to improve us in habits and resistance.
Sustain yourself, supporting others.
Censorship is one of the most efficient formula to complicate yourself.
Bless the life and all the resources of life wherever you are.
Never disregard the value of your loneliness dosage in order to take advantage of it in meditation and adjustment of own forces.

4. Better Living

We all want to be happy, to live better.

However, let us hear the experience.
Happiness is not a magic carpet. It is born of the good that you spread, not those that accumulate unnecessarily.
While it is true, that joy is the only gift that you can do without owning any.

You might be in difficulty and even so, able to suppress many difficulties of others.
Even if,  sometimes without any consolation, you have immense resources to comfort and rebuild the brothers who are in trial or helplessness.
The recipe of a better life will always improve ourselves, through the improvement that we will perform for others.
Life is God’s gift to all people.
And who only serves for himself does not serve to the purposes of life, because life is to participate, make progress, increase, to integrate.
If we aspire to live better, we choose the place of serving the cause of the common good.
For this, you do not have to condition yourself to other people’s views.
Engage yourself in the line of servers, those that resembles with your skills.
Enlist in any service for the common good.
It is so important to collaborate in the care of your neighborhood or building a school, as aid to a needy child or provide support to a patient.
Look for the peace, ensuring peace where you are.
Live in security, cooperating in the safety of others.
Let us learn to deliver the best of us to life around us and the life will make us get the best of her own.
Be happy by making others happy.
Get out of yourself, going out to others, but not grumble or complain against anyone. And the others will make us find God.
Do not think that such a statement is subject only to you, which is still on earth. If you believe that the so-called dead are free in peace, your mistake, because the dead if they want peace, they have to learn to get out of themselves and serve as well.


5. Programming

Work in the present;

Service to the like;
Confidence in the future;
Thinking on Good;
Happiness to duty;
Cultivation of friendship;
The exercise of patience;
The practice of goodness;
The cult of gratitude;
The devotion to the study;
All-Wise God, please help us to remember.

In past trials;
Overdue tears;
The tendency to discouragement;
Friend who defected;
The Free opponent;
The overcome problem;
The suffered injury;
The unfortunate encounter;
The introduction of censorship;
Useless verb;
The spare time;
All-Merciful God, please help us to forget.

6. Answers on the Way

Having a clear conscience of the duties that life has given you to perform, you can and should live your peaceful life, without any need to be unhappy.
Assist others without grieving with the problems they present, because they want to solve them by themselves.

Do not fixate so strongly on the exterior aspects of events, but, put your inner vision on the facts in progress, so that the understanding dawns your reasoning.

Dedicate yourself to your work with all available resources, recognizing that if there is any need to change in your attitudes, your own task will make you feel it without words.
If you have experienced some failure in the execution of your ideals, do not blame this except yourself, reflecting on the best way to make the adjustment.
If you properly do your job, your clients or beneficiaries will come from far away seeking the value of your experience and your competition.
In any indecision, values the opinions of friends who talk about it, but keep the conviction that the decision will always be yourself.
A sympathetic attitude to the next is always an open door to your aid now and in the future.
Even in the most distressing hours try to act calmly and with discernment, because of all that we did, we will reap ever.
The excuse before the faults that you have been the victim invariably is an action on your own favor.
When trials and difficulties deems deplored, keep patience and optimism, working and serving in the certainty that God always does the best.
(to be continued.)
Thanks a lot for reading and a happy weekend- theodora

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