Answers for Life – II

Book: Answers for Life    Date of Publication: May 21, 1975

Spiritual author: André Luiz
Psychographic: Francisco Cândido Xavier

7. Gifts of Love

When you have benefited someone consolidate your kindness on
gift that you did, so you do not humiliate the recipient.
Does not object against those who speak for the simple pleasure of been contradicted.
Grants information, without detracting who requests it.
Talk without wishing to look bigger or better than bystanders.
Get used to avoid confrontations to not hurt the sensibilities of the beholder.                 

Tolerate the unfortunate remarks of a friend without irritation and without retaliation.
Cultivate patience in difficult times, refraining from aggravating troubles and problems.
Do not attempt another’s heart, with the promise that you do not want and neither can fulfill.

Assist in the well, by the joy of serving without expecting acknowledgments attitudes.
Does not require the cooperation of other tasks that you can perform by yourself.
Spreading these gifts of love, you will be doing in the exchange organization of life your best investment for peace and happiness.


8. Always

We all have problems.
And life always offers us solutions through the next.

The other:
Is your audience;
Your client;
Your player;
Your mentor;
Your disciple;
Your nurse;
Your supplier;
Your guarantor;
And your tax man.

From others we get:
The support to the work;
The comfort in the trials;
The invitation to progress;
The lesson in the experience;
The relief in crises;
The warning in error;
The stimulus to the service;
The challenge to improve;
Cooperation in the task;
And the support to support itself.

When the law recommended us:
Love your neighbor“, it is warning us that when helping others, we are actually helping ourselves.


9. For the others

If you believe you can achieve spiritual sublimation without the other, for sure, you still have not found the truth.
The life was created, to the feature of complex machine in which the differentiated parts, keep among themselves
specific function.

Do not run away or isolate yourself from your group, if you want to improve and progress.
The others are the areas designed to complement and improve our own reflections.
Through them, it is that you analyze to observe safely.
Do not attempt to turn them immediately, because, as it happens to us, they are evolving spirits, walking between difficulties and shadows for higher knowledge.

Do not demand of neighbor the perfection that we are still far from having.
Some teach us patience, others teach us to understand, while others, the imperative of kindness as much as we are personally for each of these live tests in those subjects.
Believe me, when others appear in the manner of problems, we are for them too, problems to be solved.
You say that you need to identify with life and it is found to make the best. However, only for others it is that you find  yourself, and perform for the supreme achievements of happiness and love.


10. Experience

Usually we waste time in useless grief, when we find ourselves in conflict with someone or vice versa.

However, let’s see:Other people think according to Their imagination;
They speak what seems best to them;
They do what they want;
They embrace what they like;
They acquire what they estimate;
They value what they love most;
They lean towards what attracts them;
Living with those that are most attune;
They are on the path they have chosen;
They always find what they seek.

 But this is nothing new, because we all standardized by the same guidelines; we act as we are and we respond, as their own will, in conducting our impulses. The novelty is to recognize that others and we, inevitably, earn what we do.
Reaching certain about that is worth above all helping each other, no complaints from each other, once that none of us can improve itself except at the price of numerous experiments.
In front of the reality that we live with our lessons, keeping the conscience in peace and let others their own gift of learning and living.

11. Ticket in Response

Our work is the revelation of ourself. To serve is our best chance.

When you act on behalf of someone, you are inducing others to act in your benefit.
Never get tired of helping for good.
Forgive always, because we all have someday the need of forgiveness.

Do not claim defects for avoid of serving, because the work is God’s blessing that suppresses the disabilities.
Difficulty is a test of patience.
The disdain of someone is the lesson of life to acquire humility.
It is not always that you will get what you want, but while helping others, you will find the resources you need.
After great effort to solve this or that problem, do not shake, if another problem appears ordering you new effort because God will renew your strength to start again.

12. Recognize yourself

Do not underestimate yourself. Educate yourself.

Do not marginalize. Work.
Not just manage. Complies with.
Not just ordering. Do it.
Do not condemn. Bless.
Do not complain. Excuse me.
Do not take the merit. Dignifies.
Do not ignore. Study.
Do not misfit. Harmonize.
Do not countersink. Elevate .
Do not enslave. Release.
Do not overshadow. Light.
Do not lasting. Proceed.
Do not complicate. Simplify.
Do not run away. Stay.
Do not dispute. Achieve.
Do not park. Renew.
Do not overdo. domine yourself

13. Appeal of a Friend

Do not belittle yourself.

Do not say you do not deserve God’s blessing.
Give heed to reality.
If the Divine Providence did not trust you, you would not have at hand important tasks as these:

– A dear creature to be protected;
– Someone to instruct;
– A house to sustain;
– The patient to attend;
A profession to exercise;
This or that task even the most simple;
– Some teaching composing;
This or that activity of assistance to the like;
– Any tract of land to cultivate;
Certain machine to drive.
If the wisdom of life nothing expected of you, she would have not given many
resources which are:
– The lucid intelligence that helps to discern right from wrong;
– The notion of good and evil;
– The windows of the five senses;
– The mental capacity whose manifestations you can improve the
infinite, employing the very effort;
– The vision of body and soul that you perform wonders, of observation
and analysis;
– The word that you are able to educate, and to which you find the greatest opportunity to renew your own destiny;
The hearing that collects messages from all sectors of existence as well as the registration of different sounds;
– The hands that complement your arms, expressing itself by skilled antennas service;
Genetic faculties that, illuminated by love and guided by a sense of responsibility, provide incomparable powers of creativity in the fields of body and spirit;
The feet that carry you, serving you.
If you hold larger areas of action or enjoys wider benefits in relation to costs and benefits listed here, then you’ve got significant deals in the context of life.
Regarding the imperfections or deficiencies that we still carry, it should be noted that we are evolving on Earth, without being perfect spirits.
Let us reflect on that and let us accept ourselves as we are, trying to improve us and to enhance us, we will be building the right way to the Greater Spirituality.


14. Before Cradle

Before the crib, in Spirituality, examining your own development needs, perhaps you would

have asked:

A body deficiency, which induces feelings of elevation;
The long-term illness, able to educate you impulses;
This or that physical injury that favors the discipline of exercise;
Certain mutilation that inhibits you dragging the exaggerated aggression;
The psychological complex that refreshes your idea;
The bitter home where you can learn How much cost affections;
The trace of proof that imposes obstacles in the social group in order to
forget restlessness of pride;
The reunion with opponents of the past, so in the form of difficult relatives, attending ransom old debts;
The temporary impossibility for obtaining an academic title, in order to tremble against intellectual excesses;

15. Living

Each of us, wherever it is, is always building the life we want.

Existence is the sum of everything we did of us today.
Whole improvement we make in us is improving the road that we are called to go.
Whole idea that you came to accept, will influence your mind.
Choose the thoughts of good to guide you the way, and the good will transform your life in a waterfall of blessings.

If you make a mistake, do not stop to mourn; reason about the matter and rectify the fault been committed, because only thus the existence convert the error into lesson.
It is very difficult to live well, if do not learn to live with.
The beam outside of us is the image of what we are inside.
To live is law of nature, but personal life is the work of each.
Every time we criticize the experience of others, we are pointing at ourselves weaknesses that we need to mending in our own experiences.
Your ideal is your way as far as your work is you.

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