Mars – A primitive or a happy world?

In the book in which am working “A Dead Woman’s letters”,  year 1935, Maria Joao de Deus said that Mars is a happy planet.


In a letter psychographic by the medium Ms. Costel, published by the magazine spiritualist 1860, the spirit Georges says that Mars is a primitive world. We note that there are several contradictions between the various spirits and mediums that have brought us information about life on Mars.
Is this a bad case interpretation of mediums or would be the theory of Multiverse?

Multiverse or parallel Universes is a theory in which our universe is not the only one, but states that many universes exist parallel to each other. However, not all physicists really believe that these universes exist.
If you wish to know more about, please take a look at the links:

By the way, I took the opportunity and added recent photos from the red planet.
If you want to see more picture, please take a look here: Mars
I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for reading!

Frosted Dunes on Mars



Chasma Boreale and North Polar Ice Cap of Mars



Many Fantastic Colors




Map of Mars Gravity



Starburst Spider



Full-Circle Panorama Beside ‘Namib Dune’ on Mars



Fresh Crater Near Sirenum Fossae Region of Mars






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