Cataclysm and mass casualties

It has been found on the internet many apocalyptic predictions about the transition of the Earth, generating a lot of insecurity in the population.

The medium Divaldo Franco once told that, since he was born, he has been hearing that the world will end at least a 14 times. Today he has his 89-year-old.  He is full of life and radiant.

However, it has already been happening since Jesus incarnated on this planet for more than 2,000 years. But as we’re getting on top of this transition, it will happen more often than the tectonic plates move faster, generating more earthquakes and tsunamis, and floods as we have seen lately. However, everything is within an order. We should not worry about the planetary transition, but in improve ourselves as human beings, practicing charity and love of neighbor.

Because sooner or later, we all die. So, for this reason this incarnation is the most important of all the other past. It is the ticket to continue in the new phase, happier planet earth or is the ticket to another planet with a backward population. Just think about it!


To prove that the cataclysms happen as long as the earth exists, here I made a list of the largest earthquakes ever recorded:

The first happened in the year 464 BC in Greece. The Spartan historians say that the earthquake occurred in the fourth year of the reign of Archidamus II, which is the largest ever been viewed in Greek history, where several abysses were opened in Lacedaemon, the peaks of Mount Taigeto were broken and all the houses of Sparta collapsed except five houses.

Young men and Spartan boys were exercising together at the gym, but the guys came out of the gym to chase a hare. At this moment the earthquake struck, killing all young men. Their tomb at the time of Plutarch, still existed, then with the name of Seismatias.
Taking advantage of the calamities, hilotas tried to invade Sparta, but Archidamus, anticipating this, he gave the enemy attack signal. Thus, the helots, seeing that the Spartans were prepared, they went back to their towns and started an open war with the help of some perioeci and Messenians.


The Lacedaemonians sent Pericleidas to Athens for help. Athens was divided: Ephialtes did not want to help the rival town and wanted to see her be annihilated, but Cimon persuaded the Athenians to help.

In the second help that Lacedaemonians asked Athens to combat the Messenians and helots in Itome, they were panned, isolated in the battle and returned to Athens angry with the Spartans. Through this reportwe can demonstrate how our society is most advanced in relation to feelings of brotherhood. Hilotas they not have had pity that people, being opportunistic, ignoring the suffering of others.


Today, when there is a catastrophe somewhere in the world, usually people are moved, making donations and many will even work as volunteers in those regions.


In the year 1201 happened in Syria a major earthquake, killing 1,100,000 people

On January 23, 1556 took place in the region of Shaanxi in China a major earthquake, killing 830,000 people.

So, if we check the latest, called earthquake of SumatraAndaman, which took place in 2004, caused the death of over 230,000 people in 14 different countries and flooded coastal communities with waves up to 30 meters high, we find that it is a natural factor.


With the advancement of technology, it is possible through the internet to see where it happened an earthquake anywhere on the planet.  Turkey, for example, is a region highly affected by cismologicos concussions. Today, for example, there were at least 9 Earthquake in lower proportion.

If you want to know if your county is safe or not, please take a look here:  Earthquake today

Why it happens deaths in masses?

Many of you probably know the word Karma, originated from Hinduism, which means cause and effect.

If you wish to know more about Karma, please take a look at an article I wrote few months ago: Karma history

Everyone of us, every human being had at least hundreds of reincarnations until reaching the current one. We all lived traumas, but we all were, also well, criminals in our lives. Everyone have committed crimes in other lives. We are not innocent. Otherwise, surely we would not be on planet earth today, but in more morally  evolved worlds.

We can do a test: Remember that time someone told you things that hurt deep in your soul? Or that time you had the most increasing discussion of your life? What was the feeling at that time? Of love? Or, in the intimate, you may have wished that the person who offended you break her leg?


Karma is not nothing but receive what we sow. If we plant good things for sure we will receive good things. Whether this or other reincarnations.
Now, if the opposite … We should analyze our actions …

According to the spirits before reincarnate, we, along with the lords of Karma, we draw a main line of our lives. To understand more about this line, please check here: Afterlife and Reincarnation rules

In this lifeline was  drawn major events, such as when we were born, whether we get a disease and what type. What is our way of dying and about the period in which we die.

In case of disembodiment mass, people are attracted by a vibration tuning to go to that particular place. If is not is the karma of a certain person to disincarnating at that group of people, usually something happens that prevents her from being in that place and that time. Often it is the influence of spiritual protectors, in which many know as guardian angels.

It has a very interesting story of who escaped tragedy twice after missing flights on BOTH doomed Malaysia Airlines flights. Also is very common testimonials that people give their place to the other and ends up avoiding the tragic accident.


It has also another case of an Italian who lost Air France flight AF 447. The Airbus A330 that crashed on May 31, 2009, leaving from Rio de Janeiro to Paris. This Italian, Johanna and her husband Kurt were on vacation in Brazil and missed the flight that crashed into the Atlantic Ocean, killing 228 people – because they were late to the airport boarding sector. They boarded the next day by another company, but back to Europe, hit by car against a truck in an Austrian road. The woman, a pensioner of the province of Bolzano, which borders Austria and Switzerland, was killed instantly. Her husband was seriously injured.

If you want to read the Reportage, please take a look: Woman who arrived late for doomed Air France flight killed in crash

Dutch Cyclist Who Missed Both Doomed Malaysia Flights Feels ‘Lucky To Be Alive’

An acquaintance of mine, Georg von Falkenhayn, had an accident in the 90’s where he stayed several months in a coma.
At the end of December 2004 he was in Phuket in Thailandia to work. The day before the Tsunami on December 25 he returned to Germany.
In summer 2012 he fell down the stairs, where he broke his leg. He had to have surgery and unfortunately died. So, let’s see that no one dies before their time, Despite in case of suicide.
Of course we should also not defy death.

I will tell a story that might shock many of the readers. When there is a disembodiment mass, many spirits come to help people get rid of the corpse. But also has many spirits coming suck the life energies. For when you die young, vitality is very active. It’s like a candle, which ends when the wax finishes. Thereby also well is the life. For this reason, it is worth researching what happens after death because it comes when we least expect. If we are prepared, we will know how to act when it comes, avoiding much suffering for ourselves;)

Thank you for reading and have a good night. Theodora








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