Book: Emmanuel                       Year of Publication: 1937

Author Emmanuel                     Psychography: Francisco Xavier





XXIX – THE “Modus Operandi” OF SPIRITS



The permission of God so that we can speak out openly among groups of our incarnated brothers, came exactly in time, when the human spirit, stripped of puberty garments with mature judgment to assimilate part of Truth, groped between vacillations and uncertainties, established by research science, unable to adapt to the overly symbolism of religious ideas, latent in the human soul from the primeval times of cavemen.
Just at the required time, according to the prophecies of the Divine Master, shed His light upon all flesh, and the emissaries from above, according to their possibilities and individual merits, have helped the rise of human knowledge to higher planes of spirituality.


Since the primary eras of civilization, the idea of a higher power, interfering in
worldly matters, has guided the man through his ways, and religion has always been the biggest factor of social morality, although the divinity presented in the likeness of men, in their exoteric teachings.
Inaugurating a new spiritual cycle of progress, Christianity renewed conceptions of God within the religious ideas; however, after its spread, there were several interpretations of scripture, given rise to the sectarian factions tried in isolation be their only representatives; the Catholic Church and the many Protestant sects, born of the environment by it formed, have taken away the religious struggle, forgotten that the Divine Providence is Love. They settled with their narrow hermeneutics the dogmas of faith, nourishing themselves from iniquitous fortunes referred to the Gospels, damaging the needy and the unlucky beings.
But as progress knows no obstacles, the articles of faith were equivalent to isolated stagnations. If they managed to meet humanity in a period more or less remote from its evolution, however they lapsed since the lab has overshadowed the sacristy.
Science unraveled the human spirit to the inconceivable perspective of the Infinite; the telescope unveiled the grandeur of the universe and the new cosmogonic knowledge demanded another conception of the Creator. Unraveling gradually, the grandiose sublime, the invisible nature, science has drunk with the beauty of so beautiful mysteries and established the positive way to find God, as discovered the microbial world, at the price of accurate investigations. It is because the Divinity of existing religions was defective and deformed by its uniquely human attributes; churches were chained to dogmatism and enslaved to the interests of the world. The confusion was settled. That’s when Spiritism was felt (it did show, it was revealed) more clearly the greatness of his teaching, addressing not only to the heart but also the reasoning. The sky unveiled a fragment of his mystery and the voice of the spaces was heard.


That was how the religion of truth came on earth, at the appropriate time. Stagnant churches were in obsolescence, unable to sanction the new ideas, living almost exclusively from their materiality characteristics and their symbolism, finished the time of their necessary impact on the world. Scientific achievements did not conform n with the dogmatic spirit, and Spiritism, with its magnificent lessons, endlessly extended the perspective of universal life. Explaining and proving that life is not observed only in the face of the Earth opaque and full of pain.

There are innumerable heavens and innumerable worlds where life throbs in eternal youth; all of them are linked, they embrace within the universal magnetism, vivified by the light, real image of the Divine soul, present everywhere.
The flesh is a temporary dress, organized according to the spiritual vibration, and that same vibration clarifies all the enigmas of matter.


The Doctrine of the Spirits, therefore, came to unveil to man the landscape of his evolution and explained to him the problem of his responsibilities, because life is not a privilege of the obscure earth, but the manifestation of the Creator in every corner of the universe.
We will live forever through the Infinite and the knowledge of immortality exposes our solidarity duties to all beings on our way; for this reason, The Spiritist Doctrine is a glorious synthesis of brotherhood and love. Its great object is to clarify human intelligence.

Oxalá (Glories) when men may understand the loftiness of the teaching of spirits and enjoy the blessed fruit of their experiences.

With the understanding clarified, they faithfully will interpret the “Love one another” in its deep significance.
The instructors of the spiritual planes, in which we find ourselves, rejoice with all the triumphs of your accurate and rational knowledge, because every achievement becomes great and blessed effort and by persevering work, the man will know all the laws that preside over his own destiny.


The biggest obstacles to propagate the salutary and useful teachings of the Comforter in the heart of modern societies, are made by huge barriers that raise the dogma and prejudice of all stripes in the scientific schools and religious factions, militants in all parts of the Globe.

disruptive actions

Many spirits, accustomed to the routine and uncompromising traditionalism, are unable to
designing the upward road of progress, as indeed it is, full of new and growing flushes lessons.
And so, completing the long rows of latecomers, they disturb, sometimes with their opinions disparate the peace of who are studying devotedly in the marvelous book of life, prevailing (those same Latecomers) of certain worldly positions, abusing transitional prerogatives that they are granted by the wicked fortunes.

They can not, however, rather than establish the confusion, without their selfish minds bring something beautiful, new or true, which make the overall progress. Their works lend themselves only to their personal experiences in the fields of knowledge, unable to live in the memory of posterity, for the veneration of posterity is a glorious gallery reserved, almost invariably to those who have passed on Earth, persecuted and despised, and that imposed Humanity generously offering the blessed fruit of their immense sacrifices and its countless sorrows.
Discouraging are the characteristics of modern society, because if the community is proud of their physical progress, man is found morally far removed from this evolution. (Morally man is very backward)
This anomaly is the inevitable consequence of ignorance of the creatures, with respect to their nature, deplorable lack of knowledge that encourages all deviations. Living just among the things concerning the matter, submerge in the harmful superficialities to their spiritual advancement. They ignore, almost entirely, what are their latent powers and its infinite possibilities, falling asleep to the packager corner of false joys of the “personal”, and only the sufferings and difficulties force them to awaken to the spiritual existence in which recognize how much emanates joy of the Good exercise and practice of virtue, between the holy lessons of true brotherhood.

Unfortunately, if science and religion constitute the forces Matrix enlightenment of the souls, we note on the one hand one perched in absolute denial while the other in the hazardous and absurd statements.
Science created the academy, and sectarian religion, created the sacristy; one and another, crammed with dogmas and prejudices, repelling each other as contrary poles within their conflicts have only done separation instead of unity, war instead of peace, disbelief rather than faith, ruining the souls and removing them from light of true spirituality.
Among the strength of a prejudice and the impudence of a dogma, the spirit is disturbed, and the circle of those antagonistic vibrations, finds itself without a compass in the world of subjective things, focusing, naturally, in the sphere of physical things, all his concerns.

It is for this reason that the great responsibility to invest in those who engage on earth to spiritual labors in every way in which they present to us
Great services consist of their commissions and high account will be requested of Their duties on the face of the planet. Painful disappointments await the existence of the afterlife when downplay their chances for the common good, making of Their intellectual faculties mercantilism object in exchange for sinecures, which, auguring them a selfish rest to come in transient life, make them stationary and harmful to communities, equivalent to existences of bitter proofs, as well as prolonged cancellations of their powers of expression. (Karma)
It is not that the artist and the thinker must adhere to this or that religious system, or
enlisting in particular philosophical flag; what is important is to understand the need of spiritualization task, working in the lofty building of common progress, working in regeneration campaign and reforming character, helping all noble and generous ideas, in any church, sect or caste where sporting, spiritualizing their views, turning the intelligent action in an appeal to all the spirits to the perfection, revealing to them the secrets of beauty, light, good, love, through art in Science and Religion, in their most rudimentary manifestations.
That everyone may operate in spreading the truth, breaking the iron chain of formalities imposed by the chair of pseudo-authorities or from the altar, loving the earthly life with intensity and devotion, cooperating so that they expand their conditions of perfectibility, convincing themselves of that their happiness resides in the simplest things.



Around all the Earth corners, in these times, hears the voices of spirits who, in their indefatigable activity, lead the light of truth to all environments, dosing their lessons according to the degree of perceptiveness of those who receive them.
The teachings of astral are swarming in schools, temples, workshops and gradually you will understand the communion of the earthling orb with the invisible planes. Spiritism has conveniently indoctrinated faith and science, preparing them for the betrothal of the future.
If it is true that the weakness of some workers, obsessed by prejudices, has impeded the march of consoling doctrine, we must recognize that many mentalities, saturated with their blessed clarities, have competed with the best efforts of their existence in favor of the spread of their salutary principles, nobly disengaging of their duties to the divine goodness.
If it is true that the weakness of some * workers, (I believe he refers to religious leaders, and people who do not want or can open their horizons) obsessed by prejudices, has impeded the march of consoling doctrine, we must recognize that many mentalities, saturated with their blessed clarities, have competed with the best efforts of their existence in favor of the spread of the salutary principles, nobly disengaging from their duties to the divine goodness.


Several authors have not seen in the extensive bibliography of psychic writers, but reflections of the soul of mediums, * Emersion subconsciousness, which impel the most honest to involuntary mystification.
Except for some sporadic cases that abound useful elements to identify, the mediunic messages are repositories of moral warnings, whose repetition seems soporific. However, err that formulate similar judgments.
Diminished is the percentage of intrinsic, since all mediumship, although in the materialization and the perfect automatism, is based on Spiritism and animism, conjugates. * Action to emerge. Motion of a body that leaves a fluid in which it was dipped.


The disembodied can not interfere in the material life with the fullness of repurchased Faculties and the medium, in turn, frequently in view of their conditions and circumstances, is unable to match the vibrational potential of those who come to him to serve his thinking .
The soul, emancipated in the land bonds, integrates the other world community, which is not that of the flesh and hence the imperative need to submit to the conditions of the material order to manifest. This fact constitutes an extraordinary difficulty to refined consciousness, which has delivered the highest flight of so-called Happy Universe plans, difficulty this adaptation implies to materiality.
The communion of both worlds, the physical and invisible, is therefore based on the more subtle elements of spiritual order.
For this reason, the luminous message of great mentors of mankind are
inspired to earthly beings through inaccessible processes, to their current understanding, and most of the communicating entities are true common men, relative and flawed, for they are souls that conserve, sometimes integrally their somatic body and whose habitat is the very orb who keeps the spoils and the vast areas of the spaces that surround it. Atmospheres of the planet itself, that we could classify earthly colonies in the plans of the spiritual world.
There come together like-minded beings and in that environment, live and operate many spiritual classes, consisting of benign spirits, but not perfected yet, which, under superior orders, work for their own advance in favor of human evolution, returning again to the flesh (reincarnating) or working for progress within the terrestrial communities. (on the astral side)

Of these reasons, infers that the supposed vulgarity of mediumistic dictations is a naturalism fact  because emanating from the souls of the Earth’s own men, imbued with personal taste, since the body of its impressions persist with mathematical precision, and only the centuries, with its consequent agglomeration of experiences is able to change the karmic or perispiritual provisions of each individual.

Just as the Infinite is a law for the states of consciousness, we have plans to infinity in the universe and all planes intertwine within the wonderful law of solidarity; each plan receives of him who is superior, just enough to his evolutionary state, being counterproductive to give him knowledge that he could not support.
Evolution, in all its aspects should be sought diligently as it is within this aspiration that we see the truth of the Gospel statement – “to whom more has, more will be given.”
As the man progresses morally, the more it will improve the process of his communion with the invisible planes that are superior to him.

Themodus operandi of the entities that communicate in terrestrial environments, have their basis in universal magnetism, within which all beings and worlds gravitate to the supreme perfection; and incalculable is the extent of the role that suggestion and telepathy represent in the psychic phenomena.

The process of communication between the visible and invisible plans, especially when dealing with work that closely concern the moral progress of creatures, works these that require the use of intelligences most noble of the astral, whose degree of lifting the terrestrial environment can not behave, it can be seen almost invariably,
inside a powerful tele-dynamic, that you are still far from enjoying in your conditions of embodied spirits.
wise and benevolent entities, already fully disentangle wraps land, just as they wish, so immense distances are easily bypassed, so that their high teachings are taught,
provided that there is brain possessor of openness and that it doesn’t not offer insurmountable obstacles.




Those who have these registers faculties of thoughts that flow from the invisible planes, are called psychics or mediums, however, this condition It will be found in all men of the future. There are innumerable legions of beings who are wandering with you without carnal garments, and which remain in the latitudes of your planet, being necessary to consider that most of those who have evolved and are preserved in the spheres of a much better knowledge than yours, by the conditions attached by their very nature, can not be close to you guys.
They send men its luminous message of radiant peaks that are, and formulating the desire for action in the plans of matterthey act with their higher will on the brain, which finds himself in an affinity with the vibrations and through tele-dynamic forces that will be able to evaluate with the electrical fluids, whose use embarks on the face of the globe, influencing the particular nature of the sensitive, affecting his sensorium, acting on his optical centers and hearing aids, perfectly vanishing distances that does not measure;
In the soul of “sujet” then begins to operate a series of hallucinatory phenomena under the conscious action of the Spirit who guides him from intangible plans. (untouchable plans)
 This, according to his need, induces to view this or that image in vibrations that involve him, which are translated by the sensory according to his intellective and emotional possibilities. There are instruments that faithfully interpret what they deliver; others, however, do not have the necessary elements for this purpose.
On the part of disembodied, does not conjecture the need of fatiguing work, That these phenomena occur, taking shape on the physical plane; such events take place naturally, being enough for that the desire and the power to do it.

It is ignored (unfamiliar) on Earth the wonderful ideo-plasticity of thought. Knowing the fullness of their faculties, after having triumphed in many experiences that they have ensured high spiritual position of portentous psychic gifts lords, conquered with faith and with incorruptible virtue, the superior spirits have a powerful and creative will of all forms of beauty.

Sometimes they show to the seer grand scenes of the history of the planet, bright crowds of soul legions. These frames, in most cases, constitutes the thoughts, materialized of evolved minds that design, and that act on the visual centers of the sensitive, aiming the general progress.

This is how to establish the union of the two worlds, the physical and the spiritual through inaccessible factors to your measurements and material instruments.

Time reserve many surprises to man, in the proportion of his moral evolution, solidifying the immortal building of all altruistic, noble and generous ideas, being totally useless that some of them take root in the supreme authorities in the various branches of life because, inside their pretentious indigence, they inevitably will lose in the labyrinth of their discursive mateotechnical arguments.
Photo: A.T. Istanbul 2016

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