Apocalypse and the End Times

Dear readers, do not be frightened by what has happened in the world.
Believe in God that Jesus has the reins in His hands. He has control of everything!
But what we should do is to pray for peace and be tolerant with others, regardless if they are Catholics, atheists, Protestants, Muslims or whatever religion they follow.
We are all children of one God. We are all created from a single cell: A cell of divine love.

Even the air that you breathe is the same air that enters through the nostrils of your enemy. The salty taste of the ocean water that you feel is the same taste that your enemy has in the mouth.
The sun was born for everyone.

Most people who read the revelations of the Evangelist John, interprets the apocalypse as the end time, the end of the world.

However, for the most dedicated students, it is no more than the end of a cycle. A period in which the Earth will no longer be a planet of trials and expiations, becoming a regeneration planet.

On youtube and several pages in google you will find more to it. But I advise you to look for sources, without sensationalism.

Deadline is a film in which the great Brazilian medium talks about this new apocalyptic stage we are going through. The language is Portuguese but the subtitled can be read in other languages
Unfortunately many religions that should inform about the issues of spirits and of Jesus’ words, only preach the dogmas, materialism and racism. brotherly love among other religions are not cultivated.

Even in Buddhism, an Eastern philosophy that should preach tolerance among human beings, has preached racism against Muslims. In this case we see that even Buddhist teachers are unaware of the laws of reincarnation, and karma (cause and effect), thought to be the “chosen” to reach Nirvana. poor wretches who deceive themselves in own ego, leading to perdition the sheep that were given to care..

But, please do not get me wrong to talk about it. When Jesus appeared to me in a dream in 2015, saying to tell the truth, at the time I did not understand about what truths He was referring. Still I do not know yet.
The only I know is,  if I do not talk about it, my conscience will charge me. But Jesus is my boss. I should only justification to Him.

The apocalypse has already started, which will make a great cleaning over the planet. Let us pray for peace in the world, to remove this dense, and so we can go through cataclysms, but without the danger of a nuclear war.

The collective deaths, either through terrorist threats, natural threats such as cataclysms, landslides, earthquakes, floods or accidents caused by “human error” as the trains that crashed a few weeks ago in Germany and last week in Italy will be daily things and they will become commonplace in the coming years.

But we must not despair, but remain calm, trying to help others, whether helping materially or calming him down and talking about life after death. For life does not end, it’s just a passage. The only certainty in life is that we all die. This reality anybody escapes from. But we should be happy to finally moving on to a better stage.

Here a text dictated by  the spirit Hammed through the medium Francisco Neto:

“… Selfishness is therefore the goal for which all true believers should direct their weapons, their strength and their courage; I say courage because it takes more courage to overcome yourself than to win other

To reach spirituality, already claimed the ancient religions of the East, it would be necessary that the man was divorced from the “maya”, which are the illusions of life, birth and death.

So that he could win the “nirvana”, they said it would be imperative to extinguish all desire of being, thus annihilating the “ego”, which is individuality exalted and distracted by fantasies of the world.

At the same time, we find the Master Jesus Christ instructed us that, to achieve the “Kingdom of God”, it is necessary that we strip the selfishness“, the terrible enemy of spiritual progress.

The Beatitudes of the Master are nothing more than ways to achieve attain enlightenment, ie rise up through meekness, humility and simplicity, abandoning all sense of personalism.

Modern psychology has all the attention focused on that people get in touch with reality and end with their delusions, which are the causes of distortion of vision and perception of themselves toward the other.

The Mayaof Eastern religions was all that prevented the souls to reach the status of “blessed, also regarded as “nirvana” or “kingdom of heaven”, as the different denominations and religious beliefs.

It is actually the illusion we satisfy our own interests over the interests of others that characterizes the state of selfishnessa huge set of illusions, which takes away the sense of reality and a more accurate understanding of everything and everyone.

I should not being upset,” “I need to control others,” I own the truth,” “It could never have happened to meare illusory attitudes inherited by us from despotic and arrogant beliefs, egotism daughters, namely the “cult to me. “

The illusions of “everything to me” or “all revolve around me” is the individualistic interest, vestige of animality where we transit in contact with the lower kingdoms of nature in priscas ages.

Hunting in the animal world is nothing more than the use of preservation instincts and conservation: big or small felines, such as the lion and the cat, kill the defenseless and friendly beings, like antelope and the hummingbird, only to feed themselves and their offspring.
They should not, however, be considered as selfish and cruel, because only put into practice the atavistic mechanisms of its creation, the fruits of nature itself.

“Selfishness and pride have their source in a natural feeling: self-preservation. All instincts have their reason for being and their usefulness, because God does nothing useless ”

In almost all children is noticeable exclusivist need for parental attention around them, as the center of everything, with the mere presence of a second child. It is natural and understandable the appearance of ego boost.

The fear of losing their satisfaction, care and psycho-emotional compensation, makes the child in these conditions use the preservation instinct in order to save the affection, cuddling and love, previously only turned to her, and now shared with the brother.

The so-called children’s jealousy or self-centeredness can not be considered abnormal if they do not take alarming proportions. It is a natural reaction to real or imagined situations, loss of affection, may be subtly disguised or clearly demonstrated.

The creatures who develop their first steps in the ethical and moral improvement, egoistic tendency is an instinctive state, proper of their degree of evolution, and not a defect of character incomprehensible or inexplicable imperfection of human nature.

That feeling, ended its proper bounds, it is good in itself; It is the exaggeration that makes it bad and pernicious . As the fetus needs, for a time, the umbilical cord or placenta for maintenance, so humanity gradually transform this innate and ancestral impulse, acquired over centuries and centuries, the struggle for survival in the early stages of life.

That same humanity will absorb in the future more balanced attitudes and consistent with their evolutionary level, learning to use better and better their feelings before only instincts.

Thus, we understand that selfishness, this grouping of supremacy of illusions, there will be a certain amount of time in the creatures, even though they can be aware that the attitude of “wash their hands of Pontius Pilate, that is, excessive consideration to their personal interests, arbitrarily acting, always bring disillusionment and obstruction in the perception of the world we live in. But the example of Christ moves us to a larger reality that love is the only force able to bring us clarity and balance in the relationship with us and with others.

This is the antidote against selfishness, “Do not do to others what we would not like others to do to us.”

(From the book: Renewing Attitudes, Francisco Neto Espírito Santo by the spirit Hammed ).
Photo: A.T.
Source: http://www.centronocaminhodaluz.com.br/index.php/artigo13199/

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