World War III – Chico Xavier revelation

Book: Will not be in 2012

Original title in Portuguese: Nao será em 2012

Because of the seriousness of the matter, we want to bring the revelation made by the most important medium of human history, Francisco Cândido Xavier, Geraldo Lemos Neto, founder of the House of Chico Xavier, Pedro Leopoldo (MG), and  a Vinha de Luz Publisher, of Belo Horizonte (MG), Brazil in 1986, about the future that is reserved for the planet Earth and all its inhabitants in the coming years.

After a heavenly meeting with other Christs, the goodness of Jesus decided to give a last chance to Terran community, one last moratorium on the present civilization on Earth. All karmic injunctions planned to happen at the end of the twentieth century were then suspended by the Mercy of God, so that our world had one last chance to moral progress.

The curious thing is that we will recognize in the Gospels and Revelation exactly this current period we are living in, as the eleventh hour or the last hour, or even the call last minute. “” I asked him about what was then the deliberations of Jesus, and he replied: “Our Lord decided to grant a moratorium of 50 years of earthly society, to start on July 20, 1969, and thus ending the in July 2019.

Jesus commanded, then, that his heavenly emissaries would engage more directly in the maintenance of peace among peoples and terrestrial nations, in order to collaborate so that we enter faster in the planetary community of the Solar System as a more regenerated world, at the end of that period. Some angelic powers of other orbs of our solar system feared the delay of the extra period, and it was then that Jesus, in his wisdom, decided to establish a condition for men and nations of the earth forefront. According to the imposition of Christ, the most developed nations and leaders of the earth should learn to bear one another, respecting differences, refraining to launch a nuclear war of extermination.

The face of the earth should avoid at all costs the World War III. According to the resolution of the Christ, if and only if the earthly nations during this period of 50 years, learned the art of good living and fraternity, avoiding nuclear destruction war, the terrestrial world was finally admitted to the planetary community of the Solar System as a world regeneration. None of us can predict the advances that will from that of July 2019, if we just know how to defend peace among our most developed and cultured nations!

We will reach the solution to all social problems, as the solution to poverty and hunger will be extinct; we have the discovery of the cure of all diseases of the physical body by genetic manipulation on advances in medicine; the earthly man will have ample and full access to information and culture, which will more widespread; also our brothers from other more advanced planets have the express permission of Jesus to present themselves openly, collaborating with us and offering us new technologies, unimaginable to our current scientific stage of development; we shall make devices that facilitate the contact with the disembodied spheres, allowing our wistful conversation with loved ones who have departed to the afterlife; Finally we would be facing a new world, a new earth, a glorious stage of spiritualization and beauty to the fate of our planet.

  • If humanity decides to follow the unfortunate way the Third World War, a nuclear war of unpredictable and disastrous consequencesthen Mother Earth, under the auspices of the Greater Life, will react with unforeseen violence by our men of science. The man would start the War III, but who would end it would be the telluric forces of nature, the earth itself tired of human excesses, and then we would be faced with massive earthquakes; tsunamis and waves (tsunamis) consequential; we would see the explosion of volcanoes long extinct; we would face devastating thaws that overwhelm on the globe people with tragic results for coastal areas due to rising sea levels; and in this case, the volcanic ash associated with harmful nuclear radiation would eventually take totally uninhabitable throughout the Northern Hemisphere of our globe. *  The 2004 tsunami in the sea and indicate in Japan in 2011 are a very small demonstration, in relation of which could cause in the tectonic plates.

Mount Paektu, Etna and Yellowstone will destroy millions of lives in minutes, in addition to cause an ice age on Earth. Mount Paektu, Etna and Yellowstone will destroy millions of lives in minutes, in addition to cause an ice age on Earth.
Gas pipeline and Fraquing around the world will assist the hellish scenario.

(…) Now, in case of the worst, with the northern hemisphere of the planet becoming uninhabitable, large migration flows would move to the Southern Hemisphere, where is Brazil, which would then be called more directly to play its Gospel homeland paper, exemplifying the love and renunciation, forgiveness and spiritual understanding towards migrants peoples.

The New Age of the Earth, in this case, it would take longer to arrive with all its splendor of scientific and moral achievements, because it would take a long period of rebuilding our nations and societies, forced to reorganize in its most basic fundamentals. Our Brazil as we know it will be so disfigured and divided into four distinct nations. Only a quarter of our territory will remain with us and will remain the only Brazilian southeastern states added to Goiás and the Federal District.

Americans, Canadians and Mexicans will occupy the states of the North region of the country, in line with Colombia and Venezuela. Europeans will occupy the states of southern Brazil uniting them to Uruguay, Argentina and Chile. Asian, especially Chinese, Japanese and Korean, will occupy our Midwest, in connection with Paraguay, Bolivia and Peru. And finally, the Brazilian Northeast states will be occupied by the Russians and Slavs. We can not forget that all this intricate process has its spiritual ancestry and we are forced to recognize that we have much to learn from the invaders.

Brazil will not have privileges and also suffer the effects of earthquakes and tsunamis, especially in coastal areas. It turns out, according to the medium, the impact here will be much lower compared to what is coming in the northern hemisphere of the planet.

We are not delivered to the fatality or predetermined suffering. We are at a crossroads of collective destiny that binds us to our planetary home, here on Earth. We have before us two ways to go. The path of love and wisdom will lead to faster collective spiritual ascent. The path of hatred and ignorance will lead us to broader spending centuries in reconstruction material and spiritual of our communities.
Everything will come according to our choices now, individual and collective. Let us pray a lot so that the Greater Life Benefactors continue to help us and encourage follow the path of Truth and Life and the leaders of the great powers eventually reach a peace agreement.
The very spirit Emmanuel, through Chico Xavier, responding to an interview in the book, tells us that the prophecies are revealed to men not to be met. They are actually a great spiritual warning to us we improve and move away from us the possibility of the worst way.
Photo: Nagasaki victim

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