You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty. Gandhi
Unfortunately I‘m starting to lose faith in people
But I wish that Jesus strenghten me tempers, for me to continue in my fight …

The false al Mahdi” is rising on the Marmara sea.
Meanwhile, the real one is hiding, he doesn´t want to reveal himself. He is acting, working for the peace in secret…
However, people seem to be anesthetized ….
Yesterday I wrote letters to several political governments, asking for peace among the countries. However, I believe that no one will take me seriously.
Also I wrote a letter to the leader of Germany, preventing about the false Mahdi. But she  will not hear me. Until is gonna be too late…
Maybe it’s the plans of the astral, the desire for Europe to be weakened. I do not know … But I feel very sorry for the Europeans, especially the German people …

However, it will be a very great pity and much greater loss if the world be destroyed by atomic bombs ….

Here is a copy of the letter:

Your Excellencies,
ladies and gentlemen,

this same message was sent to several European countries and the Americas.
Today, August 19 is the World Humanitarian Day.
In the name of the Community Friends of the Apostle Paul, I come to ask you for more dialogue and peace among nations.
If the brilliant minds in the world used 5% their ability to constructive ideas for the benefit of their similar, there would be no misery or starvation on the planet.
I am not political or a diplomat, but I understand about peace and tolerance.
The road that has being taken by modern countries, the recent political development has alarmed the few mortals who still have the ability to reason, instead of living in the illusion of running after Pokemons.
In political selfishness, many accuse the solidarity policy of Mrs Merkel.
However, her policy is praised by God. She is carrying out a divine plan, which can only be seen after two or three generations.
While Pope Francis preaches the word of love and tolerance, many religious leaders, in the name of Jesus Christ, bless war cannons in Syria, Irak and Afghanistan. Even some Lamas in the Buddhism Centre around Europe , with the false ideology of peace and tolerance, is spreading racism against the Muslim people, proving that they still have a lot to learn about reincarnation law.
Without comment about some european political leaders, planning to walling Europe, forming a cemetery of bones around it.
While the Arab world expects a bleeding instead of a peaceful “Al Mahdi”, making the same mistake of the Jews for over 2,000 years, half of the American population supports and rejoices a racist Republican candidate.
In addition, just few days after the Brexit, it has increased racism without proportions in England.
And, meanwhile, the citizens of the democratic Turkey are  begging to return the death penalty to that country. A barbaric method that many “evolved”  countries still continue to use in nowadays.
These latest events show that, either politicians and citizens do not know nothing about  history, or they did not learn from it, because they are moving towards the same course of the year 1933.
Hitler, behind the mask of “peace dictator” had to use the “ruse of pretending” to deceive the population, even being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, togeter with the dictators Benito Mussolini and Joseph Stalin, while the great Indian Peacemaker Mahatma Gandhi was never awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
Today, however, there is not need to deceive the population. Because, all countries that have the atomic arsenal, openly say that they will not be intimidated in use it, claiming millions of innocent lives to ensure the economic interests of own their country.
For this, their government still using the “pretext of the cold war” as an imminent danger. And people fall like lambs, giving their support for that. A primitive thought!
Mankind have reached such an advanced intellect, but so cold heart! How is it possible that today, in full technology, it is not possible a dialogue of peace between politicians of the developed countries?
Why many do not want to see that, the great danger is not outside, but inside of us, in our own minds?

Previously there was only one Joseph Göbbels with his racist propaganda. Today, each country has its own “Göbbels ideology.”

But who am I to judge? Some is gonna say:

Only a mental patient who not live in reality. May be someone who wants only to appear in the media?
Many countries even may say: …. After all, the Germans were “bad.” We are the “good guys.” We are the “saviors” and “defenders” of the world.

However, this is not the reason for my message, but about the renewal of the nuclear atomic weapons.

August 29 is the International Day to Combat Nuclear Tests.

Shortly after the atomic bombs were exploded over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Albert Einstein made this statement: “The time has come now, when man must give up war. It is no longer rational to solve international problems by resorting to war. Now that an atomic bomb, such as the bombs exploded at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, can destroy a city, kill all the people in a city, a small city the size of Minneapolis, say, we can see that we must now make use of man’s powers of reason, in order to settle disputes between nations.”

But people didn´t want to hear him. The first detonation of the hydrogen bomb in the Soviet Union, happened on August 12, 1961. One year after the first being tested in the United States.

Hans Albrecht Bethe (1906-2005) was one of those responsible for description of how nuclear fusion could produce the energy that makes the stars shine. This theory was published in his article “Energy Production in Stars”, published in 1939, showing in detail how four protons could be united and transformed into a helium nucleus.
Irony or not, the man who helped to build a weapon that can wipe out all humanity, received the Nobel Prize in 1967.

Luckily I’m not the only one schizophrenic who talks with the Spirits, but there was a very famous Brazilian medium named Francisco Candido Xavier, which in the 80s made this declaration:

“If humanity decides to follow the unfortunate way the Third World War, a nuclear war of unpredictable and disastrous consequences, then Mother Earth, under the auspices of the Greater Life, will react with unforeseen violence by our men of science. The man would start the War III, but who would end it would be the telluric forces of nature, the earth itself tired of human excesses, and then we would be faced with massive earthquakes; tsunamis and waves (tsunamis) consequential; we would see the explosion of volcanoes, long extinct; we would face devastating thaws that overwhelm on the globe people with tragic results for coastal areas due to rising sea levels; and in this case, the volcanic ash associated with harmful nuclear radiation would eventually take totally uninhabitable throughout the Northern Hemisphere of our globe. The 2004 tsunami in the sea and indicate in Japan in 2011 are a very small demonstration, in relation of which could cause in the tectonic plates.

Mount Paektu, Etna and Yellowstone will destroy millions of lives in minutes, in addition to cause an ice age on Earth.
Gas pipeline and Fraquing around the world will assist the hellishscenario.

The northern hemisphere of the planet becoming uninhabitable, large migration flows would move to the Southern Hemisphere, like Brazil, for example.

Americans, Canadians and Mexicans will occupy the states of the North region of the country, in line with Colombia and Venezuela.

Europeans will occupy the states of southern Brazil uniting themto Uruguay, Argentina and Chile. 

Asian, especially Chinese, Japanese and Korean, will occupy theMidwest, in connection with Paraguay, Bolivia and Peru.

The Brazilian Northeast states will be occupied by the Russians and Slavs.”

Youtube (english subtitle):

As you see, at the end, everyone will have to come to an agreement and share a much smaller space.
However, everything is in your hands. You can avoid much suffering.

To learn more about this prophecy, please read carefully the attached document I’m sending, together with 2 books of Allan Kardec.

Our time is ticking! It’s time for peace and tolerance. If we can connect trough the internet, also we can give our hands, as adult and civilized people, to our neighboors.
We thank you for your cooperation.
May Jesus, the true governor of the planet Earth and God, the creator of all things bless you all with peace and love. That the Al Mahdi, together with his heavenly angels may bring peace between all nations, all religions, but peacefully.
Because a so enlightened being abhors violence. He does not need firearms, or human armies because his words are sweet as honey and his army are the heavenly angels. For peace will never be achieved by violence.
For more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Yours faithfully,
The “Community friends of the apostle Paul” is an initiative to end the religious racism in the world, thus becoming easier the phases of tribulation that has spread around the world. * * https://theodora500quotes.wordpress.


Photo: Gandhi – Geo magazin



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