A dead Woman Letter´s V

It is very selfishness of earthly man to assert himself as the only thinking creature of the Universe, even though the Earth is one of the darkest and most bitter plans for those who have ever experienced something of the immortal happiness which the evolution of feeling and reasoning can provide .
For souls lighted in love, the Earth is well the corner of exile and shadows.
However, you who study, taken from the beneficial disposition to know the spiritual life, in its most remote and multiple modalities, you must shelve in the heart the divine treasure of hope. If pains are now besetting you, you know that life is not limited to the petty sphere of the earth. Patrimony of creation and divinity of all things, it is the luminous vibration that extends through the infinite, within its greatness and its sublime mystery. Maria Joao de Deus

Author: Maria Joao de Deus          Medium: Chico Xavier

Year: 1935

Source: http://www.bvespirita.com

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Not long ago, my son, you manifested the desire that I should describe to you the place where I now find myself on the spiritual plane. It is quite difficult a literal description, with respect to my new environment, but I will try to do it, despite the natural deficiencies that are presented to me.
The earth is the center, that is, the thirst for a great number of spiritual spheres that surround it concentrically. I can not need a number of these spheres because they extend to a limit that my understanding can not reach for the moment.

The more evolved the self, the higher will be its habitation until it reaches the point where these spheres interpenetrate with those of other, more perfect worlds, following the spirits in this ascending scale of progress in all its aspects. Only now I have been able to pass to the second sphere, after painful labors in favor of the carelessness of my personality. I will try to summarize as much as possible to offer you an idea of my dwelling.

Here, son, I’m surprised, because I see a kind of continuation of the planet we left. Imagine the Earth, full of its natural beauties, but morally more perfected and you will have the image of that second sphere that serves me as a habitation.
We have houses, birds, animals, meetings, institutes such as those of earthly families, where the spirits are grouped through the most holy affinities.

The art here is more beautiful and more perfect and, as the worship of God, is an integral part of all the things of our new life, there is much joy between us. I, for example, feel surrounded by very kind companions, with whom I indulge in the tasks that are most dear to me.

The place where we meet is as if it were a large land district under the guidance of a chief.
Just the other day, you wished to know things in more detail and I seek to satisfy you curiosity.
Our governor is called Aulus, if I may convey to you the name in language equivalent to the dictionary of the earth. It is a high spirit, whose progress and superiority we are far from achieving. He was one of the anonymous martyrs of nascent Christianity, and since ancient times such an entity has been lighting up its evolution, which is on high flights to the lap of God’s love. We call it Prince, if we can tell you everything, so that you can understand.

And as for us, who obey him cheerfully, integrated into the knowledge of the hierarchy which here is something far more sacred than that which is known on Earth, we are not inactive. All the activity of the spiritual district under the Aulus administration is made up of nuclei destined for relief and aid to those who are torn between the uncertainties and the tears of the Earth.

Our specialty is to examine the prayers of earthly beings, going to the houses of prayer or to any place where there is a spirit that asks and suffers. The prayers of each one are then noted and examined by us, seeking to establish the nature of prayer, its merits and demerits, its elevation or inferiority in order to determine the necessary help. Even the prayers of children are taken into account: any request, any plea, has its particular note. There are sublime prayers that rise from the earth to our district, so pure they are, however, that cross our regions like jets of light, seeking higher and more advanced spheres than ours.

There are also the blackest and most painful imprecations. All, however, deserve our particular care and careful attention.
There are many high spirits under the immediate orders of Aulus, and who come to us transmitting the necessary orders. We call them angels, to give you the expression of the respect and veneration that these high beings deserve, and always one of these angels leads our expeditions to attend to those who err and suffer in the whirlwinds of material struggle.

From the sphere in which I find myself, I perceive perfectly that there is a ladder of light crossing the abyss connecting the spheres to each other. The region immediately next to Earth harbors many suffering and many desperate. Then we often go down to seek our brethren who cry and plead for the help and help of God.

In this region there are perfect and innumerable organizations of many evil spirits who, by joining one another, form evil and terrible congregations. Our combat is continual by the incarnates safe from their betrayals and hardships.

We also have hours of rest, where we form sanctified and beautiful projects, about our beloved ones who are there for us as dead, buried in the tombs of the flesh. Many loving souls, who might have ascended to higher and more beautiful plans, continue here to help those who fight, voluntarily partaking in those lower spheres, where I am, to expect a bridegroom, a father, a brother, a mother, many heart.

You will still observe that if there are dark abysses like the infernal regions of certain planes in erraticity, or like the purgatory of the Earth, there is also the recourse of divine goodness, which constantly grants each one a guardian angel, a sacred stimulus in favor of Its perfection and redemption.

There are entities here who only take care of the making of the costumes of their companions, there are music and instruments more perfect and more adaptable to harmony than those known on Earth. We have parties and select assemblies, means of communication, visions at a distance, through processes that men are still very far from understanding. All our work and activities are governed by laws of vibrations unknown to you. Our matter is more delicate, the plant world much more superb and richer, minerals are also there, more complex and more beautiful in their strange colorations.

But it’s late and we need to separate from eachother. I intend to reveal much of our occupations and our way of life, having obtained the higher permission for this. But for today, that’s all. Let everyone be in the peace of Jesus, our Divine Savior.

I wish to continue tonight, my son, on the dissertations on the panoramas, within which our spiritual activities unfold. Just as souls incarcerated on earth sometimes have perfect and transcendent visions of the real life of the plans of pure spirituality, so do some of us when we demonstrate resignation to the dictates of the High and good will in the execution of the task that is We have the company of friends, full of wisdom, who temporarily take us from the sphere to which we belong, leading us to the grandiose vision of other higher manifestations of the higher life, within the infinite spaces. That is how I got the trip to Saturn, already described.

Within the insipience of our evolution, ignorant of our condition of entities that the existence of the Earth perfectly characterizes, we contemplate these grandiose worlds, sublime scenarios of perfected exteriorizations of life, but without understanding the phenomena of its unfolding in these means, to us totally unknown and Ignored.

Not long ago, I and two companions were chosen for a study expedition concerning the light and, without my expectation, a high mentor led us kindly to a plan whose beauty I never suspected existed. When we move away from the sphere that serves us as a dwelling we never feel, at once, much at our will. It is the same as happens to earthly man when taken unexpectedly from his environment.

There is always a feeling of strangeness in the environment. Fortunately, such emotions do little to dominate us because we have expanded our faculties of action, educating the will and disciplining the feelings.
As I said, however, we cross gaps of light and gaps of space, full of cold and darkness, despite our mentor and guide assert that space is never empty, and there are manifestations of life in all its corners, which we are not allowed to know.

At a certain height, we beheld the earthly orb which was no more than a star of immensity, glowing with reddish light, reflecting the brightness of the sun, which in turn seemed to us a lamp greater than those of common use, until the radiant center of Our system and its companions spinning in the immensity, under conditions of opaque planets, appeared fireflies lost in the distance, in the apparent silence of the infinite. But the show at our side was seductive and dazzling.

We penetrated into a rosy atmosphere, full of light, but of soft clarity, which radiated itself by spreading sounds within the most harmonious of cadences that my ears heard in the conditions of my new life.
On our foreheads, we gazed upon a magnificent, bright sun almost flushed, lending to the environment in which we moved, the strangest shifting.

However, the novelty was not there. Then we realized that a greenish star glowed in the infinity of the heavens, blending its emerald-like clarity with the rosy tones, which shone on all things, and suddenly, while one of these stars was in the zenith and the other about to disappear In the horizons of this wonderful planet, another sun rose, yellow,
Orange ripened, tones the landscape as a new element. The daring conceptions of the earthly painters would fall short of the sublime realities we observed, relative to the effects of light, in this system of enchantment.

The solid element of the orb we trod, in one of the privileged worlds revolving around these three suns of diverse colors, was formed of substances that can not be described. But there, I observed, the existence of oceans and forests, gardens, minerals, animals and many other things that equate the objects and manifestations of life on Earth.

I have seen that the thinking beings of this marvelous orb, however, are far superior to men, and only look after high and divine works, whose essential vitality I can not translate into the still so imperfect earthly language, to reproduce that which is something inaccessible to the understanding Of men today.
There we studied, together with the friends who accompanied me, under the guidance of our mentor, many novelties concerning the study of light and its vibrations in the ether, the primordial base of all constructions and organizations of matter, in all worlds.

I must tell you, however, that the happy inhabitants of this world, illuminated by the three suns and where there are no words known at night, shadow or darkness, could see and understand us, but we can not penetrate their problems or elevation and In the superiority of their labors, because of our moral state. Only our Master could talk to them, but from what I have observed, I must add that they are creatures highly endowed with sensitivity and keen intelligence.
Great kindness radiates from your thoughts because we feel wonderfully well disposed as long as we have been in direct contact with your environment.

Their houses are characterized by an eminently interesting architecture. Almost all houses have towers as if they were needles, so high that they are and there, the light has applications that I myself could not understand, such the transcendentality of their works, that is, the activities, where their vibrations are employed.
I have, however, learned that the light of the stars, in their intrinsic substance, contains deep potentialities of an electric nature. Even on Earth, men will come to understand these things later when they can dissect and understand the solar spectrum. But it’s late. I have other things to do and I’ll be back soon. God bless you and grant your holy peace to each one.

Not a few are those who in death presume the unexpected meeting of an inexhaustible source of omniscience and believe in their intellectual inertia that spirits are supernatural creatures whose lucid zone has already reached the zenith of knowledge.
Such judgments are utterly false not only on their basis but on their structure, for they suppose that the incarnated spirit represents another individuality, conferring upon the flesh certain powers, which it is far from possessing in its situation of passive and malleable element. Matter, with its atomic complex, means nothing more than a temporary coating, a necessary condition for the tangibility of being.
However, it is only when organic lesions, within individual trials, create obstacles to the evolutionary outbreak of personality, does it have a natural zone of influence on the moral development of individuals.

For example, the crazy (not obsessive), the blind of birth, those who come from the cradle with serious slips of body order, similar spirits have to set them the circle of progress in the performance of the organism. But in the generality of men, matter is nothing more than the temporary garment, which the phenomenon of death causes us to exchange for another, different in its structural expressions, but always on the same basis of material order, according to the needs of the New plan where we will have to develop our activities. It is therefore natural that our environment is still largely characterized by the ideas and conceptions of the Earth.

Countless examining our descriptions of space, imbued with preconceived ideas, unable to criticize in the mood exemption.
However, this does not change our very special way of living here.
Natural laws are always the same. Order, in its divine expression, can not be modified. If the human nuclei entered the whirlwind of a universal conflagration and if all creatures lost their lives in their excesses, the sun would not cease to make its way in the immensity; The moon would continue with its changes, the polar currents would be the same, nature would continue to create under the merciful gaze of God and the stars among their reflections, would smile, from afar, to the silent and uninhabited Earth. It is useless, therefore, to revolt or to feel misunderstandings in the face of our presentations of the real life. Criticism does not destroy realities, no matter how judicious it may appear to us.

Our life here is the extension of human life. There are no voids in the Universe. All interplanetary zones are full of life in their manifold manifestations. A drop of water encloses an infinitesimal universe where a great microscopic humanity lives, works and throb.
If God remains unattainable to our present understanding, because we can not conceive it according to our individuality, the only index we possess to appreciate others, so too Life as a manifestation of its divinity is not yet understood by us, in all the intensity of Their multiformities.
Here, our activities unfold, the way of men, and in this second zone where I am and await a happy opportunity to reincarnate myself on Earth, only what I observe is that men are better perfected in their way of feeling, considering The hypothesis of wars and decimations of any works is totally eliminated. There are more impulses of fraternity in these nuclei of beings, where the human feelings in their generality are shaken.

Love, hope, sadness, faith, trust, character, sincerity, and other attributes of the human personality here are alive, throbbing. I have observed, however, that although free from the danger of fratricidal strife, there is a great movement of racial affinity among all, and it seems to me that the question of races there on earth is subordinated to a strong spiritual ascendant.
The Saxons, the Latins, the Arabs, the Orientals, the Africans, form here great phalanges, apart, and in different places from one another. In the nuclei of their activities they preserve the customs that characterized them and it is profoundly interesting to observe closely how these immense spiritual colonies differ from one another, even though they are bound by the holiest bonds of brotherhood and love.

Many of the members of these nuclei retain so deeply the way of thinking they possessed on the earth planet that there are few who are not reluctant to accept the spiritual hegemony of Jesus Christ as the guide and guide of the world we leave and to which we are still bound by strong Ties of an affective nature, according to the degree of progress we have already achieved.
It is common to notice, then, preachers of the Gospel of the Master everywhere, clarifying the consciences and illuminating the reasonings. Numerous colonies are still unaware of the message of the Good News, though they have their laws of charity, brotherhood, and love, as the earth possessed before the fulfillment of the prophecies that heralded the appearing of the Lord.

But there on all these spheres, speaking from hearsay according to the explanations I have received from the great masters of spirituality, a full sphere of the sun, of blessed clarity and indescribable beauty which emanates from the source that we call inspirational.
From its center comes all the high knowledge that compliments human laws and its rays are reflected by minds that are in direct correspondence with their greatness, in conceptions of goodness, tolerance, wisdom and love.
This explains why, long before Christ, there existed in India great thinkers, essentially evangelical in their doctrines, for Greece, Egypt, and the East already possessed the theories of solidarity and human fraternity. From this great sphere, the balance for all the spiritual currents between the Earth and the spheres that are concentric leaves to him.

It is in this way that I have seen many extravagances of customs here. For example, in the first sphere, more attached to the Earth and its illusions, we have many organizations in the way of the planet.
There are countless congregations of spirits who are dedicated to safeguarding their religious ideals on the earth. The Roman Church, for example, has organizations, convents, brotherhoods, who defend their faults and thus faction factions, you can understand the immensity of our struggle. In the colonies of ancient remnants of Africa I came to know strange customs, such as Strange ballets, to the sound of bizarre songs that gave me the impression of fandangos, so much the preference of the slaves in Brazil.

The established struggle is not small.
Our existence is the continuity of material life with all its characteristics.
From this comes our continual counsel to prepare you for a better life by acquiring virtues and knowledge. Just as I have visited other worlds and other environments, whose beauties constitute a sacred stimulus for my will to progress and learn, I have also witnessed many regrettable things, always opting for fraternal exhortation, so that you may know how to enjoy your time proficuously in the face of Orb that you currently inhabit.
I would like to tell you something about the manifestations of life on the surface of Mars, but we have to wait for the time to be at your side, and this is how I look at the advance of the hours. If God permits, I will speak next week of other teachings obtained by me in this distant Land. God give good night and bless you.

My friends, it is with the permission of our guides from the higher planes that I wish to continue tonight my narratives of Beyond Tomb. There is no presumption in us of solving scientific uncertainties, nor of derogating from the decrees of the Most High, who on this side deserve the most sublime of all venerations. I write these impressions only in order to comfort those who suffer, seeking the breadth of the hopes of those who understand us, so that they may await, with the goodness of God, the compensatory reward of life in other happier places where joy does not cease As on Earth, and peace is a permanent vibration of the thought of all creatures.

Here, I have learned that there are worlds of all species, diversified in their nature as the essence of the feelings of souls.
World of pain, of happiness, of learning, of struggle, of regeneration.
All those distant homelands, which your telescopes focus on, within the immense night, could not be empty and abandoned. One does not understand a built city, rich of monuments and works, without inhabitants and without life. The planets, which roll in infinity, constitute the universal family, par excellence. Each of them bears a humanity, sister of all others that vibrate in the immensity.

It is very selfishness of earthly man to assert himself as the only thinking creature of the Universe, even though the Earth is one of the darkest and most bitter plans for those who have ever experienced something of the immortal happiness which the evolution of feeling and reasoning can provide .
For souls lighted in love, the Earth is well the corner of exile and shadows.
However, you who study, taken from the beneficial disposition to know the spiritual life, in its most remote and multiple modalities, you must shelve in the heart the divine treasure of hope. If pains are now besetting you, you know that life is not limited to the petty sphere of the earth. Patrimony of creation and divinity of all things, it is the luminous vibration that extends through the infinite, within its greatness and its sublime mystery.


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