In the city where I live there are no spiritist centers, nor umbanda. I have a lot of facebook contacts of spiritists and umbandistas, but I have to confess that sometimes I feel a point of envy because they have direct contacts with spirits … A few years ago I was terrified just thinking of having contact with spirits … Today I envy Many mediums who have this gift.

About 12 kilometers from the city where I live has a Thai Buddhist center, where whenever possible, I visit them because I am very well received by the members.

Every day at 10 am there is a ceremony and around 11 o’clock we all eat together. The food is delicious but a bit different from the western kitchen. Once there were fried crickets. Even being rich in proteins, I did not want to experiment, choosing pork. Speaking thus, I confess that I am also a hypocrite. In a few words, dear readers, you have discovered two defects of mine. Maybe in the next reincarnations I will be free of them. But there are people I think have worse flaws than mine.

Today I will tell a story that happened to me.

Because I do not have a car, I always walk. For longer journeys, I use the bus or train.

As I took the bus to Klausdorf, I decided to sit in the middle of the bus, in the front seat. A young woman entered with a child of about 4 years. There was also a paralytic sitting in a wheelchair.

The child sang and I found it funny. Smile. I looked at the paralytic who should be between 40-50 years old and smile too.

Plunged into thoughts, I tried to imagine what he would have done in another reincarnation to have to be trapped in a wheelchair in this lifetime. According to the law of action and reaction, much of our disease has a cause.

After a few minutes he came in my direction with his wheel chair, looked into my eyes and babbled some words I could not understand. Not only was the man paralyzed, but he could barely speak. The words were very disconnected …

Three times I asked him to repeat: “It is tut mir Leid, ich verstehe sie nicht. Bitte wiederholen “.

I used to think he wanted money. With difficulty I could understand. By my modesty, I will not write your words here, which were an offense to any woman.

I replied, frowning.

The man returned to his place.

After a few stops, a small gentleman entered, who should have been around his 65 years. He had a rusk dog on the line.

The cripple put his hand to touch the dog, in what was reprimanded by the owner: “Take your hand away.”

Standing with the dog, the old man stood on the other side. The paralytic, who does not know good manners, came again to touch the dog. The owner put his hand on the idiot’s chest and told him to leave the dog alone.

A little cheeky, the alienated guy ignored the old man, pushing him. He pushed the cripple back and slapped the idiot’s face, and even as he sat in the chair, he began to tiptoe the other. It was a bad fight. I, from my seat, ordered them to stop. The driver stopped the bus and managed to end the confusion, ordering the old man to sit on the third part of the bus, away from the man in the wheelchair.

After three stations, it was finally time for me to get off the bus.

On the way to the temple an inner voice spoke to me: “For this reason he was placed in this wheelchair. To protect society from its aggressions. ”

Of course each case has a different case. It does not mean that all the cripples were violent in the past.

We are free to plant whatever we want. We can plant thorns or daisy. They are our daily choices.

But we reap what we sow … If God is righteous, every cause is also just. It has nothing to do with sin.
Sin, in my conception, does not exist, but acts that generate a return. So we walk, going through various reincarnations until we reach perfection.
Thanks for reading and have a nice, peaceful weekend!
Photo: Theodora, Tiger Temple Angle Plön

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