Camille Flammarion: Telepathy I

Telepathy is nothing more than sending and receiving messages or feelings.
In this case we can say that it is simply the communication of the soul.
There’s a very interesting documentary on John Nash. In an interview, the deceased Donald Newman admits to conversing with him at the level of the dream, which according to Spiritism is when the soul is released from the body envelope, being held by a silver cord.

(Interview with the Mathematician Donald Newman. Between 11-12 Min.)

In the book below, our dear and most illustrious Camille Flammarion claims that telepathy is transmitted from brain to brain. It may be, but I myself had an experience in which leads me to believe to be a communication of the spirit or perispirito, without need of our dense material.

One of the times I left my physical wrap while sleeping, I was able to capture the thoughts of a friend who was trying to communicate with me. When I wake up, I immediately called this friend, who repeated exactly what I had caught during the out-of-body experience.

Another important fact is that when we die, we do not need our lips to communicate. Everything happens through thought. Buddha already knew this about 500 years ago when he said, “You are what you think”.

Jesus also said to his disciples in Matthew 17, “Because your faith is small, and I assure you, if you have faith as big as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Go from here to there, And he will. Nothing will be impossible to you. “

Our thinking creates, that is, it plasters into the etheric world all ideas, all feelings. In this way it is possible for the disincarnated beings to “see” our thoughts as if they were watching a movie.
It is through the thoughts, the attunements that we also attract spirits to our side. If we have healthy thoughts, good spirits will be attracted, but if we have thoughts of hatred or if we are selfish, we will attract those who are more perfect with the transmitted attunement. Like radio waves emitting different frequencies, so are our thoughts.


The book “Death and its mysteries” page 93

Domdidier, April 18, 1918.

(Letter 3,482.)
The first of these three cases is not very rare, and is one of those that invite us to consider brain-to-brain transmission as an ethereal wave. The second leads to the same conclusion. The third shows us an operating suggestion, despite a subterfuge. The transmission of thought is evident, especially in the experience of the clock to which the doctor varies pointers. That one meets often enough, apparently by chance, a person in whom one thinks, is a fact known to all people. Examples are everywhere. Among others, Dr. Foissac mentions (39) some of these coincidences that particularly surprised him.
They are not rare, although little analyzed until today. They prove psychic radiations.
Telepathic hearing and hearing are more characteristic.

Among the numerous observations that have been communicated to me, I shall cite the following, on the facts of a clairvoyance of an accident – which had no serious consequences personally experienced by Mrs. Barthés, widow of Dr. Barthés, of Ivry (letter No. 4,075, dated 12 February 1919). The fact was passed in 1874, in România: The doctor had left on horseback for his service, and his wife had spent the afternoon at the home of friendly people. Suddenly, during any conversation, she saw her husband fall from his horse on the road, and uttered a cry of dread. They laughed at her, of course. But when the doctor returned at night, his wife, still under the influence of the vision, asked him, to the astonishment of the knight, if he was injured. He took her, after a very rude climb, put the horse in step, and put the reins in the arm, to make a cigarette. Suddenly the animal stumbled, falling on its knees, and threw it to the ground, where it hurt itself on the face, the shoulder and the arm.
The doctor, along with telepathy, was not surprised by the sight.

I will tell you another sensation of the same nature.
Lombroso published the following letter addressed to him by his university colleague, the teacher of Sânctis. I was in Rome, without my family, who had stayed in the country. Since the house had been sacked the previous year, my brother was going to bed. One afternoon he told me he was going to the Teatro Costanzi. I was alone, and as I began to read, I was suddenly filled with dread. I tried to react and began undressing, but I continued to be tormented by the idea that my brother was in danger, with a fire in the theater. I extinguished the light and, more and more distressed, rekindled it against my customs, ready to wait, awake, the return of my brother. He was terrified as a child. Half an hour after midnight, I heard the door open, and imagine my surprise when my brother told me the panic produced by a fire that had coincided exactly with the time of my restlessness!

A case of very remarkable transmission of thought is what I was told by Dr. Quintard at the Angers Medical Society (40).
A child of less than seven years, Ludovico, was endowed for the calculation, a faculty analogous to that of the celebrated Inaudi (41). The father of the little boy came to observe: 1 – that he paid little attention to the problems presented to him; 2 – that the presence of the mother was an express condition for the success of the experience. She should always have under her eyes or in thought the solution requested.
Dai, he deduced that his son did not calculate, but that he guessed, or rather that his mother was transmitting his thoughts to him, than he wanted to be sure. To do so, he asked his wife to open a dictionary and ask the boy which page she was looking at, which he quickly replied: it is page 456, which was accurate. It restarted ten times and ten times it obtained an identical result.
A phrase written in its extension, as soon as repeated by the child, in a notebook, whatever it was under the maternal eyes, was even when questioned by a stranger.

All of these observations help us to demonstrate spirit-to-spirit communications. A vision, a dream, a distance, and a formal hearing were reported to me by one of my correspondents, Mr. Maurício Rollinet, informed by Mr. Doutahta, parish priest of Domdidier, Canton of Friborg, Switzerland. There it is, somewhat summarized (42).
It was mid-November 1859. He was then 18 years old. I lay down and fell asleep.
How long had I cradled myself in Morpheus’s arms? I do not know. Suddenly a strange sight came to my mind.
I saw the sad face of my old and dear father, coming from the father’s house to me.

This house was fifteen miles from the city that lived near Freiburg: “I come to tell you, my dear Joseph, with immense distress that your poor sister Josefina is dying in Paris.
Awakened by this vision, he said to me: Pray! It is a dream! And I fell asleep again.
But the same vision is still present to me, as before, with the same pitiful appearance and the words: My dear Joseph, etc .; But your mother does not yet know the sad news.
This time, I thought, jumping out of bed, it was not a dream; And, under the painful impression of painful reality, I dressed and consulted my watch: it was half an hour after midnight.
The next day I went to high school. Needing some objects that were in my room, I approached the house, guarded by an elderly porter. The good old man came to me with a package in his hand, telling me. “A gentleman who has come from your country has asked me to give you this, with the greatest urgency, from your father.”

I opened the package, in which I found a letter from my father, written in haste, that said: “Dear Joseph.” And with great disgust I say to you: Your poor sister is on the verge of death in Paris. Your mother does not know the sad news. “The telegram arrived at 10 o’clock in the evening, and I thought it best not to warn your mother for the time being.It is now 11 o’clock.After midnight, our deputy will go to the Great Council. My letter to the package that your dear mother has prepared for this occasion. Seek to join you, without fail, tomorrow night … At my age, I can not fulfill this painful duty.
Will you take my place? …
This narration is accompanied by the following certificate, signed by the
Narrator: “The undersigned states in his conscience that the narrative is perfectly accurate and that it keeps a precise remembrance of this event, as if it were yesterday.




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