Wealth and misery in the world

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.”

Jimi Hendrix

Today I had the visit of a client that I have been treating for 3 weeks. She was bitten by a tick a few years ago. Since then she has felt many pains in her right arm.
When I started the treatment, I picked some herbs and made a dye for it to pass on the arm.
She brought me lots of flowers from her hotel garden. Among them are scented roses and daisies.
We always have pleasant conversations, until the time when the subject is asylum.
Today I heard from her about the Africans. She said that the intelligence of that people is lower than that of a European. I started to feel a little uncomfortable, because I did not want to get into a speech …
After all, despite having white skin, in my heart I’m a black woman. When I was little, my dream was to have a dark doll. I never won, because at the time there was great inflation in Brazil and my parents were poor.
I tried to explain that the same soul can be born as an African, a European, an American and then as Muslims.
But she did not understand. Maybe because she still has the thinking fixed on matter. For when we think of ourselves as immortal, we change our way of seeing the world very much.
Interesting that an hour before, I met an old acquaintance who came from Africa a few years ago. We studied nursing together. He has passed the test and works as a nurse to this day. I gave up the course, I decided to specialize in Ayurveda.
The reason why the mixture of Africans and Europeans, according to Kardecian philosophy and codification, is found in the “Law of Progress” part, being one of ten moral laws: “” While all living beings progress morally, progress Materially the worlds in which they inhabit. Whoever could accompany a world in its different phases, from the moment the first atoms were destined to be constituted and constituted, would see it go through an incessantly progressive scale, but of imperceptible steps for each generation, and to offer the Their inhabitants an ever more pleasant abode, as they themselves advance on the path of progress. Thus the progress of man, that of animals, their auxiliaries, that of the plants and the habitation, is progressing in parallel, for nothing in Nature remains stationary. “
Book: The reason of Life Part III
Author: Leon Denis         Year: 1927

Since the purpose of life is the intellectual and moral perfection of being, what conditions, what means would best co-operate with it? Man can work in its perfection in all conditions, in all social circles, yet it would far out much more easily under certain definite conditions.
Wealth provides man with powerful means of study;
To give his spirit a more developed and more perfect culture, he places in his hands greater facilities to relieve his unhappy brethren, by participating through public utility foundations, in order to improve his destinies. But it is rare for those who consider it a duty to work in the relief of misery, in the instruction and improvement of their fellow men.
Wealth often dries up the human heart, extinguishes this flame
Interior, this love for progress and the social improvements that animates every soul
Generates a barrier between the powerful and the humble, leads to living in a
Means where the disinherited ones of this world are not reached and where, consequently,
Their needs and evils remain almost always ignored and unknown.
Misery also has its dreadful dangers: the degradation of characters, despair, suicide. But while wealth makes us indifferent and selfish, poverty, in approaching the humble, makes us share the pain. You must have suffered on your own to appreciate the sufferings of the other. While the powerful, in the bosom of the honored ones, envy and seek to rival in brilliance, the little ones, approached by necessity, sometimes live in touching fraternization.
Look at the birds of our region during the winter months, when the sky is dark, when the earth is covered with a white blanket of snow, tight against each other, on the edge of a roof, warm each other in silence. Necessity unites them. But the beautiful days come, the sun resplendent, the abundant supply, and they chirp, persecute, fight, tear.
Such is the man. Sweet, affectionate with his peers on the days of sorrow. But the possession of material goods makes him, very often, forgotten and hard. A modest condition is best suited to the spirit desirous of progressing, of acquiring the
Virtues necessary for his moral ascension. Away from the whirlwind of pleasures
Deceivers, will better assess life. He will demand of matter what is necessary for the preservation of his organism, but he will avoid falling into pernicious habits, becoming prey to the innumerable fictitious needs which are the scourges of mankind. He will be sober and industrious, contented with little, attaching above all to the pleasures of intelligence and the jewels of the heart.

Thus, fortified against the assaults of matter, the sage, under the pure light of the
Reason, his fate will be seen to shine forth. Clarified about the purpose of life and the reason for things, he will stand firm, resigned to the pain;
To serve it to its purification, to its advance. He will face the test with courage, understanding to be salutary, which is the shock that will tear our souls, and that it is only through this laceration that the gall that is in us can be shed. If men laugh at him, if he is a victim of injustice and intrigue, he will learn to patiently endure his ills by directing his thoughts to our older brothers: Socrates drinking hemlock, Jesus on the cross, Joanna at the stake. He will console himself in the thought that the greatest, the most virtuous, the most worthy, suffered and died for humanity.
And when, finally, after a well-completed existence, the solemn hour will come, it will be calm, without regret, that will welcome death, death, which men envelop with a sinister apparatus, death, amazement of the powerful and the sensual, and Which, for the austere thinker, is nothing more than liberation, the hour of transformation, the door that opens to the luminous empire of Spirits.
This threshold of supra-terrestrial regions will flank it with serenity. His conscience, detached from material shadows, will clothe himself before him as a judge, representative of God, asking, “What did you do with life?”
And he will answer, “I have fought, suffered, loved, taught good, truth, righteousness: I have given to my brethren the example of righteousness, of sweetness: I have succored those who suffer, comforted those who mourn. And now, that the Eternal judge me, behold I am here in His hands! “


Man, my brother, have faith in your destiny because it is great. You were born with innate faculties, endless aspirations, and eternity is given to you to develop one and satisfy others. To grow life to life, to be clear by study, to purify oneself by pain, to acquire an ever greater science, to acquire ever more noble qualities, that is what is reserved for it. God has done more for you. He gave the means to collaborate in His work, to participate in the law of progress without limits, to open new paths to his fellow men, to raise his brethren, drawing them to you, initiating them in the splendours of the true and the beautiful, to the sublime harmonies of the universe. Is not this creating, transforming souls and worlds? And that immense work, fertile in characters, is not preferable to a warm and barren home? Collaborate with God! To accomplish in everything and for all good and justice! Who can be greater, more dignified to his immortal spirit!
Then raise your gaze and embrace the vast prospects of your future. Put in this spectacle the energy necessary to confront the winds and storms of the world.
Marche, brave, fighter, climb the ramp leading to the summits we call virtue, duty, sacrifice. Do not stop on your way to picking florets or bush to play with golden pebbles. Forward, forward!
Do you see in the splendid skies these flickering stars, these innumerable suns dragging, in their prodigious evolutions, brilliant processions of planets? How many accumulated centuries were not needed to form them!
How many centuries will it take to dissolve them! Good! A day will come when
All these fires will be extinct, where these gigantic worlds will fade away
To give way to new globes, to other families of emerging stars from the depths. Nothing of what you see today will exist more.

The wind of the spaces will forever have swept the dust, these worlds used, but you, you will always live, pursuing your eternal march in the bosom of
An incessantly renewed creation. What then shall the shadows and the care of the present be for your purified soul, magnified? Ephemeral accidents of our
Will leave, in the depths of our memory, more than sad or sweet memories. Faced with the infinite horizons of immortality, the evils of the present, the trials suffered, will be like a fugitive cloud in the middle of a serene sky.
Then measure the things of the earth in its true value. Do not disdain them, no doubt, because they are necessary to progress, and your mission is to contribute to your improvement by perfecting yourself, but do not bind your soul exclusively in this, first of all, seek the teachings that you bring. For them, you will understand that the goals of life are not joys or happiness but, above all, a form of work, study and fulfillment of duty, the development of the soul, the personality you will recognize beyond the grave , Just as you have been carving it out yourself in the course of your earthly existence.



The solution we have just given to the problems of life is based on the most rigorous logic. It is in accord with the convictions of the great geniuses of antiquity, with the teachings of Socrates, Plato, Origen, and the Druids, whose profound visions, now reconstituted by history, have confused the human spirit twenty centuries ago.
It forms the basis of the philosophies of the East. It has inspired sublime deeds and works, and our fathers, the Gauls, have taken from it their indomitable courage, their contempt for death.
In modern times it has been professed by Jean Reynaud, Henri Martin, Esquirros, Pierre Leroux, Victor Hugo, etc.
Nevertheless, in spite of its absolutely rational character, in spite of the authority of the traditions upon which they rest, these conceptions would be qualified as pure hypotheses and relegated to the realm of the imagination, if we could not establish them on an unbreakable basis, on direct and sensible experiences, at the disposal of all.
Fatigued by theories and systems, the human spirit, in the face of every new affirmation, today calls for evidence. These proofs of the existence of the soul, of his immortality, experimental spiritualism brings us, material, evident. It is only necessary to observe them coldly and seriously, to persevere in studying psychic phenomena, to convince themselves of their reality and their importance, and to feel the vast consequences they will have, from the point of view of social transformations, for bringing a positive Support for moral laws and the ideal of justice, without which no civilization could grow.

The souls of the dead are revealed to humans. They manifest their presence, they talk with us, they initiate us in the mysteries of reincarnations, in the splendors of that future that will be ours.
This is a real fact, very little known and very often answered. The Spiritist experiences have been met with sarcasm and everyone who has dealt with them from the beginning has been scruffy, ridiculed, considered foolish.
Such has been at all times the fate of new ideas, the welcome reserved for the great discoveries. The use of rotating tables is considered trivial, but the greatest laws of the universe, the most powerful forces of nature, do not were revealed in a more imposing way. Is it not thanks to experiments with frogs that electricity has been discovered? The fall of an apple demonstrated universal attraction, and the boiling of a kettle, the action of steam. As for being labeled crazy, the Spiritists share in this point the fate of Solomon
Causes 2, Harvey 3, Galvani 4 and so many other men of genius.
It is noteworthy that: most of those who passionately criticize these phenomena have neither observed nor studied them, or have done so superficially, or among the number of those who know them and affirm their existence, are the greatest sages of the time. These include Sir William Crookes, a member of the Royal Society of London, an eminent physicist who owes the discovery of radiant matter, Russel Wallace, Darwin’s adversary, Warley, chief engineer of the telegraphs, F. Myers, president Of the Society for Psychical Research, O. Lodge, Rector of the University of Birmingham, in America, Jurist Edmonds, President of the Senate, Professor Mappes of the National Academy, Germany astronomer Zoellner, Camille Flammarion in France, Doctor Peul Gibier, student of Pasteur, Vacquerie, Eugène Nus, C. Fauvety, Colonel de Rochas, Professor Charles Richet, member of the Institute, Dr. Maxwell, attorney general of the Bordeaux Court of Appeal.

In Italy the celebrated professor Lombroso, who after having long disputed the possibility of the spiritist facts, studied them and then publicly acknowledged the reality. How much has been said about which side would be guaranteed to have carried out a serious examination and a mature reflection! Galileo, to those who denied the Earth’s movement responded “And it moves! ” Crookes this pronounces thus in the matter of the spiritist facts: “I did not say that this could be, it said that it is”. Truth, at the beginning qualified as utopia, always prevails.
We note, however, that the attitude of the press regarding these phenomena is appreciably modified. He does not jest and ridicule more, but there is something serious about him. The great newspapers of Paris, FIGARO, MATIN, ECLAIR, JOURNAL, PETIT PARISIEN, etc., often publish serious articles on these subjects. The doctrine of experimental spiritualism expands in the world with prodigious rapidity. In the United States, its adherents count for millions, in Western Europe it is beginning and even in the most distant means, research societies are founded, numerous publications appear. A metaphysical institute was founded in Paris, with the assistance of the State, for the experimental study of these facts.
The contest of particularly gifted individuals is indispensable for the attainment of psychic phenomena. Spirits can not act upon material bodies, impressing our senses, without a supply of animal fluids borrowing from individuals called mediums. The whole world has rudiments of mediumship, which can be developed by work and exercise.

The soul, in its existence beyond the grave, is not devoid of form.
It has a fluidic body, of vaporous matter, quintessenciada, called perispirit, which pre-exists and survives the material body, of which it is at the same time the matrix, the model and the motor. This perispirit or fluid body has a whole subtle organism, and it is by its action, combined with the vital fluid of the mediums, that the Spirit manifests itself to men, making them hear blows, displacing objects, corresponding by agreed signals. In certain cases, it may even become visible, tangible, to produce direct writing, messages, and even impressions and moldings of your materialized envelope.
All these facts have been observed thousands of times by the sages designated for this purpose and by people of every class, of all ages and of all countries.
They experimentally prove the existence around us of an invisible world, populated by souls who left Earth, among whom are those we had known and loved, and whom we will one day join. It is they who teach us the consoling and grandiose philosophy from which we outline the essential traits above.
And it should be noted that these manifestations, considered by so many men – under the rule of narrow prejudices – as strange, abnormal, impossible, have always existed. Constant relationships have united the world of Spirits to the world of the living. History proves it. The apparition of Samuel to Saul, the family genius of Socrates, those of Tasse and Jérôme Cardan, the voices of Joan of Arc and many other similar facts, come from the same causes.
Only, they were once considered as supernatural and miraculous, presenting themselves today with a rational character, as a set of facts governed by strict laws, whose study gives rise to us a deep, enlightened conviction.

The invisible world is in reality only the extension of the visible world. In addition to the limits drawn by our senses, there are forms of matter and life from which science increasingly admits the possibility, after the discovery of radiant matter, the application of X-rays, Hertz’s works on wireless telegraphy, Of Lockyer on the nebulae, those of Becquerel, Curie, and Lebon on the radioactivity of bodies, opened up a whole unknown domain of nature.
The Spiritist facts, as one sees, far from being despicable, constitute one of the greatest intellectual and moral revolutions that has been produced in the history of the globe.
They are the most serious argument that can oppose materialism. The certainty of living on the other side of the grave, in the fullness of our faculties and our conscience, makes us lose the fear of death.
The knowledge of the happy or painful situations, lived by the Spirits by their good or bad actions, has a powerful moral action. The prospect of infinite progress, of intellectual conquests, which await all beings and leads them to common destinies, can, by itself, bring men closer together, uniting them by fraternal bonds. The doctrine of experimental Spiritism is the only positive philosophy that meets all the moral needs of mankind.

In short, the principles that flow from Spiritism, principles taught by the disembodied spirits – in a much better position than we are to discern the truth – are the following:
Existence of God, directing intelligence, living law, soul of the universe, supreme unity to which they are destined and harmonize all relationships, immense focus of the perfections from which they radiate and expand to the infinite all the moral powers:
Justice, Wisdom and Love!

Immortality of the soul, the spiritual essence that encloses, in the germ state, all
Faculties, all powers, which is destined to develop them by their work, incarnating on material worlds, rising by successive and innumerable existences, from step to step, to perfection.
Communication of the living and the dead; the reciprocal action of some over the
Others: permanence of the relations between the two worlds, solidarity of all beings, identical in origin and ends, different only by their transient situation: some in the state of Spirit, free in space, the others, encased in a perishable envelope , But passing alternately from one state to the other, death being but a transitional period between two terrestrial existences.
Infinite progress, eternal justice, moral sanction, the soul, having freedom in its acts is responsible, creates for itself its future, according to its normal state, the coarse or subtle fluids that compose the perispirit, and which have been attracted to her by Its habits and tendencies, these fluids, subject to the universal law of attraction and gravity, draw it to the lower globes, to the worlds of pain, where it suffers, expiates, rescues the past, or where matter has less supremacy, Where harmony and happiness reign. The soul, in its superior and perfect life, collaborates with God, shapes the worlds, directs its evolutions, watches over the progress of the humanities, the fulfillment of the eternal laws.
Such are the teachings that experimental Spiritism brings us. They are none other than those of primitive Christianity, detached from the forms of material worship,
Deprived of dogmas, of false interpretations, of errors, under which man has hidden, unrecognizable, the philosophy of Christ.
The new doctrine, revealing the existence of an invisible spiritual world, as real and alive as ours, opens horizons to human thought before which still hesitates, interdicted, obfuscated. But the relationships that this revelation facilitates between the dead and us, the consolations, the encouragement that comes from it, the certainty of finding all those whom we believed lost forever, of receiving from them the supreme teachings, all these constitute a set of forces, of Moral resources that man could not ignore or disdain without danger to him.
However, despite the high value of this doctrine, the man of this century, deeply skeptical, blunted by his prejudices, would hardly have made sense if facts had not come to support it. To achieve the human spirit, superficial, indifferent, material, noisy manifestations were necessary. That is why, in 1850 and by various means, furniture of all forms swayed, walls were sounding blows, heavy bodies moved contrary to the known physical laws, but after this first rough phase, the spiritist phenomena have become increasingly More intelligent.
The psychic facts (from the Greek psickè, soul) succeeded to physical manifestations, mediums, writers, orators, sleepwalkers, healers, revealed themselves, receiving, mechanically or intuitively, inspirations whose cause was outside them, visible and tangible apparitions were produced, And the existence of the Spirits became indisputable to all observers who were no more fascinated by the choice made.
Thus appeared to mankind the new belief, supported on one side
On the traditions of the past, on the universality of principles at the source of all religions and of most philosophies, on innumerable psychological testimonies, on facts observed in every country by men of all conditions.
A remarkable thing, this science, this new philosophy, simple and accessible to all, free from every apparatus or form of worship, this science arrives at the hour when customs corrupt, social ties relax, where the old world errs at Drift, without brake, without ideal, without moral law, like a private ship of government floating in the air.
Every man who observes and reflects can not conceal that modern society is in a threatening crisis. A deep decomposition to it corrodes deafly. The hatred that divides classes, the lure of profit, the desire for joys, is becoming more and more rude, more ardent. You want to own at all costs.

All means are good to acquire the well-being, the fortune, the only objective that is considered worthy of life. Such aspirations can produce only two consequences: the merciless selfishness among the happy, despair and revolt among the unfortunate. The situation of the small, the humble is painful, and very often, plunged into a moral night where no consolation illuminates, are led to seek in suicide the end of their evils.
The spectacle of social inequalities, the sufferings of some, as opposed to the apparent joys and the indifference of others, stir among the disinherited ardent greed. Hence the claim of material goods is accentuated. It is enough that the inferior masses rise, and the world will be close to being shaken by atrocious convulsions.
Science is powerless to conjure evil, to recover characters, to heal wounds from life’s struggles. Actually, in our time, there are almost only sciences specialized in certain aspects of nature, gathering facts, bringing to the human spirit a sum of knowledge that is proper to it. This is how the physical sciences became prodigiously enriched after half a century, but these sparse constructions lack the bond of union and harmony. The science par excellence, that which from the series of facts goes back to the cause that produced them, which must reconnect, unite these various sciences in a great and magnificent synthesis, giving rise to a general conception of life, fixing our destinies, highlighting a moral law, A foundation of social improvement, this universal, indispensable science does not yet exist.
If religions agonize, if vigilant faith died, if science is powerless to provide man with the necessary ideal, to regulate his march and to improve societies, will we all be without hope?
No, because a doctrine of peace, fraternity and progress rises above the troubled world, coming to appease the savage hates, calming the passions, teaching everyone solidarity, forgiveness and goodness.
It offers to science this synthesis, awaited, without which everything would remain forever sterile. He triumphs over death, and for the sake of this life of trials and evils opens the radiant prospects of boundless progress in immortality.
He says to all: “Come to me, I will warm you, comfort you, make your lives sweeter, your courage and patience easier, the tests more bearable.
I will enlighten your dark and tortuous paths with powerful reason. To those who suffer, I will give hope: to those who seek, I will give birth, to those who doubt and despair, I will give assurance and faith. ”
He also says: “Be brothers, help each other, help yourselves in your collective march.
Your goals are beyond this material and transitory life, it will be in this spiritual future that you will come together as members of a single family, from your concerns, needs and innumerable evils. Then merit him for your efforts and your labors! ”
Humanity will rise great and strong on the day when this doctrine, an infinite source of consolations, is understood and accepted. On that day, envy and anger will be extinguished in the hearts of the little ones, the powerful, realizing that he has been weak, and that he can redeem himself, that his wealth is only a loan from above,
Mankind will become more charitable and sweeter with his unhappy brethren. Science, completed, fertilized by the new philosophy, will see superstition and darkness fall before it. No more atheists and skeptics. A simple, great, fraternal faith will spread over the nations, making their resentments and their deep rivalries cease. The Earth, free from the scourges that devour it, will continue its moral ascent, will rise a step in the scale of the worlds.
About the Author Leon Denis:leon denis
He was, alongside Camille Flammarion and Gabriel Delanne, one of the main expressions of the Spiritist Doctrine, after the disincarnation of the coder Allan Kardec, defending and spreading Spiritism.
He was born in Foug, Tours, France, on January 1, 1846 and since his youth has embraced THE BOOK OF SPIRITS.
He was nicknamed “Spiritist Apostle” for his great contribution, whether in the clash with the detractors of the Doctrine, or in the lectures, or by the literary works he left – whose style is rationalism, depth and cognition.
The philosopher Denis, once in his time, was reputed to be of exuberant wisdom and docility.
He suffered a process of progressive blindness, aggravated after 1910, without ceasing to work for the Spiritist cause, including writing – under the language of Braille.
He disembodied in the native land, on March 12, 1927, spelling his name in the gallery of the greatest thinkers of Spiritism and leaving great works, such as: CHRISTIANITY AND SPIRITISM, AFTER DEATH, IN INVISIBLE, THE GREAT ENIGMA, THE PROBLEM OF BEING, OF DESTINY AND PAIN, and SOCIALISM AND SPIRITISM.

Photo: http://www.pixabay.com

Leon Denis pic: http://www.cetj.org.br/leon-denis/

Source: http://bvespirita.com/O%20Porque%20da%20Vida%20(Leon%20Denis).pdf


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