Physical and mental pain

“The modern world brings the positive and negative consequences.
The positive is that the distance of time and space were very short if we compare 100 years ago. Today we talk live with a person on the other side of the world, and we still see her through our computer monitor.
The Internet, especially the social networks, interconnect people.
This is the positive side, as I see it.
The down side is that many people live by appearances. The important thing is to show to see how many likes we receive in our profile or daily things.
The interesting thing is that if you put a message, the person enjoyed it, without even having read what was written.
Also, we can notice that all people seem happy. In the world of Facebook, for example, nobody gets sick, no one suffers from depression, no one feels pain.
Is that so? Is this the reality we live in?
How long will we endure a hypocritical society in which we are the main actors?”

Author: Adésio Alves Machado

To believe that one can escape from pain, to free oneself from pain, to forget one’s pain is a manifestation that is technically understood in the life of the great majority of humanity. Because it is an attitude that is too simplistic, accommodative and does not offer a solution to the great problem that marks the human being
Praying, many of the prevailing religions in Christianity would find the release of the stormy waters of suffering. In prayer the pure and simple liberation of the tumultuous pain would be found, as if Divine Providence had the role of accumulating solicitations to immediately attend to them indiscriminately, far from analyzing the deep question of merit and demerit.
There are also those linked to materialistic or scientific currents, whose character is hindered by unbelief in immortal life, and thus, they deem themselves qualified to annul the guilty past and strong enough to free the offenders, sparing them from responding to the crimes Against the Perfect Law.
For these, pleasure is sought eagerly, but they nevertheless manage to satisfy the thirst for joy, and then flee to the slippery mazes of maddening drugs, seeking through them the exaltation of the happiness which they deem worthy to enjoy.
However, the pain continues unperturbed, she who is the servant of the soul, shaking and awakening the minds, in the eagerness to realize that which is divine – the maintenance of the balance of the Law.

It emerges here and there, with a thousand appearances, but always shown in an identity that many dare to listen to it and seek to understand it.
In order to face it, stoicism emerged in ancient times, having as its basic point of support contempt for earthly goods, which, together with the worship of virtues, would promote the balance of man, valorizing him and empowering him to overcome pain, for In this way, could face it with nobility and faith.
Socrates was an example of Stoicism, when imprisoned after vile trial, advocated, even from prison, the cultivation of morality and virtue as the only means to transpose the aculeus of pain.
Poor Francis of Assisi experienced mockery, a thousand humiliations, but he kept the pulsating force of love in his acts and words exercising the Christian virtues, never ceasing to bless the pain.
The Voices imprisoned Joan of Arc, and she, stimulated by the Venerable spiritual friends, who never ceased to lead her patiently, endured the pain of the prison, the reproach and after the infamous judgment, was yet another to die burned, but calling for JESUS , Believing in Him, thereby overcoming pain.
Joanna de Ângelis asserts that pain is a ransom currency, an exercise for
Fixation of the good and high divine grant.
To live a man absent from pain would ignore peace, would not take into account the necessity of joy and curse health, thus losing the inestimable opportunity to exercise lessons so that good made that final abode on his mental screen.

Let’s be where we are, in the wheelchair; In moral torments; In the limitations of the objectives; In family, social and labor relations; In the face of the pain in the body, in the mind and in the soul, where it burns the embers of pain, let us endeavor to thank God for the opportunity to relearn and repair.

Let us never cease to consider that, as pain burns us, thousands upon millions of brothers and sisters in humanity throw themselves unhindered by the narrow paths of irresponsibility, driven by the folly of insatiable joy. Let us calm down, even if the pain is tearing us apart.
The Unconditional Friend of all hours, JESUS, chose the pain as the companion of his earthly days and took advantage of it, through it, to leave us a precious teaching, without ever resorting to verbalism or rhetoric, showing that one can be happy in all Moments, never ceasing to exalt love and kindness as a script of enlightenment.
With a particular sky full of dark clouds, carrying worries, in the face of ulterior anxieties, we lift our heads and turn our hands on wings of love and peace and with them, through the work in good, we praise the Lord of Life, So one day we will fly to the regions of full liberation after we have redeemed our debts in divine accounting. Let us, therefore, receive the pain with joy, with love and never discolour or enter into a frenzy.


Support Joanna de Ângelis – book “Dimensions of Truth”, psychography by Divaldo Pereira Franco. (Article originally published in the Pernambuco Spiritist Journal – May 1999)





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