Helmut Kohler´s last wish

Helmut Kohler, (1930-2017) a German politician who united Germany on October 3 had a turbulent family life that left sequels to the next generation. A very sad story. This only proves that material goods are often obstacles to our reincarnation. This is why Jesus warned many times about the danger of riches.

More than 15 years ago the wife of former Chancellor Mr. Kohler, Mrs. Hannelore Kohl took her own life.
Her eldest son Walter recently began to accuse the current German chancellor, Mrs. Angela Merkelde of having a significant part of her mother’s death.

The indictment concerns the party’s funding scandal in 1999. At that time Angela Merkel was Secretary-General of the CDU. Merkel, even knowing that the wife of her former friend and protector, Mrs. Hannelore Kohl was ill, did not want to reveal the party’s rubbish, turning her back on Prime Minister Helmut Kohl.

This act left the Kohl family very embarrassed and extremely unhappy. Soon after, the wife had a severe allergy to the light. Disgusted and felt betrayed by her friend for many years, she ended her life in 2001, committing suicide.

The mother was what kept the family together. After his suicide the rock collapsed. The father was not even able to report the children of the incident, thus asking his office staff to report his mother’s death. Later, his youngest son, Peter, said that on that day he was completely unable to act. He was probably in shock, which is normal when we hear the death of someone we love.

Four years after Hannelore Helmut’s death, Kohl began a new relationship with Maike Richter, 34 years younger than him.

However, it appears that the children were against the couple’s relationship. When Helmut Kohl and Maike Richter finally decide to marry in 2008, neither Walter nor Peter were invited to the wedding. Both children received only a telegram with the following saying: “On 8 May we were married in Heidelberg, we are very happy Maike Richter and Helmut Kohl …”.

After a fall from the stairs in his house, the former chancellor, needed special care. To keep the family secret, his wife began to be attacked in public by the family, especially by the children who made no secret of their antipathy to Maike Richter, accusing her of controlling and alienating the father his grandchildren.

One of his son, Peter Kohl relates that he visited his father for the last time in May 2011. He was accompanied by his daughter. When he saw her, his face brightened with joy at the sight of his granddaughter. But then he asked to leave, otherwise the young wife would be furious.

Everything indicates that after the marriage, the former chancellor turned away from society and close friends.

After the death of his father, the second son Walter Kohl was to say goodbye to his father, accompanied with his son. However, their presence in the house was not allowed.

According to the widow, the husband did not want to be honored or buried on German soil. He also did not want Angela Merkel to give a speech.
However, his last wish was not fulfilled. This was a very cruel act, because the soul was immortal and often present at the funeral itself.
This is why he must be furious and it may even be that he begins to obsess those people who did not fulfill his last desire.
In my point of view, a great lack of respect!

To know what happens after death, here a text translated from a Brazilian spiritist site:

The liberation of the soul and the body operates gradually and with varying slowness according to the individuals and circumstances of death. The bonds that unite the soul to the body do not break until little by little, and so much less quickly as life was more material and sensual. (The Book of Spirits, no. 155)

____ At the time of death, first_very_confused; The soul needs some time to recognize itself, because it is half-stunned, and in the state of a man coming out of deep sleep and seeking to learn of his situation. The lucidity of ideas and the memory of the past come back to him as the influence of the matter from which he has just been dissolved is dissolved, and the kind of mist that obscures his thoughts dissipates.

____The duration of the disturbance that follows death is very variable; Can be a few hours only, as several days, several months and even several years. It is less long in those who, during life, have identified with their future state, because they immediately understand their situation; Is as much longer as man has lived more materially.

____The sensations that the soul experiences at this moment are also very variable;

The disturbance that follows death has nothing to do with the man of good; She is calm and in all things similar to the sensation that accompanies a peaceful awakening.
For one whose conscience is not pure and who is more attached to the bodily life than to the spiritual life, it is filled with anxiety and anguish that increases as it recognizes itself; Because then she is gripped by fear and a kind of terror in the presence of what she sees, and especially of what she sees.

____The sensation that could be called physical is that of a great relief and of an immense well-being; Feel free of a burden, and if you are very happy that you no longer feel the bodily pain you felt a few moments before you felt free, detached and alert as if you were being freed from heavy chains.

____In her new situation, the soul sees and hears what she saw and heard before death, but she sees and hears other things that escape the grossness of the bodily organs; It has sensations and perceptions that are unknown to us (Spiritist Magazine, 1859, page 224: Death of a Spiritist – Idem, 1860, page 332: The Dream of the Spirit – Idem, 1862, page 129 and 171: Funerals of M. Sanson) .

Note: These answers, and all those concerning the situation of the soul after death or during life, are not the result of a theory or of a system, but of direct studies done on thousands of individuals observed at all stages and in all Periods of their spiritual existence, from the lowest to the highest degree of the scale, according to their habits during earthly life, the kind of death, etc. It is often said, speaking of the spiritual life, that one does not know what is happening there because no one has returned from it; Is a mistake, since it is precisely those who are there who come from it to instruct us, and God allows it today more than at any other time, as the last warning given to unbelief and materialism.

____The perceptive faculties of the soul are proportional to its purification; Is given only to the elite souls to enjoy the presence of God.

____God is everywhere because it radiates everywhere, and it can be said that the Universe is steeped in divinity, as we are immersed in the sunlight. But backward Spirits are surrounded by a kind of mist that hides it in their eyes, and which dissipates only as they purge and dematerialize. The lower Spirits are, by sight, with regard to God, what incarnates are in relation to Spirits: true blind.

____If souls had no more individuality after death, it would be for them, and for us as if they did not exist, and the moral consequences would be exactly the same. They would have no distinctive character, and that of the criminal would be on the same plane as that of man, which would result in no interest in doing good.

____The individuality of the soul has been exposed in a way, so to speak, material, in the manifestations_spirit, by the language and the qualities proper to each one; Since they think and act in a different way, that some are good and some bad, some wise and some ignorant, some want what others do not want, this is the evident proof that they are not confounded in a homogeneous way, not to mention the Give us of having animated such or such an individual on the Earth. Thanks to experimental Spiritism, the individuality of the soul is no longer a vague thing, but a result of observation.

____ The soul itself realizes its individuality, because it has its own thought and will, distinct from the others; She finds it still, by its fluidic or perispirit wrapping, a kind of limited body that makes itself apart from it.

Note: Certain people believe that they escape the censure of materialism by admitting a universal intelligent principle from which we absorb a part at birth, which constitutes the soul, to return it after death to the common mass where it is confounded like the drops of water in the Ocean . This system, a kind of transaction, does not deserve the name of spiritualism, common of the universal whole would be equivalent to nothing, since there would be no more individualities. (See: Metempsychosis)

____The state of the soul varies considerably according to the type of death, but, above all, according to the nature of the habits that it had during the life.

In natural death, the detachment operates gradually and without shaking; Often it begins even before life is extinguished.
In the death of the victim by torture, suicide or accident, the bonds break abruptly; The Spirit, surprised by the unforeseen, is stunned by the change in it and does not understand its situation.

____A more or less constant phenomenon, in such case, is the persuasion in which one thinks of not being dead, and this illusion can last several months and even several years. In this state, he goes, comes and believes to apply himself to his works, as if he were still of this world, very amazed that they do not respond when he speaks. This illusion is not exclusively the case of violent deaths; Is found in individuals whose lives have been absorbed by joys and material interests. (The Spirits’ Book, 165 – Spiritist Magazine, 1858, page 166: The Suicide of the Samaritaine – Idem, 1858, page 326: A spirit at the burial of its body – Idem, 1859, page 184: The Zentai of Magenta – Idem , 1859, page 319: A Spirit who does not believe himself dead – Idem, 1863, page 97: François Simon Louvet).

____The Soul is not lost in the immensity of the Infinite, as is usually imagined; She erra_no_espaço and, most frequently, in the midst of those she met, and especially of those she loved, being able to be transported instantly to immense distances.

____He preserves all moral affections; It only forgets the material affections which are no longer of its essence. Therefore, he comes with joy to review his relatives and his friends, and is happy to remember it (Spiritist Magazine, 1860, page 202: Friends do not forget us in the other world.

____ Depending on its elevation and the nature of its work, the soul keeps the memory of what it did on Earth, is interested in the work it left unfinished. The dematerialized spirits have little concern for material things, of which they are happy to be free. As for the works that have begun, according to their importance and usefulness, they sometimes inspire others to think of finishing them.

____The soul not only rediscovers, in the spirit world, the relatives and friends who preceded it, but it finds there many others whom it had known in its previous existences. Generally, those who are most fond of her come to receive her on her arrival in the world of
Spirits, and help you to break free from earthly bonds. However, the deprivation of reunion with the most beloved souls is sometimes a punishment for guilty souls.

____The incomplete development of the child’s organs_morta_en_tenra_idad did not allow the Spirit to manifest completely; Freed from this mantle, his faculties are those which he had before his incarnation. The Spirit having spent only a few moments in life, its faculties could not change.

Note: In the brief communications, the Spirit of a child can therefore speak as an adult, because he can be a very advanced Spirit. If one takes children’s language sometimes, it is not to take from the mother the charm of a fragile and delicate being and adorned with the graces of innocence. (Spiritist Magazine, 1858, page 17: Mom! I’m there).

____The same question can be asked about the intellectual state of the souls of the cretins, the_idiots_and_loucos, after death, finds its solution in the preceding one.

____The question of the fate of children dying at an early age is one of those who best prove justice and the need for plurality_of_existences.

A soul that had lived only for a few moments, having done neither good nor evil, deserved neither reward nor punishment.
According to the maxim of Christ, that each one is punished or rewarded according to his works, it would be both illogical and contrary to the justice of God to admit that without work he would be called to enjoy the perfect happiness of the angels, or that he could Be deprived of it, and yet she must have some luck; A mixed state, for eternity, would also be unjust.
An existence has been interrupted from its beginning, and therefore can not have any consequence for the soul, its present fate is what it deserves in its previous existence, and its future fate which it deserves in its later existences.

____As souls, they procreate intellectually and morally, after death, more or less according to their will, and some progress a lot, but they need to put into practice during their bodily life what they have acquired in science and morality. Those who are stationary resume an existence analogous to the one they have left; Those who have progressed deserve an incarnation of a higher order.

____ Progress, being proportionate to the will of the Spirit, there are those who preserve for a long time the tastes and tendencies they had in life, and who pursue the same ideas. (Spiritist Magazine, 1858, page 82: The Queen of Oude – Idem, page 145: The Spirit and the Inheritors – Idem, page 186: The Drum of Bethresina – Idem, 1859, Page 325: Progress of Spirits – Idem, 1861, page 126: Progress of a Wicked Spirit).

____If souls were concerned only with themselves for eternity, that would be selfishness, and God, who condemns selfishness, would not approve in the spiritual life what punishes in bodily life. Souls or spirits have occupations according to their degree of advancement, while seeking to be instructed and improved. (The Spirits’ Book, No. 558: Occupations and Missions of the Spirits).

____The irrevocable fixation of man’s fate after death would be the absolute negation of God’s justice and goodness, because there are many who have not depended on themselves to be clear enough, let alone the idiots, the savages, and the innumerable Children who die before they have interviewed life.

Even among enlightened people, there are many who could have believed themselves to be quite perfect to be exempt from doing more, and this is not a manifest proof that God gives of their goodness, allowing man to do the next day what he did not do the day before?
____ (See: Reincarnation)
If luck is irrevocably fixed, why do men die at such different ages, and why does not God in his justice leave everyone at the time to do the greatest good or repair the evil they have done?
Who knows if the guilty party who died at the age of thirty would not have been sorry, would not he have become a good man if he lived to be sixty years old?
Why does God take away this means while giving to others?

____The Church today fully recognizes that the fire of Hell is a moral fire and not a material fire, yet it does not define the nature of pain. Spiritist communications place them under our eyes; By this means we can appreciate them and convince ourselves that, because they are not the result of a material fire, which could not burn, in fact, immaterial souls, they are no less terrible in certain cases. These are not uniform and vary in infinity according to the nature and degree of the offenses committed, and are, almost always, these very faults that serve the punishment.

It is thus that certain murderers are constrained to remain on the scene of the crime and to ceaselessly have their victims under their eyes;
That the man of ordinary tastes and materials retains these same tastes, but the impossibility of satisfying them materially is for him a torture;
That certain greedy ones believe to suffer the cold and the privations that endured during the life by avarice;
Others remain near the treasures they have buried and are in perpetual trance for fear that they will steal them;
There is not a fault, a moral imperfection, a bad action that does not have, in the world of the Spirits, its counterpart and its natural consequences; And for this there is no need of a definite and circumscribed place: wherever it is found, the Spirit perversifies its hell with itself.

____ In addition to the spiritual feathers, there are sorrows and material trials which the Spirit, which is not cleansed, endorses in the new incarnations, where he is put in a position to bear what he has made others endure:

Be humiliated if he was proud;
Miserable, if he was poor rich;
Unhappy for his son, if he was a bad son, etc.

____The Earth, as we have said, is a place of exile and expiation, a purgatory, for spirits of this nature, and on which it depends on each one not to return, improving enough to deserve to go to a better world (The Book of Spirits , No. 237: Perceptions, sensations and suffering of Spirits – Idem, book Fourth: Hopes and consolations, future feathers and joys – Spiritist Magazine, 1858, page 79: The Lemaire Killer – Idem, 1858, Same, 1858, page 331: Sensations of the Spirits – Idem, 1859, page 275: Father Crépin – Idem, 1860, page 61: Estelle Régnier – Idem, 1860, page 247: The suicide of the street Quincampoix – Idem, 1860, page 316: The Punishment – Idem, 1860, page 325: Entry of a Guilty Man into the World of Spirits – Idem, 1860, page 384: Punishment of the Selfish – Idem, 1861, page 53: Suicide of an Atheist – Idem, 1861, page 270 : The penalty of taliao).

____ Prayer is recommended by all good Spirits; On the other hand, it is demanded by the Immortal Spirits as a means of alleviating their sufferings. The soul for which one prays is relieved, because it is a testimony of interest, and the unhappy man is always relieved when he finds charitable hearts who are grateful for his tales. On the other hand, still by prayer, it is stimulated to repentance and the desire to do what it takes to be happy; It is in this sense that his pen can be shortened if, in turn, it is seconded by his goodwill (The Spirits’ Book, no. 664 – Spiritist Magazine, 1859, p. 315: Effects of the prayer on the suffering spirits).
____The justice wants that the reward is proportional to the merit, like the punishment to the gravity of the lack; There are, therefore, infinite degrees in the joys of the soul, from the moment it enters the path of goodness until it reaches perfection.

____The happiness of good spirits consists of …

Knowing all things,
Not having hate,
Nor jealousy and envy,
Nor ambition,
Nor any of the passions that do the unhappiness of men.

____The love that unites them is, for them, the source of supreme happiness. They experience neither the needs nor the sufferings nor the anguish of material life. A state of perpetual contemplation would be a stupid and monotonous happiness, proper to the selfish, since its existence would be an unlimited futility. The spiritual life, on the other hand, is an incessant activity for the missions that the Spirits receive from the supreme being, as their agents in the rule of the Universe; Missions that are commensurate with their advance and of which they are happy, because they give them occasion to become useful and to do good. (The Spirits’ Book, no. 558: Occupations and Missions of the Spirits – Spiritist Magazine, 1860, page 321 and 322, The Pure Spirits, The Abode of the Blessed) – Idem, 1861, page 179: Madame Gourdon. Note: We invite the opponents of Spiritism and those who do not admit reincarnation, to give the above problems a more logical solution, by any other principle than that of the plurality of existences.



Picture: Theodora

Source: http://www.guia.heu.nom.br/apos_a_morte_resumo_de_ak.htm


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