Writing is pure magic, for it transports part of the soul to the role. And the paper flies, with the strength it has been given, seeking other souls for momentary fusion. Writing is a soul transfusion. Paper is the vehicle. Another soul is the end.
A purpose therefore is the exchange of energies. It is concluded, without further ado, that writing is a sacred act.

When one wants to understand, a point is a letter; A letter is a phrase; A sentence is a paragraph; A paragraph is a book; And a book is a lifetime.
When there is no interest in understanding, a complete life is less than an old, outdated book. A book is worth less than a paragraph; A paragraph does not have the value of a single sentence; A phrase means less than a word; A word is like a solitary letter; And a letter is more indecipherable than a point.
It all depends on wanting!
When one really wants to understand, even in the midst of darkness, one has the necessary enlightenment.
Pablo de Salamanca

1st Edition – 2011
2nd Edition – 2012
Revised according to the new Orthographic Agreement


Pablo de Salamanca was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1968. He holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering, graduating in 1991. He completed his master’s degree in 1992, defending his thesis in 1994. Still in his original professional area, he began his PhD in 1995, finishing his thesis in the year 2000. He began his psychic development in 1993, psychographing from 1994.

The present work, “Perceptions,” with a blended psychic-mediumistic character in balanced proportions, was the ninth work launched by Pablo. At the beginning of 2012, ten books have already been written by his hands: Wisdom in verses (2001), Depositions of the Beyond (2005), Lives in verses (2005), The Worker of the Threshold (2007), Extraphysical Experiences (2011), Reflections (2009), Extraphysical Experiences II (2010), Percepcoes (2011) and Sonetos to reflect (2011).

Thanks, first of all, for the good spiritual mentors, your for support and protection. Father and mother, thank you for your unselfish love and sacrifice. I am deeply grateful, too, to the many incarnated friends who indirectly contributed to the execution of this work. These are so many, that I’d rather not quote them, to avoid committing an injustice to anyone.
I especially thank Terezinha S. do Carmo, who contributed directly to the conclusion of this book.

The cover is a photograph of Leland Davis, without denomination, removed from the site (access on 06/22/2009), and, according to the same one, of use entirely free for registered users in the referred site.  The cover of the English version was taken in Athens in the year 2017 by Theodora, in which authorizes the use of all her photos for the common good.

This work is copyrighted and will not be marketed in any way. Although the book is offered for free by downloading on, it can only be reproduced with the author’s permission, after contact via the email, when it will be allowed to quote in part or In all, provided that by naming the author and the homepage responsible for its maintenance on the internet.



1.1- The influence of the medium’s consciousness
1.2- The influence of the medium’s unconscious
1.3- The attunement between medium and entity

2.1- How to read a mediumistic work
2.2- The value of a mediumistic work
2.3- The evolution of the mediumship of a medium

1- Write
2- The door
3- Greenhouse plant
4- Recurrences
5. Stiffness
6- The middle path
7- Narrow corridors
8- The table of life
9- Light Steps
10- See with other eyes
11- Gratitude
12- Heart in action
13- At the top of the mountain
14- Maturity
15- Purification
16- Willingness to understand
17- The value of the sacrifice
18- The first step
19- Essence
20- Walkers
21- The Seesaw of Life
22- Fine tuning the soul
23- Living is poetry
24- Let us be the bridge
25- Sunset
26- Extending Horizons
27- Exposed metals
28- Wheels of Life
29- Body and soul
30- Permanence
31- Childbirth
32- Sleep
33- See, choose and act
34- Self-sustaining life
35- The internal flame
36- Fear of making mistakes
37- Knowing how to die
38- Listening and seeing beyond
39. The Selves and God
40-Night Breeze
41- Wind
42- Tricks
43- Beauty
44- Virtuous Cycle

4- END


In this brief introduction, I wish to set out the reason for writing this book “Perceptions”. In fact, this book is the result of a “personal experiment”. At first, I only allowed some moods and sudden inspirations to flow freely on the paper. I did not really intend to make a new book. The contents that came up were varied in content, some expressing clearly what I had in the soul (animism), while others, by the way they happened and also by the content, left no doubt that they were transmitted by entities (spiritual friends) with Which I have been in contact with for some time (although they have not shown interest in signing the messages).
After weeks the writings were increasing and after careful re-reading I noticed that they could be useful to anyone who came to read them. However, I did not worry about it, focusing on the intention of simply “letting go” the writing, whenever there was a strong impulse. However, on one particular day I received the visit of an old friend, who was interested in knowing the contents of what I was writing. To my surprise, she found that some messages had a deep connection to problems she had been experiencing, and the dates on which I had written corresponded to the periods of her suffering, without my knowing. For her, there were answers and insights of great value that came out of my hands in a synchronous way to the events that took place in her life. Then, I realized that not all the messages I had materialized were only of a psychic background or of a restricted psychic base (medium / mentor connection). I had also been doing some sort of involuntary “psychic capture”, at least in relation to this friend, with whom I have strong ties. No doubt this reinforced in my mind that what I had been writing was of special value.

However, later on, I clearly noticed that on some occasions when I felt the impulse to write, I was moved by the presence of unbalanced entities. In these moments, I tried not only to give vent to the feelings of these beings in suffering, promoting a kind of catharsis, but also to induce them to a new direction of their energies.
I realized sometimes that I had some success in my attempt, relieving the spirits in disharmony, not only for the catharsis provided, but also for pointing / transmitting to them a better way of feeling, thinking and acting. So, after a while, I accumulated a series of varied messages in my hands. After meditating for a period, I concluded that they could be useful to people in general, which led me to group them in this book.
Generally, it will not be difficult for the reader to verify the diversity of messages found in this e-book.
Before presenting the texts themselves, I thought it important to comment on animism and mediumship in order to better situate those less experienced readers (Chapters 1 and 2).
In chapter 3 (“Perceptions”), I presented the messages about which I spoke here in this introduction in a chronological order.


Initially, I would like to comment on the title of this chapter “Animism and Mediumship”. I purposely put the term “animism” first, because without the psychic factor there is no mediumship. But to clarify further, it is important to conceptualize both terms.
As for animism, using a classical definition, it is the “philosophical theory that considers the soul as the primary cause of all intellectual and vital events” (1), that is, it is the soul of the individual himself that originates the phenomena that Materialize. “Soul” is a term derived from the Latin anǐma, which, in turn, refers to the principle that gives movement to what is alive, which is animate or what causes to move ( / Wiki / Alma).
On mediumship, in the Book of Mediums (2) it appears that the word “medium” comes from Latin (medium), meaning “medium” or “intermediary”, that is, medium is a person who can serve as an intermediary between the two planes of life , That is, between spirits and men. According to G. M. Ney (3), mediumship is the mediums ‘or sensitives’ ability to be “medium” to paranormal phenomena. According to L. Palhano Júnior (4), mediumship is the faculty that people (mediums) have, to a greater or lesser degree, to receive communications or to perceive the spirits or the Spiritual World.
Therefore, in broad outline, animism is the set of manifestations that come from the soul of the individual. In other words, it is phenomena brought about by the person’s own psyche without the participation of any other external entity or consciousness. So, for example, someone who is emotionally altered by strong stress may suddenly have a very aggressive reaction due to an outburst of a personality trait. That is, this was, at least in theory, an exclusive psychic action. Another example of animism is the case of one who writes something without the participation of any disincarnate or any external consciousness, using only the attributes of his psyche (“psyche” is Greek word meaning soul – http: //pt.wikipedia .org / wiki / Psyc% C3% AA). Thus, what this individual has written, comes from his own soul and, therefore, is a purely psychic process, at least in theory.
As for mediumship, a typical example of mediumistic activity is psychography, which occurs when the medium is used by another consciousness, which expresses its ideas through the hands of the sensitive, through writing. Citing also the example of psychophony, called by some of “incorporation,” in it the communicating entity uses the incarnate as an intermediary, to express his thoughts through speech.

Well, going back to what I said in the first paragraph, the term “animism” comes to the forefront of the term “mediumship” in the title of this chapter, because in fact any psychic mechanism only occurs through the biopsychic apparatus of the medium. And in this apparatus certainly includes the psyche of the medium, that is, an external communicating consciousness is manifested only through the sensitive, in attuning itself to the soul of this, that is, through the psychic potentialities of the medium. Therefore, there is no mediumship without some degree of animism, even in the so-called unconscious mediums (those who lose their lucidity during the mediumistic process). On the other hand, I also question whether there is “pure animism”. Does anyone who writes something, even scientific works, materialize knowledge only through their mind? Who guarantees that a part of what the scientist wrote did not have at least an influence of some incorporeal being, by the intuitive way? How many writers, some scientists, and others do not reveal that their ideas came through sudden inspirations, dreams, or seemingly random factors / events? For those who already have a minimum of developed sensitivity, it is not difficult to conclude that there is a very intense interrelation between the Material World and the so-called “Spiritual World”. Communication between different dimensions is constant, though often subtle. Therefore, I affirm that, just as there is no mediumship without animism, there is practically no animism without mediumship.
In this way, I go on to discuss how animism and mediumship blend, detailing some aspects of the interrelationship between the two. I do not intend to do a very thorough study here, but only to bring some clarification to those who have not been able to investigate the matter a little more closely.

Quotations made:
(1) School Dictionary Silveira Bueno. Ediouro. São Paulo, 2001.
(2) The Mediums’ Book. Allan Kardec. Brazilian Spiritist Federation. Rio de Janeiro, 1996.
(3) Parapsychology: terms and masters. Gerardo M. Ney. Bookstore Freitas Bastos. Rio de Janeiro, 1991.
(4) Mirabelli: an extraordinary medium. Lamartine Palhano Júnior. CELD Editions. Rio de Janeiro, 1994.

1.1- The influence of the medium’s consciousness
Everything that the medium (or sensitive) read, studied, lived within his family structure and, in addition, the cultural environment where he developed as a human being, influences his mediumistic activity. That is, everything that is in his conscious mind will permeate his mediumistic production. There is no way to separate what the medium is from what he produces, no matter how deep his psychic ability. Of course, the greater the depth of a mediumistic trance, the less will be the influence of the conscious of the sensitive, for example, in what is transmitted by speech (psychophony) or in what it expresses through writing (psychography).
Let us now turn to examples of how the medium’s consciousness interacts with its mediumistic production. In the case of a psychographer, if he is a cultured person, there will be a tendency for the writings he makes to be with a cultured language, or at least to be clear and concise, even if the communicating entity has not Good “schooling” in his last reincarnation.
In another situation, where the medium has grown up in an environment of strong Christian culture, obviously the messages that emerge through him will tend to express Christian content even in times when he is under the influence of a spiritual conscience not tied to Christianity. On the other hand, if the sensitive person has affection for some Eastern religion, and has read and / or studied the theme for many years, even if it channels a message of a Christian spiritual entity, it may give a stamp or “formatting” more or Less “oriental” to the message. I would remind you, however, that the intensity as the medium’s awareness interferes with mediumistic communication will depend on the depth of his sensitive ability. But as it is understood that there is always some involvement of the psyche of the medium (animism) in the phenomenon, it is clear that some influence of him will occur on the work.

1.2- The influence of the medium’s unconscious
Another source of influence by the psyche of the medium (animism), in some mediumistic task is through the so-called “unconscious” of the individual.
In the unconscious mind is all that has been repressed or forgotten by the person, with regard to facts, feelings and thoughts that he had in his current life.
Also the memories of past lives are at the unconscious level, the memories of the so-called “intermissive period” (time interval outside of matter, between different incarnations), and everything that the individual experienced outside the body during astral journeys Known as “extraphysical experiences”.
Thus, what is in the unconscious of a sensitive one, can undoubtedly merge with the transmitted mediumistic contents. A good example of this situation is what happens to a medium who receives imbalanced entities. This medium, supposing that in a previous life he died suffocated, by giving passivity to several types of disturbed entities, can often have the sensation of suffocation to “incorporate” suffering beings, because from his unconscious arise the unpleasant perceptions by this type of death . That is, even if the suffering spirits do not have a sense of suffocation, the medium presents this “symptom” animously. In this case, it would be important for the medium to deal with this traumatic issue of his past, for his own benefit, and also to avoid reproducing a totally unnecessary animism in the mediumship situation. I will not dwell here on examples of how the medium’s unconscious can alter a mediumistic message, because the possibilities are many, and are not part of the scope of this work. However, it is relevant to point out that animism can be useful in the mediumistic process, if what comes from the unconscious of the sensitive is constructive. In this case, the psychic forces of the individual will join the contents issued by the communicating entity, in order to achieve a positive goal.

1.3- The attunement between medium and entity
To have a mediumistic work of quality, a good vibratory harmony between the sensitive and the communicating entity is fundamental. Of course, throughout the life of the medium, he goes through fluctuations in his emotional state, which interferes in a good harmony with the spiritual guides. That is, mood factors affect the connection with entities that wish to communicate.
Thus, the lack of a certain constancy of the sensitive, can change somewhat the content of messages passed by the same entity over time. In the periods of more fragile connection with the mentor, the ideal is not to work in a mediocrity way, but rather to rebalance.
However, this problem can be minimized if the medium has psychic contents of quality which can permeate his mediumistic work in a constructive way.
On the other hand, it is common for the sensitive to have spiritual connections with more than one entity that have mediumistic transmission tasks. Thus the fluctuations of the psychic-emotional state of the medium may be useful, since the latter, presenting periods with varied patterns, will provide an opportunity for the communication of entities with different vibrations (according to the greater affinity of the moment). In this context, it is important to emphasize that each spiritual instructor has its function and utility in the diversity of life.
It is also important to point out that the mediumistic development of someone goes through the question of their growth as a human being in search of a greater balance. This occurs concomitantly to the increase of affinity by the entities with whom it has pre-programmed psychic tasks. Therefore, the mediumistic development must occur along with the soul evolution, both being issues that promote a good harmony with the communicating spirits.
Thus, a medium who studies a lot who has no prejudices and who seeks constant self-knowledge probably will not only be a useful instrument for the entities but also a good cooperator in mediumistic works.



Here we come to a point of questioning on how to evaluate the psychic work of a sensitive. In the face of the various variables that interfere with one’s psychic-psychic abilities, how can one understand a certain mediumistic work? In the following we try to answer this question that is not rarely raised by more critical readers. They are right to keep a pointed eye on the mediumistic literature, for having reached a higher degree of maturity or for being naturally more “distrustful”, they require more elements that facilitate greater clarity on this human activity, in which it is not free from Misunderstandings and scams.

2.1- How to read a mediumistic work
Basically it can be affirmed that the reading of a book is mediumistic or it should not always be done under the sieve of reason. There would be no logic in accepting what is written simply because it was published. Therefore a process of “filtering” is fundamental for the reader to critically assimilate what may be useful to him in some way. It is clear that the “filter” that the reader will use is something totally personal and what will be considered good for another will be a nullity. I used the term “filtering” because it provides a very appropriate picture for this question.

I believe that, although we do not recognize the importance of a specific work, when we make a careful evaluation, something is done. In other words, it will not be easy to access the contents of a book and simply conclude that it is despicable by eliminating it altogether. So if we do a conscientious “filtering” we will always get something of value.

2.2- The value of a mediumistic work
A prime consideration in the evaluation of a mediumistic book is to understand that it is worth much more for its content than for the one who signs it. There are mediumistic works in which the spiritual author prefers anonymity but the content speaks for itself evidently demonstrating its value.
On the other hand, from the standpoint of a Universalist Spiritualism, in which we prefer some characteristics of a good mediumistic work are: content that stimulates people to expand horizons and consciousness; Ideas that reduce prejudice; Thoughts that explain the counterproductive side of orthodoxies; And arguments that lead to new learning, avoiding attachments and inducing harmony. In this context we understand that a mediumistic work may have a respectable value with either a small or large dose of animism. For this to happen it is enough that animism is of good quality and obviously that communicating spiritual entity is a harmonious consciousness.

2.3 The evolution of psychic work with a medium
If we observe closely the evolution of the mediumship of a medium, we will note that over time the contents of the books, even if signed by the same spiritual author, may present modifications of style and content, to a greater or lesser degree.
In part one can credit to this fluctuations of the psychic interference of the sensitive in the period of its mediumistic production. Another relevant factor inherent in the medium is the enrichment that passes after performing studies of various types. This can influence his work positively as he acquires new knowledge that helps him in a process of expansion of consciousness. However, although less subject to change of vibratory state, the spiritual author by himself may have been the cause of some change in style and content of the works perhaps attending to needs / objectives that escape our immediate understanding (eg, may have the intention Of reaching a differentiated public in the Earth’s Plan). It is clear that over time both the medium and the communicating entity itself evolve, which is reflected in the quality of the books produced. It is also important to note that according to the passage of time, there is a tendency to improve the connection / tuning between the sensitive and his subtle working partner.
So if we look at the mediumistic production of someone, especially if there is more than one spiritual author involved, we will easily realize works of varied content. And why does this occur? Basically because the reading public is also quite diverse. There are many needs for enlightenment and there are innumerable types of “spiritual hunger”.



1- Write
Writing is pure magic, for it transports part of the soul to the role. And the paper flies, with the strength it has been given, seeking other souls for momentary fusion. Writing is a soul transfusion. Paper is the vehicle. Another soul is the end.
A purpose therefore is the exchange of energies. It is concluded, without further ado, that writing is a sacred act.
However, I am referring to writing with soul, transmitting, with sincerity, what is. Thus, even if one is not very pure, one purifies himself during writing, for a cathartic process is at work. For that, just be sincere. And then, it is easy to understand that writing is the magic of transfusion and purification.
March 6, 2009.

2- The door
I knock on the door. I knock slowly, at first. But, the pace soon increases. Now, I tap with intense vigor. I stop.
I wait in silence, trying to hear anything that denounces the opening of the door. Silence endures. My soul seems to be closed. I knocked on the door of my soul and she did not want to respond. I hit it hard, but the answer does not come.
Why does not my soul want to respond? Why the distance?
Why the seemingly insurmountable obstacle of the closed door?
But not! I do not feel like breaking the door. I know it can not be opened in this way. It needs to open, without even creaking hinges and letting the light pass in the natural rhythm of life.
I would like to understand this rhythm!
If I understood, the door would already be open. And she would be letting a wonderful light flow. A light that does not dazzle! A light that illuminates with pleasant heat. It is the light of the soul! The glow itself that I can only glimpse through the narrow gaps of the closed door.
But, I know the door will open. I hear the footsteps of my soul, approaching on the other side of the door. Just wait.
The merger is approaching …
March 6, 2009.

3- Greenhouse plant
I do not want to be like a greenhouse plant!
A greenhouse plant, despite receiving a number of special care, can not grow much. It is bounded by a vase and the roof of the greenhouse. Its roots will never be deep, nor will its branches lift the sky freely.
However, to be like a leafy tree, free in nature, one must accept and face the wind of storms, the abrasive heat of the summer sun, the lack or excess of water, in short, the world’s inclemencies.
This is the price of being free!
Sometimes it misses a cozy corner but how often does a place like this become a prison?
Receive everything painstakingly as a greenhouse plant atrophies the soul.
The little plant will never be a tree, as the child will never become a man.
May the storms of life come!
March 08, 2009.

4- Recurrences
Even if you do not like it, life offers us pain and tension.
It is up to us to transform pains into flowers and tension into understanding.
Accepting certain limitations is wisdom, for often what the intellect thinks it has understood, but the soul has not yet assimilated.
Understanding is different from practicing, but life is a great opportunity to put into practice everything that we imagine we have understood.
With every failure, every slip, we have a good warning for what we have not yet assimilated.
Repentance and frustration are natural and useful reactions, but they should not be prolonged.
Better to regain consciousness about the disharmony that keeps coming back from time to time.
So life and time are good allies.
The pain is nothing more than that new opportunity that arises.
How beautiful life is, despite its gray hues!
How useful are time and its recurrences, despite their pastel tones.
On this, perhaps the Master of Assisi would say: thank you Sister Vida, thank you Brother Tempo. Thank you to Sorrowful pain, thank you to the Storm for every wind. Thank you Brother Sun, but also thank you Sister Rain.
Thank you to Solitude who leaves me alone, to meditate in peace, without any bitterness.
March 10, 2009.

5. Stiffness
Rigidity does not match life!
In the vegetable kingdom we have the example of the old trees. They have thick trunks, which break during the storm.
But the flexible bamboo surpasses the winds and lives on.
In the human context it is not difficult to remember that a dead body is coldly rigid.
Men have rigidity as a rule, with the exception of honorable exceptions. They, when they firm their opinion, are harder than rock, only provoking a split.
There is inflexibility in politics as in religion, in small groups as in the multitude, in the tiny isolated country as in the great nation.
Poor man who made rigidity his standard of action, because he does not think through the brain, nor does he feel with the heart.
Stiffness in excess is true misery. Flexibility is life and transformation.
The rigid boast of his firmness, but he forgets that soon the ground will open to swallow his coffin.
And his soul will not be light!
She will be caught by the force of gravitation, where she is chained to his rigid opinion.
March 12, 2009

6- The middle path
The middle way! What a desirable goal!
I look for the middle way, but my legs wobble like the members of a drunk.
I do not yet have the skill to follow the straight road, which I understand to be the middle way.
My soul oscillates between impulsiveness and recollection, seeking to understand and practice the discovery of the Buddha.
However, I have hopes of finding the way to tread the middle way, without so many disappointments and without so much delay.
I also believe that it will probably not be a journey with the ideal balance. But, I foresee that my walk will soon be very different from the drunken walk.
I see that the road is well marked, for I no longer only see with material eyes. So maybe my path is not exactly the middle one yet, but I plan to tread it without fear.
March 13, 2009.

7- Narrow corridors
Sometimes life’s paths become narrow corridors. In these moments, when the individual struggles a lot, he ends up hurting himself. He thinks that everything from that moment on will be limited. He sits in a prison.
However, if he looks more closely at the narrow corridor walls, he will understand that life sends him a message. Everything conspires to pay attention to certain questions. If he were out in the open, or walking long roads, he would not notice important points to understand and transform. He would be distracted by the vastness of the landscape.
Therefore, the narrow aisle is needed to focus on something that needs to be improved. At first, it’s unpleasant. But if instead of rejecting the situation, accepting it seeking understanding, soon the corridor will be behind. There will be a spacious room or an easy way to go.
The more narrow corridors are rejected, the longer they often stretch, occupying much of the trajectory of a life.
March 14, 2009.


8- The table of life
Playing the struggles of living is a challenge.
When one thinks that the lesson has been learned, there is life doubting. Then comes the old situation that afflicts or disharmonizes, so that, once again, one can prove that the problem has been overcome.
It is a seemingly simplistic method of repetition.
Life promotes as many repetitions as necessary for the individual to test what he has learned, transformed, or perfected. It’s the old board-action method in action! Repeat the lesson until it is “on the tip of your tongue.” Sometimes repetition is camouflaged, but to the good observer she can not hide.
Thus, I understand that the best way to act is to face the lesson that comes back, as a learning necessary for the soul. It’s best to do it before we become like the lazy student who finds it all boring.
Only in this way do dreams come true …
March 17, 2009.

9- Light Steps
To walk the roads of life with light steps, one must have wisdom.
Usually we step hard, making a lot of noise with each step. We are noisy beings!
Although we pay attention for moments, trying to tread lightly the path, in a short time we are already stamping our feet on the ground, as if we were in a march of war.
For very little, we make loud noises. We are noisy,
We complain, we fight, anyway, we are parents and children of the din.
Gentleness is still a distant goal. We just rehearsed moments of serenity.
One day I will tread lightly, even in the midst of the whirlwind of life.
I will not be perceived. Although visible, I will be invisible.
My voice will be as serene, functional, and gentle breathing.
No one will hear my footsteps, which will be confused with the Great Silence.
March 23, 2009.

10- See with other eyes
Often we see a fact with eyes of doubt, with eyes of criticism, with prejudiced eyes.
So we judge, discredit and even disrespect.
It is not uncommon for us to see many defects in the next, but we often do not realize that we easily identify in others what we have to a greater or lesser extent within us.
How difficult is self-criticism and the absolved look! How easy it is to point out something that we would not like you to point at us.
It is more comfortable to be in the role of judge than of defendant, especially when the “defendant” does not even know that he is being tried by someone.
To look at is an instinctive act that has been developed for many ages.
Maybe it’s time to learn to see with other eyes …
March 23, 2009.

11- Gratitude
We often forget to thank.
If we are born, it is because someone allowed and endured with at least a minimum of balance a long period of gestation.
If we had a residence with reasonable conditions of shelter, it is because someone worked diligently for us.
If we eat, drink and grow healthily, it is because someone cared for us.
If we had the necessary affection for good psychic and emotional development, it is because someone loved us.
If we study and become intellectually robust, it is because many have collaborated extensively with our learning.
So it’s not fair to forget to be grateful.
Even if we can not thank directly those who have given us support, for whatever reason, we can collaborate with others who are in need. This is gratitude to life. There is no reason to be arrogant for the material wealth or intelligence we believe we have. No one comes to the top alone. We all need them all.
Who knows how to be grateful understands life, and life gives back to it with abundance.
March 24, 2009.

12- Heart in action
The beggars hold out their Hands!
Hungry mouths yearn for food, but the soul has parched breasts.
The soul can not give what it does not have!
What learning is behind the hunger for solidarity and love?
It is necessary to give to receive, said a master of superior understanding.
You have to take the first step!
It takes a divine impulsivity, for the development of the divine itself.
Unlike the impulsiveness of throwing the first stone, it is better to have the impulse to lay the foundation stone of love. On this rock will rise an immaterial but deeply palpable church: the Church of the Acting Heart!
This is an institution that only works well when in full swing. Love is worthless, if it lodges in a lazy heart, that only dreams.
With the heart in action, there will be no begging hands, no hungry mouths, no souls with parched breasts!
March 26, 2009.

13- At the top of the mountain
On the mountain of my fate, I place great hopes. I foresee pure air, silence for the soul, and the green expanse as horizon.
Up there, my soul can fly. Even bound to a body of flesh, my soul can fly!
I can hear birds singing and smell the flowers. I can already see a colorful and active fauna, wasting vital tonus.
I sense the integration, there, high on the mountain. I know that the climb should not be too easy, but focusing on the final goal, no effort will be excessive.
The burden will be light. The ascent of the mountain will be like the flow of a sacred river, and there, there will be the crowning of a life of persistent pursuit.
There will certainly be scars acquired in moments of internal and external scrubs, but at least my face will be gleaming with joy and self-realization. So will be. So it is.
March 30, 2009.

14- Maturity
The ways of life are complex.
When we believe that we are seeing them well, and understanding where they begin and where they end, we are faced with the mists of perplexity.
Even when we “hit” it, we can see that the “hit” was only relative. This is when the human condition becomes evident.
Then we find that the tool of the intellect is limited, and that the accuracy of the soul’s perceptions is restricted. In the same proportion as we know the laws of the universe, our vision of the outer and inner world is established.
We’re still like recent litter kittens! Some, with their eyes closed, they hit their heads.
Others, a few, already have their eyes open, but still, they hit their heads.
It is necessary to mature!
However, maturity only comes with time …
April 6, 2009.

15- Purify
Leak! Dense energy leaks like molten lead!
Find another center of gravity. Flow! Leave my vase empty!
Better a hollow, light vessel than a vase filled with density!
An empty vase can at least save, if not pure water or valuable wine, the sweet scent of perfume that is gone.
That’s why it leaks! Let it flow to the last drop of unconscious moods, so that emptiness can exist.
May the cleansing be done to the true end!
And only then will there be a beginning. A new beginning!
This is the end to which I am destined, at this moment the gut of purification required. And in this beginning of emptiness, I begin to make a valid poetry.
Poetry is the scent one seeks, in the long cycles of an old life.
Poor are those who wander, without understanding that without poetry life is empty.
We live to produce some melody, amid the noise, amid the disharmony.
From the brute force of wild nature comes true joy: listening to song, instead of moaning; Feel the sweetness of honey, where there is bitterness of gall;
See the light, behind the dark walls of the sky.
June 29, 2009.

16- Willingness to understand
When one wants to understand, a point is a letter; A letter is a phrase; A sentence is a paragraph; A paragraph is a book; And a book is a lifetime.
When there is no interest in understanding, a complete life is less than an old, outdated book. A book is worth less than a paragraph; A paragraph does not have the value of a single sentence; A phrase means less than a word; A word is like a solitary letter; And a letter is more indecipherable than a point.
It all depends on wanting!
When one really wants to understand, even in the midst of darkness, one has the necessary enlightenment.
June 29, 2009.

17- The value of the sacrifice
What is the value of a soul that cries?
It is worth all those who can drink from her tears.
How much is a bleeding soul worth?
It is worth by the consciential awakening of those who stain with her blood.
Such is the value of a soul in true sacrifice. That sacrifice that rises above purely human values, being, only, giving oneself for love.
True sacrifice does not need to have the height of a Calvary mount, and even can be realized every day, within the conscience of each one.
One can prune the soul itself, which weeps and bleeds, so that it can flourish further.
This pruning, therefore, is not simply castration. It is like the rough stone carving, which will bring forth a hidden, and often unexpected, glow.
Therefore, when there come some tears and small bleeds, as well as pruning and scraping, let us cry with joy, as much as we can, in every moment.

June 29, 2009.

18- The first step
How he suffers, he who does not know his divine origin!
Lost lies between his feelings, spinning between doubts and revolts.
It is as if he were detained, in a house with closed doors and windows.
His world is limited to lifeless walls.
There are no horizons. There is no heaven. There is no light. There is no pure air, which sustains living.
Without the divine breath, whose flow was limited by the self, which is constricted, there is no good prospect later. Everything is small and stingy.
But let a crack be opened! The light of hope soon penetrates, in the right direction. And with it, new airs, to a new vigor. Everything depends on the will, through a flexible judgment.
Who seeks finds! Who knocks on the door, finds an answer!
Therefore, new space is opened. To do this, just take the first step …
July 2, 2009.
19- Essence
What is the value of rhyme and metrics, if the legitimate content of the soul is lacking? Of what is the farcical and the technical, if it lacks the breath that moves the worlds?
Essence! Beautiful word that translates the heart, and that rhymes with conscience!
Certainly a rhyme of coherence, because if there is no emanating center, there is only an empty shell.
All writing, all poetry has to have essence! Every speech, every prayer has to have a soul!
Otherwise, we only play masks without the actor. And the mask, without the artist, is just an object worthless.
In the journey we take, we have to emanate essence.
Only then will we stop being puppets, to become pilgrims.
At first, we will act without good experience, like young boys. But one day we will reach a fine degree of excellence.
July 07, 2009
20- Walkers
There are many roads in life!
The good walker pays attention to his path. Concentrate on it and do the best. It may take time, but he reaches his destination.
But the errant walker walks down his road, watching the others. When he least expects it, he is already following strange steps to his essence. He is then confused and full of incoherence.
In reality he does not walk, but just wanders. In this path, which is obscure, he does not see his goal, feeling lost.
Only after considerable weariness does he sit and meditate, although still stunned. Finally he realizes that he must return to the original road. That which combines, in his present stage, with his immortal soul. And after all, he resumes his journey.
Despite tired, regain the confidence that renews his energies.
This walker is no longer errant.
July 07, 2009.
21- The Seesaw of Life
Material life is a seesaw.
One day if it’s on the top, the other on the bottom.
Many are discouraged by this characteristic of life, indulging in a kind of doldrums, after so many sudden swings.
They do not understand that, until some balance is achieved, some skills need to be developed.
Perhaps a good way to live the most intense phases of seesaw, is to use a certain childish innocence, taking advantage of the “joke” of the moment.
Better to laugh at the rise and fall of the seesaw of life, than to get bored or depressed.
Thus, at certain times, acting like a child to have fun is an attitude full of wisdom …
July 9, 2009.
22- Fine tuning the soul
The music that touches my soul does not yet have constant harmony.
Over and over again, there are dissonant sounds.
It is in these moments, not very pleasant, but extremely useful, that I realize how much I have to adjust the strings of my soul, tuning the instrument that I am in the cosmic orchestra.
I do not intend to compromise the divine symphony! I wish to be a good instrument, to collaborate with Universal Harmony.
So, at each dissonant moment, I stop and seek tuning, soon returning to persevering training. It does not matter if the adjustment takes a day, an hour or an instant. What I know, is that sincere and constant dedication bears good fruit.
So just proceed with soul purity and infant energy …
July 14, 2009.
23- Living is poetry
To write a poetry, rhymed or not, one have to make oneself empty. It is necessary to practice the art of emptying oneself.
To empty oneself, one must exercise detachment from one’s own preoccupations.
Then, and only then, is the possibility allowed to fill the soul with a pure feeling.
This feeling, fulfilled, transformed and finally shaped by the soul that welcomed it, materializes in the role with a particular brightness. It is the brightness of the soul to manifest, which creates from a matrix, transmuting ore into metal, stones under construction, hope in song.
Thus, I learn in the day-to-day, leaving aside the pettiness of worldly concerns, giving way to emptiness to settle.
Then I allow myself to fill with legitimate feeling and inspiration, aspiring to more than narrow and mere repetition.
So I find that living is wonderful!
Just know how to live …
July 26, 2009.
24- Let us be the bridge
Communication between us seems to be a difficult problem. Generally we project in the like, the feelings that still live in our soul, like the vanity, the pettiness and the envy, believing that the other plans something against us.
Thus, true communication is full of noise, far from being clean and crystal clear. It is often believed that there is a second intention, behind the written or spoken word. Communicating, then, rarely means understanding. It is easy to see an abyss between those who try.
What would be the solution to this problem? If there is a gap and, at the same time, an abyss between the parts, why not make a bridge?
Well, to materialize it, resources are needed. In this case, as we speak of a virtual bridge, the resources of goodwill and a certain amount of humility suffice, perhaps adding a bit of intelligence.
In cases of ineffective communication, at least one of the interlocutors should be the bridge itself.
If the language in use is not accepted, one must use the good will to change it, after a fundamental exercise of humility. If we add to it a little of the temper of intelligence, we will have an adequate communication, that is, with understanding.
So if there is an abyss, let us be the bridge …
July 26, 2009.
25- Sunset
When I watch a sunset, with its beautiful variegated colors that evolve into the gloom, I realize that it is reflected in my spiritual retina, waking up memories of the past that are still present.
As the sun goes down and the shadows rise, through taciturn tones, I breathe an atmosphere that is gone, but still lives in me. Agreement for feelings and memories. Dreams emerge and I become almost ecstatic. I realize that I am eternal. My pilgrim essence imposes itself, in these moments, on the bark of the earthly personality.
I’m not a hollow tree trunk! I have perennial sap that sustains my being.
The cries of pain and mockery of the earth do not affect me.
They are just like distant noises that make up the environment.
The battle of material life sounds to me like a play, which has more value for the learning that is assimilated than for the acts and events themselves.
I am in earthly life, but at the same time I hover over it.
I live and breathe, but at every moment I am the deep silence.
July 27, 2009.
26- Extending Horizons
Close is the vision of one who holds attachments. Cling to the rock, which is already rolling down the mountain. He stands on top of the tree, barely supported by rotting roots. He prefers to sink with the ship, although the water has already flooded.
Narrow is the vision of the one who, in search of fleeting pleasure, insists on nourishing sensations. He does not understand that the soul needs true food, while he tries to sate it only with food. He does not realize that corporeal sensations are fleeting pleasure, and that the soul cries out for something more.

Poor human being who is conditioned to animality, keeping himself in an ignorant poverty, a reflection of the narrowness of vision, for sure.

Just let go of the bonds of attachment! Just try the new one with a spirit of innocence! Thus limited vision gives way to comprehensiveness. And with new breath to inflate the sails of the soul, like a ship that comes out of the lean bay, it reaches, at last, the great sea…
July 30, 2009.

27- Exposed metals
The metals are exposed!
Its performance is felt far away. It screams and make you suffer.
Suffering is instantaneous, but it has a later effect that continues …
These metals that make human blood pour are the violence that dwells in
each person. Therefore, in our world, metals have such intense and persistent strength.
In the same way, voices that should be very human, have extremely metallic timbres.
These voices do not bleed the blood, but they also hurt deeply. Metal words promote pain in an instant, with corresponding lasting effect, after being fired.

Often, a word of iron or steel keeps ticking for a long time, after it has been issued.
Thus, I have tried to observe the metallic aspects of my being. Some are hidden. Others are exposed. Still others appear and disappear like the sun in a well-demarcated spring-sunset cycle. I need to slow down the metallic timbre of my voice. The sound that my soul produces must be more subtle.
Only in this way will it contribute better to the symphony of life …
August 07, 2009.
28- Wheels of Life
Life is like a wheel! Most of the time it’s spinning.
Movement is a fundamental characteristic of living, but sometimes it is parked for a necessary moment of reflection.
Then, inexorably, the action is pushed once again …
At certain times, life is like a toy wheel, presenting irregular movements. There is no predictable pace and flexibility is required.
During other situations, one lives like the wheels of a racing car. Speed ​​is the key, with strong arms at the wheel and constant attention.
At certain times, life is like a tractor wheel. That’s when we need to accept a slow cadence, developing patience.
At certain times, life turns like a roller. In these times, courage and perseverance are essential to withstand pressures.
To be able to adapt to the rhythms of the various wheels of life is something intelligent.
To participate in every rhythm, with serenity, is wisdom!
August 19, 2009.
29- Body and soul
Body and soul are dichotomies in the ways of life.
Often the body is pure tiredness, while the soul keeps enthusiasm for manifesting itself.
The body groans as the soul sings.
The body weeps with pain, but the soul weeps with joy.
In this situation, the physical machine looks like a pale ghost, before the divine essence, strong of force.
And then, the body begs for moments of rest for the soul, which insists on working. The soul responds that it can yield more. There is a deadlock, and therefore an agreement is necessary. Where will the break-even point be? Silence is made and endures … There is no easy answer to be gained.
Only by treading the roads of life, amid the density of matter, and under the impulses of the soul, is a solution found. The exact answer is individual and nontransferable, varying according to the nuances of the journey.
August 20, 2009.
30- Permanence
The pain that anguishes is a brief wind that does not shake the rock.
Lack of perspective is a foolish illusion on the horizon of infinity.
Hatred is like a tiny sob amid the chords of the divine symphony.
Volatile emotions can not shake the permanent.
My essence is permanent!
I feel that both the light of the stars and the cosmic dust are parts of my being.
What fills the universe is the essence of my consciousness. I am the being and the non-being, in a fusion of perfect intelligence.
The shallow and the bottom belong to my deepest being. The voice and the silence dwell in my soul. Both speak and quiet at the precise moment.
Those who think to disturb, are, to me, softly mumble.
Those who think they are enemies are God in action, impelling me to create and recreate.
So I kiss the ethereal mouth that curses me, and I smell the aroma of good renewal. I am grateful, for I have been helped to understand that the Divinity manifests itself in infinite forms.
And with this blessed apprenticeship, I can only thank from the depths of my soul, saying: – calm down!
The hour of awakening has arrived …
August 24, 2009
31- Childbirth
Contractions! Acute pain that has a beginning, but seems to have no end.
Illusion! What pain are you talking about? Is it the body that groans and slips into feverish insomnia?
No! All illusion! And when his mouth has opened in search of water, he realizes that he is no longer thirsty.
What pain that moaned, if now there is only peace reflected in the wall mirror?
Now, another dream! A brief dream announcing the contractions of a divine birth. And a lighter soul is born, who loses the coarse bonds with the gross land.
Seize the moment and listen! The wings that beat are still fragile, but gradually gain strength in the quest for the infinite.
This force is the inspiration, which raises flights to well away from the ground.
Poor insecure souls, who still cling to the depths of the dark earth!
Why not leave behind immature illusions, and develop wings?
Only then will the contractions be brief and ignorant.
And childbirth will flow like the great river of life, which does not stop with obstacles …
August 24, 2009.
32- Sleep
Sleep is coming.
I release myself from the light of the waking, to penetrate into the fertile darkness of the unconscious. It is from this that the basis for harmony is made.
So, with pleasant surrender, I let myself be carried in the arms of deep sleep, which brings the restorative breeze. And I’ll tell her when the time comes: look, breeze!
You must repair me! Feed my soul that is thirsting for vigor, as far as the farmer, tired, seeks clean and soft bed. Make reparation in my soul, thirsting for harmony, and leave no scar!
That tomorrow, I have a powerful driving force!
May I, in the midst of the strangleholds of belligerent matter, fulfill my end well.
Restful sleep and friend, do with me what you should do.
It takes my soul to the redo. And that she is, again, nourished to contentment. In this way, I commit myself to use the time to serve well, and learn to transcend …
August 24, 2009.
33- See, choose and act
Life limits, it offers obstacles. Compresses and narrows the passages. And on the ground there are rocks that make them bump, or slime that induces them to slip. Along the way, walking quickly or slowly, there are illusions to divert us …
But, much depends on the look. Everything can be worsened by a pessimistic view.
If I see with eyes full of tears, a wide span looks like narrow hallway.
If I look with half-closed eyes, the darkness advances through the light.
However, the power of choice is for each one. If a bitter situation prevails, we can decide how to see it and how to act before it. Either we put ourselves in the position of mere victim, accommodating ourselves and feeding the suffering, or we act
Legitimately and courageously in terms of a solution.
The type of look, the choice itself, and the direction of action are individual.
If you were one-eyed, why so much lament? Better to see well from the view that was left. If you lost a leg, why stay seated? More advantageous is to take crutches and march towards life.
It depends on each one …
August 31, 2009.
34- Self-sustaining life
The body cracks like a machine without oil.
The work continues, for the spirit pushes it forward. One and a half moans of suffering muscles arise, waiting for a rest that does not arrive.
The spirit, feverish, only sees the goal to achieve. Ignore, manly, that there is limit to everything. Even the altruistic task, in this dense and ancient world, lacks certain prudence. The purity of innocence is not very useful if it is not self-sustaining. What is the use of acting in an apparently restless way if, after a little while, the body screams, begging for peace?
Even if one wishes to be deaf, one must hear the cries of the physical vessel. Otherwise, one arrives at the absurdity of a forced “paralytic” period.
That’s what many people are saying about using the environment. But sustainable must also be the action with the body itself, since it is the nature closest to us.
We need to expand the concept of ecology!
If we learn to live in harmony with our corporeal nature, it will extend to the environment that surrounds us.
Education begins at home.
September 2, 2009.
35- Internal flame
Shadows flutter on the ground as the sun sets on the horizon. Shadows rise in the soul, when the light of consciousness ceases to shine.
You must keep the inner flame burning!
In this way the vicinity will be illuminated, allowing a reasonable visibility, even if you have some lanes depenumbra.
So when each one keeps his private flame crackling, it does not matter if the sun sets on the horizon. The fundamental problem is the imminence of the inner night, for the inattentive in the light itself …
If there is darkness in the soul, one must pick up the dry twigs of dismay, sorrow, and hopelessness, and burn them in a bonfire in great amusement.
If the inner fire is not the best, if it does not burn with ardor, let it have at least light equivalent to that of a candle.
Thus, it will be possible to see every stone in the path …
September 08, 2009
36- Fear of making mistakes
The fear of error paralyzes. Many, for fear of failing, avoid action, so deceive themselves deeply. This is called the default error. Those who omit to live, trying to prevent possible failures, are already wrong. They stop exercising, fail to test their strengths and abilities. They forget that, falling, they often learn not to stumble more.
Also, whenever someone falls, they learn to lift.
So, why are you so afraid of failing? Was it fear of being appointed? Or would it be repulsion in hurting pride itself?
In fact, it does not matter what the answers are. What is worth more is to live, with the courage to try, honestly, to hit.
When you live and act, respecting your neighbor and yourself, a mistake is a success.
What is apparently a failure, as it ripens under the influence of time, becomes a path to harmony.
September 10, 2009.
37- Knowing how to die
For many generations the murderous man. And he automatically kills anything that appears to be a threat, or that simply displeases him.
It is much easier to “eliminate” what is in the external world, allowing Him to forget the inconsistencies that inhabit his inner world.
Why not let that part of being that is clinging to arrogance, pettiness, and fear die? Why not let unsound stubbornness, sick vanity, or pride die?
We must know how to die!
And this dying is not simply elimination or annulment, but a transformative process, where, for example, the death of stubbornness without logic gives way to perseverance, or arrogance leaves existence giving way to justice. Therefore, to know how to die is to practice the so-called “good death”. But to practice this art, it is fundamental to exercise Life.
Exercising living is not basically understanding the theory on the path, but, in fact, treading the road, leaving aside what makes walking difficult.
September 13, 2009.
38- Listening and seeing beyond
Almost midnight!
It is easy to hear the silence, which is only interrupted by little common sounds. The engine of the refrigerator, a faint clatter of glass from the window, the snoring of someone sleeping … I then perceive the value of silence and solitude for a reflective moment. This moment soon becomes contemplative.
It is possible to note, in this state, the beauty that is in the things that are generally judged insignificant.
There is beauty in the breeze that knocks on the window glass. There is a peculiar grace in the gecko that wanders on the wall. It is possible to feel the Harmony, which permeates Life in the smallest details.
As you keep your eyes fixed on the old wooden shelf, you can almost see that it is not a dead piece, but rather that the particles that form it in the dimension of matter also vibrate as pure energy. And behind this energy field, it is not difficult to realize that there is a Computer Power. Chaos does not exist. Everything is Harmony, even the wind that stirs everything.
Movement and paralysis are faces of the same coin, as are strength and mildness, like moisture and dryness, on a clear day or a dark night.
September 14, 2009.
39. The Selves and God
The human being deeply cries out his frustrations, wounded pride and unadulterated vanity. It is when man becomes excessively trapped in his earthly personality, forgetting his divine potentials. He feels badly loved because he really does not love himself. He is adulterated in the purpose of harmony, for in not liking himself, he does not love others either.
And he complains, making his journey as a walk in alley full of mud. Jamming and screams! He cries out for deliverance from the chains he himself created.
So at this very moment, it’s best to shut up and listen …
After expectant times, someone calls. It is the core to emerge from insane night. Though flickering, lights of understanding emerge. It is consciousness breaking the veil of illusion. It is already possible to see that the Divinity is in everyone, and therefore each deserves respect.
The various, infinite selves, which inhabit the universe, are part of the One.
Thus, all selves need to live in the Harmony of God.
September 14, 2009.
41- Wind
To let the mind loose, in the wind, is to surrender it to God under its breath. It is a continuous and pleasurable flow. It’s like the wind itself! Simply an energy that flows, without exact intent.
It is in these moments when the mind is left loose, that poetry arises. Everything becomes poetry, like a cup that overflows, bubbling with joy.
And I ask: – wind, you are the messenger of whom? Where does it come from, bringing my mind, rhymes that do not hide?
For a brief time, I have silence in response.
But soon, like a stone rolling on a steep slope, new inspiration comes, as if it were imposed on me. I do not know where it comes from or who, but the poetry, from me, takes hold. Better not to resist the energy of this wind, for all that is dammed,
Soon yields broken. My tired body then lets the poetry flow …
September 16, 2009
42- Artimanhas
Life is an art! An art, full of whining!
So many simple details and nuances, that they tricked from children to old elders. What is a joy becomes a trap, while suffering brings growth.
Peace can be stagnation, and agitation ends up paralyzing fatigue.
Tiredness induces meditation, which generates wisdom.
Unshared wisdom is practically in vain.
And then? How to live life, if it deceives us at every turn or corner?
Is it to live suspicious?
Better not, for it is the life that teaches. But what is the key to good sina?
It is learning to live with wise science, which is living with awareness. It is knowing how to walk awake, to each path, shortcut or alley, seeing with the heart, without leaving reason aside. That is, it is an accomplishment that borders on the ruse, because it is necessary to be firm, but flexible; Strong and also soft; Now practical, now idealistic.
It is necessary to navigate, according to the currents of the sea of ​​life.
September 16, 2009.
43- Beauty
Beauty! Ah! The beauty! So sung in its facet of narrowness, which borders on the repetitive. This quality should not be limited to forms and colors which, in fact, basically stimulate the senses.
Beauty is much more!
There is beauty in old age sober and wise, as in the dignity of those who suffer in peace.
There is beauty in the simplicity of the people of the country, as in the sincerity of those who have not yet reached the bottom of the well. The beautiful is not only in a face and in its symmetrical lines, but also in the face morphetica that, nevertheless, maintains the
Glow of the look. Just watch carefully …
And the nature? How many examples of beauty!
However, it is important to point out that what escapes standards also holds charm. In a puddle of mud can the sun reflect.
The blue of the sky, hidden by a gray veil, brings the regenerating rain, which, by transforming force, causes the green to sprout on land before desolate.
So beauty and beauty, in man or in nature, depends on who sees …
September 23, 2009.
44- Virtuous Cycle
Words are like colors! If well matched, they are well finished art.
However, technique, rhyme, and metrics are not enough. Every word, phrase or text must have a true meaning, which is the essence of the soul of the writer. Thus, this art is like a prayer, which, with its particular tuning fork, will vibrate the intimate strings of another living.
Then the stream of reading expands, becoming a silent symphony, but perfectly audible by every sentient soul. It is a mysterious but glorious communication, from soul to soul. And it echoes, bringing a good feeling, which is the solidarity of sharing.
One day she gives and the other day she receives.
One day she reads and the other she writes. It is a virtuous cycle where everyone wins.
It is like love that when it divides, it multiplies.
It only expands and never shrinks.
It is something that is not explained, but feels and welcomes.
September 23, 2009.

Last words

On September 17, 2010, after entering page 30 of this book (message number 20 – “Walkers”) I had a sudden desire to write, because a poem appeared spontaneously in my mind. Someone, an entity with quite familiar energy, told me something. Soon I picked up a sheet, running seven interestingly flowing blocks. After finishing them, I evaluated the content, considering its whole, and realizing that I had been given a poetic message, which gave a very coherent closing for this work.
I recognized the spiritual author, though he left no signature recommendation. I respected the silence of the moment, and now, as the silence still lingers on the authorship, I just offer the last message of the e-book “Perceptions”, in the sequence. I only add, at last, a thanks to the kindness of the invisible friend, for having shared this content as relevant as it is profound.

Inner journey


Where do our perceptions lead us?
Is it for a path of value?
Is it for the route of confused emotions?
No! It’s for legitimate inner journey!
And on this individual trip,
That each one should have the courage to do,
One may find the immortal soul itself,
With all the strength of Being.
So in this somewhat unpretentious book,
Maybe we collaborated
With a precious goal:
Has self-knowledge been stimulated?
We hope so,
In this Divine Rotation.
But remember that is not the end!
It’s just the beginning of a time-consuming work.
A work of many lives,
Where each is a chapter.
Is right! There will be some wounds!
And when will the epilogue be?
This is a question without a prompt answer.
Still a mystery of consciousness.
A lot of people do not really like it,
But it is necessary to delve into its very essence.
Only then will it be possible to understand
The fullness of immanence
And the realization of Being,
On a path of self-transcendence.
Author: Pablo de Salamanca
Photo: Theodora

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