Quote 71: Inner journey

Where do our perceptions lead us?
Is it for a path of value?
Is it for the route of confused emotions?
No! It’s for legitimate inner journey!
And on this individual trip,
That each one should have the courage to do,
One may find the immortal soul itself,
With all the strength of Being.
So in this somewhat unpretentious book,
Maybe we collaborated
With a precious goal:
Has self-knowledge been stimulated?
We hope so,
In this Divine Rotation.
But remember that is not the end!
It’s just the beginning of a time-consuming work.
A work of many lives,
Where each is a chapter.
Is right! There will be some wounds!
And when will the epilogue be?
This is a question without a prompt answer.
Still a mystery of consciousness.
A lot of people do not really like it,
But it is necessary to delve into its very essence.
Only then will it be possible to understand
The fullness of immanence
And the realization of Being,
On a path of self-transcendence.

Helmut Kohler´s last wish

Helmut Kohler, (1930-2017) a German politician who united Germany on October 3 had a turbulent family life that left sequels to the next generation. A very sad story. This only proves that material goods are often obstacles to our reincarnation. This is why Jesus warned many times about the danger of riches.

More than 15 years ago the wife of former Chancellor Mr. Kohler, Mrs. Hannelore Kohl took her own life.
Her eldest son Walter recently began to accuse the current German chancellor, Mrs. Angela Merkelde of having a significant part of her mother’s death.

The indictment concerns the party’s funding scandal in 1999. At that time Angela Merkel was Secretary-General of the CDU. Merkel, even knowing that the wife of her former friend and protector, Mrs. Hannelore Kohl was ill, did not want to reveal the party’s rubbish, turning her back on Prime Minister Helmut Kohl.

This act left the Kohl family very embarrassed and extremely unhappy. Soon after, the wife had a severe allergy to the light. Disgusted and felt betrayed by her friend for many years, she ended her life in 2001, committing suicide.

The mother was what kept the family together. After his suicide the rock collapsed. The father was not even able to report the children of the incident, thus asking his office staff to report his mother’s death. Later, his youngest son, Peter, said that on that day he was completely unable to act. He was probably in shock, which is normal when we hear the death of someone we love.

Four years after Hannelore Helmut’s death, Kohl began a new relationship with Maike Richter, 34 years younger than him.

However, it appears that the children were against the couple’s relationship. When Helmut Kohl and Maike Richter finally decide to marry in 2008, neither Walter nor Peter were invited to the wedding. Both children received only a telegram with the following saying: “On 8 May we were married in Heidelberg, we are very happy Maike Richter and Helmut Kohl …”.

After a fall from the stairs in his house, the former chancellor, needed special care. To keep the family secret, his wife began to be attacked in public by the family, especially by the children who made no secret of their antipathy to Maike Richter, accusing her of controlling and alienating the father his grandchildren.

One of his son, Peter Kohl relates that he visited his father for the last time in May 2011. He was accompanied by his daughter. When he saw her, his face brightened with joy at the sight of his granddaughter. But then he asked to leave, otherwise the young wife would be furious.

Everything indicates that after the marriage, the former chancellor turned away from society and close friends.

After the death of his father, the second son Walter Kohl was to say goodbye to his father, accompanied with his son. However, their presence in the house was not allowed.

According to the widow, the husband did not want to be honored or buried on German soil. He also did not want Angela Merkel to give a speech.
However, his last wish was not fulfilled. This was a very cruel act, because the soul was immortal and often present at the funeral itself.
This is why he must be furious and it may even be that he begins to obsess those people who did not fulfill his last desire.
In my point of view, a great lack of respect!

To know what happens after death, here a text translated from a Brazilian spiritist site:

The liberation of the soul and the body operates gradually and with varying slowness according to the individuals and circumstances of death. The bonds that unite the soul to the body do not break until little by little, and so much less quickly as life was more material and sensual. (The Book of Spirits, no. 155)

____ At the time of death, first_very_confused; The soul needs some time to recognize itself, because it is half-stunned, and in the state of a man coming out of deep sleep and seeking to learn of his situation. The lucidity of ideas and the memory of the past come back to him as the influence of the matter from which he has just been dissolved is dissolved, and the kind of mist that obscures his thoughts dissipates.

____The duration of the disturbance that follows death is very variable; Can be a few hours only, as several days, several months and even several years. It is less long in those who, during life, have identified with their future state, because they immediately understand their situation; Is as much longer as man has lived more materially.

____The sensations that the soul experiences at this moment are also very variable;

The disturbance that follows death has nothing to do with the man of good; She is calm and in all things similar to the sensation that accompanies a peaceful awakening.
For one whose conscience is not pure and who is more attached to the bodily life than to the spiritual life, it is filled with anxiety and anguish that increases as it recognizes itself; Because then she is gripped by fear and a kind of terror in the presence of what she sees, and especially of what she sees.

____The sensation that could be called physical is that of a great relief and of an immense well-being; Feel free of a burden, and if you are very happy that you no longer feel the bodily pain you felt a few moments before you felt free, detached and alert as if you were being freed from heavy chains.

____In her new situation, the soul sees and hears what she saw and heard before death, but she sees and hears other things that escape the grossness of the bodily organs; It has sensations and perceptions that are unknown to us (Spiritist Magazine, 1859, page 224: Death of a Spiritist – Idem, 1860, page 332: The Dream of the Spirit – Idem, 1862, page 129 and 171: Funerals of M. Sanson) .

Note: These answers, and all those concerning the situation of the soul after death or during life, are not the result of a theory or of a system, but of direct studies done on thousands of individuals observed at all stages and in all Periods of their spiritual existence, from the lowest to the highest degree of the scale, according to their habits during earthly life, the kind of death, etc. It is often said, speaking of the spiritual life, that one does not know what is happening there because no one has returned from it; Is a mistake, since it is precisely those who are there who come from it to instruct us, and God allows it today more than at any other time, as the last warning given to unbelief and materialism.

____The perceptive faculties of the soul are proportional to its purification; Is given only to the elite souls to enjoy the presence of God.

____God is everywhere because it radiates everywhere, and it can be said that the Universe is steeped in divinity, as we are immersed in the sunlight. But backward Spirits are surrounded by a kind of mist that hides it in their eyes, and which dissipates only as they purge and dematerialize. The lower Spirits are, by sight, with regard to God, what incarnates are in relation to Spirits: true blind.

____If souls had no more individuality after death, it would be for them, and for us as if they did not exist, and the moral consequences would be exactly the same. They would have no distinctive character, and that of the criminal would be on the same plane as that of man, which would result in no interest in doing good.

____The individuality of the soul has been exposed in a way, so to speak, material, in the manifestations_spirit, by the language and the qualities proper to each one; Since they think and act in a different way, that some are good and some bad, some wise and some ignorant, some want what others do not want, this is the evident proof that they are not confounded in a homogeneous way, not to mention the Give us of having animated such or such an individual on the Earth. Thanks to experimental Spiritism, the individuality of the soul is no longer a vague thing, but a result of observation.

____ The soul itself realizes its individuality, because it has its own thought and will, distinct from the others; She finds it still, by its fluidic or perispirit wrapping, a kind of limited body that makes itself apart from it.

Note: Certain people believe that they escape the censure of materialism by admitting a universal intelligent principle from which we absorb a part at birth, which constitutes the soul, to return it after death to the common mass where it is confounded like the drops of water in the Ocean . This system, a kind of transaction, does not deserve the name of spiritualism, common of the universal whole would be equivalent to nothing, since there would be no more individualities. (See: Metempsychosis)

____The state of the soul varies considerably according to the type of death, but, above all, according to the nature of the habits that it had during the life.

In natural death, the detachment operates gradually and without shaking; Often it begins even before life is extinguished.
In the death of the victim by torture, suicide or accident, the bonds break abruptly; The Spirit, surprised by the unforeseen, is stunned by the change in it and does not understand its situation.

____A more or less constant phenomenon, in such case, is the persuasion in which one thinks of not being dead, and this illusion can last several months and even several years. In this state, he goes, comes and believes to apply himself to his works, as if he were still of this world, very amazed that they do not respond when he speaks. This illusion is not exclusively the case of violent deaths; Is found in individuals whose lives have been absorbed by joys and material interests. (The Spirits’ Book, 165 – Spiritist Magazine, 1858, page 166: The Suicide of the Samaritaine – Idem, 1858, page 326: A spirit at the burial of its body – Idem, 1859, page 184: The Zentai of Magenta – Idem , 1859, page 319: A Spirit who does not believe himself dead – Idem, 1863, page 97: François Simon Louvet).

____The Soul is not lost in the immensity of the Infinite, as is usually imagined; She erra_no_espaço and, most frequently, in the midst of those she met, and especially of those she loved, being able to be transported instantly to immense distances.

____He preserves all moral affections; It only forgets the material affections which are no longer of its essence. Therefore, he comes with joy to review his relatives and his friends, and is happy to remember it (Spiritist Magazine, 1860, page 202: Friends do not forget us in the other world.

____ Depending on its elevation and the nature of its work, the soul keeps the memory of what it did on Earth, is interested in the work it left unfinished. The dematerialized spirits have little concern for material things, of which they are happy to be free. As for the works that have begun, according to their importance and usefulness, they sometimes inspire others to think of finishing them.

____The soul not only rediscovers, in the spirit world, the relatives and friends who preceded it, but it finds there many others whom it had known in its previous existences. Generally, those who are most fond of her come to receive her on her arrival in the world of
Spirits, and help you to break free from earthly bonds. However, the deprivation of reunion with the most beloved souls is sometimes a punishment for guilty souls.

____The incomplete development of the child’s organs_morta_en_tenra_idad did not allow the Spirit to manifest completely; Freed from this mantle, his faculties are those which he had before his incarnation. The Spirit having spent only a few moments in life, its faculties could not change.

Note: In the brief communications, the Spirit of a child can therefore speak as an adult, because he can be a very advanced Spirit. If one takes children’s language sometimes, it is not to take from the mother the charm of a fragile and delicate being and adorned with the graces of innocence. (Spiritist Magazine, 1858, page 17: Mom! I’m there).

____The same question can be asked about the intellectual state of the souls of the cretins, the_idiots_and_loucos, after death, finds its solution in the preceding one.

____The question of the fate of children dying at an early age is one of those who best prove justice and the need for plurality_of_existences.

A soul that had lived only for a few moments, having done neither good nor evil, deserved neither reward nor punishment.
According to the maxim of Christ, that each one is punished or rewarded according to his works, it would be both illogical and contrary to the justice of God to admit that without work he would be called to enjoy the perfect happiness of the angels, or that he could Be deprived of it, and yet she must have some luck; A mixed state, for eternity, would also be unjust.
An existence has been interrupted from its beginning, and therefore can not have any consequence for the soul, its present fate is what it deserves in its previous existence, and its future fate which it deserves in its later existences.

____As souls, they procreate intellectually and morally, after death, more or less according to their will, and some progress a lot, but they need to put into practice during their bodily life what they have acquired in science and morality. Those who are stationary resume an existence analogous to the one they have left; Those who have progressed deserve an incarnation of a higher order.

____ Progress, being proportionate to the will of the Spirit, there are those who preserve for a long time the tastes and tendencies they had in life, and who pursue the same ideas. (Spiritist Magazine, 1858, page 82: The Queen of Oude – Idem, page 145: The Spirit and the Inheritors – Idem, page 186: The Drum of Bethresina – Idem, 1859, Page 325: Progress of Spirits – Idem, 1861, page 126: Progress of a Wicked Spirit).

____If souls were concerned only with themselves for eternity, that would be selfishness, and God, who condemns selfishness, would not approve in the spiritual life what punishes in bodily life. Souls or spirits have occupations according to their degree of advancement, while seeking to be instructed and improved. (The Spirits’ Book, No. 558: Occupations and Missions of the Spirits).

____The irrevocable fixation of man’s fate after death would be the absolute negation of God’s justice and goodness, because there are many who have not depended on themselves to be clear enough, let alone the idiots, the savages, and the innumerable Children who die before they have interviewed life.

Even among enlightened people, there are many who could have believed themselves to be quite perfect to be exempt from doing more, and this is not a manifest proof that God gives of their goodness, allowing man to do the next day what he did not do the day before?
____ (See: Reincarnation)
If luck is irrevocably fixed, why do men die at such different ages, and why does not God in his justice leave everyone at the time to do the greatest good or repair the evil they have done?
Who knows if the guilty party who died at the age of thirty would not have been sorry, would not he have become a good man if he lived to be sixty years old?
Why does God take away this means while giving to others?

____The Church today fully recognizes that the fire of Hell is a moral fire and not a material fire, yet it does not define the nature of pain. Spiritist communications place them under our eyes; By this means we can appreciate them and convince ourselves that, because they are not the result of a material fire, which could not burn, in fact, immaterial souls, they are no less terrible in certain cases. These are not uniform and vary in infinity according to the nature and degree of the offenses committed, and are, almost always, these very faults that serve the punishment.

It is thus that certain murderers are constrained to remain on the scene of the crime and to ceaselessly have their victims under their eyes;
That the man of ordinary tastes and materials retains these same tastes, but the impossibility of satisfying them materially is for him a torture;
That certain greedy ones believe to suffer the cold and the privations that endured during the life by avarice;
Others remain near the treasures they have buried and are in perpetual trance for fear that they will steal them;
There is not a fault, a moral imperfection, a bad action that does not have, in the world of the Spirits, its counterpart and its natural consequences; And for this there is no need of a definite and circumscribed place: wherever it is found, the Spirit perversifies its hell with itself.

____ In addition to the spiritual feathers, there are sorrows and material trials which the Spirit, which is not cleansed, endorses in the new incarnations, where he is put in a position to bear what he has made others endure:

Be humiliated if he was proud;
Miserable, if he was poor rich;
Unhappy for his son, if he was a bad son, etc.

____The Earth, as we have said, is a place of exile and expiation, a purgatory, for spirits of this nature, and on which it depends on each one not to return, improving enough to deserve to go to a better world (The Book of Spirits , No. 237: Perceptions, sensations and suffering of Spirits – Idem, book Fourth: Hopes and consolations, future feathers and joys – Spiritist Magazine, 1858, page 79: The Lemaire Killer – Idem, 1858, Same, 1858, page 331: Sensations of the Spirits – Idem, 1859, page 275: Father Crépin – Idem, 1860, page 61: Estelle Régnier – Idem, 1860, page 247: The suicide of the street Quincampoix – Idem, 1860, page 316: The Punishment – Idem, 1860, page 325: Entry of a Guilty Man into the World of Spirits – Idem, 1860, page 384: Punishment of the Selfish – Idem, 1861, page 53: Suicide of an Atheist – Idem, 1861, page 270 : The penalty of taliao).

____ Prayer is recommended by all good Spirits; On the other hand, it is demanded by the Immortal Spirits as a means of alleviating their sufferings. The soul for which one prays is relieved, because it is a testimony of interest, and the unhappy man is always relieved when he finds charitable hearts who are grateful for his tales. On the other hand, still by prayer, it is stimulated to repentance and the desire to do what it takes to be happy; It is in this sense that his pen can be shortened if, in turn, it is seconded by his goodwill (The Spirits’ Book, no. 664 – Spiritist Magazine, 1859, p. 315: Effects of the prayer on the suffering spirits).
____The justice wants that the reward is proportional to the merit, like the punishment to the gravity of the lack; There are, therefore, infinite degrees in the joys of the soul, from the moment it enters the path of goodness until it reaches perfection.

____The happiness of good spirits consists of …

Knowing all things,
Not having hate,
Nor jealousy and envy,
Nor ambition,
Nor any of the passions that do the unhappiness of men.

____The love that unites them is, for them, the source of supreme happiness. They experience neither the needs nor the sufferings nor the anguish of material life. A state of perpetual contemplation would be a stupid and monotonous happiness, proper to the selfish, since its existence would be an unlimited futility. The spiritual life, on the other hand, is an incessant activity for the missions that the Spirits receive from the supreme being, as their agents in the rule of the Universe; Missions that are commensurate with their advance and of which they are happy, because they give them occasion to become useful and to do good. (The Spirits’ Book, no. 558: Occupations and Missions of the Spirits – Spiritist Magazine, 1860, page 321 and 322, The Pure Spirits, The Abode of the Blessed) – Idem, 1861, page 179: Madame Gourdon. Note: We invite the opponents of Spiritism and those who do not admit reincarnation, to give the above problems a more logical solution, by any other principle than that of the plurality of existences.



Picture: Theodora

Source: http://www.guia.heu.nom.br/apos_a_morte_resumo_de_ak.htm

The future of Europe

The list of the 10 countries that most exported military weapons between 2009 and 2013: United States, Russia, Germany, China, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Ukraine, Italy and Israel.
In fact, these 10 countries have a moral duty to receive asylum, because if there is a war, it is because of their weapons. After all, we only reap what we sow.

In the book “On the way to the Light”, spirituality informs us what Christ’s goal for humanity is: Uniao dos pueblos.

This is why I am often perplexed by the reaction of many religious leaders such as the Buddhist leader and Danish businessman Mr Nydahl to verbally combat the politics of asylees and be even racist. It strikes me because he has a very extensive degree of Buddhist knowledge.

But no one is perfect and we should do our utmost not to judge anyone, for we are all imperfect souls. Especially this soul that writes to you.

It is not uncommon at times that I dream about political issues. Sometimes giving advice as in the case of the German defense minister, sometimes releasing prisoners from the Korean regime.


Last night I dreamed of the Chancellor of Germany, Mrs. Angela Merkel. In my dream, after a political meeting with several other leaders, she was physically exhausted. In an informal conversation, she revealed that the fatigue was due to a cancer she had acquired. Even though I am aware that the massage can accelerate the cancer cells, I offer to give her a back massage, relieving her muscle tension a little.

I can not guarantee that we really met. Therefore, only time can reveal whether it was just dream or a meeting of two souls in the spirit world.

All spiritualists know that illness begins in the soul and the cause is often stress. But it can also be karmic from other past lives. However, because of our actions, this karma is often transformed. If we do good things for our fellow man, then we will accumulate positive karma. Now, if we desire evil, our soul can transform the cells of our astral body, in which it will project itself into the carnal body.

Yesterday there was a meeting of the leaders of several countries in Brussels. France and Germany, enemies of other times, are united by the same ideal: A strong Europe, without racism, fraternal and aiming for the good of the people. But many political leaders do not have the same ideal, because they think only in the present moment. Unfortunately they did not reach the vision of a fraternal world, without barriers.

Of course I understand the fear of mingling with the Islamic race. For the law of Charia is a barbaric law that must be abolished. But Europeans have, not only the mission but the duty to receive these refugees. Especially Germany for having a very heavy karma, but also for being the third largest exporter of military weapons.

Here is the list of the 10 countries that most exported military weapons between 2009 and 2013: United States, Russia, Germany, China, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Ukraine, Italy and Israel.

In reality, these 10 countries should receive the asylees, because if there is a war, it is because of their weapons.

I do not think I need to dig deeper into the subject.

Now a copy of the book “On the way to the Light”, psychographed by the medium Francisco Xavier dictated in the year 1938, a year before the second world war.


PDF: A Caminho da Luz

This book and others can be read for free at the following website: http://www.bvespirita.com
As the painful transitions of the twentieth century announce themselves to the sinister clatter of weapons, the spiritual forces gather for the great reconstructions of the future.
The time is near when all the terrestrial values ​​will be measured for the resurgence of the creative energies of a new world, and it is natural for us to remember the mystical ascendant of all the civilizations that have appeared and disappeared, evoking the great evolutionary periods of the Humanity, with its miseries and its splendours, to affirm the spiritual realities above all transient phenomena of matter.
This effort of synthesis will be that of faith claiming its position in the face of the science of men, and before the religions of separateness, as the compass of true wisdom.

Before our eyes of spirit pass the ghosts of dead civilizations, as if we were standing before a wonderful “screen”. Souls change the fleshly garb, in the unceasing course of centuries; Build the millennial edifice of human evolution with their tears and sufferings, and even our ears reach the painful echoes of their afflictions. It passes the first organizations of man and pass their great cities, transformed into silent ossuaries.

Time, as the divine patrimony of the spirit, renews the anxieties and anguish of every century, in order to clarify the way of human experiences. The races and the generations, the languages ​​and the peoples, the countries and the frontiers, the sciences and the religions pass. A divine breath makes all things move in this wonderful whirlwind.
The order is then established, balancing all the phenomena and movements of the planetary building, vitalizing the eternal bonds that bring together his great family.
One sees, then, the unbreakable thread that sustains the centuries of earthly experiences, bringing them harmoniously together, so that they constitute the immortal treasure of the human soul in its glorious ascension into the Infinite.
Races are replaced by souls and generations are stages of their learning and use; Languages ​​are forms of expression, moving towards the unique expression of brotherhood and love, and peoples are the dispersed members of a large family working for the definitive establishment of their universal community.

His most eminent children, on the level of spiritual values, are favored by the Supreme Justice, who legislates on High for all the worlds of the Universe, and can visit the other sidereal homelands, returning to the orb, the blessed effort of regenerative missions within the churches and Of the earth academies.
In the magical screen of our studies, we highlight those missionaries who the world has often crucified in the incomprehension of vulgar souls, but in all and above all, the light of this thread of spirituality that divinizes matter, chaining the work of Civilizations and, above all, obscuring the “screen” of our observations and our studies, we see the source of extraordinary light, whence the first geometrical point of this thread of life and harmony, which balances and saturates the whole Earth in a Apotheosis of movement and divine clarity.

Our poor eyes can not discern particularities in this wonder, but we know that the thread of light and life is in His hands. It is He who sustains all the active and passive elements of planetary existence. In his august and merciful heart is the Word of the beginning. A breath of His will can renew all things, and His gesture can transform the physiognomy of all earthly horizons.
The generations of all time have passed, with their anxieties and anxieties. Wars have bloodied the itinerary of peoples in their incessant pilgrimages to higher knowledge.
The thrones of kings have fallen, and millennial crowns have been crushed. The princes of the world returned to the theater of their proud vanity in the humble garb of the slaves, and in vain the dictators urged and called upon the peoples of the earth for slaughter and destruction.
The determinism of love and good is the law of the whole universe and the human soul emerges from all catastrophes in search of a better life.
Only Jesus did not pass, in the painful journey of the races, aiming at the tearing of all frontiers into the universal amplexo.
He is the Light of Principle and in his merciful hands rests the destinies of the world. His magnanimous heart is the source of life for all terrestrial Humanity. His message of love in the Gospel is the eternal word of resurrection and justice, of brotherhood and of mercy.
All human things have passed away, all human things will change. He, however, is the Light of all terrestrial lives, inaccessible to time and destruction.
As we speak of the mission of the twentieth century, contemplating the dictators of today, who fly in the executioners of the multitudes, it is up to us to turn our eyes to the infinite mercy of the Lord, begging for peace and love for all hearts.


Summary of pages 212-215:
The Gospel and the future
From that time when the evangelical message expanded the sphere of human freedom, by virtue of its maturity to understand the great and consoling truths of existence, it parked the spiritual man in his outbreaks of progress, unable to accompany the physical man in his march By the roads of knowledge.
It is for this reason that, alongside powerful airplanes and radiotelephony, which link all continents and countries of today, indicating the imperatives of the laws of human solidarity, we see the concept of civilization insulted by all doctrines of isolation, while the peoples Prepare themselves for extermination and for destruction. That is why, in the name of the Gospel, all absurdities are perpetrated in so-called Christian countries.
The reality is that Western civilization did not become Christianized. In France we have the guillotine, the gallows in England, the ax in Germany, and the electric chair in the very America of fraternity and concord, to refer only to the supercivilized nations of the planet. Has not Italy attacked Abyssinia in the name of the Christian civilization of the West? Was it not in the name of the Gospel that the Italian priests blessed the cannons and machine guns of the conquest? In the name of the Christ, in these twenty centuries, all the discord and all the bitterness of the world have spread.
But the time has come for a readjustment of all human values. If the painful collective atonement preludes the epoch of the last years of the Apocalypse, spirituality must penetrate the achievements of the physical man, leading them for the good of all mankind.


Spiritism, in its mission of Comforter, is the shelter of the world in this century of declines of its History; He alone can, in his feature of revived Christianity, save the religions that are extinguished between the clashes of force and ambition, selfishness and dominion, pointing to man his true ways.

In its source of enlightenment, one may drink the crystalline lymph of the consoling truths of Heaven, preparing souls for the new age. The time has come when the forces of evil will be compelled to abandon their ultimate positions of domination in earthly environments, and their last triumphs are well the pledge of a reckless and unhappy reaction, hastening the realization of the dark vaticancies weighing upon His perishable empire.
Dictators, armies, economic hegemonies, versatile and unconscious masses, inglorious wars, secular organizations, will pass with the vertigo of a nightmare.
The victory of the force is a clarity of fireworks.
All reality is that of the Spirit, and all peace is the understanding of the kingdom of God and his righteousness.
The passing century will effect the division of the sheep of the immense flock. The shepherd’s staff will lead suffering into the painful task of choice, and pain will be entrusted to the work which men have not accepted for love.

A storm of bitterness will sweep the whole earth. The children of Jerusalem of every age shall weep, beholding those rains of tears and blood that shall burst forth from the heavy clouds of their blackened consciences.
Condemned by the irrevocable sentences of their social and political errors, European superiority will disappear forever, like the Roman Empire, delivering to America the fruit of their experiences, with a view to the civilization of the future.
Now there is a twilight on earth, to which it will be a deep night; And to the twentieth century it is the mission of the outcome of these frightening events.

Nevertheless, the humble workers of Christ hear their voice at the core of our soul:

“Blessed are the poor, for the kingdom of God belongs to them!
Blessed are those who hunger for justice, for they will be satisfied!
Blessed are the afflicted, for the day of consolation will come! Blessed are the peacemakers, because they will go to God! ”
Yes, because after the dawn there will be a new dawn. Comforting lights will envelop the entire regenerated orb in the baptism of suffering. The spiritual man will be united to the physical man for his glorious march in the Unlimited, and Spiritism will have removed from its material debris the divine soul of the religions, which men have perverted, binding them in the welcoming embrace of restored Christianity.
Let us work for Jesus, even though our workshop is located in the desert of conscience.
We are all called to the great work and our most sublime duty is to respond to the calls of the Chosen.
Looking back over the history of the world, we feel a sharp chill in this painful twilight of Western civilization. Let us remember the mercy of the Father and make our prayers. The night will not delay and, in the midst of its compact shadows, let us not forget Jesus, whose infinite mercy, as always, will be the immortal clarity of the future dawn, made of peace, fraternity and redemption.


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Source: http://www.bvespirita.com





Suicide: End or beginning of suffering?

With each passing day, the use of Euthanasia is more common. Patients with endless sufferings cry out for the release of their sufferings. They cry out in a clear way for a soft death.
But is it really the end of our sufferings?
Many people who decide on Euthanasia or commit suicide do so without first questioning what is on the other side of life.
Others even say bluntly: “It does not matter what’s on the other side. The important thing is to end this suffering.”
I understand these people because for many years of my life I thought so, until I discovered what really exists on the other side.
When one is certain that life exists after death, then one begins to see one’s situation, one’s own problems differently.
The safest way is out-of-body experience. Once we leave our carnal envelope, we can finally be sure that this present life is only a vision. Did not the master Jesus say, “Find the truth and it will set you free?”

Materialism, this scourge of humanity that spreads throughout the world is the evil that should be shed from our human ego.
Of course we need it to eat and sleep, but this planet is just passing through. Earth is only a school for learning and correcting our past mistakes. Very well said the abortenija saying:
Every reincarnation is traced by ourselves-except in a few rare cases- This means that we decide the evidence imposed by ourselves. But we often decide on the middle of the road to stop or complain about life.
Analyzing the case of the American Otto Warmbier, as a human being, I am immensely sad. But the suffering he has gone through, for sure may have cleansed his soul from the karma he brought from past lives.
At the moment I am translating a book on reincarnationist therapy and I hope in the next few weeks to be able to post it here, bringing more information about it.



An article by the Brazilian Antonio Rossi on Euthanasia:

Euthanasia in the spiritist vision:

The Spirit´s Book of Allan Kardec:

Question 953 – When a person sees before him an inevitable and horrible end, will he be guilty of abbreviating his sufferings for a few moments, voluntarily hastening his death?

“He is always guilty who does not wait for the term that God has marked for existence. And who can be sure that, despite appearances, that term has arrived; That an unexpected bailout does not come at the last moment? “

Some people argue that the physician (with or without the consent of family members) has a duty to alleviate the patient’s suffering when the disease has no cure, providing a “calm and quiet” death for the dying person.

From the spiritual point of view, we can make the following considerations:

1- It is up to God, Lord of our destinies, to promote our return to Spirituality. In the Table of Ten Commandments, received by Moses on Mount Sinai, where the foundations of human justice lie, there is the unequivocal recommendation: “Thou shalt not kill.”

No one can say with absolute certainty that a patient is hopelessly condemned. The medical literature is prodigal in examples of patients in a hopeless state who recover.

3. Euthanasia interrupts the purification of the Spirit, since it anticipates its departure, causing the disincarnation.

4 – According to the Spirit André Luiz, imposes to the disembodied serious difficulties in the return to the Spiritual Plane.

Family members often make this decision basically for two reasons. First, because they can not bear to see the suffering of the loved one who is in an irreversible state. Knowing that there is no possibility of recovery, they think that the best solution is to shorten their life here on Earth, consequently their suffering.

But let us be frank: there are those family members who, at bottom, only want to be free of their own work, for weeks and months, visiting the patient in the hospital. Also, if there is a chance (a real “miracle”) of the patient recovering, how many problems and difficulties would flow from there to care for a being who might lead a vegetative life if he left the Hospital?

André Luiz, in his book “Workers of Eternal Life”, reports the euthanasia that was submitted to a worker of the secular spirit called Cavalcante. The doctor, taking advantage of the unconsciousness of the dying person and without the authorization of the relatives, applied a lethal dose of anesthetic to him.

The perispirito of Cavalcante is also reached by the medicine and Cavalcante-Spirit is stunned, incapable of any attitude.

In the face of what happened, the detachment of the disincarnant could only take place after 20 hours of what had been foreseen by the friendly spirits.

Still, Cavalcante did not withdraw under favorable and encouraging conditions. Apathetic, sleepy, forgetful, he was collected in a spiritual department, demonstrating that he needed more care.

In addition, we must not forget that it is often the patient himself who, before reincarnating, requested a death in these ways. That is, that time in irreversible physical state – coma, for example – was predicted to happen for the patient’s own good, spiritually speaking.

Applied from the earliest cultures, euthanasia, far from being “happy death”, is an unfortunate solution for the patient, besides constituting itself in lamentable disrespect for God’s designs.

Fernando Rossit

Supporting Bibliography:

1-Workers of Eternal Life – André Luiz / Chico Xavier

2-Richard Simonetti – “Who is afraid of Death?”

3-The Book of Spirits – Allan Kardec, question 953


Photo: Unknown

North Korea exterminated dream of a young American

Probably many will not understand because I have put “exterminated dream”, instead of “reaped life”.
Life does not end, but the dreams of this carnal existence, yes.
Very sad. I’m very sorry …. Very sorry for the young man and his family …

Today is a very sad day. I just heard on the news that the 22-year-old Otto Warmbier has just passed away.
A student at the University of Virginia was arrested in North Korea where he must have suffered terrible maltreatment.
I pray for the soul of the young man who can find the peace on the other side and for the family, that they can gain strength in this unfortunate moment.
On one of my astral trips, I was once in North Korea, where I was able to free an inmate.
Now, there will be some tougher reaction from the United States against the Korea?

The Phantom of Bayonne

This case that I will translate seems to be a description of the Etheric double in which it was quoted in the Article Out-of-body experience

In the nineteenth century the phenomenon of appearance of the soul of the “dead” was normal, especially in French society.
Today this phenomenon is very rare.
Even incorporation has become very rare, with the exception of Brazil.
But as we morally evolve, the manifestations also evolve. So telepathy, or inspiration, is a form we can call futurists.
We can give an example. Formerly used a cell phone that weighed a lot and was the size of a brick. Today, the phones have improved and weigh only a few grams. In the future there will be no need to carry any object to communicate with someone. We’ll probably have a chip implanted into the skin. Through this chip we may have the ability to communicate telepathically.



Spiritist Magazine, February 1859
We often repeat the theory of apparitions, and recall it in our last issue of strange phenomena we have related. To them we refer our readers, for the intelligence of what is going to follow.
Everybody knows that in the number of extraordinary manifestations produced by Mr. Home was the apparition of perfectly tangible hands that each could see and feel, which pressed and narrowed, after which, suddenly, they offered nothing but emptiness when They wanted to catch by surprise. There is a positive fact, which has occurred in many circumstances, and testifies to numerous eyewitnesses. Strange and abnormal as it may seem, the marvelous ceases from the moment when it can be explained by a logical explanation; Then enters into the category of natural phenomena, although of a very different order from those which are produced under our eyes, and with which it is necessary to keep oneself in order not to confuse them. In the usual phenomena we can find points of comparison, such as the blind man who noticed the glare of light and colors by the sound of the trumpet, but not of similarities; Is precisely the craze of wanting to assimilate everything we know, which causes disappointments to certain people; Think they can operate on these new elements as on hydrogen and oxygen.

Therein lies the error; These phenomena are subject to conditions that leave the usual circle of our observations; It is necessary, first of all, to know them and to conform to them if results are to be achieved. It is necessary, above all, not to lose sight of this essential principle, the true cornerstone of Spiritist science; Is that the agent of vulgar phenomena is a physical, material force that can be subjected to the laws of calculus, whereas in spiritist phenomena this agent is constantly an intelligence that has its own will and which we can not submit to our whims .
In these hands were flesh, skin, bones, royal nails?
Of course not. They were nothing more than an appearance, but such as produced the effect of reality. If a Spirit has the power to make any part of his etheric body visible and palpable, there is no reason why it can not be the same with other organs. Suppose, then, that a Spirit extends this appearance to all parts of the body, we would believe to see a being like us acting as we do, whereas this would be nothing but a vapor that is momentarily solidified. Such is the case of the Bayonne ghost. The duration of this appearance is subject to conditions which are unknown to us; It undoubtedly depends on the will of the Spirit, who can produce it or cease it at will, but in certain limits which it is not always free to transpose. The Spirits, interrogated on this subject, as well as all the intermittenities of any manifestations, have always said that they act by virtue of a higher permission.

If the duration of bodily appearance is limited to certain Spirits, we can say that in principle it is variable, and can persist for a greater or lesser time; Which can be produced at all times and at all times. A Spirit, whose whole body was so visible and palpable, would have for us all the appearances of a human being, and could talk to us, sit in our home as any other person, because for us he would be one of our fellow beings.

We start from a clear fact, the appearance of tangible hands, to arrive at an assumption that is the logical consequence; And yet we would not have insinuated it if the story of the Bayonne child had not been placed in our path, showing its possibility. A higher spirit, asked about this point, answered that, in fact, one can find beings of this nature without doubting this; Added that it is rare, but that it is seen. As if to understand one’s name is necessary for every thing, the Parisian Society of Spiritist Studies calls them agents to indicate that their origin is not the product of a
generation. The following fact, which happened recently in Paris, seems to belong to this category:

A poor woman was in the church of Saint-Roch, and she asked God to come to the aid of her affliction. On her way out of the church on Saint-Honoré Street, she found a gentleman who approached her and said, “My brave wife, would you be glad to find work?
Ah! My good lord, she said, I asked God to help me find a job because I am very unhappy.
– Well! Go on such a street, in such a number; You will call Mrs. T …; She will give it to you. “After that, she continued on her way, and the poor woman met the address indicated
“I have work to do,” said the lady in question, “but as I have not yet called anyone, how come you come to see me?” The poor woman, perceiving a picture hanging on the wall, said:
“Madame, it was this gentleman there who sent me.”
“This gentleman!” The lady repeated, but this is not possible; Is the portrait of my son, who died three years ago.
“I do not know how that happens, but I assure you that it was this gentleman that I just found leaving the church where I went to ask God to assist me; He approached me, and it was very well he who sent me here.
In what we have just seen, there would be nothing surprising in that this Spirit, from that lady’s son, to render service to this poor woman, from whom she had undoubtedly heard the prayer, appeared to him in her corporeal form to indicate to her The address of his mother. What did it become afterwards? No doubt in what it was before: in a Spirit, unless he did not think it appropriate to show others in the same appearance, continuing his walk.
This woman, thus, would have found a bribe, with which she spoke. But then, you will say, why did not you introduce yourself to your mother? In these circumstances, the determining motives of the Spirits are completely unknown to us; They act as they think best, or rather, as they have said, by virtue of a permission without which they can not reveal their existence materially. It is understood, moreover, that his vision could cause a dangerous emotion to his mother; And who knows if he did not introduce himself to her, either during sleep or otherwise? And, by the way, was not that the means of revealing his existence? It is more than likely that he was an invisible witness to the interview.

The Phantom of Bayonne seems to us to be regarded as an agency,
At least in the circumstances in which it has manifested itself; Because for the family he always had the character of a Spirit, a character which he never attempted to disguise: it was his permanent state, and the bodily appearances he took, were only incidental; While the agency itself does not reveal its nature, and he is in our eyes only an ordinary man; Corporal appearance may, if necessary, be of a long duration in order to establish social relations with one or more individuals.
We ask the Spirit of St. Louis to consent to clarify different points by answering our questions.
1. Could the Ghost of the Bayonne Ghost show itself bodily in other places and other people than in his family? – A. Yes, of course.

2. Does it depend on your will?
“Not precisely; The power of spirits is limited; They do nothing but what they are permitted to do.
3. What would happen if he were introduced to an unknown person?
“He would be taken for an ordinary child.” But I will tell you one thing, it is that there are sometimes spirits on Earth who take on this appearance and are taken by men.
4. Do these beings belong to the lower or higher Spirits?
“They can belong to both; These are rare facts. Of them you have examples in the Bible.
5. Rare or not, it is enough that they are possible to merit attention. What would happen, taking such a being for an ordinary man, if it would do him a mortal wound? Was he dead?
“He would disappear suddenly, like the young man from London. (See December, 1858, Bi-corporeality Phenomenon.)

6. Do they have passions?
– Yes, as Spirits, they have the passions of Spirits according to their inferiority. If they take an apparent body, sometimes it is to enjoy the human passions; If they are high, it is for a useful purpose.
7. Can they procreate?
God would not allow them; Would be contrary to the laws He set for the earth; They can not be elided.
8. If a fellow creature were introduced to us, would there be a way to recognize him?
No, only by his disappearance, which is done unexpectedly. It is the same fact of transporting furniture from a ground floor to the attic, a fact that you have read.
Notice. Allusion to a fact of this nature reported at the beginning of the session.
9. What is the purpose that certain spirits may take to take this bodily form; Is it for evil rather than for good?
– Often for evil; The good Spirits use the art of inspiration; Act upon the soul and the heart. You know this, the physical manifestations are produced by lower Spirits, and these are of that number. However, as I have already said, good spirits can also take that corporeal appearance to a useful end; I spoke in a general way.

10. In this state, can they become visible or invisible at will?
– Yes, since they may disappear when they want.
11. Do they have a hidden power superior to that of other men?
– They have but the power that gives them their position as Spirits.
12. Do they have a real need to feed themselves?
– No; The body is not a real body.
13. But the young man of London had no real body, yet he had lunch with his friends, and he shook hands with them. What has become the ingested diet?
Before he shook his hand, where were his fingers pressing? Why do not you want to understand that matter disappears too? The body of the young man from London was not a reality since he was in Boulogne; It was an appearance; It was the same with the food he seemed to ingest.
14. Would a similar being at home be a good or an evil?
– R. It would rather be an evil; Nor can one acquire much knowledge with these beings. We can not tell you much, these facts are exceedingly rare and never have a character of permanence. His instant bodily disappearances, like those of Bayonne, are much less.
15. Does a protective family spirit sometimes take this form?
– R. No; Does not he have the inner strings? It touches them more easily than it would in visible form, or if we took it as one of our fellows.
16. It was wondered if the count of Saint-German did not belong to the category of the agents (a category designated for the spirit momentarily materialized).
– R. No; Was a skillful mystifier. The story of the youth of London, narrated in our December issue, is a fact of bicorporeity, or rather double presence, which differs essentially from that in question. The agency has no living body on earth; Only his perispirit takes palpable form. The young man from London was perfectly alive; While his body slept in Boulogne, his spirit, enveloped by the perispirit, went to London, where he took on a tangible appearance.
An almost analogous personal fact. While we lay peacefully in our bed, one of our friends saw us several times in his house, although in a non-tangible appearance, sitting next to him and talking to him as usual. Once he saw us in a robe, sometimes in a suit. He transcribed our conversation, which he communicated to us the next day. She was, well, thinking about our favorite works. To make an experiment, he offered us refreshments, and here is our answer: “I do not need them, since it is not my body that is here, you know, there is no need to produce an illusion.” A rather bizarre circumstance occurred at the time. Whether it is a natural predisposition, whether it is the result of our intellectual work, serious since our youth, we could say it from childhood, the depth of our character has always been extremely serious, even at the age when we think only of pleasure. This constant preoccupation gives us a very cold, very cold encounter; At least it is by what we are frequently censured; But under this false glacial appearance the Spirit feels, perhaps more vividly, as if it had more outward expansion. Now, on our nocturnal visits to our friend, he was surprised to find us different; We were more open, more communicative, almost cheerful. All breathing in us, the satisfaction and calm of well-being. Is not there an effect of the Spirit disconnected from matter?


The Noisy Spirits – Means To Get Rid Of Them
Spiritist Magazine, February 1859

They write to us from Gramat (Lot): “In a house in the village of Coujet, commune of Bastat (Lot), extraordinary noises have been heard for some two months. They were first blows dry, and very similar to the clash of a club on the Boards, which could be heard from all sides: underfoot, on head, at doors, through furniture, then in the footsteps of a man walking with bare feet, the tapping of fingers on the windows. Were frightened and told to say Masses, the restless people went to the village and listened, the police intervened, made several investigations, and the noise increased.Therefore they were open doors, upset objects, chairs designed by the stairs, furniture transported from the ground floor To the attic.Everything I tell you, attested by a large number of people, passes in broad day.The house is not a black and gloomy old hut, of which only the aspect makes one think ghosts, it is a house recently built , Which is agr Owners are good people, unable to deceive someone, and sick with fear. However, many people do not think that there is nothing supernatural, and try to explain, either by physics or by bad intentions that lend to the inhabitants of the house, everything that is extraordinary there.
For myself, which I have seen and believe, I have resolved to address you to know the Spirits who make this noise, and to know the way, if there is one, to make them silent. It is a service that you give to these good people, etc. …. “The facts of this nature are not rare, they resemble almost everyone and do not differ in general, except for their intensity and their greater or lesser tenacity. With them when they are limited to certain noises without consequence, but if they take a true calamity when they acquire certain proportions. Much lower are the only ones capable of it.

The higher spirits, as well as serious and serious men, do not amuse themselves by making noise. Often we ask them why they are disturbed in this way. Most have no other purpose than to have fun; These are spirits rather frivolous than evil, who laugh at the dread they cause, and the useless searches that are done to discover the cause of the tumult. Often, they cling to an individual, who rejoice in vexation, and chase after dwelling; Other times they connect to a place for no other reason than their whim. Sometimes it is a revenge that they carry on, as we shall see. In some cases his intention is more commendable; Want to call attention and get in communication, either to give a
A useful warning to the person they are addressing, or to ask for something for themselves. We often see them asking for prayers, sometimes asking for the
Fulfillment, on their behalf, of a vow they could not fulfill, other times, at last, to want, in the interest of their own rest, to repair to bad deed committed by them when they lived. In general, one makes the mistake of frightening them; Their presence may be intrusive, but not dangerous. It is conceived, moreover, the desire to get rid of them and is usually done for this, everything contrary to what would be necessary. If they are entertaining spirits, the more one takes the thing seriously, the more they persist, the children
Pesky ones who hate those who see themselves impatient, and who frighten the cowards. If he had the clever way of laughing for himself, of his bad roundabouts, they would end up tired and still. We met someone who, far from irritating, excited them, challenged them to such and such, so well that after a few days they would not take it up again. But, as we have said, there are some whose motive is the most frivolous. So it’s always useful to know what they want.
The higher spirits, as well as serious and serious men, do not amuse themselves by making noise. Often we call them to ask why they are disturbed in this way. Most have no other purpose than to have fun; These are spirits rather frivolous than evil, who laugh at the dread they cause, and the useless searches that are done to discover the cause of the tumult. Often, they cling to an individual, who rejoice in vexation, and chase after dwelling; Other times they connect to a place for no other reason than their whim. Sometimes it is a revenge that they carry on, as we shall see. In some cases his intention is more commendable; Want to call attention and get in communication, either to give a
A useful warning to the person they are addressing, or to ask for something for themselves. We often see them asking for prayers, sometimes asking for the
Fulfillment, on their behalf, of a vow they could not fulfill, other times, at last, to want, in the interest of their own rest, to repair a bad deed committed by them when they lived. In general, one makes the mistake of frightening them; Their presence may be intrusive, but not dangerous. It is conceived, moreover, the desire to get rid of them and is usually done for this, everything contrary to what would be necessary. If they are entertaining spirits, the more one takes the thing seriously, the more they persist, as children
Pesky ones who hate those who see themselves impatient, and who frighten the cowards. If he had the clever way of laughing for himself, of his bad roundabouts, they would end up tired and still. We met someone who, far from irritating, excited them, challenged them to do such and such, so well that after a few days they would not take it up again. But, as we have said, there are some whose motive is the most frivolous. So it is always useful to know what they want

If they ask for something, one can be sure that they will cease their visits, as long as their desire is satisfied. The best way to be informed in this respect is to evoke the Spirit through a good writing medium; By their answers, they will see what they are disputing, and will act in consequence; If he is an unhappy Spirit, charity commands him to treat him with the considerations he deserves. If it is a bad playfulness, you can act without it; If it is malevolent, we must ask God to make it better. In every state of defense, prayer can not always have but a good result. But the gravity of the formulas of exorcism makes them laugh and do not have them in any account Being able to enter into communication with them, one must be suspicious of the burlesque or terrifying qualifications that are sometimes given to amuse themselves with credulity.
The difficulty, in many cases, is to have a medium available. It is then necessary to seek to become oneself, or directly question the Spirit, conforming to the precepts we have given in this respect in our practical Instruction on manifestations.

These phenomena, though executed by inferior spirits often are caused by spirits of a higher order, in order to convince the existence of incorporeal beings and a power higher than man. The resonance that results from them, the very fear they cause, draws attention, and will eventually open the eyes of the most unbelieving. These find it simpler to place these phenomena in the mind’s eye, a very comfortable explanation, and which dispenses with giving them others; However, when objects are thrown into disorder or thrown into your head, you would need a very complacent imagination to figure out what such things are when they are not.

One notices an effect whatsoever, this effect necessarily has a cause; If a cold and calm observation shows us that this effect is independent of all human will and of all material cause, if, in addition, it gives us evident signs of intelligence and free will, which is the most characteristic sign, we are forced to Attribute it to a hidden intelligence. What are these mysterious beings? This is what Spiritist studies teach us, in the least challenging way, by the means that gives us to communicate with them. These phenomena teach us, moreover, to separate what is real, false or exaggerated in the phenomena of which we are not aware. If an unusual effect was produced: noise, movement, even apparition, the first thought one must have is that it was due to an all natural cause, because it is most likely; It is necessary, then, to seek this cause with the utmost care, and not to admit the intervention of the Spirits but consciously; Is the means of not deceiving yourself.



Policy and Environment: Integration with Nature – the option for Light

Perhaps the planet Earth will suffer a lot from the lack of oxygenation, in which the vegetable kingdom processes and realizes.
Take care of the vegetable kingdom. Please, he’s asking for help.
The woods are crying out for help.
The plantations are calling for help.
Nowadays you only plant if you give money and, if you do not give it, you do not plant it.
But this is not the smart way.

Many diseases, which are occurring on this planet, are the result of the estrangement of the man from Mother Nature.
It is certain that man has to work, it is certain that man has to support himself, but it is not difficult also to think a little of the other Realms and to have them in the house, to cultivate them, for that is a food, of Which he needs for himself.

It is true that people need the so-called money to live here on Earth, but it is also not correct for people to explore a little more than what they should charge for the vegetable kingdom when that is not what is happening or what we have Seen in these horts that are out there are a change of flowers enriching the pocket of many people, who goes to the woods, plucking these plants and depositing them in pots and,
Perhaps by selling them to people who are careful or not …
Many materialistic people regard vegetables as objects rather than evolving creatures and want to turn them into a mere source of profits.
The mercantilist mentality is one of the worst realities of the moment of the Earth, in which everything is given a price in money.
Oxossi, King of woods


Most of the souls of the terraqueous inhabitants do not originate from this orb. Earth is nothing more than a school for spiritual enhancement or a prison. Theodora

Book: Interplanetary exchange for nature appreciation

Author: Brotherhood of Anonymous, Luiz Guilherme Marques (Medium)

The Earth psychosphere is imbued with high qualifications negative energy, because their present inhabitants have lived in their vast majority, especially Westerners, due to the “eat, sleep, play.”
On the face of it, beings from higher worlds must be present here, interfering in various ways to avoid ecological disasters, collective and individual misfortunes and seeking to raise the level of mental frequency of the said psychosphere without interfering with the free will of creatures And human collectivities, who are responsible before the Divine Justice for their life choices.

There has always been interchange between the beings of planets that have some affinity, because this is part of the Divine Law as Solidarity.
In several crucial moments of the humanity of the Earth were made present beings of other more evolved planets, being this fact registered even by the presence of spaceships that were known like flying saucers.
No one should be surprised at this fact, because the Universe is one and all beings are citizens of the Universe and do not belong to one planet to the detriment of others.

We are living in a world as we live in a city, but no one, no Spirit, is bound to this world, unless Divine Justice so determines.
We should become accustomed to the reality of interplanetary exchange as we are familiar with the notion of exchange between cities and countries.

We must try to tune our thinking to Spirits of more evolved worlds, such as Venus, Mars and Saturn, just to refer to the worlds of the Solar System, asking them to perfect our brains, referring to the incarnates, in such a way that we vibrate in a The highest level of understanding of the Divine Law, which governs the Universe, including the moral aspects, so that we are not repeating the same mistakes that we have been making for millennia and that have retarded us in relation to what we might have accomplished in terms of inner progress.
The Earth is currently experiencing the fever of Technology, distracted by the Darkness, believing that Nature is of no importance at all, and the only thing that matters is the artifacts that generate comfort and, in the long way, illnesses, depression, addictions and suicide.

Let us not be struck by the talk of the inventive scientists and arrogant politicians, but we must value the lower Realms of Nature, where the key to true Cosmic Science is found, for these beings are thriving lives, without which human life On Earth would be impossible.
Without the psychic energy of minerals, plants and animals, it would be impossible for humans to survive.

We do not refer to the visible part of those beings of the lower Realms, for they are bodies that these rudimentary Spirits temporarily cover in the line of their reincarnations, but we want to call attention to their reality as Spirits, something that most of Earth’s humans try to ignore.
The extraterrestrial spirits try to value the Nature of the Earth and not bring Technology focused on the valorization of materialism, the degradation of Nature, the contempt for the beings of the lower Realms.
Let us understand what they want to tell us, and let us not compare the image of these evolved beings with our portrayal of selfish and negative men and women.

For them, it is important to reforest the Amazon, the recovery of rivers, the presence of trees along roads and avenues, the end of hunting for animals, conservation of mineral resources, etc. etc.
They care about the existence of cities like New York and Sao Paulo, which represent attacks on the health and psychological soundness of humans.

Let us not celebrate the construction of skyscrapers as victories of Science, but let us lament these constructions as failures of the human being, for his lack of effort to disrespect Nature.
Every dwelling should be in the form of a house, where there is a garden, where plants grow, and not apartment buildings, where many rules of nature are disrespected.

The Spirits who are assisting the humans of the Earth are concerned, above all, with the detachment of the Terrans from close contact with the subhumans.
Many of them are incarnated on Earth, trying to influence the various sectors of Science, Philosophy, Religion and Art, but each of us needs to understand their messages, which, in most cases, fall into the void, because the mass Is dominated by falsely scientific stereotypes and the Mercenary Media, which suggests negative patterns in exchange for money from corrupt or unsuspecting entrepreneurs.

Let us look at the devastation of nature by observing, for example, dangerous climate changes, which will eventually lead to the sinking of Europe and other parts of the globe, with the stripping of the north pole, where a civilization truly conscious of respect for Nature will flourish.
All of this would happen without further trauma if it were not for the bad faith of some leaders and the intellectual blindness of the people at large, which is easily manipulated by the mass media, especially television and the internet.
In this study we intend to talk a little about the contribution of extraterrestrials in the current conjuncture of the Earth.

The idea that most spiritualists have of the higher planets is that there live human creatures turned to the Brotherhood, but these people can not identify what we are going to say next, that is, they are human creatures highly intertwined with Nature.
Combining well with other human creatures is only a detail of the Universal Brotherhood’s ideals, for the subhumans have to be considered as members of the Great Universal Family.

Without this understanding there is no human being evolved, because God does not allow the subhumans, that is, minerals, plants, and animals, to be excluded from the category of brothers.
This notion may cause strangeness to most Westerners who have upset the beings of the lower Realms and have promoted a veritable devastation of Nature.
As long as Earth’s humanity thinks of subhumans as disposable, Earth will not enter the world category of regeneration.

On the higher planets this fraternal way of thinking has already been in force for many millennia, and this is perhaps the main difference between those humanities and the Earth.
Valuing their equals is a question of common sense and even a self-serving mentality, but valuing the inferior, in this case the subhuman, is a matter of understanding that, for Divine Law, the item titled “we are all one” is one of Rules.

Minerals, plants, and animals are studied with much affection and treated with due respect in the higher planets, where their evolution takes place without the terrible sufferings that the humanity of Earth imposes on them.
Does anyone who devalues the lower Realms believe that, with this negative mentality, he is hampering his own spiritual evolution? For if he tries to change his mind, otherwise he will continue in the illusion that he is at an acceptable level of evolution, when in reality he is far from what he imagines.

In Europe, after the Industrial Revolution, the contempt for nature began in the nineteenth century, and this mentality spread throughout America, which was responsible for spreading it throughout the entire planet.
Fortunately, in countries like India and Japan, nature is valued on a high scale, which prevents the very unfeasibility of human life on Earth, because without subhumans human life is impossible.
Look at the gravity of the current situation, where ecological disasters are succeeding in a progressively dangerous way.
Take, for example, global warming of the planet and how much it affects human life!

In the higher planets the minerals, the plants and the animals receive the appropriate treatment to their gradual development.
On certain planets human creatures feed through the luminosity coming from the corresponding sun, but not from the lives of the subhumans.
Let us walk towards this, being impossible at the moment this type of feeding for the Terrans, but respect the life of the subhumans and their needs.
Let us exchange psychic energy with them, for we all need all!

In the higher planets the integration between the Realms of Nature is total, and there is no human initiative that contradicts it.
So, for example, when you think of houses, they are only one-family type, because they are the only ones, all surrounded by a lot of vegetation, with the presence of animals and minerals.
There are no polluting, unnatural elements, such as cement, hardware, glass, plastic, metalon, artificial paints, tiles, asphalt, fuels like gasoline and so on.

Technology is all about this integration and not for the production of synthetic products, as is happening on Earth today.
Some reader will conceive the idea of a Technology that works according to the products of the own Nature? But the truth is that this is so, because there is no need to invent anything, but only to observe what already exists to take advantage of this inexhaustible source of resources that the planet Earth has and that all the planets have.

The ambition of gain, selfishness, pride and vanity is what gave birth to this industrialization of artificialities, causing ecological disasters, disputes, wars, misery and a whole range of unhappiness.
On evolved planets each stone has its value, not as rubble to form the basis of a fifty-story building, but as an energetic element, which must be used in order to continue serving for millennia. Each plant has its meaning in the concert of blessings for health. Each animal is also an important element in the whole.

This way of thinking is more like the lifestyle of Native Americans, for example, than with the idealization of futurists, who believe the world must be commanded through computers and remote controls.
See the difference between what we are saying and the idealizations of materialists and artificialists.
As long as there is no appreciation of the lower Realms of Nature, seeing reincarnated creatures in stages of evolution as respectable as the human, no one will be able to improve his own life and that of humanity, avoiding, for example, global warming, which will decimate collectivities Until the eyes will be open to the Truth.
Let us imagine any of these worlds and we will see the striking resemblance between them, caused by this single fact: the realization of the “we are all one” ideal.

Terran artists are traditionally identified as people who oppose the patterns of nature, trying to recreate it, usually aiming to record their name in history.
There is a lot of vanity in this position, besides mentioning the cases of pure mercenarism, which, let’s face it, characterizes a great number of artists.
May pardon the frankness, but it is necessary that we fulfill our duty to speak the truth.

Science has also created true monsters in terms of inventions that alienate nature and put artificialities in its place.
Philosophy has been the cornerstone of useless reasoning, for in most cases it ignores God and Nature.
Indeed, even Religion, in the West especially, has disregarded Nature and there are many religious who sell the name of God in exchange for pockets of money.

In the higher planets these four branches of Knowledge are all directed toward God and Nature, considering it as the whole of God’s creatures.
Imagine the level that these humanities attain, once they start from true premises!

Riding on this path for millennia, all cultural achievements are of immense beauty and depth, unlike the idiosyncrasies that swarm the Earth.
Here we see aberrant cultural manifestations that induce emotional and spiritual imbalance, all because most of them are based on false premises, where Evil disguises itself to try to emanate the Light.

Let us retrace our ways, let us restart our march, revise our concepts and opt for God and Nature, that we will be able to change the world, from the change of our own inner world and from what is within our reach.

Someone may be surprised by the idea of a Technology adjusted to Nature, because, in the present time of the Earth, Technology precisely seeks new paths, unlike those that the natural world has been teaching “since the world is the world.”
The inventors often forget the realities that present themselves in a simple way in the life of the people considered as uneducated and try to sophisticate what could be simple, usually aimed at highlighting their own name or making a lot of money from the inventions.
It is said that the inventor of the ballpoint pen became a millionaire.

Of the most famous inventors, perhaps only Alberto Santos Dumont and George Washington Carver have claimed nothing for their inventions, but most think exactly the opposite.
With this mentality of vanity and mercenarism one cuts to the source of superior inspiration.
But what we want to emphasize in this topic is that in the higher planets every invention adapts to what already exists in Nature and does not attack it or contradict its patterns.
We see, in the present time of the Earth, an increasing number of inventions that stifle Nature, polluting it with the increasing presence of non-biodegradable products, overloading the atmosphere of pollutants, as well as the watercourses and so on.

Nature’s disapproval has transformed, especially the big cities, into true aberrations, where noise pollution, air pollution, little plant presence, almost no animal, the use of minerals only for the civil construction, through an Engineering Dehumanizing and so on.
For the purpose of our own life, let us think better of Technology as a form of integration with Nature and not as a substitute for Nature.

While the planet Earth is heading for overheating and other ecological disasters, let us try to protect ourselves, as much as possible, in a lifestyle that is as integrated as possible with Nature.
If it is not possible for a single citizen to save the world or his city, try to live integrated to Nature as he can.
Until then, many disasters will occur, as the only way of awakening to the humanity of Earth, who shifted the earth through the asphalt, the trees through the buildings, the animals by faster and more sophisticated cars, the friendly conversation by the computer and the fresh air by the smoke of industries and automobiles.

As already solved the major problems and evolve the adequacy wisdom of nature’s rules, however, be understood, as are right, the duty to assist the humanities worlds where nature is not remembered as a model, as is the case on Earth.
Thus, spirits who lived on these higher planets reincarnate, for example, on Earth, in order to awaken this humanity to the understanding that all creatures are worthy of respect, while the incarnated ones on these planets visit the Earth, in order to verify in which points They can help or counteract the negative effects detected.

Chico Xavier himself stated that there was a group of aliens that he carried around Pedro Leopoldo, and the commander came to talk to a washerwoman, asking for water and a seedling of sugar cane, which he took to study.
Unfortunately, entities such as NASA, even knowing in abundance about these visits, recorded through multiple reports, photographs, etc., are keen to deny these visits because their commitment is to maintain US military power rather than to progress Of humanity.

Anyone who has the curiosity to check testimonials from people who talk about flying saucers, especially in the 1960s, will make sure that aliens have visited Earth in order to help us, lacking only goodwill to keep declared and publicly contacting them.

When we see the increasing number of skyscrapers, we think that none of this should remain on Earth when we are living the age of regeneration.
There is nothing more unnatural to serve as housing than buildings, where on concrete and missing the green element.
Only a huge change in people’s minds will enable this change in housing standards.
We see roads lost in the distance without a tree in the back, when the ideal is the afforestation of all of them.
The same will be for the streets and avenues, the houses, the squares and so on.

Current environments are hampered by air conditioners, when they should be thought of in terms of natural ventilation.
But for that, the ambition of profit can not be the priority.
What is lacking, in short, for the humanity of the Earth today, is to dethrone the god Mammon, who has been unhappy for the entire humanity, because that, instead of the truly humanizing values, was placed the Money.

We are informed that the American Indians obtained permission from the Government of their country in 1975 to preach their Philosophy without any risk of punishment, which meant an important advance in the propagation of the valorization of Nature, since those red skins are the most advanced in this Branch of knowledge.
Jamie Sams is one of its spokesmen worldwide, which is necessary in order that the people of the Western world begin to value Nature not as a hobby or without notion that they are dealing with spirits incarnated in sub phases -humans.
In Brazil there is the conscientizadora work of the Indian Kaka Werá Jecupé, that, unfortunately, does not find in the majority of the people the echo enough to prevent great devastation of the Nature.
Marina Silva made a lot of effort when she was in the Federal Government.
The number of voices is still small, but the return to nature must be happening gradually.

What will cause this awakening, however, will be the ecological disasters, like some of the end of the year of 2013, with floods in some Brazilian cities.
The heat of the present summer is taking proportions in the domain of the unbearable, just like reaction of the Nature, which speaks by the voice of the elementals that, under the command of the Superior Spirits, are in charge of the climatic and other matters of regulation of the Nature.

The Divine Justice manifests itself not in a random but programmed way, and at the meeting of the Council of the Council of December 31, 2013 it was determined that ecological disasters happen to occur as a warning sign to cease disrespect to beings of the kingdoms mineral, Vegetable and animal.
Let us heed these warnings, for Divine Justice on earth is under the charge of the Guardian Michael, who in the name of Jesus can apply harsh sanctions, of which there is no way to escape individually or as collectivities.

The return of extinct species on Earth
Let us transcribe, below, the speech of Oxóssi, with commentary, recorded in the book “Integration with Nature – the option for Light”:
The vegetable kingdom is a very rich kingdom and is now being abandoned by the human race, that is, by men.
Why the claim that the vegetable kingdom is very “rich”? Imagine the absence of these creatures all over the planet, since they have many utilities, which is unnecessary to relate.

Here some time will happen to the plant kingdom, the same happened to the mineral kingdom: it will hide into the interior of the Earth.
Mainly Westerners, with technological and scientific development, have ignored the importance of vegetables, replacing them with products manufactured in laboratories, among others.
The results are highly harmful to human life, not to mention the beings of the other Kingdoms of Nature, since the interdependence of all creatures is total and can not be disregarded with impunity.

“Because he’s being mistreated, badly hurt.”
Then, in ancient times, here on planet Earth, gold bubbled, crystals bubbled, everything bubbled, until men began with greed, and through this greed they began to make expensive trades, and with it, the Divine Master, Governor of Earth, caused the mineral kingdom to become more and more into the earth, until man has merit to be able to make good use of the mineral kingdom.

Beings, whether animals, minerals or plants, are creatures and not disposable objects, and Jesus, who the Divine Governor of the Earth, being responsible for the evolution of all creatures on the planet, does not allow abuses against subhumans to continue , Taking protective providence, through His specialized agents for each of the Kingdoms of Nature.
The same thing happens with the vegetable kingdom, which is being, in the first place, much despised by incarnate human beings; Secondly, it is being very commercialized.
Two serious situations are occurring in relation to the plants: the despise and the commercialization.

Nowadays here on planet Earth, certain plants cost a fortune ..
There are people who are getting rich through the vegetable kingdom, which is something that Mother Earth has given us with all love, with all affection, so that we, the disincarnated and the incarnated ones, would do the work of cherishing it, So that we would all be one, we would become part of a family.
All the Realms are part of a large family, which is being totally forgotten.
So it’s amazing the little case with which many take a hacksaw and knock down a tree, the little case of people seeing a plant needing water, are not calling: if he died, he died!
The plant world is a set of living things.
We all have life. All beings have life.
Each life according to progress, with the designs of God.
So we form a universal family, and this universal family is being abandoned.

Here we speak of the Universal Family as the set of all God’s creatures and not just those of the human phase.
This understanding changes the Terran paradigm, especially the Western paradigm, of which only humans are worthy of consideration.
In the old days, people went to the woods and there they were considered sacred places.
Consider the question of respect for the plant world, which has now fallen into disuse on the part of many Westerners, who see in a plant creature a disposable object that can be decimated and replaced by an industrial product.
Many of my ancestors respected the forests: they were sacred sites, they were places where all the Realms lived together in holy Peace, in Holy Light, until, unfortunately, our little brothers who are not of the Light inculcated in the human Kingdom what we call Greed, what we call power, what we call authority.

Look how all the degradation of Nature began thousands of years ago but accelerated from the European Industrial Revolution in the nineteenth century.
So they think they have the authority to devastate regions and more regions to put cattle to make money or, if not, fire in the woods, destroying those poor animals of the animal kingdom who are there and who can not fly and die toasted.
Those are beings in advance.
You may have noticed the difference between the stone jungle and the places where the vegetable kingdom exists.
Look at the force that exists in Mother Nature and which, unfortunately, is being abandoned.
Many flowers that were planted here on planet Earth are gone and we are already taking them to other planets so that they can develop there.
Blue flowers, which have a very strong ray, are no longer seen: where are the forget-me-nots? Where are the tulips?
Where are the blue petunias? They are all already on other planets, except one or the other survives in some country where the plant kingdom is cultivated.

And so are the remedies, which are being withdrawn from planet Earth, because if we leave these little things alive, they will disappear.
Then the devas, the fairies, the goblins collect these beings and deliver us and we, with the help of our Father, forward these beings to a planet that is indicated to us.
Protecting beings from the lower Realms, in many cases, is their transplantation to other worlds, where there is greater respect for them than on Earth.
One day, with the evolution of humanity in the sense of “we are all one,” it will certainly be these creatures brought back.

Perhaps the planet Earth will suffer a lot from the lack of oxygenation, in which the vegetable kingdom processes and realizes.
Take care of the vegetable kingdom. Please, he’s asking for help.
The woods are crying out for help.
The plantations are calling for help.
Nowadays you only plant if you give money and, if you do not give it, you do not plant it.
But this is not the smart way.
It is true that people need the so-called money to live here on Earth, but it is also not correct for people to explore a little more than what they should charge for the vegetable kingdom when that is not what is happening or what we have Seen in these horts that are out there are a change of flowers enriching the pocket of many people, who goes to the woods, plucking these plants and depositing them in pots and,
Perhaps by selling them to people who are careful or not …
Many materialistic people regard vegetables as objects rather than evolving creatures and want to turn them into a mere source of profits.
The mercantilist mentality is one of the worst realities of the moment of the Earth, in which everything is given a price in money.


We need to awaken man to this marvel that is the vegetable kingdom, to what is our Mother Nature, which man has totally forgotten, that man totally ignores, that man forgets that there is within himself this vegetable kingdom, there is this That he must cultivate, because he once belonged to this
Kingdom and this Kingdom is what gives strength to many people.
Many diseases, which are occurring on this planet, are the result of the estrangement of the man from Mother Nature.
It is certain that man has to work, it is certain that man has to support himself, but it is not difficult also to think a little of the other Realms and to have them in the house, to cultivate them, for that is a food, of Which he needs for himself.
Each one must do his part in this collective work of preserving the vegetal elements in the planet, under pain of irreparable damage, what already has been happening, even with the appearance of serious diseases of the body and the soul.
That is why today I am here, in the name of which I command, by which they give me a title that I do not have, but unfortunately I am known as “king of the woods”.
I’m hardly calling the expression “king”. What I am trying to say is that I am in contact with this energy, immersed in this energy, so that the whole planet Earth does not suffer, have more oxygen, have more life, have more universal Love, knowing that we all form a whole and that you Continue to be supported by this force of which they are making so little case.


Each person is accountable to Divine Justice for what he has done for his “little brothers” and “little sisters” of the lower Realms and for what he has failed to do.
We are soldiers of Christ, we are soldiers of Mary and we must warn and protect our Mother Earth and our Mother Nature.
It is up to each one to give his contribution quota in this cause, which, as said, is not of charity, but a duty before God.
Orisha Oxossi, King of Woods
Well, when will these beings return to Earth?
Only when there is merit for it. Consider the importance of these beings to human life on Earth and how much their absence has harmed human beings, because they are plants of high healing power, whose essence the cosmic healers use in the treatment of diseases of body and soul.
Let’s think about it and do not play with Nature, judging it disposable.
One way of using the forces of nature is in the treatment of illnesses, in the aspect of spiritual healing.
We will not waste time talking about plants as food, because this is a truth that everyone knows, not to mention the herbivorous feeding of many animal species.
Without the sufficient presence of plant beings on Earth, imagine the negative consequences, but this is what is happening and the city men and women are, in general, simply crossing their arms, awaiting the governmental solutions, which never arrive, because Governments are not interested in displeasing the powerful businessmen who devastate Nature, but conserve vast rural properties for their comfort and survival.
It is time to integrate technology with natural forces, taking advantage of what already exists and not smothering the energies of the mineral, vegetable and animal beings.
We always reread the speech of Oxóssi to think of the responsibility that each one of us has in the present moment of the Earth.


What each one can do today is to begin to consider minerals, plants, and animals as they really are, that is, spirits in less evolved phases of evolutionary escalation.
By doing so, you respect their right to live and evolve.
The more they are consequences, such as the act of caring for them and others, which will be dictated by common sense and the practice of Universal Love, which must encompass all beings and not only humans.
It is natural for an Indian to understand the respect he must have for other beings, the same as saying to most Indians, but what we are talking about here is a great novelty for someone who was created with the mentality that the beings of the sub- Are disposable.
Self-awareness is the first step.
Acting in favor of Nature is the second step and everyone can do a lot, starting with your own personal environment.
No one needs to carry flags in the public squares to propagate the ideas to which we refer.
There are countless means for this campaign, the best of which is the change of one’s own lifestyle.


Many beings of other planets have manifested themselves, even using pseudonyms and even the well-known figurations as caboclos and old blacks.
They do not care about names, but about fulfilling the task of the Good.
Therefore, those who are prejudiced against this type of presentation take care of updating, under penalty of refusing the speech of those who came from far to help, but was rejected because it does not appear with a doctor’s degree.
It is alert to people who are very proud.
Mediumship must be accepted wherever it comes from, for there are no missionaries only in a religious or philosophical current, but they are scattered in all of them. Each one must be accepted for the good contribution he may make.
The great identifier of believable mediums is the experience of the virtues of humility, detachment and simplicity.
Let us extend at this point, as it is of great importance.
About Humility: When Jesus said, “No one goes to the Father but for Me” was not taking on a useless prestige, but rather clarifying who He really was and is, that is, the Sublime Governor of the Earth, To whom it is incumbent on us to move towards the intellectual-moral evolution.
To be humble does not mean to go down, but to work for the common good with no other intention than to serve. It is not a matter of showing itself large or small, but simply fulfilling its task, without making useless comparisons between evolved and primitive, for everyone can perform his task for the benefit of the whole. Jesus rejected the qualification of “Good”, saying that only the Father deserved this title, but identified himself as a teacher, since as such it was incumbent on him to teach the Truth, therefore, representing the Way, the Truth and The Life that leads the inhabitants of the earth to God, who will not reach the Father but through Him, the only medium of God for our world.
Humility characterized the Divine Shepherd of earthly souls. And in that condition he had to “place the lamp on the lamp, to give light to all that were in the house.”
The missionaries of the Good are humble, but not silent, fearful, subservient, timorous, cowardly or timid, because Love gives them the necessary authority to speak and do for the benefit of all. They do not act out of self-interest, but driven by the desire to serve everyone.
They are great because they serve everyone well and do not use bad faith on anyone. Mother Teresa of Calcutta served a lifetime for each one in particular, never seeking any personal benefit, living humbly, but being steadfast at times when the declaration of Truth was needed. It is necessary to understand humility as the virtue that makes us detached from personal interests, but courageous in the propagation of the Good and in defense of the intellectual-moral progress of others!
About detachment:
Selfishness is one of the wounds of humanity, the corresponding opposite virtue being detachment, which means the ability to renounce everything that is not really essential, not restricted to material goods, m
As well as any other type of benefit.
The level of detachment of each Spirit reveals his spiritual stature, and it can be considered as the maximum reference Jesus, who taught him when he said:
I do not have a stone to rest my head on. ”
By being aware that the spiritual world is our true homeland, earthly life being merely a necessary temporary passage, especially for those still on the lower rungs of moral evolution, the Higher Spirits do not cling to things and material interests.
Thus, those who intend to evolve morally need to detach themselves, as much as they can, from everything they can not carry to the spiritual world, that is, other than their own intellectual-moral acquisitions. Everything else,
Including the physical body, as is known, lies behind in the passage to the true homeland.
Let us exemplify, to a better understanding, why it pays to detach ourselves from now on.
The Spirit André Luiz describes the spiritual city of Our Home and the rules that apply there, and it may be understood that similar regulations apply to other spiritual cities of the same category.
There, every inhabitant or family can own only one property for their own dwelling, with no possibility of anyone, even the leaders, monopolize the real estate area and, much less, explore the need of the others.
Regarding the salary, it is identical, in theory, for everyone, whether a handyman or the governor of the city.
Basic needs are met regardless of the evolutionary level, with no one left out of the assistance that Charity recommends.
Considering these factors, even more so after the enormous disclosure that the film Nosso Lar gave to these and other aspects of life in the spiritual world, one does not conceive how many of us still live obsessively attached to material gain, temporal power and innumerable Questions that add nothing to intellectual-moral evolution.
It is necessary to look at what we do of the goods that come into our hands, especially if we are giving them a useful destination for our brothers in humanity.
Otherwise, let us awaken to the reality that awaits us, because we can be called, at any moment, to “render an account of the talents we receive”, when we are committed to doing the Good.
He who lives attached to earthly goods and interests demonstrates, even if he affirms otherwise, little certainty about the spiritual life, for otherwise he would not distort himself by renouncing many things of the world for spiritual riches, which are basically translated into conquests Interiors of intelligence and morality.
Time is urgent and there is no way to postpone further reflection on how much we have let go of everything that keeps us linked to the past
Mitivist, who crushed us to our own body in a state of putrefaction, after death.
Consciousness acts automatically, even though Divine Love always gives us new chances of moral reshaping.
Detachment of material goods
We ask our dear confreres to reflect together on the money in the lives of some of the characters of Christianity and in our own lives.
Zacchaeus, who lived for many years attached to riches, accumulated by means that his conscience condemned as soon as he fell into himself, after having talked with Jesus, abandoned everything he had grafted and went to live his own work as a teacher and servant. As the opportunities arose, he was gradually redeeming himself and moving forward in the evolutionary escalation, until he became the missionary of Christ Bezerra de Menezes.
Mary of Magdala, a victim of her own lust and attachment to material goods, left everything behind and followed Jesus, after receiving from him the Blessing, dedicating it to the protection of the lepers of body and soul, rising, in successive reincarnations , the steps of evolution to be reincarnated as the Mother Teresa of Calcutta, the Great Mother of the helpless.
Paul of Tarsus, who was born to a wealthy family and had large salaries in the unhealthy work of a cruel persecutor of Christ’s followers, after encountering Jesus at the gates of Damascus, renounced material power and the source of income of Evil. He went on to work as a tentmaker, progressing ethically-morally for the future to the spiritual stage of the sadu Sundar Singh, preaching the Gospel of Jesus among the Tibetans in their last incarnation in the twentieth century.
And we, how have we secured our material survival?
Can we really look at ourselves in the mirror of our own conscience and feel the tranquility of the money earned honestly and with detachment or it burns our hands and we will have to return it to the community or to the people, through spontaneous donations or it will drain through our Fingers with medical expenses and medications, trying, in some cases, impossible cures?
Detachment from material goods is one of the most difficult virtues for today’s human beings, fascinated by the fact that they still live by consumerism and the desire to enjoy more facilities that reach the point of not even having to do some work …
There is no way to love God and Mammon at the same time, Jesus warned us, teaching us detachment from material things, which should be limited to the necessary, while we live a body of flesh, because in the spiritual life, we will not lack anything Except of the own conscience in harmony with the Divine Laws.
Let’s think about the role that money has played in our lives!
When we have a financially comfortable position in the incarnate position, this means that we ask God to serve in the Cause of Fraternity, providing benefits to our brethren and not the pure and simple result of our merits, as if God rewarded His children with the Material fortune: it is a commitment that we promise to fulfill, for our own evolution.
No one needs so much good to live in, and Jesus was the most significant model in this respect, for he had nothing of His in material terms, but he had all the powers of the Spirit, where the true power resides, where the focus of interest is concentrated Of evolved beings and not in the number of properties, titles, reputation in society, family prestige, and other temporary realities.
The apprentice of the Gospel, within the possible, must keep for your use only what is indispensable for the good accomplishment of his tasks, passing on to other hands, most needed at the moment, all that is dispensable, even as an exercise in detachment. Otherwise, your heart will be attached to the goods that “moths gnaw and thieves dig up and steal.”
Detachment from material interests
The ideal of accomplishing great deeds is natural and commendable.
However, detachment from power is a virtue few have attained. The majority, by the way, does not make any effort to acquire this virtue and only turns off the power against his will …
A praiseworthy example was given by Lucius Quinctius Cincinnati  (519-438 BC)
(www.sobiografias.hpg.ig.com.br/LuciusQu.html): or Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus]
Roman warrior of partially legendary trajectory.
Simple man came to consul and dictator and, after saving the city, became one of the most important character in the history of Rome. The Roman Republic then went through difficult times because of an imminent attack by the Vols and Équos, two tribes traditionally inimical to the Latins. A Roman detachment commanded by Minucius (458 BC) confronted the echees on Mount Alvido, but was trapped in a gorge. Faced with the desperate situation of the besieged and the city itself,
The consuls decided to appeal to Cincinnati, an experienced general who had proved his military skill in earlier confrontations with the Vols.
The officer who sought Cincinnati to deliver the appointment found him plowing the earth.
With difficulty, he managed to convince him to accept the post of dictator, a title that granted him, on a temporary basis, absolute power. In command of a mighty army, he went to meet the enemy and overcame him, according to legend,
In just one day. Of possession of a big booty, returned to Rome, resigned the position and returned to the simple life of farmer.
A) did not seek power but was invited to exercise it;
B) he was granted absolute power, but it is not stated that he acted improperly against someone or for his own benefit;
C) fulfilled its mission. He renounced his power.
At a time when major disputes occur through command posts; In which abuses of the most serious are practiced by many who exercise power; In which everything is done to continue in a situation of evidence-it seems surrealistic the idealism of a Cincinnatus.
But the antidote to this rampant rage for power lies in the realization that only the people hold power.
Otherwise, each believing that the exercise of power means the reward of the well-endowed, superior beings who deserve to direct the destinies of the less-affluent, we will be using it, even if minimally, with deviation or excess of power.
Thinking incorrectly and in disagreement with the current lights of valorization of the people, when the time comes to leave power, they will be deprived, as if they lose a personal patrimony …
The earthly benefits serve only while the Spirit is clothed with a body of flesh, to be able to sustain itself with the
Dignity of useful and honest work. However, there is a limit to obey, from which one enters the range of the superfluous, the unnecessary, the dangerous to the very serenity of the Spirit.
If one is born with the task of exercising power, he must exercise it for the common good, as Peter II, the great and humble servant of the Brazilian people; If the task is in the financial arena, such as Henri Ford or Bill Gates, that jobs be created, but not a life dedicated to usury; If strength is the intellect, like Einstein and Albert Sabin, to be employed in favor of Ethics and not of immorality, violence, and unbridled competition.
Each person is accountable to God for the resources he received from Him, as in the parable of the talents.
We transcribe here a reflection of the book “Light in Drops”, psychographed by the brother, then incarnated, Gilberto Pontes de Andrade, entitled “What the Friends Are For:”
“When a man wishes to be loved by others, he adopts gentleness and sweetness as forms of conduct. However, as soon as he appropriates the trust of his peers, he begins to adopt an inverse attitude, ignoring the most fraternal rules of Brotherhood. This has been a reality in the human setting.
And do not believe that slips, related to the rules of gentleness, should be attributed to the current modus vivendi of human collectivities. For although it is reasonable to assert that there is no longer time for the little rules of etiquette, we must know that a word of friendship, a delicate expression, a gesture of gentleness, a smile, or a cordial nod always find shelter, even in those who seem indifferent To good manners.
The kind gesture is the step to sediment a nascent friendship and, also, to erase an unfounded suspicion, unfortunate information a negative inspiration.
Do not wait, however, for others to take the initiative to be kind to you: the initiative should be yours.
Let your habits of worship of gentleness be a way of balance, which you must impose upon yourselves as a discipline of self-willfulness of will and behavior.
And, in so doing, you will be prepared to live in the Spiritual Colonies-where you will later transfer your residence, in whose environment respect and cordiality, gentleness and affection prevailed.
As no one has an obligation to love you, you must first love others. Respect in the harsh, the ungrateful, and the cold of your path unhappy creatures, to whom you owe a greater measure of kindness, for this also is Charity. And you must do so, especially, in your own home and in relation to your relatives.
For the victory over yourselves, it is imperative that you submit to an efficient program of action in this sense, which can not be neglected.
self-analysis are necessary, sincere work, constant prayer and healthy coexistence with the most unhappy.
Remember that physical life is brief, even if it seems to be long.
The blessed opportunity that comes to you is not accidental: take advantage of it, generating sympathy and doing good, because your goal now is spiritual improvement.
Dignify your Faith, translating it into services to your fellow beings – as the source entrusted to the course itself, guarding Goodness for fate.
Great and small unfavorable occurrences will come upon you, inducing you to declare in the inner world the revolution of unconquered revolt, as if you should break, in crisis of wrath, the ladder that Life has destined you to climb to the Most High.
However, when you still have to buy your balance at the price of tears, you must bear the tribute of the conquest that you will carry out toward your elevation.
In the clear path that has been reserved for you, you will find the lamentation, the insults and the injustices of those who believed in the elevation without work – and, for this very reason, they became vociferous by their own rebellion, in the ditch of disenchantment. And you will also find those who have turned their freedom into a passport for the Demolition, distressed in the disbelief they have generated for themselves.
Go on without fading, helping and building, and you will be, through your Faith, the breath of those who weep, the Hope of sad beings, the ray of the sun for those who go through the long night of poverty, the support of the bitter, selflessness that does not fear To extend the providential arm to the fallen and the balm of those who fell and were wounded in the way.
Let your Faith be the armor and the crucible. With it you will defend yourself from the rush of the Shadow and purify yourselves through loyalty to the Eternal Good, marked, almost always, by the fire of suffering
Let your Faith, finally, guide you to the entrance to the Supreme Redemption, but for such a victory, your willingness to ceaselessly bless and serve without fainting is demanded.
May the blessings of Jesus enlighten your ways and solidify your Spirit in the works of each day. “
However, even our friends should be detached, so that we do not hamper their freedom of choice, their intellectual and moral growth, in other words, their evolution and their happiness, wanting to subject them, even if softly, to our wishes and criteria To interpret and live the Truth.
Often, under the cloak and appearance of Love, we are actually curtailing the flights of our dearest and most sincere affections. We must learn detachment from them, freeing them and releasing us also, for only the Love of the Creator Father and Sustainer of Life holds the Absolute Perfection and always leads to the Good, without pauses.
To love and to be loved is the ideal of all spirits, but we must love with detachment, love liberating, love with respect to the individuality of others.
Detachment from the material body

The materialistic view mainly of many incarnated spirits covets the body of others, as an objective of egoistic satisfaction, often under the pretext of loving, but in fact, being the secret intention to use maliciously the organic implements, put by God Under the command of the other, for educational purposes. Especially in the affective relationship in the level of intimate coexistence, Love is often distorted, trying to explore the affection of others through abuse about the body of the being that is said to love.
The lack of true respect for the dignity of the other, who is also the child of God, is that it leads many couples to breakup, because they have both done so against the honesty of the other, that, at the end of some time, the initial Love and admiration Contaminate with the sorrows and resentment provoked by the moral attacks that one committed against the other.
Emmanuel states: ”
There are spirits who love each other deeply and have never touched themselves. “The bodily needs must be placed under ethical control, so that they do not become a source of regret and deception, if not crimes.
Organic implements represent sacred material that God grants to His children to evolve and never to commit to Evil. The boundary between the just and the unjust, the convenient and the unreasonable must be established by each one, in view of Paul’s warning Of Tarsus: “All things are permitted unto me, but all things are not expedient unto me.”
The unions between people who say to love should be much more of souls than of bodies, based on the proposal of work in the Well, so that they are gratifying and enduring, an inexhaustible source of happiness, when shielded in detachment from each other, in the Their highest sense, and their attachment to God. It is a learning of many incarnations, which is only perfected when the Spirit is already purified by the dedication to the Good, beginning to merit the inner light, which begins to illuminate its exterior as has already cleared all the thoughts of its psyche.

It is important to start investing in this spiritual achievement, to be happy from now on, and not to wait some day in the future to begin to respect the dignity of those who are with us to evolve together, for the time that Divine Justice authorize, therefore, of Love We must learn Universal Love, as our Father wants it.


Detachment from one’s intelligence
Intelligence is an achievement of each Spirit, undeniably; however, if there is individual merit as a result of the persistent effort to perfect oneself, we have to consider two factors in this situation: the loving and dedicated programming of Spiritual Advisors, Context for further development, as well as the contribution of all other beings in the intellectual growth of each.
Ralph Waldo Emerson has rightly stated, in other words, that we are the happy outcome of all mankind, for no one should claim the merit of his intellectuality alone.
The Superior Spirits have already learned to thank God and all their brothers in humanity, living in constant harmony with them, practicing kindness and sweetness, alongside charity and fraternity, acting with equality and respecting the freedom of all. To let go of one’s own intellectual achievements is to learn humility, for there are many who are lost in the haunches of pride for the intellectual titles they have acquired,
Thereby severing the link of intuition, which benefits only those who seek nothing more than to serve God and humanity.
Those who are proud of their intellectual heritage begin to live the horizontality of the knowledge of the world, but they do not learn the Divine Science, which is only revealed to the ‘poor in spirit’, that is, to the truly humble ones.
The earthly cultural acquisitions are fragmentary, since the culture of the incarnates is materialistic in its generality, and even the most advanced information in terms of spirituality passed on to the incarnated are partial, limited, for the Truth in its deepest meaning lives In the spiritual homeland, accessible to the spirits undressed of the physical body and enjoying the fullness of their evolutionary conquests of many incarnations, which they know and value.
Detachment from intellectual vanity is imperative to cling to the divine energy of God, whose Light only penetrates deeply and integrally in one who does not bear within himself the vibrational cuirass of attachment to worldly interests.
Some have become so envious of their own cultural accumulation that they have been punished by the loss of memory, and some cases are verifiable among the incarnated, victims of lack of humility. ”
He that humbleth himself shall be exalted, and he that exalteth himself shall be humbled, “said Jesus.
Detachment from apparent superiority, because of culture, should be part of the daily effort of each aspirant to the gospel of Jesus


It is important to rejoice in the salutary achievements of our brethren in humanity, but we must always place ourselves, in these cases, in the position of mere adjutants, partners acting merely as helper, but letting them take responsibility for their own progress, without They will be eternally dependent and fragile.
Evolution is individual, even though we love our dearest affections to the heart. It is up to them to follow the steps of their own evolution, but not in front of them, like the guide of the blind corridor, who can not drag him forward, but only Warn you of any danger of the course.
The goals are individual as well as the laurels. “Each one is alone with himself”, that is, with his own conscience, therefore, with God. The evolutionary road is a wide and wide avenue, where we all move forward, towards God, however, what goes on in the heart and mind of every walker only knows and responds to his own preferences and choices.To partake of the lives of our affections or of those whom we have not yet been able to conquer is a law, but as companions of some time, according to Divine Planning, which ultimately programmed Love among all beings and not only among a few isolated brothers of others.
If our intention is to help others’ evolution, we should never, on the other hand, envy their just or unjust conquests, for, in fact, only God knows why each should hold certain benefits in his own hands.
Our present means only a tiny space of time for our journey to the future as much as happens to other Spirits. What the Divine Justice has entrusted to us is different from what it gave to the others, each one having to look only at his own record of duties to fulfill and not judge the work of others, nor try to interfere with it. We can compare the situation of the workers of the Vineyard, referred to in the parable of the last hour workers, because we must not question the salary that each one receives, since only the Father knows how much each one should win.
May our “eyes be good,” not coveting anyone’s salary, but content with ours, as Jesus taught, Himself having “no stone to lay his head.”
Detachment from the past
After reincarnation, each spirit is subjected to a hypnotic process performed by specialists in the psychic sciences, with the purpose of adapting the patrimony of memory to the needs of the restart, which should therefore run with greater chances of success. Indeed, without this temporary oblivion, it would be unfeasible for the rehabilitation of the majority of the incarnates, who would have in their present memory their mistakes against others and against themselves, as well as the real or supposed injustices they would have suffered.
André Luiz states that almost nobody would bear a life too long in the present earthly reality, in this planet of trials and atonements, where moral defects preponderated, because bitter memories would outweigh the caresses. Yvonne do Amaral Pereira affirmed that she had the sad privilege of remembering several previous incarnations. However, his situation was very special, because the memories were necessary for the success of his doctrinal work, including the preparation of his books.
There are people who would like to have access to their own remote past, which, however, may harm their performance in the present incarnation, for, looking back, they risk being disturbed. The present is what matters and the Orientalists are right when they advise the valorization of the “here and now”. There are those who preserve with excessive attachment roles, objects, relics and other memories not always convenient for themselves, as well as for eventual disincarnates that have to do with those belongings. Imagine the anguish of the historical characters with the idolatry of fanatical admirers; Of those who were canonized as saints without merit; Of those who have created in their surroundings of their person an aura of superiority or negativity, that can influence indefinitely the unbalanced personalities … There are cases of disincarnated relatives who can not balance by the uncontrolled mental emission of the longing incarnates, victims of discontent or revolt …
The past simply passed and should not be perennial, according to the lesson of the Mother of Jesus to Francisco Cândido Xavier when sending him by Bezerra de Menezes a phrase apparently simple, but of immense depth and
Worthy of permanent reflection: “This also passes.” Unbalanced thinking can reach its target; Sick nostalgia can deconstruct the one who needs peace; Objects are impregnated with the magnetism of who possessed them and want to forget the past to reform morally.
Always start again on a healthier and higher basis: this is the path, dissociating itself from what undermines peace and moral reform. Attachment to the past is harmful, so much so that reincarnations mean resumption.
Only the Higher Spirits can endure the memories of a very long period of their existence. Those incarnated who tend to be nostalgic should revise their way of thinking so as not to stagnate while everything calls for renewal and intellectual and moral growth.
About simplicity:
We know that Jesus is the model of all the virtues accessible to the Spirits connected to our planet.
Simplicity, which is the virtue opposed to the moral defect of vanity, was exemplified by the Divine Master in a degree never before or even equaled, for example, when, despite acknowledging himself to be a teacher, he rejected the qualifier of Good, stating that Only Father deserved this adjective.
After all, to teach means to convey the lessons learned normally in the contact with other masters more qualified and Jesus was recognized mere Spokesman of the Laws of the Father, whom He always revered.
Jesus never intended to show himself superior to what he really is, despite the almost infinite intellectual-moral distance between Him and us.
Based on His words and, above all, His examples, we can gradually learn simplicity.
The circumstances of His birth, amid the humble animals and assisted only by one’s own earthly father, in a stratagem, is one of the most expressive demonstrations of the simplicity that He wanted to make characterize His life.
The presence of the Magi, who came to honor Him, meant only an announcement of His birth as a reference for men and women to identify Him later as the promised Messiah. No unnecessary evidence to the purpose of His Mission.
The debates as a teenager with the temple sages were not aimed at self-propagation or deprecating the limitations of those who thought they were knowledgeable of the things of God, but they must have awakened at least some of them to a more humanized view of the Law, which was interpreted as formulas Of rituals and outward gestures, but without the ingredient of Love.
At the age of 30, as is well known, he began to make explicit his doctrine, in a simple and accessible way to any of the people, even and especially to the illiterate.
He lived mainly with those marginalized by the elite, who, like today, are usually far from the sufferings of the people.
Simplicity these days does not have to reach the level of extreme poverty experienced by Jesus, but we must see if we are thinking, feeling and acting within reasonable limits to satisfy our really essential needs, in the light of our own conscience.
How many people are lost in consumerism, in the infantile desire for useless evidence, in unreasonable frequency in environments where futilities prevail, and in the loss of time with purely material interests, without any benefit to our spiritual growth!
Our true homeland is spiritual, and we are incarnated “just for a little while,” paraphrasing Emmanuel, without knowing the time of departure.
In that country they rely, above all, on moral acquisitions: any other item, besides nothing or almost nothing, may, instead, be translated into heavy taxes to be paid in dramatic conditions.
For this reason, simplicity should be part of our inner life and, if possible, of the exterior, since, at the same time that we have perfected ourselves, we will set the example for the majority of people, who unfortunately live and suffer horrendously due to Vanities and trifles, from attachment to trinkets and false values, to appearances and to “the treasures that rust erodes.”
Being simple is an appanage of the Superior Spirits, who feel happy with simplicity, while imperfect spirits cling to material paraphernalia, titles, honors, and other accessories that are sometimes ridiculous.
In the world of regeneration people will not suffer because of material things, for they will have their interior full, full of what will actually accomplish them: their moral-intellectual development.
Let’s anticipate ourselves to be happy from now on!

God, Father of Infinite Love,
We want to ask, at this moment, to free us from fear, this feeling that hinders the mood and bloodshed the spiritual veins, neutralizing all constructive idealizations from the perspective of failure and unhappiness.
On the other hand, Father, teach us to experience the present moment, which casts our sights on the moment we are living, whether it is apparently difficult or overtly favorable.
We do not yet have the conditions of a total emotional detachment from the past and the future, but we intend to be able to look away in one direction and the other without suffering the dizziness of the stunning emotions.
We are learning to live the here and now in the colors of present life, be it as embodied or disincarnated, considering the Universe as our Family, because kinship is universal and can not be restricted to the consanguinity of the moment.
Each being, be it mineral, vegetable, animal, human or angelic, is our true brother and so we must consider for all purposes, exercising with him the virtues of respect, tolerance, truthfulness, unconditional Love.
Let there be no fear of anything or anyone, but rather the certainty that everything that happens and that often surprises us is by His Will, aiming at the evolution of the Universe.
May we see present from here and now, the most appropriate place for our learning, and now is the time to learn the lessons our open eyes can not grasp.
Father, we want to begin to understand the Great Universal Family and to integrate into it, more and more.
So be it.
Photo: Theodora


The Fall of the Old World I

Scandals involving the American president, the threat of war in Asia, Europe, Brexit, political scandals in Brazil ….

Are we at the end of the world or just a world-wide reform?
What can we learn from the past, to transform our actions to help in the world of transition?
What principles are we tracing our life? How will we establish where to arrive?

Can we be happy even in times of turmoil?

How to maintain serenity in difficult times?

Spiritism is a philosophical doctrine of scientific, religious and philosophical (mainly ethical) implications. There is thus no “framework of rites” within it.
In fact, what Spiritism seeks to do is to understand human life in its multiple aspects from a spiritualistic point of view, that is, one that foresees the survival of the being to the phenomenon of corporal death and its existence before entering it, or From birth. The fundamental goal of Spiritism (as well as that of any doctrine of thought, at least in its origins) is the happiness of the human being.
Thus the Spiritist doctrine predicts that this happiness is achieved in the direct reason in which we know the important things around us, as well as know how to apply that knowledge in favor of us and our fellow men. The stages we are going through are thus simply stages of human existence that are to be fully understood within a worldview (which includes the whole Universe) and not “ritualized.”

Birth is the return of the soul to the bodily life, a return that is not unique but only one among many already occurred and that are about to occur.
Death is the return of this same soul to the spiritual life, an equally common phenomenon in the greater life of the Spirit.
Puberty is understood within the current physiological knowledge, as well as a phase of maturation of the newly incarnated being and living his first stages of adaptation to the difficult reality of the world.
Marriage in no way constitutes an institution within the Spiritist practice. It is only the union, according to the consciences of each one, of two beings who recognize themselves as having mutual responsibilities for loving each other. This union, too, must not be obligatory since freedom of conscience is a fundamental principle, and no one must have violated it in the name of any other secondary idea.

Prayer is a healthy relationship practice of the creature (who already possesses such knowledge for this) with his creator and with other beings (the spirits), closer, aiming at the balance of the spiritual body that is fundamental to the balance and success of the Life of being. This balance is achieved not only by prayer but also by the adjustment of the individual’s activities according to the practices of the good.
There is no explicit formula for prayer, neither number nor extension, but it has as fundamental question that is practiced with the above heart
of everything. This means that the individual must be aware of his / her responsibilities in the face of any shortcomings
Against others (if any) before seeking any divine help.

There is no “exchange of favors” between men and spirits or God.
Those who thus think to act are misinformed about the true relationship that must exist between men, God and spirits.
Finally, to say something about “liberation” I will make a personal interpretation of that word. To liberate means to restore liberty to the one who has been subtracted from it. If we are dealing here with the freedom of being, it is in its freedom to come and go, to think and to act. This freedom implies certain Responsibilities, since it has a boundary drawn in the place where the freedom of others begins.
The being (or Spirit) acquires freedom as he evolves.
Coincidentally, he also gets happiness. The spiritual evolution of the creature is thus synonymous with this gain of freedom. Spiritism prescribes that this is achieved only (as I have said) by the adjustment of the creature’s acts to the rules of good, ethics and happiness of the like.

All spiritist morality is thus summarized by that which Jesus prescribed in his Gospels and which was summed up by the golden rule of “not doing to others what one would not have done to oneself” added by “loving others as one” . By “others” or “near” Spiritism understands all the creatures that are close, that is, in contact with the being (and not those that are expensive).
As Jesus still added the “as I have loved you,” the practice of this love is modeled on Jesus himself.
The fundamental point of the golden rule brought by Jesus is in the mercy that should guide the acts of the individual, a principle enunciated in “loving your enemies”, still very difficult to accept today. Finally the
Spiritism understands that this spiritual “liberation” extends to all
Individuals on Earth, there is no condition for them to belong to this or that religious denomination (not even to Spiritism itself).
These rules or laws I quote above are natural laws, as are the laws of Physics, Chemistry, and so they govern and judge the acts of all beings. It is clear that knowledge facilitates evolutionary advancement and this is the reason for existing of all the religions of the Earth, to reflect portions of the divine knowledge between us.

Published in Bulletin GEAE Number 337 of March 23, 1999 and reproduced with author’s authorization


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A clairvoyant

Today, more than ever, we are close to a conflict that could become something very serious for the planet.
Yesterday I sent an email to the White House, asking for dialogue, instead of using weapons.
Today I sent the copy of the text below to various establishments, including embassies of Korea, asking to avoid a catastrophe.
I do not believe that someone will give me credit, but at least I’m with a clear conscience.
I wish you all an Easter with much peace.

Thanks for reading, Theodora


Your Excellencies,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
For many of you, this is not my first email. But maybe it’s gonna be the last one.
Einstein once said: “
I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”
This email aims to clarify what will happen in the case of an atomic conflict, even of small proportions.
Many of you who read the report, will consider me a crazy, stupid and insane. But, is there anything more insane than exterminating all of humanity ???

If nuclear war broke out, the world will witness eruptions of dormant volcanoes, giant tsunamis, earthquakes that will hit pipelines across the planet, turning planet Earth into a living hell.The radiative gases will mix with the ashes of the volcanoes, leaving the entire northern hemisphere uninhabited.

Large masses of the survivors will have to asylum for the continents of the hemisphere below the equatorial line.
In the case of an emigration to South America, Brazil will be divided into four parts:

One part will be divided among Americans, Canadians and Mexicans.
The second part between the Russians and Slavs.
The third will be in possession of the Japanese, Chinese, and Koreans.
The fourth for the Europeans, sharing with Brazilian residents.

According to this theory, in the end all human beings who survive this global catastrophe will have to divide a much smaller space, having to learn to support each other.
Prophecy about President Donald Trump made in February 2017 by South America’s most famous seer:
The Seer reveals that the government of Donald Trump, president of the United States, will do very poor management and will not benefit anyone. “For him to do a third world war will be a ‘crack’. That’s why the Americans and the world need to be very careful about what’s happening, “said Carlinhos, surprising the reporter who interviewed him. The reason for the possible war, according to the seer, is precisely the discontent of the world with what the American power will do.Besides the United States, England and two other countries (not mentioned) would begin to be attacked.
Carlinhos says that Donald Trump will face China and later with today what looks like an ally of the president, Russia. This would generate an endless discomfort on the planet. However, the paranormal reveals that this would generate health problems for the American, who would not live long.

I do not know what the psychic wanted to say about Americans becoming ill, but notice that his prediction was made a little over a month.
Since the attack on Syria, relations between Russia and the United States have been unstable. He could not know, for until that period there was no conflict.
If you would like to know more about the vision, please contact the medium directly:
Phone: 0055 43 3424 7989
I am enclosing some geological data, as well as the prophecies in detail.

From: *********

Email: ********

Adresse: ******

*******, Germany

To: whom might be interested

Kiel, 13th april 2017

Your Excellencies
Ladies and gentlemen,

formerly scientists believed that everything in the universe was governed by chaos. Everything

happened by chance. According to scientists, the universe was created through the Big Bang. So

they got anchored in this theory, without questioning what was before that.

As mankind began to develop himself intellectually and equipment became more sophisticated, it

was discovered that the universe is ruled by specially laws where everything is in a perfect


Scientists estimate planet Earth is home to 8.7 million species. If the chemical composition of the

air we breathe would be changed 1%, it would not be possible the way of life we know.

At present we are going through an extremely sensitive phase, not only moral but also of a planetary character.

According to the Environmental Scientist Miss Deanna Conners there are more than 450 Volcanoes in Ring of Fire and since 1850 approximately 90% of the 16 most powerful volcanic eruptions on Earth have occurred within the Pacific Ring of Fire. Despite the danger of eruptions, many people still live in areas of active volcanoes.


Inversion of the Poles and Earth’s Magnetic Field

A growing number of scientists are beginning to worry that the shift of magnetic poles already seems to be underway and that this is the real reason behind the acceleration of climate change across the planet.

According to them, it is not only the action of man, air pollution, underground and submarine volcanic activity and consequent heating of the oceans, the melting of the polar caps, but also the changes in our sun. Some of them go even further, meaning CO2 emissions are not the primary force responsible for the rise in global temperatures.

According to a study by Dr. Mike at Lockwood Rutherford Appleton National Laboratories, in California, the sun’s magnetic field has increased by 230 percent within the last 100 years.

Earth’s magnetic field acts like a giant invisible bubble that shields the planet from the dangerous cosmic radiation. The field exists because Earth has a giant ball of iron at its core surrounded by an outer layer of molten metal.

However the Earth’s Geomagnetic Field is undergoing a reversal.

It is not known when it will be completed, but the field is weakening with consequences that the irradiation of the sun and other irradiations from space may be penetrating our atmosphere. But the inversion also means deep changes happening inside the earth, with earthquake consequences in unfamiliar places, as well as new volcanoes that may arise. During the inversion, we can experience a considerable increase in seismic activity, even a significant increase of earthquakes.

According European Space Agency (ESA), Earth’s magnetic field, which protects the planet from huge blasts of deadly solar radiation, has been weakening.


An atomic war must be avoided at all costs. Especially in the period in which we are living

In case of an atomic war between the superpowers, even if it happens in a small proportion, may affect the entire Earth’s crust.

Pacific islands for example the Fiji islands will be swept off the map.

If we survive this event, we may see the mass extinctions of populations that will happen on the planet.

There is a Prophecy of a famous brazilian medium named Francisco Candido Xavier (1910-2002): chico-xavier

If humanity decides to follow the unfortunate way the Third World War, a nuclear war of

unpredictable and disastrous consequences, then Mother Earth, under the auspices of the

Greater Life, will react with unforeseen violence by our men of science. The man would

start the War III, but who would end it would be the telluric forces of nature, the Earth itself

tired of human excesses, and then we would be faced with massive earthquakes; tsunamis

and waves consequential; We would see the explosion of volcanoes long extinct;

We would face devastating thaws that overwhelm on the globe people with tragic results for coastal areas due to rising sea levels; and in this case, the volcanic ash associated with harmful nuclear radiation would eventually take totally uninhabitable throughout the Northern Hemisphere of our globe.

  • The tsunamis in 2004 and 2011 are a very small demonstration, in relation of which could cause if the tectonic plates gonna be shaking.

Mount Paektu, Etna and Yellowstone will destroy millions of lives in minutes, in addition to cause an ice age on Earth.

Gas pipeline and Fraquing around the world will assist the hellish scenario.

Now, in case of the worst, with the northern hemisphere of the planet becoming uninhabitable,

large migration flows would move to the Southern Hemisphere, like Brazil, South Australia and Middle/South Africa.

The New Age of the Earth, in this case, would take longer to arrive with all its splendour of

scientific and moral achievements, because it would take a long period of rebuilding our nations and

societies, forced to reorganize in its most basic fundamentals.

In case of Brazil, according to the medium Francisco Xavier, will be so disfigured and divided into four distinct nations. Only a quarter of the territory will remain with brazilian: “Only a small part would be left for the Brazilian inhabitants. The rest will be invaded by the “superpowers.”

Americans, Canadians and Mexicans will occupy the states of the North region of the country, in line with Colombia and Venezuela.

Europeans will occupy the states of southern Brazil uniting them to Uruguay, Argentina and Chile.

Asian, especially Chinese, Japanese and Korean, will occupy the Midwest, in connection with Paraguay, Bolivia and Peru.

And finally, the Brazilian Northeast states will be occupied by the Russians and Slavs.

Brazil will not have privileges and also suffer the effects of earthquakes and tsunamis, especially in coastal areas. It turns out, according to the medium, the impact here will be much lower compared to what is coming in the northern hemisphere of the planet.”

However, we are not delivered to the fatality or predetermined suffering. We are at a crossroads of collective

destiny that binds us to our planetary home, here on Earth. We have before us two ways to go. The

path of love and wisdom will lead to faster collective spiritual ascent. The path of hatred and

ignorance will lead us to broader spending centuries in reconstruction material and spiritual of our


Everything will come according to our choices now, as individual and also collective.

Prophecy about President Donald Trump made in February 2017 by South America’s most famous seer:

The Seer reveals that the government of Donald Trump, president of the United States, will do very poor management and will not benefit anyone. “For him to do a third world war will be a ‘crack’. That’s why the Americans and the world need to be very careful about what’s happening, “said Carlinhos, surprising the reporter who interviewed him. The reason for the possible war, according to the seer, is precisely the discontent of the world with what the American power will do.Besides the United States, England and two other countries (not mentioned) would begin to be attacked.

Carlinhos says that Donald Trump will face China and later with today what looks like an ally of the president, Russia. This would generate an endless discomfort on the planet. However, the paranormal reveals that this would generate health problems for the American, who would not live long.

The prophecies are revealed to men not to be met. They are actually a great spiritual warning to us we improve and move away from us the possibility of the worst way.”

Last Words

The main lesson of the Cuban crisis is: A combination of human error and the atomic bomb

will destroy a whole nation.

Is it correct that there are 7,500 nuclear warheads, in which 2,500 within 15 minutes, through

a decision of a single person can be discharged?

I think the man has to think more about about death and conflict.”

Robert McNamara (1916 – 2009) former Secretary of Defense in the USA

Documentary “The Fog of War” Youtube: https://youtu.be/ze8P-KAt3bc


Our time is ticking! It’s time for peace and tolerance.

If we can connect trough the internet, also we can give our hands to our neighboors… As adult and civilized people.

Your Excellencies,

the world is in your hands. Make good use of your intelligence and moral sense, working on behalf of the Earth community.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for your help.

Yours faithfully,

Aparecida Teodoro,

(I’m nobody. I do not belong to any political party on this globe. I’m just a grain of mustard, who still believes in world peace.)








Source: http://www.jornaalhoje.com.br/2017/03/06/vidente-carlinhos-anuncia-3a-guerra-mundial-e-o-motivo-vai-te-apavorar-veja/


Nasa free picture



Pinocchio paradox

Much is said about planetary transitions, apocalypse, new Era …. Is the people of today prepared to live in the new world?

When I read the speeches of dictators and politicians, I see pictures of war or social inequality …
While thousands of people are starving in Africa, a few others are putting even more money under their pillows, I am sure, of how primitive we are. The human being is definitely primitive …

Until recently it was thought that the sun revolved around the Earth. In some religions this theory is still propagated, showing how people still want to manipulate a way for people to keep their minds closed.

On the one hand they try to protect a God who created not only the thousands of galaxies, but according to some scientists, several universes. Does this God need protection? Does He need worship? Does He need to “drink” the blood of people who are killed daily in conflicts, such as Afghanistan and Syria?

Religious fanatics around the world, regardless of whether they are Islamic jihadists, Christians or even Buddhists, still see the image of a creator according to their own image.

Is God made in the image of the human being?

Even some churches are still selling a piece of paradise in heaven. Does the creator of all things needs our money ???

Many are afraid of death, but the only certainty of life is that we are all going to die ….

Everyone wants to go to heaven or paradise, but no one wants to die.

We live in a paradoxical world, where nobody knows anything, but everyone says to have the truth … The truth itself …

But, what is the truth? Would not it be better if I tried to improve myself as a human being, ‘respecting my neighbor, instead of forcing him to follow my religion?

When I was an evangelist, I always heard from religious leaders that anyone who did not accept Jesus would go to hell.
A few months ago I met a young man who came from Syria. He said that all who do not become muslim will go to hell.
But the acts of atheists who save thousands of lives every day? Are they all going to hell? Perhaps he himself was saved in the Mediterranean by one of these angels without God.
Is God so vicious that He will let good people go to hell and evil ones go to paradise?
How primitive we are to think this way!
Imagine that you have two children. They’re both drowning in a lake. Will you save the child that pleases you best and let the other die just because he did not behave well?

A woman helps the poor and old is less valuable because she wears a mini skirt than one who studies the Koran or the Bible every day, but is selfish and evil in her heart?