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Author: Spirit Neio Lucio                      Medium: Chico Xavier
Book: Jesus no Lar                                  Year: 1949

The lesson of the seed

In the face of the perplexity of the hearers, Jesus said convincingly:
“Indeed, it is very difficult to overcome the distressing cares of human life.
Wherever our eyes turn, we find war, incomprehension, injustice and suffering. In the Temple, which is the Lord’s Home, pride and vanity appear in the rich, hatred and revolt in the poor. It is not always possible to bring the pure and clean heart, as it would be desired, because there are thorns, muds and snakes that surround us. However, the idea of ​​the Divine Kingdom is like the tiny seed of wheat. Almost imperceptible is thrown to the earth, supporting
But if it germinates, the pressure and impurities of the soil do not paralyze it. It crosses the dark floor and, although it removes much of its own food, its impulse to seek the light from above is dominant. Since then, there is sun or rain, day or night, work ceaselessly in your own growth and, in this eagerness to rise, fruit for the good of all. The apprentice who felt the happiness of the inner revival, which occurs to the wheat seed, observes that long roots bind him to terrestrial inhibitions … He knows that the
Malice and suspicion follow his steps, that pain is a constant threat, yet he experiences above all the impulse of ascension and can no longer stop
. He constantly acts in the sphere of which he became a pilgrim, in favor of the general good. You do not find irresistible seductions in the flowers of the journey. The reunion with the Divinity, of which it is recognized successor heir,
It constitutes an unchanging objective and no longer rests,
On the march, as if a consuming and burning light would torture his heart. Without
To perceive, produces fruits of hope, goodness, love and salvation, because he never goes back to tell the benefits of which he has become a faithful instrument. The vision of the Father is the obscene worry that vibrates in the soul of a nostalgic son.
The Master silenced for a moment, and concluded: “For this reason, though the disciple keeps his feet imprisoned in the mire of the earth, the indefatigable work in the good, in the place where it is found, is the indisputable trace of its elevation.
We will know the trees by the fruits and identify the laborer of Heaven for the services in which he expresses himself.
At this point Peter interfered, asking: “Lord, what, then, of those who know the sacred principles of charity do not practice them?
Jesus sketched an expression of satisfaction in his eyes and said, “These, Simon, are seeds that sleep, even though projected into the giving of the earth. They will carry with them precious values ​​of Heaven, but they will remain useless for a long time.
However, let us be convinced that the showers and hurricanes will pass through them, renewing their position on the ground, and they will germinate, victorious, one day. In the fields of Our Father, there are millions of souls thus, waiting for the renewing tempests of experience, so that they may address the glory of the future. Let us help them with love, and let us go on looking forward.
Then, before the silence of all, Jesus blessed the small family assembly and left.

The unstable servant

In front of all those present, the Master narrated with simplicity:
-A certain man has found the light of Divine Revelation and wished ardently to be enabled to live among the Angels of Heaven.
So much he beseeched this blessing to the Father who, through inspiration, the Lord sent him to the necessary improvement with a view to the end he intended.
Through several friends, guided by the Divine Power, the candidate, who showed a marked tendency for sculpture, was led to collaborate with a former master in precious marble.
However, in a short time, he left his work, claiming that he was unable to submit to a rough and intractable man, and so he moved to a workshop devoted to the making of wood utilities, under the guidance of an old sculptor.
He left, too, without delay, asserting that he could not bear it. Then it was employed under the orders of a well-known laborer specialized in the construction of columns in the Greek style. Soon, however, the
Leave him, declaring that he does not tolerate the demands.
Soon after, he went to work, under the orders of an experienced sculptor of ornamentation in festive bows, but, after a week, he had escaped the commitments made, claiming to have found a chief who was too violent and irritable. Then he placed himself under the guidance of a manufacturer of precious chests, from whom he departed in a few days, on the pretext of being a cruel and soulless creature.
And so from task to task, from workshop to workshop, the aspirant to heaven invariably said that it was not possible for him to incorporate his own energies into the earthly experience, for everywhere finding error, evilness and persecution In those who directed him, until death brought him to the presence of the Angels of the Lord. But he did not find them as smiling as he waited. One of them advanced sadly and asked, “Friend, why did you not prepare yourself for the imperatives of Heaven?”
The questioner who identified his own inferiority, in the shadows in which he was involved, cried out in mourning that he had only met with demand and hardness in the conductors of human struggle.
The Messenger, however, observed bitterly, “The Father has called you to serve for your own benefit and not to judge. Every man will give an account of himself to God. No one will escape to the Divine Justice that is pronounced in the precise moment. How could you forget such a simple truth in life? The hammer beats the anvil, the blacksmith drives the mallet, the merchant examines the work of the blacksmith, the people give their opinion of the merchant, and the Lord, in the Assembly,
Analyzes and judges everyone. If you escaped to the little services of the world under the claim that others were incapable and unworthy of direction, how can you understand the heavenly ministry?
And the inconstant worker passed to the consequences of his unthinking fall.
Jesus paused and concluded, “Whoever is under the dominion of strong and hardened people in the discipline, excellent results will be able to collect if he knows and can take advantage of the roughness, drawing on the rough wood to the contact of the planer benefactor.
Blessed is the hand that educates and corrects, but blessed is the one who is left to perfect his touch of renewal and improvement, because the masters of the world always complain about the lesson of other masters, but the work of good, when performed for all, Remains forever.

The distracted messengers

The listeners of the cult of the Good News talked about the controversies that were ceaselessly wrapped around the faith in the circles of pharisaicism of various schools, when the Christ, in the profound simplicity that was characteristic of him, narrated tolerantly: “A great lord has received Alarming news of a vast grouping of servants in a remote area from the seat of his government, who had been plagued by a malignant fever, and, desirous of succoring those who were suffering in the remote area of ​​his domains, sent them reliable messengers, taking remedies appropriate to the situation and measures alluding to the general readjustment.
The emissaries left the palace with great promises of work, safety, and efficiency in the mission, yet as soon as they saw themselves outside the gates of the lord, they began to rule over the choice of ways. Some claimed the shortcut, some the plain without thorns, and others still asked for passage through the hills.
Long days lost in the dispute, until the group disbanded, each phalanx attending to its own whims, with absolute forgetfulness of the fundamental objective.
The difficulties, however, were not resolved with decision. The different scripts have been created, as conflicts have expanded. Reduced now, numerically, the expeditions suffered, with more rigor, the sterilizing blows of personal opinions. The travelers cared only to invent new reasons for useless friction. Among those who marched along the shortest path, the strip and the mountain saw unproductive discussions, forceful and endless. Precious days and nights were detached in noisy comments about the fever, the condition of the sick, or the surrounding landscapes. Harsh hours of bitterness and disharmony, from moment to moment, interrupted the trip, being very cost avoided the scenes of pugilato and homicide.
The quarrels arose over the smallest questions, with the utmost waste of opportunity, and for this reason both short-haul travelers and those on the plain and the mountain were delayed, since they were found in the valley of the plague at one Time, with enormous and irremediable disappointment for all, because, to the lack of the promised resource, there were no sick alive in the flesh.
Death had devoured them, one by one, while the argumentative messengers killed time, through the journey.
The Master looked at the apprentices with a very lucid eye and added: “In this symbol, we have the world attacked by the plague of wickedness and unbelief, and we see the portrait of the bearers of celestial medication, which are the religious of all shades speaking on Earth , In the name of the Father. Men, however, enlightened by the wisdom of faith, though they have received valuable resources from Heaven for those who suffer and weep, as a consequence of the ignorance and distress prevailing in the world, forget the obligations that mark their lives And, overcoming their own whims to the purposes of the Supreme Lord, they are confused in verbal ravings of every kind. While feeding the disturbance, frivolous and distracted, those in need of light and help faint from lack of care and dedication.
And caressing the head of one of the children who were present, as if concentrating all hope on the sublime future, he concluded, smiling and calm: “The discussion, however fruitful, should never distract us from the service that the Lord gave us do.
Photo: Istanbul 2016 took by Theodora

Tales and verses: Tongue of fire & Meditation

Book: Trail of One Blue Star    Original title in portuguese: Rastro de Uma Estrela Azul

Author:   Pedro Campos                                               Year: 2012


The tongue of fire

It is said that a gentleman sent his servant to the butcher’s shop and said to him with superior air:
“I want you to bring me the best portion of food you can find.”
To meet the master’s recommendation the servant brought him a bovine tongue.
A few days later the Lord again called the same servant and gave him the following command:
“Bring me from butcher the most ordinary portion of food you can find.”
The servant, as he had done the first time, brought a tongue.
– What does that mean? – Indignantly protested the gentleman – for any recommendation, you always bring me a tongue ?!
The servant who was a philosopher endowed with high knowledge, explained with bitter gravity:
“The tongue is the best, and also the worst. If the tongue is kind, nothing is better; If it is a slander, a liar, nothing will be worse …
If we proceed to the retrospective analysis of people living in all ages, we will notice in an indisputable way that it was and always will be through the language that good and evil are practiced.

Let us remember, for example, Adolf Hitler debating at the top of the Third Reich, inciting crowds to racial discrimination, ambition, war, evil.
On the other hand, let us evoke Gandhi, the poet of nonviolence, preaching peace and freeing his people from foreign yoke.
On the other hand, let us remember the great masters of humanity: Socrates, Confucius, Buddha, and the greatest of all, Jesus Christ, always using the word to teach and lead the people who heard them.
Therefore, language, in the flow of millennia, has been the object of exaltation of the beautiful, the good, the love, etc., or of evil, of much development, of smallness of spirit, of great tragedies.
There are unimaginable tragedies in history, whose cause was language.
Nowadays we find creatures that, bizarrely, without the slightest restraint use the tongue to gain pecuniary advantages, notoriety, and so on.
Whoever has not yet been a victim of the tongue of a person, perhaps one day, perhaps, will be worse, and worse, if he is one who wears lambskin, but who is but a wolf, a kind of white sepulcher on the outside, but Inside full of dirt, as the Christ said. It’s good to be careful …
But fortunately time can put each one in its proper place.
Who rises to the heights of success by lying, harming others, faster than can be surmised will descend to the ground, because man is heir to his thoughts and his words …



Dr. BERNIE SEAGAL, ​​a true expert in the field of medicine, in his book PEACE, LOVE AND HEALTH, draws inspiration from stories of patients who have been able to cure serious illnesses, and confirms the importance of meditation, visualization and relaxation in curing diseases , As well as highlights the full beneficial influence of love, joy and peace of mind.
He says in another book called LOVE MEDICINE AND MIRACLES that “To like ourselves, in a frank and positive way, continues to be fundamental to our health.” “If I can teach a person to get along with life, to feel love for themselves and for others, to achieve peace of mind, it is possible that the necessary changes will take place.”
Therefore, encourage yourself and seek in your intimacy the strength to solve your worries.
It is said that the genius of literature, the great Victor Hugo, when exiled on the island of Jersey, used to go to a hill by the sea, sit on a large rock and spend a long time meditating.

Nearby, daily, a group of children used to play.
Hugo, every time after reflection, got up, picked up a stone and threw it into the sea.
Invariably he did this every day, even when one of the children asked him why after so much thought he threw a stone into the sea. He replied: “I have many problems and I throw one a day at sea …”.
The remarkable poet meditated deeply on every uneasiness that afflicted him, took from a stone with a size corresponding to the problem and transferred it mentally to her and then threw to the sea, intimately saying that he had thrown that difficulty in the sea of ​​forgetfulness.
Every time he was worried, he would return to the mountain and repeat the experience.
Nowadays, the practices of meditation, visualization, as an excellent self-help resource, which everyone can do in the privacy of their homes, are already in the vogue in the West. I do this, two, three times a week. It’s an impressive relief. A bath of peace, of health, that allows me to face the high level of stress of life.
You sit or lie in a quiet place, close your eyes, take a deep breath, several times, until you feel your mind calm, and then you see a lot by the sea and transfer there.
In this place, you search deeply for yourself, meditate deeply on them, one at a time, then you see several stones around you, take one according to the size of your problem, mentally transfer your problem to it and throw the stone at And see it sinking, taking away what was afflicting it.
Try the same, try hard …
It is as Carl Gustav Jung says: “Who looks out, dreams. Whoever looks inside, wakes up.” This means: Wake up and fulfill the dream …




Photo: Theodora



Physical and mental pain

“The modern world brings the positive and negative consequences.
The positive is that the distance of time and space were very short if we compare 100 years ago. Today we talk live with a person on the other side of the world, and we still see her through our computer monitor.
The Internet, especially the social networks, interconnect people.
This is the positive side, as I see it.
The down side is that many people live by appearances. The important thing is to show to see how many likes we receive in our profile or daily things.
The interesting thing is that if you put a message, the person enjoyed it, without even having read what was written.
Also, we can notice that all people seem happy. In the world of Facebook, for example, nobody gets sick, no one suffers from depression, no one feels pain.
Is that so? Is this the reality we live in?
How long will we endure a hypocritical society in which we are the main actors?”

Author: Adésio Alves Machado

To believe that one can escape from pain, to free oneself from pain, to forget one’s pain is a manifestation that is technically understood in the life of the great majority of humanity. Because it is an attitude that is too simplistic, accommodative and does not offer a solution to the great problem that marks the human being
Praying, many of the prevailing religions in Christianity would find the release of the stormy waters of suffering. In prayer the pure and simple liberation of the tumultuous pain would be found, as if Divine Providence had the role of accumulating solicitations to immediately attend to them indiscriminately, far from analyzing the deep question of merit and demerit.
There are also those linked to materialistic or scientific currents, whose character is hindered by unbelief in immortal life, and thus, they deem themselves qualified to annul the guilty past and strong enough to free the offenders, sparing them from responding to the crimes Against the Perfect Law.
For these, pleasure is sought eagerly, but they nevertheless manage to satisfy the thirst for joy, and then flee to the slippery mazes of maddening drugs, seeking through them the exaltation of the happiness which they deem worthy to enjoy.
However, the pain continues unperturbed, she who is the servant of the soul, shaking and awakening the minds, in the eagerness to realize that which is divine – the maintenance of the balance of the Law.

It emerges here and there, with a thousand appearances, but always shown in an identity that many dare to listen to it and seek to understand it.
In order to face it, stoicism emerged in ancient times, having as its basic point of support contempt for earthly goods, which, together with the worship of virtues, would promote the balance of man, valorizing him and empowering him to overcome pain, for In this way, could face it with nobility and faith.
Socrates was an example of Stoicism, when imprisoned after vile trial, advocated, even from prison, the cultivation of morality and virtue as the only means to transpose the aculeus of pain.
Poor Francis of Assisi experienced mockery, a thousand humiliations, but he kept the pulsating force of love in his acts and words exercising the Christian virtues, never ceasing to bless the pain.
The Voices imprisoned Joan of Arc, and she, stimulated by the Venerable spiritual friends, who never ceased to lead her patiently, endured the pain of the prison, the reproach and after the infamous judgment, was yet another to die burned, but calling for JESUS , Believing in Him, thereby overcoming pain.
Joanna de Ângelis asserts that pain is a ransom currency, an exercise for
Fixation of the good and high divine grant.
To live a man absent from pain would ignore peace, would not take into account the necessity of joy and curse health, thus losing the inestimable opportunity to exercise lessons so that good made that final abode on his mental screen.

Let’s be where we are, in the wheelchair; In moral torments; In the limitations of the objectives; In family, social and labor relations; In the face of the pain in the body, in the mind and in the soul, where it burns the embers of pain, let us endeavor to thank God for the opportunity to relearn and repair.

Let us never cease to consider that, as pain burns us, thousands upon millions of brothers and sisters in humanity throw themselves unhindered by the narrow paths of irresponsibility, driven by the folly of insatiable joy. Let us calm down, even if the pain is tearing us apart.
The Unconditional Friend of all hours, JESUS, chose the pain as the companion of his earthly days and took advantage of it, through it, to leave us a precious teaching, without ever resorting to verbalism or rhetoric, showing that one can be happy in all Moments, never ceasing to exalt love and kindness as a script of enlightenment.
With a particular sky full of dark clouds, carrying worries, in the face of ulterior anxieties, we lift our heads and turn our hands on wings of love and peace and with them, through the work in good, we praise the Lord of Life, So one day we will fly to the regions of full liberation after we have redeemed our debts in divine accounting. Let us, therefore, receive the pain with joy, with love and never discolour or enter into a frenzy.


Support Joanna de Ângelis – book “Dimensions of Truth”, psychography by Divaldo Pereira Franco. (Article originally published in the Pernambuco Spiritist Journal – May 1999)


Photo: Pixabay.com

Source: http://bvespirita.com/A%20Dor%20Numa%20Visao%20Diferente%20(Adesio%20Alves%20Machado).pdf

Crisis in the Gulf

t”Long enough have men torn one another to pieces, anathematising each other in the name of a God of peace and of mercy, whom they insult by such a sacrilege. Spiritism will eventually constitute a bond of union among them, by showing what is truth and what is error; but there will still be, and for a long time to come, scribes and pharisees who will reject it, as they rejected Christ. Would you know the quality of the spirits who influence the various sects into which the world is divided? Judge them by their deeds and by the principles they profess.
Never did good spirits instigate to the commission of evil deeds; never did they counsel or condone murder or violence; never did they excite party-hatreds, the thirst for riches and honours, or greed of earthly things. They alone who are kind, humane, benevolent, to all, are counted as friends by spirits of high degree; they alone are counted as friends by Jesus, for they alone are following the road which He has shown them as the only one which leads to Him.”
SAINT AUGUSTINE , The Spirits ́ Book

In a letter to the Turkish government last year, I told that a catastrophic war could start near Turkey.
In the letter I spoke about the need for unity between countries to achieve peace on Earth. At the time they were accusing Germany, my heart country, of supporting terrorists. Accusations, in which are not truths.

Also, almost 1 year ago I wrote a letter with a 12-page protocol for the Pope to intercede for peace between the Koreas. But I also said that, according to my calculations, I thought a war in the Middle East would be more likely.
Of course I’m sure, this letter did not reach his hands. Even if it had arrived, it probably was cursed, because I spoke of the Spirits.
Spirits in the catholic tradition are demons. The contact with the souls of the dead is not possible, even though it is clearly in the Bible the account of Saul’s contact with Samuel ….

At the time I was having a very internal conflict because I did not know if I was receiving any influence from any evil spirit.
I wrote to some Spiritists for advice. I only received silence. About writing to the Pope, one of these spiritists told me not to do so, afraid to “disrupt” the peace of the spirit movement. Perhaps he was afraid of a new persecution of the Catholic Church.
But regardless of this, at least I have my conscience quiet, for having done my duty.
If you want to read the letters, they can be found in pdf


I do not believe that an Anti-Christ will ever come, but I believe that somehow, we are all capable of denying the words of Jesus. Do not we do this? Every time we deny our brother? Every time we hate our enemies?
Often during the day I think about my actions. I also think of people that I have a certain aversion. Most of the time they are people in possession. For they are the “masters of the world.”
But even though there is no anti-Christ, the current president is doing damn damage on Earth. But, maybe the world needs it. Maybe people need a jolt to wake up.
For this is how we will acrodaremos. When we suffer, when we lose a loved one ….
If everything is in God’s plan, then even suffering will be for our learning.
But we can choose not to suffer. We can choose to be mere observers.
The question is: What about our feeling? How to reconcile all this?
The American people are accumulating a very negative karma for having elected someone like the current president. And they can not say, “We did not know,” as happened to the German people.
According to Spiritism and many spiritualistic philosophies, the great separation of tares and wheat is happening at this time
. This is the last chance for many souls to reincarnate on this earth globe.
Very negative souls will be transported to inferior worlds. The description of the worlds can be found in Allan Kardec’s book of the Spirits, and can be downloaded for free if anyone is interested in reading.

I really like this idea, and something tells me that I too can reincarnate in one of these worlds, to help the primitive nations to evolve, just as happened to the Earth with that coming from the chapel and the Orion peoples, who formed the Egyptian and Hindu civilizations.

Wow, do you imagine that many heads of state, wealthy people, with all the luxury, accustomed to command and dominate people to be reincarnated in a primitive world, from the stone age, to sleep in the caves, to run, trying to save their lives not to be killed by the wild animals? Sleeping in the cold, because maybe the fire has not yet been discovered there?
I really like this idea. Pure adventure, without limits, with a duration of 200,000 years.

Well, now with a smile on my lips, I go to my private paradise, my little garden, to feed my little birds, fish and squirrels.
A good weekend to all, with much reflection!

Greetings, Ra’ah Demirci


Ego: Human passions and its characteristics

Each creature has the affliction that is the own characteristic:
Selfishness, addiction, aggression, crime, fanaticism, escape, envy, thoughtlessness, indiscipline, brutality, laziness, vanity, relaxation, indifference, helplessness, jealousy, impatience, stinginess, injustice.

Question 908: How can we define the limit at which the passions cease to be good or bad?

“The passions are like a horse that is useful when under control, but dangerous when it obtains the mastery. A passion becomes pernicious the moment when you cease to govern it, and when it causes an injury to yourselves or to others.” The passions are levers that Increase man’s powers tenfold, and aid him in the accomplishment of the designs of Providence but if, instead of ruling them, he allows himself to be ruled by them, he falls into every sort of excess, and the same force which, held well in hand, would have been useful to him, falls upon and crushes him. All the passions have their source in a natural sentiment or a natural want. They are therefore not evil in themselves, since they constitute one of the providentially-appointed conditions of our existence. what is usually meant by “passion” is the exaggeration of a need or a Sentiment. But this exaggeration Is the excessive action of a motive-power, and not the power Itself; it is this excessive action which becomes an evil, and leads to evil consequences of every Kind. Every passion that brings man nearer to the nature of the animals takes him further from the spiritual nature. Every sentiment that raises man above the nature of the animals is evidence of the predominance of his spiritual nature over his animal nature and brings him nearer to perfection. Allan Kardec, The Spirit´s Book

Ego: Human passions and its characteristics


Book: Religion of the Spirits. Author: Emmanuel Medium: Francisco Xavier

Performed by Professor André Sobreiro
Participation: Roberto and Theodora

Chapter 10: Examine the very affliction


Emmanuel: Examine the very affliction that thy concern not convert in devastating emotional storm.

André: The author Emmanuel suggests a movement called “self-evaluation” or self-analysis”. So if the person is distressed, anguished or suffering, she always seeks the blame on others. However, before judging others for our suffering, we must examine the very affliction.
Restlessness is a natural principle, it is necessary for us to grow spiritually. A natural principle is that compels us to Progress.

There is a philosopher who says, “the satisfied animal sleeps.” If the animal is fed and feels safe, he lay in the shade and sleep.  It means that, if we are satisfied, the tendency is to accommodate ourselves and not see the needs to move forward in the progress. Because we are pleased with our Situation. Then, restlessness is not the problem. The problem are the uncontrolled emotions that come with this concern. Such as neurosis, depression, fear, panic, aggression and several others.

Emmanuel: All afflictions are characterized by types and special names:

The affliction of selfishness is called egomania

André: The person finds himself the most beautiful, intelligent, intends that all people to serve him, not divide anything with anyone.

Theodora: Always waiting to take advantage for himself own. Not care about the feeling or suffering of others.

180 – Indifference in the manifestations of emotional sensitivity, within the processes of evolution of life on Earth, in times of pain and joy, is justified attitude, as spiritual surveillance measure?
-The Indifference which results in crystallization of feelings is always dangerous for the life of the soul; however, there are attitudes in the field of emotional externalization, which are justified by the nature of their educational expressions. Book The Comforter, Emmanuel


The affliction of addiction is called delinquency

André: The addicted person, leaves a lot of important thing in favor of addiction. Until own food is changed to maintain the vice.

Roberto: Many people have passion for many things. Much Passion, may turn into vices, as for example for special object or person Then, the Person has no control anymore.

André: The affliction is that the delinquency. But we should not see delinquency as a crime, but to see the laws of God. Many people fail, for example, enjoying the opportunity to do something important for her life and others, because he is addict in a toxic .. As Kardec says: The passion is not bad. Bad is when you lose control of your actions and own reasoning.

The affliction of aggression is called Cholera

André: If the person has not the feeling planted within itself, she does not mug. The suggestion is: Work this feeling, learn to drain this energy to relieve yourself. If it is working properly, we do not are in danger of harming others. Whether verbally or physically. If the energy is stopped, stored, the chance of losing control is very big.

Theodora: There are many ways to work the energy: Psychologists, Yoga, Meditation. physical exercises, activities that are pleasing…

181 How to understand the feelings of cholera in the procedures of human life?
-The cholera does not solve evolutionary problems and means nothing more than a memory trace, of the beginnings of human life in its most vulgar expressions.
The serene energy builds up always, in the construction of feelings purifiers; but impulsive cholera, in its primitive movements, is a poisoned wine drunk whose soul always awakens with the heart touched bitter aftertaste. Book The Comforter, Emmanuel

The affliction of crime  is called remorse

182 -The remorse is a punishment?
-The Remorse is the force that prepares repentance, as this is the energy that precedes the regeneration effort. spiritual shock in its deep features, remorse is the interstices to light, through which receives the man indirect cooperation of his invisible friends in order to rectify deviations and renew his moral values, on the journey to God. Book The Comforter, Emmanuel

André: If after remorse, I know correct my failure, the pain is less. The worst thing is if I repeat the same mistake other times

The affliction of fanaticism is called intolerance

Fanaticism term can be seen as fundamentalism. The fundamentalist person does not tolerate different ideas.

Roberto: The fanatical person dictates the rules, only his opinion is valid,  the truth.

Theodora: Many times using the aggression to make their idea be accepted.

The affliction getaway is called cowardice

André: The person does not have the courage to face the own problems.

Roberto: They are individuals who take refuge and enclose in religious temples, ashrams, leaving all the problems behind.

Theodora: Suicide is one way of escape. The problem is that life goes on. The person kills himself, thinking that with this act, the problems are over, but in reality they increase. They arrive in the spirit world, not understanding anything … Feeling hungry, feeling thirsty, cold, pain of the object that was the cause of suicide Many people go crazy in the spiritual world.
If they have had depression, so they are in a depressed state, which often last for years and even centuries. Until they accept help from spiritual mentors. The spiritual guides try but they get no conexion with those suffered souls. The Person who commited the suicide is never alone, is never helpless. But the own person does not allow the aid. She can not, because it is a very low frequency. as an example, the movie Robin Williams
We have to pray a lot for those souls… They need a lot of prayer, much feeling of affection and love. No judgment.

Roberto: The problems are passengers. Often, after a few hours or a night’s sleep, they resolve for themselves. The important is having patience.

The affliction of envy is called despite

André: The person with spite, offended, do not conforms with their limits, wanting to be like the other, wishing to have the same things that the other has, is unable to be satisfied with what they.
Theodora: We have to analyze that before our reincarnation, the reincarnatory plan was outlined by ourselves, together with the lords of Karma.

André: Also we should think: Does the other person that I envy, is she happy? Is she okay with it, with the object that I envy? Does the object was conquered with honesty?

Roberto: The responsibility of those who have power, who is a millionaire, is very big. Much larger than the one who has nothing.
Because power is a very serious commitment. Because are many people who depend on his decision, taken by him.

  1. Does not a spirit, when expiating its faults in a new existence, undergo material suffering, and, that being the case, is it  correct to say that, after death, the soul experiences only moral sufferings?

“It is very true that, when the soul is reincarnated, it is made to suffer by the tribulations of corporeal life; but it is only the body that undergoes material suffering.

You often say, of one who is dead, that he is released from suffering; but this is not always true. As a spirit, he has no more physical sufferings; but, according to the faults he has coinmitted, he may have to bear moral sufferings still more severe, and, in a new existence, he may be still more unhappy. He who has made a selfish use of riches’ will have to beg his bread, and will be a prey to all the privations of poverty; the proud will undergo humiliations of every kind; he who has misused his authority, and treated his subordinates with disdain and harshness, will be forced to obey a master still harder than himself. All the tribulations of life are the expiation of faults committed in a preceding existence, when they are not the consequence of faults committed in the present one. When you have quitted your present life, you will understand this. The Spirit´s Book, Allan Kardec

Theodora: It’s like a politician or a dictator of a great nation. We can mention, for example, the currently Siria. Look at the souls of the people, so suffering. He Assad, a doctor, trained in England to save lives, killing, destroying a nation. Children are starving And when I see him on television interviews, I almos can´t  believe it. He has so soft face … However… As the popular saying goes: “Who sees face, do not see heart.So we have to be careful not to judge by physical appearances, but by acts

Thousands of people are being affected, and each dead soul, disembodied, is an enemy that he is forming in the astral. Thus, acquiring just not a heavy karma for himself but potentials obsessing spirits. Some mediums say that Hitler is a planetary prison, alone. Because if not, the souls that he annihilated, would follow him for many, many centuries…

These dictators, bad leaders, unscrupulous politicians, deserve much more our prayer, than their victims.
The victims are rescuing their karmas, but the leaders are accumulating quite bad karmas for themselves.
Let’s pray for the souls of these poor wretches. Let´s pray for victms, the souls harmed by them, do not will obsidian them in the future.

Also the religious leaders who preach a false doctrine, which is not that of the love and peace, plucking often the last penny of their believers, selling a place in heaven.
Let us having compassions of them, because they are miserable and will suffer very much  in the spiritual world and in their next reincarnations.

Even the directors of large multinational companies, such as those exploiters of oil which pollute the sea, or large nuclear power concernig. They also, along with all the company’s employees are creating a collective karma. Many accidents, which killed many people together as aerial accident, or train, or ship, are karmas, which are being rescued by souls, which,during their past lives, some reincarnation, they acted together and made some bad things.
So, these souls are, by forces of karma, already programmed before their reincarnatation, to pay together, the debts acquired in their past lives.

We see many cases of people who give up of traveling, and at the last minute, either because they arrived late and missed the flight, or another reason. Then, the airplane fell or explodes, and they raise their hand to the sky, to give thanks.
But in the spiritual, they were not programmed to die at that moment. Therefore, spirituality program a way to make them not to enter the aircraft.

984.Are the troubles of our earthly life always the punishment of faults committed by us in our present lifetime?

“No; we have already told you that they are trials imposed on you by God, or chosen by you in the spirit-state, and before your reincarnation, for the expiation of faults committed by you in a former existence; for no infraction of the laws of God, and especially of the law of justice, ever remains unpunished, and if it be not expiated in the same life, it will certainly be so in another. This is why persons whom you regard as excellent are so often made to suffer; they are stricken in their present life for the faults of their past existences.” The Spirit´s Book, Allan Kardec


The affliction of levity is called foolishness

Being wise is having common sense. The frivolous person lacks this sense, it is no longer reasonable.
A foolish person does not think before acting.

The affliction of indiscipline is called disorder.

André: All disorganized, all jumbled. A person can not organize life itself. Can not discipline himself. Discipline requires an effort, to conclude those undesirable task.

Theodora: For example, the declaration of annual income. Organize papers, or cleaning the house, because a visit is planned for the weekend

The affliction of brutality is called violence.

André: There are people who are violent by nature, characteristic that the spirit carries from many other reincarnations.
In the Book of Spirits by Allan Kardec says that a violent person, even in a fragile, weakened body, remains violent, because it is character of the spirit.
We often see little people, but with a gigantic violence, while big people of stature who are very pacifist.

345 -The Gospel precept – “If someone slaps you on one face presents you with the other– must be observed by Christians, when being a victim of physical aggression, in which she unprovoked?

The earthly man, with its secular defects, has invented numerous human resources to justify the so-called self-defense”, but the reality is that all the defense of the creature is in God.
We are of the opinion that acting man with the key to the Christian brotherhood, can extinguish the leaven of aggression, with the light of goodness and moral serenity.
Believing, however, the failure of all peaceful attempts, the sincere Christian, in their individual feature, you should never fall to the aggressor level, knowing establish, in all circumstances, the difference between their moral values and animalistic instincts of violence physical. Book the Comforter, Emmanuel

The affliction of laziness is called Rebellion.

Rebellious to the labor law, because those who do not plant, do not harvest.
Jesus said, “Knock and the door will open to you.” Then, before opening, you have to knock.
The person who is lazy, want things without making any effort to achieve. wanting facility
When Adam and Eve have lost their paradise, what was the law passed to them? “You will eat from the sweat (effort) of your work.”


The affliction of vanity is called madness

Usually are people who have lost the moral sense, and often reaching the sense of ridicule. Vanity is a passion. If you have control of your vanity. it’s all right. The problem is, when people come to narcissism

The affliction of relaxation is called evasive

Relaxing in the hygienic sense, or lack of discipline. The person runs away from his obligations

The affliction of indifference is called dejection

The despondent person is indifferent to what is happening around her. For example Depression.

The affliction of worthlessness is called complaint

In 90% of cases, the complaint is an useless movement. The time we waste, while we are complaining, we could searching for a solution to the problem, so we would perfecting ourselves, learning something new and advancing.

196 -How face spiritual guides our complaints?

-Many Are considered true prayer, worthy of all caring attention of disembodied friends. (Saints, angels, spiritual guides)
Most, however, is nothing more than sterile lamentation, that man got used as an addiction any, because if you have in your hands the effective remedy, which is the Gospel of Jesus and the comforting explanation of the doctrine of spirits, the repetition of certain complaints, reflected unwillingness in its legitimate application of spiritualist knowledge to yourselves. Book: The Comforter, Emmanuel


The affliction of jealousy is called despair

Jealous in every way.
Many scholars say is the most useless feeling we have.
In marital affair: If the person deserves respect, there is not need to be jealous.
If there is not respect, then, it might be time to think of a separation. Because the trust is the basis of a relationship.

Spiritism tells us that we must not separate what God has united. But when it’s happening aggression, fights, betrayal. The divorce, is nothing more than the formalization of a separation, which has already happened long ago.
Theodora: The important thing is to live in peace.

The affliction of impatience is called intemperance

Roberto: The person has not temper.
André: Do not have balance, not pondering to act or speak and often acts without thinking, often repenting later.

The affliction of stinginess is called misery.

Are those who refraining from giving things to others and collecting wealth and riches for oneself.

Theodora. Thinking that material goods have much value. But on the spiritual plane, many souls are still trapped in terrestrial diamonds. Poor people suffer through the centuries because of illusions

The affliction of injustice, is called cruelty

I’d rather see another way: Cruelty is the cause and injustice is the effect. A cruel person is unfair. Not opening hand of their decisions, even knowing tha, they are committing an injustice.

Each creature has the affliction that is the own characteristic:
Selfishness, addiction, aggression, crime, fanaticism, escape, envy, thoughtlessness, indiscipline, brutality, laziness, vanity, relaxation, indifference, helplessness, jealousy, impatience, stinginess, injustice.




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