Matter and Energy

There are as many different and contradictory times as there are worlds in the vast
expanse. Beyond worlds, eternity alone replaces these ephemeral inheritances and quietly fills with its light immovable the immensity of the heavens. Immensity and eternity without limits, — such are the two grand properties of universal nature.
The eye of the observer who traverses untiringly the immeasurable distances of space, as well as that of the geologist who peers into the secrets of the ages, descending even into the depths of a yawning eternity, where they will some day be engulfed, act in concert, each in his way, to acquire this double idea of infinitude, duration, and extent.
 Genesis, Chapter IV; Allan Kardec

Until recently we believed that the matter ruled the earthly life and the universe.
The quantum, for me and many scientists, was a bizarre thing, difficult to understand, although it has revolutionized our modern world.
It’s like an orphan child, who are obliged by charity, adopt, but not knowing what to do with it.
And to worsen the situation, something happened a few years ago. Something even more bizarre that the quantum  particles: The dark matter and dark energy.
The belief of thousands of years fell completely, proving that the matter is only an illusion.
What exists is the repellent of two energies.

Arriving at this conclusion, nothing is more logical than to relearn how to think, reviewing old concepts.
Nothing is more logical than the classical medicine change their concepts, doctoring not only the body, but especially the soul, the generator of most of the diseases that manifest themselves in the matter.

I often look at the sky and I’m trying to imagine the infinite world of celestial bodies, surrounding our sphere.
It may be that well ahead of us have other planets, which to the naked eye, we are not able to view.

When I was still a student, I was terrified of physics and chemistry and was the worst student in these school subjects, because I was not able to understand how the atoms worked, trying to count how many atoms were needed to form a square table. For me it was all nonsense, all unreasonable.

Since some years I’ve been following the news of astronomy and studying about the matter and dark energy.
In the books of Genesis and spirits of Allan Kardec, despite being published in 1857, long before the theory be presented, I could find many answers to this “mystery.
Already the works of André Luiz, psychographic by Francisco Xavier, brings us many answers on the human body, the psyche and the energetic body.
Not the esoteric way, but scientific. For fought my entire life against esotericism, always being rational and seeking explanations for everything in the world of matter.

I hope that future students are not as hardheaded as I was, but to make use of own reasoning.

I wish you all a really good learning through this infinite world of possibilities. Theodora


If one observes such a diversity in matter, it is because the forces which have presided at its transformations, the conditions in which they are produced being unlimited in number, the various combinations of matter must be unlimited also.

This fluid which penetrates bodies is like an immense ocean. In it resides the vital principle which gives birth and life to beings, perpetuating it upon every globe according to its condition. It is a principle in a latent state, which slumbers when no existence calls for it. Every mineral, vegetable, animal, or other — for many other natural kingdoms exist, the existence of which you do not suspect — knows how, by virtue of this universal vital principle, to appropriate the conditions of its existence and of its duration.

The molecules of the mineral have their share of this life, as well as the seed and the germ, and group themselves, like an organized being, into symmetrical forms, which constitute
It is very important to comprehend this idea: that primitive cosmic matter was invested
not only with laws which assure the stability of worlds, but also with the universal vital
principle which causes spontaneous generations upon every world, in proportion as conditions for the successive existence of beings manifest themselves, when the time comes for the appearance of children of life, during the creative period.
Thus universal creation is accomplished. It is then true to say that, the operations of nature being the expression of the divine will, God has always created, and creates unceasingly, and always will create. Genesis, Allan Kardec