Suicide: End or beginning of suffering?

With each passing day, the use of Euthanasia is more common. Patients with endless sufferings cry out for the release of their sufferings. They cry out in a clear way for a soft death.
But is it really the end of our sufferings?
Many people who decide on Euthanasia or commit suicide do so without first questioning what is on the other side of life.
Others even say bluntly: “It does not matter what’s on the other side. The important thing is to end this suffering.”
I understand these people because for many years of my life I thought so, until I discovered what really exists on the other side.
When one is certain that life exists after death, then one begins to see one’s situation, one’s own problems differently.
The safest way is out-of-body experience. Once we leave our carnal envelope, we can finally be sure that this present life is only a vision. Did not the master Jesus say, “Find the truth and it will set you free?”

Materialism, this scourge of humanity that spreads throughout the world is the evil that should be shed from our human ego.
Of course we need it to eat and sleep, but this planet is just passing through. Earth is only a school for learning and correcting our past mistakes. Very well said the abortenija saying:
Every reincarnation is traced by ourselves-except in a few rare cases- This means that we decide the evidence imposed by ourselves. But we often decide on the middle of the road to stop or complain about life.
Analyzing the case of the American Otto Warmbier, as a human being, I am immensely sad. But the suffering he has gone through, for sure may have cleansed his soul from the karma he brought from past lives.
At the moment I am translating a book on reincarnationist therapy and I hope in the next few weeks to be able to post it here, bringing more information about it.



An article by the Brazilian Antonio Rossi on Euthanasia:

Euthanasia in the spiritist vision:

The Spirit´s Book of Allan Kardec:

Question 953 – When a person sees before him an inevitable and horrible end, will he be guilty of abbreviating his sufferings for a few moments, voluntarily hastening his death?

“He is always guilty who does not wait for the term that God has marked for existence. And who can be sure that, despite appearances, that term has arrived; That an unexpected bailout does not come at the last moment? “

Some people argue that the physician (with or without the consent of family members) has a duty to alleviate the patient’s suffering when the disease has no cure, providing a “calm and quiet” death for the dying person.

From the spiritual point of view, we can make the following considerations:

1- It is up to God, Lord of our destinies, to promote our return to Spirituality. In the Table of Ten Commandments, received by Moses on Mount Sinai, where the foundations of human justice lie, there is the unequivocal recommendation: “Thou shalt not kill.”

No one can say with absolute certainty that a patient is hopelessly condemned. The medical literature is prodigal in examples of patients in a hopeless state who recover.

3. Euthanasia interrupts the purification of the Spirit, since it anticipates its departure, causing the disincarnation.

4 – According to the Spirit André Luiz, imposes to the disembodied serious difficulties in the return to the Spiritual Plane.

Family members often make this decision basically for two reasons. First, because they can not bear to see the suffering of the loved one who is in an irreversible state. Knowing that there is no possibility of recovery, they think that the best solution is to shorten their life here on Earth, consequently their suffering.

But let us be frank: there are those family members who, at bottom, only want to be free of their own work, for weeks and months, visiting the patient in the hospital. Also, if there is a chance (a real “miracle”) of the patient recovering, how many problems and difficulties would flow from there to care for a being who might lead a vegetative life if he left the Hospital?

André Luiz, in his book “Workers of Eternal Life”, reports the euthanasia that was submitted to a worker of the secular spirit called Cavalcante. The doctor, taking advantage of the unconsciousness of the dying person and without the authorization of the relatives, applied a lethal dose of anesthetic to him.

The perispirito of Cavalcante is also reached by the medicine and Cavalcante-Spirit is stunned, incapable of any attitude.

In the face of what happened, the detachment of the disincarnant could only take place after 20 hours of what had been foreseen by the friendly spirits.

Still, Cavalcante did not withdraw under favorable and encouraging conditions. Apathetic, sleepy, forgetful, he was collected in a spiritual department, demonstrating that he needed more care.

In addition, we must not forget that it is often the patient himself who, before reincarnating, requested a death in these ways. That is, that time in irreversible physical state – coma, for example – was predicted to happen for the patient’s own good, spiritually speaking.

Applied from the earliest cultures, euthanasia, far from being “happy death”, is an unfortunate solution for the patient, besides constituting itself in lamentable disrespect for God’s designs.

Fernando Rossit

Supporting Bibliography:

1-Workers of Eternal Life – André Luiz / Chico Xavier

2-Richard Simonetti – “Who is afraid of Death?”

3-The Book of Spirits – Allan Kardec, question 953

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North Korea exterminated dream of a young American

Probably many will not understand because I have put “exterminated dream”, instead of “reaped life”.
Life does not end, but the dreams of this carnal existence, yes.
Very sad. I’m very sorry …. Very sorry for the young man and his family …

Today is a very sad day. I just heard on the news that the 22-year-old Otto Warmbier has just passed away.
A student at the University of Virginia was arrested in North Korea where he must have suffered terrible maltreatment.
I pray for the soul of the young man who can find the peace on the other side and for the family, that they can gain strength in this unfortunate moment.
On one of my astral trips, I was once in North Korea, where I was able to free an inmate.
Now, there will be some tougher reaction from the United States against the Korea?

Tales and verses: Tongue of fire & Meditation

Book: Trail of One Blue Star    Original title in portuguese: Rastro de Uma Estrela Azul

Author:   Pedro Campos                                               Year: 2012


The tongue of fire

It is said that a gentleman sent his servant to the butcher’s shop and said to him with superior air:
“I want you to bring me the best portion of food you can find.”
To meet the master’s recommendation the servant brought him a bovine tongue.
A few days later the Lord again called the same servant and gave him the following command:
“Bring me from butcher the most ordinary portion of food you can find.”
The servant, as he had done the first time, brought a tongue.
– What does that mean? – Indignantly protested the gentleman – for any recommendation, you always bring me a tongue ?!
The servant who was a philosopher endowed with high knowledge, explained with bitter gravity:
“The tongue is the best, and also the worst. If the tongue is kind, nothing is better; If it is a slander, a liar, nothing will be worse …
If we proceed to the retrospective analysis of people living in all ages, we will notice in an indisputable way that it was and always will be through the language that good and evil are practiced.

Let us remember, for example, Adolf Hitler debating at the top of the Third Reich, inciting crowds to racial discrimination, ambition, war, evil.
On the other hand, let us evoke Gandhi, the poet of nonviolence, preaching peace and freeing his people from foreign yoke.
On the other hand, let us remember the great masters of humanity: Socrates, Confucius, Buddha, and the greatest of all, Jesus Christ, always using the word to teach and lead the people who heard them.
Therefore, language, in the flow of millennia, has been the object of exaltation of the beautiful, the good, the love, etc., or of evil, of much development, of smallness of spirit, of great tragedies.
There are unimaginable tragedies in history, whose cause was language.
Nowadays we find creatures that, bizarrely, without the slightest restraint use the tongue to gain pecuniary advantages, notoriety, and so on.
Whoever has not yet been a victim of the tongue of a person, perhaps one day, perhaps, will be worse, and worse, if he is one who wears lambskin, but who is but a wolf, a kind of white sepulcher on the outside, but Inside full of dirt, as the Christ said. It’s good to be careful …
But fortunately time can put each one in its proper place.
Who rises to the heights of success by lying, harming others, faster than can be surmised will descend to the ground, because man is heir to his thoughts and his words …



Dr. BERNIE SEAGAL, ​​a true expert in the field of medicine, in his book PEACE, LOVE AND HEALTH, draws inspiration from stories of patients who have been able to cure serious illnesses, and confirms the importance of meditation, visualization and relaxation in curing diseases , As well as highlights the full beneficial influence of love, joy and peace of mind.
He says in another book called LOVE MEDICINE AND MIRACLES that “To like ourselves, in a frank and positive way, continues to be fundamental to our health.” “If I can teach a person to get along with life, to feel love for themselves and for others, to achieve peace of mind, it is possible that the necessary changes will take place.”
Therefore, encourage yourself and seek in your intimacy the strength to solve your worries.
It is said that the genius of literature, the great Victor Hugo, when exiled on the island of Jersey, used to go to a hill by the sea, sit on a large rock and spend a long time meditating.

Nearby, daily, a group of children used to play.
Hugo, every time after reflection, got up, picked up a stone and threw it into the sea.
Invariably he did this every day, even when one of the children asked him why after so much thought he threw a stone into the sea. He replied: “I have many problems and I throw one a day at sea …”.
The remarkable poet meditated deeply on every uneasiness that afflicted him, took from a stone with a size corresponding to the problem and transferred it mentally to her and then threw to the sea, intimately saying that he had thrown that difficulty in the sea of ​​forgetfulness.
Every time he was worried, he would return to the mountain and repeat the experience.
Nowadays, the practices of meditation, visualization, as an excellent self-help resource, which everyone can do in the privacy of their homes, are already in the vogue in the West. I do this, two, three times a week. It’s an impressive relief. A bath of peace, of health, that allows me to face the high level of stress of life.
You sit or lie in a quiet place, close your eyes, take a deep breath, several times, until you feel your mind calm, and then you see a lot by the sea and transfer there.
In this place, you search deeply for yourself, meditate deeply on them, one at a time, then you see several stones around you, take one according to the size of your problem, mentally transfer your problem to it and throw the stone at And see it sinking, taking away what was afflicting it.
Try the same, try hard …
It is as Carl Gustav Jung says: “Who looks out, dreams. Whoever looks inside, wakes up.” This means: Wake up and fulfill the dream …




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Sufi Wisdom

Every war begins in the world of feelings!
The emotions in disarray, soon reach the world of the thoughts.
Thoughts of disorder, soon turn into aggressive words.
Aggressive words in the mouth of someone influential, soon infect susceptible people, forming a group of rebels.
These can propagate the revolt, until it reaches a larger scale, producing a war. And this can begin in the hidden world of feelings, of a single person!
What is in the heart of each one, it is the duty of the individual to care! Taking care of your emotions with zeal, bad thoughts will be avoided. Without evil thoughts, there will be no belligerent words, and therefore, no conflict will spread.
What is hidden in the world of your feelings?  The Sufi by Pablo de Salamanca

The greatest obstacle lies within ourselves. Our belief and prejudice prevents us from fully loving ourselves and the environment in which we live.
Even though I know that I will be subject to the criticism of the Spiritists because of the poem I will publish, for being part of the mystical current of Islam, I will do it because this Celestial work of art has a profound meaning and a transformative power in the soul.
Thank you for your understanding….


Book: Reflexions    Portuguese version: REFLEXÕES

Originally written: 2009

2nd Edition – 2012 Revised according to the new Spelling Agreement

Author: Sufi     Medium: Pablo de Salamanca



Pablo de Salamanca was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1968. He holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering, graduating in 1991. He completed his master’s degree in 1992, defending his thesis in 1994. Still in his original area of ​​professional activity, he began his doctorate in 1995, finishing his thesis in the year 2000. He began his psychic development in 1993, psychographing from 1994. Until 2011, ten books were fulfilled at the hands of Pablo: Wisdom in verses (2001), Testimonies of the Beyond (2005), Lives (2009), Extraphysical Experiences II (2010), Perceptions (2011), and Expectations (2009), Extraphysical Experiences II (2010), Sonnets to reflect (2011). The book on screen, “Spiritualism in Focus”, was finalized in early 2012, being the eleventh book of Pablo de Salamanca. This work is the result of his reflections and studies on several important spiritualist themes. In the near future, other books that are already running will be released.

I thank first of all the good spiritual mentors for their protection and protection. To my father and mother, thank you for your unselfish love and sacrifice.
I am also deeply grateful to the many incarnated friends who indirectly contributed to the execution of this work. These are so many, that I’d rather not quote them, to avoid committing injustice to anyone.
Special thanks to Terezinha S. do Carmo, who collaborated directly with this book.

The cover of the Portuguese version is the photograph “Dead trees reflected in lake”, of Dwight Tracy, removed from the site (access on 04/17/2009), and, according to the same, of Use is entirely free for users registered on the  site. The Cover from this Blog ist @ arabs-618308. by to find.

This work is copyrighted and will not be marketed in any way. Although the book is offered for free via the website, it can only be reproduced with the author’s permission, after contact via the email, when it will be allowed to quote in part Or in the whole, as long as it names the author and the home page responsible for its maintenance on the Internet.

In the second half of May 2008, I had been experiencing a series of discomforts, such as irregular digestion, moments of dizziness, headaches, insomnia, among other disturbances that, in addition, formed a disharmonious picture not inconsiderable. Then, on May 28 of the year that evening, I was mentally questioning what was going to happen to me in the last few days. After a few minutes of meditation, I felt the already well-known influx of energies, which induced me to psychograph.
I recognized from the vibration that one of the entities, with which I had been working for some time in the Spiritualist Group of Francis of Assisi, was present. So I picked up a sheet of paper and let the writing flow. The message that has arrived is described in the paragraph below.

Death! Good death! Many ask for a good ending, without having fulfilled in their life their previously planned tasks!
Gifts! Beautiful gifts! Many wish in life to be filled with good surprises, with undeserved victories!
Peace! Peace of mind! Many desperately ask for tranquility when they have only planted seeds of discussion and revolt!
What about you? What do you want? Fame? Power? Recognition?
Just sow! Give your best! Reward is something to be won! But go easy on, for those who do their best will surely reap the best they can. And this is exactly the remedy that brings peace to the spirit, gifts of hope and the so-called “good death”: the transformation of one’s own conscience!

Then I pondered the content of the short message. Was it for me?
Would it be for a person who requested a psychography, through the electronic mail of the website of the Spiritualist Group of Francisco de Assis? The second hypothesis did not make much sense, because the particular problem of the person did not have much connection with the content of the message.  In addition, we do not respond to requests for psychography, because we understand that this must be as spontaneous a process as possible, avoiding that excessive animism can bring distorted information to someone’s particular case. I preferred, then, not to dwell on thoughts about a possible recipient of the message, because most of the time, the psychographies I make are for the general public. However, two days later, I understood why I had received that message.
When I arrived at the house of a psychic friend belonging to my work group, she told me that a brother of a lady who regularly attended our psychic sessions had died a few hours ago. This lady had already put her brother’s name on our prayer chains for a few months in a row. He had made his life a path of various disappointments, being a person somewhat revolted and indulged in tobacco and alcohol. Thus, he had developed a cancer, which was consuming his vitality for many months, until the arrival of the disembodied. Now it all made sense. It was not the first time I had experienced a variety of organic and psychic disturbances, while someone who had a bond with the spiritualist group I lead suffered from some problem. In this particular case, the man who had recently disembodied did not belong to the community, but once we had made requests and works to his rescue, we began to have a kind of magnetic link with him. I therefore understood that man, in the fortnight when his state of health had worsened, was receiving help from various mediums in the house, so as to minimize, as far as possible by the Law of Action and Reaction, his difficulties during the transition of death. What is interesting, is that hours after its end, I no longer had any trace of all the variety of malaise I had been feeling. In addition, I reassessed the psychography I had received two days before the man died, noting that the content of the same was fairly consistent with his emotional state on the eve of death, as his sister told us, who frequented our spiritual home. I, for my part, did not get to know the man, and I confess that I had forgotten his case, since we helped many people from a distance, and his name was just one of the many that were in our stream of prayers. However, the spiritual worker who used me to write the psychography, should be taking care personally of the case of the dying, and therefore knew very well the situation, enabling such a coherent message.

A few days later, I continued to receive the “psychographic influx”, writing messages of a varied nature, and clearly perceiving that it came from the same entity that had manifested itself on May 28, 2008. I found this curious, as there were periods when the frequency of communications intensified , And they were already accumulating, without any special reason.
Then, on a given day, I understood that there was a distinct purpose for those new psychographies: they would be a new book. This strong intuition had clarified the intention of the communicating spirit.




Although I knew which spiritual author was manifesting, he did not sign the messages. I knew the name by which he commonly identified himself, but he made no attempt to formally register his identity. I only wrote whenever possible. This did not bother me at all, since my interest was in the content that would materialize. However, over time, I noticed that his presence was getting more subtle, each time it was manifested by psychography. I did not quite understand why, but I did not worry about it, since the contents that were coming up were of good quality and were consistent with each other. Perhaps because of the affinity I had for a long time with that spiritual master, this was making psychography “more intuitive” (usually the psychographical work I do is semi-mechanical).
About three months after the work began, the communicating entity approached with the “dense energy” with which I was accustomed in the spiritualist group, revealing to me, through psychography, that I would sign the work as “Sufi.”
He had said that he normally participated in activities whose vibration was relatively close to materiality, but that in order to pass the contents of the book “Reflections” he would raise his vibratory frequency and use the spiritual form of a Sufi, that he forain the Past, and had important learning in his evolutionary journey. This surprised me a bit, I confess. I did not imagine that the entity of long years of spiritual dealing in more “dense” work had been a Sufi in the past. For those who do not know what a Sufi is, I can say that it is a mystical current of Islam, which does not literally interpret the Koran, and seeks a direct experience with God through songs, music and dance. The Sufis practices, however, are varied and have several strands, which, taken as a whole, are called Sufism, having its origin approached more than 1200 years ago. Some Sufi sides have a strong universalist sense, recognizing that other religions, apart from Islam itself, are manifestations of the Divine on Earth.

After the “revelation” that the Sufi had made me, I meditated for a few days. I remembered that the year before, in 2007, I had gone through a period of more intense interiorization and self-knowledge, utilizing the instrument of therapeutic regression, where I was able to access several of my past lives. In one of them, which I was able to revive on October 20, 2007, I realized that I had been a Muslim, at the very beginning of the expansion of Islam. During part of my existence, I assisted in the spread of Islam as a warrior. When I reached a more mature age, in that life, I moved away from the warlike activities and began to practice practices that induced me to ecstatic trances.
I ended up becoming a mystic. I will not go into more detail here, for this account is not part of the scope of this work. However, I did not make these comments in vain. At that time, I was not quite sure who the Sufis were and what their activities were, but after commenting in detail on my past life in Islam with a cousin of mine, when I was writing this book, he said that I was a Sufi. This struck me as I had not previously understood that I would have been a Sufi. I had not identified this Sufi “label” in my person, but from that I began to research Sufism, noting that my cousin was right (my description of my regression to him in the maturity of my life Formerly, corresponded to the life of a Sufi).

So I put the facts together and realized that it would be very coherent if I, who had participated in nascent Sufism, also had a Sufi spiritual companion. This explains my affinity with the author of the present work, as well as the psychic question. When a medium practices any mediumistic activity, he always contributes something of his own soul (animism), even because the medium is the “medium” for the manifestation of the communicating spirit. Therefore, in the case of this book “Reflections”, animism, which certainly also permeates the work, may even have been useful to the Sufi entity, since he and I may have been in the same historical and religious environment in the past. However, I warn readers that the content they are now accessing may not necessarily be “embedded” in some current of Sufism today. This work has a universalist and I believe it was materialized, to help those who are doing a sincere search for self-knowledge and spirituality.



You can see from other angles! It is possible to understand beyond what is seemingly obvious. God has infinite faces and the Universe is infinite as manifestation of the Divine.
Each manifestation is manifold. To glimpse this, it is enough to want to see without the eyes of matter. You have to feel, you have to meditate, you have to have a flexible mind.
This book is like an open window, for a thousand different landscapes.
However, it is not intended to confuse, but rather to broaden the possibilities of understanding life.
Although it is only a drop in the Cosmic Ocean, let us remember that the sea depends on each drop that forms it.
In a drop of water there are hidden potentials and life.
I invite you to explore this drop of spiritual sweat.
Sufi, February 6, 2009.




1- Light and shadow

Sun! Glowing sun, which heats all without distinction! Your light is responsible for understanding, but also for the shadow of the world!
There is something important to reflect on: light is essential, but it produces shadow itself. Light and shadow are the primordial duality, the duality so fundamental to the learning and development of beings. Let us seize the light of understanding and discernment, but let us not despise the shadow that once served as our base. The shadow is the lever that carries us to the light!
So, you who have a dark yet striking side, seek the wisdom of using it well, rather than getting lost in it. If it is impulsive, turn impulsiveness into a constructive action. If you are envious, use the victory of others as a stimulus for yourself to thrive. If you believe you are a failure, draw from the defeats the learning that will lead you to victory.
In the shadows projected by the light are the foundations of the light itself!
Sufi, June 9, 2008

2- Poverty and wealth

Poverty and wealth: faces of the same coin!
One side induces learning of restraint and balance. The other side induces the learning of expansion and generosity.
Poverty without balance means misery!
Wealth without generosity also means misery!
Thus it is easy to see that both the rich and the poor can be miserable.
Good poverty and good wealth are attributes to be attained by the soul.
A good administrator will manage wisely, having many or few material resources at his disposal. But an inveterate spendthrift will remain a poor steward, having scarce resources to his hand.
Make good use of the gifts that life offers you!
Sufi, June 16, 2008.


3- Transformation

The earth transforms the decomposing bodies. Earth transforms souls into the journey of life.
Body and soul pass untiringly through successive experiences of transformation. It is a seemingly endless cycle, chiseling the essence of what is eternal.
Nothing is static, everything moves. Stagnant waters rot!
But even deterioration is a transformation.
There is a rhythm imposed by the Universal Force. The march is inexorable!
So, brothers, do not stop! The great target is Wisdom!
Transformation generates Harmony. Harmony is Wisdom!
Sufi, June 16, 2008.


4- The Truth

Truth! What is truth?
In front of the infinite faces of God, what is Truth?
Sometimes we see the face of Love, sometimes we see the face of Justice. Sometimes we see the God God aspect, sometimes we are touched by the God-Mother aspect.
How many faces? How many nuances? The whole is manifested in us and through us. We are part of the Whole and, at the same time, we are unique.
Therefore, Divine Consciousness permeates everything, propelling life to a growing level of Harmony.
Harmony is the great goal to be achieved in the flow of life. Maybe this is the Fundamental Truth.
Sufi, June 16, 2008.


5- Fear

Fear! Origin of so many disharmonies!
Hatred results from fear of abandonment, fear of being humiliated, fear of suffering …
Greed, not infrequently, originates in the fear of poverty.
Envy often comes from fear of not being able to succeed.
Depression often comes from the fear of loneliness.
Fear inhabits the dark side of the soul.
You have to see it. You have to understand it. Do not be afraid of fear, because it is in the dark region of your being.
I remember that the entrails of the soil are dark, but they keep the nutrients that make the forests grow.
It is from the shadowy underworld of the earth that the seeds break, through the development of branches and leaves, towards the sun. It is from the shadowy underworld of the human psyche, which breaks every spark, through the development of consciousness, towards Cosmic Wisdom.
Sufi, June 21, 2008.


6 – Man does not live by bread alone

Man does not live by bread alone!
Blessed is the weariness of the body! Blessed is the delusion! Blessed is defeat!
It is the setbacks that almost always sharpen the human perception that food is needed for the soul.
You who weep, bittering something lost, reflect that there are important contents to fill the soul. If the soul was nourished, far away would be the bitterness.
The nutritional contents I am referring to are spiritual values. Of course, the harnessing of dualities is an important part of the human journey: sweet is sweeter after sour; Gentle scents are felt deeply, after the smell of rot; The joy is deeper, when it succeeds the piercing pain.
However, discerning what is really relevant to the soul in its consciential expansion is a fundamental task.
Do not just take care of body loaf! Is your soul already fed?
Sufi, June 21, 2008.


7- The train of life

The train of life runs!
We have the impression that we can not waste time. Stopping is harmful, if not disastrous! Yes, this is the impression!
But I ask, what moment is there for a reflection? Why so much speed in living the material life? Why are so many longing anxieties building up unhealthy anxiety?
Five, ten or fifteen minutes a day, from a thoughtful reflection, can make a big difference!
Ask if your actions are in accordance with your conscience. Inquire whether the feelings that prevail in you, are doing you good.
Ask if you are having self-realization in what you do. Do not let your train derail!
Sufi, June 21, 2008


8- Finitude

Is there an end to life?
For those who have learned to see beyond, there is the realization that there is no death.
Life is continuous!
Only the shells are lost, from the densest, the material body, to the subtlest ones.
The essence always remains, for it is eternal. It has always existed and will exist.
It simply is.
Why fear? Everything is made in the image and likeness of God.
Nothing is created or lost, only transformed. This is nothing new!
What is called evolution, in reality, is taken of consciousness and further expansion.
The universe moves in the direction of Self-consciousness! What’s the limit? Is there a limit?
Sufi, June 22, 2008


9- Reflexes

Under the silver moon, I admire its brilliance.
So I remember that despite its luminous beauty, it has no light of its own. It only reflects the light of the sun.
On the opposite side of the moon are the shadows.
I note, therefore, three important aspects: the light, the shadow and the reflection.
Light and shadow are opposite faces of the same coin.
And the reflection of light? What does she have to teach us?
In moments, I realize that the reflection is fundamental to the manifested world.
As we struggle, in the midst of the shadows, seeking to light a light of our own, we can at least rehearse it in the reflexes of virtue we long for.
These reflections come from the light of those who have already reached greater self-consciousness, and who serve as an example or inspiration.
While we can not shine, we can at least reflect!
Sufi, June 22, 2008.


10- Rigidity and flexibility

Stiffness in excess is stubbornness.
The inflexible, not infrequently, becomes unproductive.
A character with no rigidity is nothing but weakness.
The weakness brought to an extreme is cowardice. To be rigid with someone weak is not courage.
Stiffness at the right time can be classified as firmness.
Stiffness at the wrong time will be understood as intolerance.
Wisdom is in the middle.
When the storms of life whip, you will need a dose of stiffness associated with flexibility. When life offers you moments of calmness, be flexible enough to give rest to the mind and body.
Stiffness and flexibility are not opposing but complementary qualities.
It is only through experience that the good discernment of the use of both is reached.
Be rigid in the obstinacy of exercising to understand, but flexible with the fellow who is also on this path.
Sufi, June 22, 2008.


11- The pilgrim

The pilgrim walks the wheel of life, unaware of himself.
Just walk through. Sometimes a brief intuition of what awaits or what to do.
Walk, stumble, fall and cry. Laughs and whines.
Sweat trickles from his face. The dry throat groans for water.
But, what water can actually drink? A water given for free, like Divine Grace?
This water can help, if it is a transforming lever.
However, I can say that Living Water is the light of consciousness!
When the being becomes conscious, thirst no longer exists. He even walks the wheel of life, but it has a purpose. He is no longer blind.
The pilgrim walks and sees. He does not stumble. Laughter and crying merge.
His throat does not groan, but he speaks a language that touches even unkind souls.
The pilgrim is finally ready to make a pilgrimage!
Sufi, June 23, 2008


12- Pain

There are basically two types of pain: physical and emotional pain.
Physical pain is a warning that something is not right in the material body, although it may have originated in the soul.
Emotional pain signals that the soul is not in balance.
Both forms of pain often occur through an unconscious lifestyle.
Unconscious, compulsive eating leads to digestive problems. Anxiety, to the extreme, can lead to heart disorders. Hate well cultivated and constant rancor end up manifesting tumors.
Thus, pain is an important warning sign for the maturing of being.
Unfortunately, when the pain hits the door, the first reaction is just to eliminate it.
Why not take the opportunity to understand why it happened?
Pain is a good chance to get lucidity!
Sufi, June 24, 2008.


13- Victory and defeat

Victory and defeat are relative events.
Does someone beat in any situation? It is defeated by someone in some
opportunity? Many will say yes.
Within a context and from a certain point of view you can say yes.
However, looking from the top, victory and defeat come close to mere conventions.
If we use a depth view, it will be possible to note that victory or defeat basically occurs over ourselves. They are, in fact, a learning process!
Thus, the word “victory” can be replaced by “overcoming” or “transformation”, while “defeat” can be changed to “acceptance” or “understanding.”
In this way, both lead to peace of mind, which can be translated by Harmony!
Sufi, July 3, 2008.


14- Patience

How to discern the moment of patience and waiting, of the moment to act?
It is up to each one to evaluate, within the situation in which he finds himself.
What can be said, without further ado, is that anxiety is not a good counselor.
Anxiety, not infrequently, turns into irritability, which is, in turn, one step away from aggression.
True patience, however, must not be confused with inoperative, often turns into persistence, and can evolve into perseverance.
Many are examples in human history, of great beings who have overcome severe internal and external obstacles through perseverance.
If it is not possible yet to be, in fact, persevering, to begin to water the humble seed of patience. One day, it will germinate!
Sufi, July 4, 2008.


15- The time

Time has its value in the manifested worlds!
Who can say that one lives constantly in conditions of timelessness?
I hear silence as an answer!
Life often takes us in a hurry, demonstrating that time is short.
At certain moments, life stops us, saying that the time has not come. At other times, life induces us to live as if time does not exist.
It is in these periods that time is confused with Eternity …
But how to enjoy the time well?
I can say that there is an internal clock in each one.
When one is well attuned to it, it is possible to accomplish great tasks without major wear.
When you live disconnected from this internal clock, the circumstances of life cause braking or acceleration.
Tune in to the time marker within us, it is pure wisdom, and goal to be achieved!
Sufi, July 4, 2008.


16- Connection

To be connected to the Divine Essence is to live in fullness.
How many human beings live in this way most of their time? They are rare.
One way to make this connection is through prayer.
However, prayer is usually sought in moments of distress, when, in fact, it is no more than merely a cry for help.
Really living in prayer would be the way to be connected, more intensely and permanently, to the Essence itself.
Therefore, many will say: only priests and monks can live like this!
Generally yes, but few priests reach a state of intense and continuous reconnection. On the other hand, it is possible to be connected to the Divine Source if a particular type of vision is developed.
If, in your alike, you can see yourself, if you see God in nature and in every event of life, you will be connected!
Sufi, July 7, 2008.


17- Clouds

Many see clouds at all. The sun shines, but already at breakfast the day seems cloudy. The face of the wife, the joyful noise of the children, everything seems to have the gray of clouds loaded.
As they look at the coffee cup, they observe clouds in the fleeting foam. And so they walk all day long, until it ends.
Others, even on really clouded days, prefer to feel that there is the sunshine behind the dark curtain of the sky.
They sing, softly, that hope is permanent.
They understand that the contrasts of life are growth for the spirit.
Finally, they perceive that the clouds fulfill their function of irrigating the dry land in the form of transforming tears that lead to renewal.

Sufi, July 7, 2008.


18- Comfort

The convenience and comfort are always eagerly sought. Who likes to change a comfortable routine? Almost always, an unexpected novelty causes displeasure.
The unexpected is seen as a danger, over and over again. However, it is precisely what pulls people out of automatism, forcing them to think, and often arousing feelings in disarray, which induces reflection.
At that time, did I need to have reacted aggressively?
Was there a need to be afraid? Why did I become paralyzed?
These are pressing questions, demanding answers!
Thus, it is easy to see that convenience is the enemy of self-knowledge.
Often that which brings up shocks, ends up leading us to growth!
Sufi, July 23, 2008.


19- Sex

Sex is a quest for wholeness!
During a sexual ecstasy, one has a somewhat clearer recollection of the state of communion with the Universal Consciousness. Therefore, many are lost through the path of sensuality, in a search without brakes, by something similar to what they have experienced on a subtle level.
They desire and are desired. They run over and get hit.
They suffer and make others suffer. They forget that to achieve a state of Unity, whether on the Ground Plane or the Spiritual Plane, one must be attuned.
Feeling love or feeling pain is a matter of attunement. It is a continuous learning.
Thus, the sex that each one can achieve is the result of the vibratory band where it is placed. It may have aspects of animality and unconsciousness, as traits of complementarity and transcendence.

Sufi, July 23, 2008.


20- Listening to silence

When you hear silence, you listen to the heart!
When life directs us to silence, other doors of perception open.
Rumors have borne a good listening of the soul.
Noises hinder connection as Cosmos.
You have to stop once in a while. You must silence to listen.
What comes from within? What is the deaf clamor? What does he say?
You have to stop!
The body becomes still, the heart calms, and the mind merges with the Universal Breath. They are moments of regeneration and understanding that we are something more. We belong to a larger dimension. Behind the seeming chaos of life, everything makes sense.
There is a purpose! Try stopping. Silence. Listen!

Sufi, August 13, 2008.


21- The way of numbers

The one starts. The two shares. The three communicates. The four builds. The five relates. The six stabilizes. The seven internalize. The eight organizes. The nine donates.
By the numbers one can glimpse the human walk, and the evolutionary spiral of the spirit.
In the symbolism of numbers we distinguish levels of learning, which are repeated at ever higher levels of energy, towards the infinite, into the unknown.
Divine Mathematics manifests itself in all dimensions of the universe.
Human consciousness is a mirror of Universal Consciousness.
The clearer this reflection, the greater the proximity to perfection …

Sufi, August 17, 2008.


22- Tints

Each one colors his life, with the nuances he possesses in his soul.
No one gives what he does not have, just as no one can lend vibrant colors to his life if he only knows how to vibrate in gray tones.
It is therefore necessary to develop happier aspects.
How can one want to paint the picture of one’s life in cheerful colors, if in his hand is a rigid and solitary pencil of pure graphite?
You need to change pencils! It requires flexibility and the gradual development of its artistic side.
At first, everything will be a little difficult. Monotonous landscapes will materialize.
However, with practice and persistence, better screens will emerge. After some time, creative inspiration will keep you company. Your life, then, will be a beautiful picture and you can say that you painted it yourself!

Sufi, September 1, 2008.


23- Visions of life

Being happy or embittered depends on the way you see life.
There are people who see a “defeat” as an unforgettable failure. Others who have gone through the same kind of “defeat” see it as something temporary, and even take it as a stimulus to win the next opportunity.
Yes! They believe in a next opportunity!
If one has in consciousness that nothing in life is definitive, even the greatest pains lose their natural force and impact. In fact, everything that is considered “natural” is relative. It is enough that we adjust the look on the things of the world, happening to see them from other angles.
Thus, happiness or bitterness, in large part, depends on the way one views life.
The worst blind is the one who only sees the dark side of the facts!

Sufi, September 1, 2008.


24- Feeling and health

Health depends on feelings!
By cultivating acidic feelings, we contribute to corroding the stomach.
Excessive stiffness reflects negatively on the joints of the bone structure. Allowing yourself to live in constant anxiety, it is an open door to bad breath, which ultimately affects every tissue of the body to a greater or lesser extent.
Balanced feelings produce serene thoughts, which, in turn, produce Harmony. Health and Harmony are like univiteline twin sisters.
The Universe itself vibrates in perfect Harmony.
Therefore, the basis for health begins with feelings, which are like seeds. It is essential to use the best quality seeds to guarantee a good harvest!
Sufi, September 1, 2008.


25- War

Every war begins in the world of feelings!
The emotions in disarray, soon reach the world of the thoughts.
Thoughts of disorder, soon turn into aggressive words.
Aggressive words in the mouth of someone influential, soon infect susceptible people, forming a group of rebels.
These can propagate the revolt, until it reaches a larger scale, producing a war. And this can begin in the hidden world of feelings, of a single person!
What is in the heart of each one, it is the duty of the individual to care! Taking care of your emotions with zeal, bad thoughts will be avoided. Without evil thoughts, there will be no belligerent words, and therefore, no conflict will spread.
What is hidden in the world of your feelings?

Sufi, September 1, 2008.


26- Share

Share is to give!
Give up a portion of time, attention and own wills.
Sharing is an exercise in spirituality, where an outline of Universal Life is produced, which is a unified living.
To share is to know that an instrument is played, within an orchestra, to perform the Cosmic Symphony.
Thus, when one lives day-to-day at work, at school or in one’s own material family, one learns to share at a small level, so that one can in the future act in a framework without frontiers.
Therefore, this work is carried out practically in an imperceptible way in its beginnings, and then develops in a progressively conscious way.
What a beautiful and difficult exercise is the sharing!
But what a wonderful purpose lies behind this learning!

Sufi, September 1, 2008.


27- stones

Stones on the way! Many see them as mere obstacles to be kicked away. Others go around them carefully, worried about not being hurt. However, there are still those who, when walking, see the stones as opportunities. Of these, some collect stones to use in the foundation of their houses. Others realize that certain stones would be good for paving stones. There are also those who collect them to decorate the garden of their residences.
It all depends on how you look at the stones. If you see them in anger, you can hurt your feet by kicking them away. If you look at them in fear, bypassing them all with excessive zeal, your walk may be long and tiring.
However, if you understand that the stones on your road are likely to grow and thrive, you can build great wealth.

Sufi, September 1, 2008.


28- The right time

Everything has the right time to go!
Just as it is not possible to taste a green fruit, it is not possible to feed on a fruit that has already spoiled. Thus, many prove the sour results of anxiety, as well as others are bound to sour the results of the inoperative.
Finding the balance between haste and hesitant acting is a challenge. There are times to act and times to wait. The key is to connect to the true purpose of being on Earth. He who is outside his central axis constantly tastes the bitter fruits of anxiety, or proves the bitter taste of the fruits harvested too late.
Those who find and remain in the central axis of their life, feed on sweeter fruits, take better advantage of their passage through the Earth, and leave in it the productive seeds of hope.

Sufi, September 1, 2008.


29- Exchange and transformation

Life is an interchange! We are all exchanging energy, at every moment, with the Cosmos.
That is why nothing of what happens to us is by chance. Even those who might argue that they did nothing “wrong,” believing that “evil” came upon them by misfortune or chance, I can say that it is not a random fact. Others would place the motive of their sufferings in the Law of Karma.
However I point out that the primary cause, for a pain or a “bad luck”, are the feelings and thoughts that inhabit each being.
What is not harmonious needs to be transformed! Even individuals who have already suffered the natural reactions by their feelings, thoughts, words and deeds, will still receive unpleasant impacts as long as they have within them the dynamo that produces disharmonies.
It is according to this internal dynamo that the cosmic forces react.
The key word is transformation!

Sufi, 26 September 2008.


30- Action and time

Many complain that time is short, while others are impatient with the slowness with which things happen.
So I can say that time is relative, even on Earth.
However, time is almost always an anguish in the Material World.
Already the beings who live in more subtle dimensions, show us the question of the timelessness of Life, beckoning us as the so-called “Eternal Present”, a state of the soul that reflects Harmony.
However, I point out that those who need to manifest in the vicinity of the Physical Plan must make good use of time. Wasted opportunities mean that they will, for the longest time, be stuck with time, waiting for the next chance for transformation.
Whoever loses time, distances himself from the “Eternal Gift”!
Sufi, 26 September 2008.


31- Sincerity and self-realization

Whoever deceives himself becomes unhappy!
Once in the workplace, wearing a mask that does not fit in with your interior, will cause the cup of dissatisfaction overflow.
In personal life, the lack of sincerity with oneself and with the partners of coexistence generates tensions that, one day, become unbearable.
At leisure, if the goal is only to please those who are close, forgetting oneself, the activity will be finished with a greater fatigue than in the beginning.
It is necessary to discern what really fits with the inner impulses of the soul. For this, a sincere self-assessment is essential, every period of life.
Sincerity and self-realization are inseparable aspects!
Sufi, September 30, 2008.


32- Priorities

Material life often imposes a fierce rhythm.
It is common for people to feel somewhat overwhelmed by circumstances.
Many would say that this is due to planning errors, or to an almost complete absence of it. For the most part, this is true.
But how to plan your own life, without this task becoming boring?
Setting priorities is a good way. However it is important to discern that prioritizing goals is not the same thing as controlling life step-by-step.
To do this would be to lose spontaneity and close to the influxes of the energy of change, which are often present, by absolute evolutionary necessity.
Thus, setting priorities is an inherent attitude, to one who wishes to have the reins of his own walk.
Overall, it is better to drive than be driven.
What are your priorities?

Sufi, September 30, 2008.


33- How to be happy

Being happy is not so difficult!
To achieve this state of mind, you have to keep in mind some things.
One is to love God and Nature, seeking to understand the nature of God.
It is also essential to do to the neighbor what you would like to receive. It is very important to live in the present moment, for those who
Worry over the future, become anxious and stressed. Another essential factor for happiness is understanding that overcomming yourself with other people can be bad as there will always be someone in a better position than you. It’s more positive to compare yourself to yourself!
What can you improve internally? What kind of material progress do you want?
Having goals plausible today, you can have impressive victories soon, feeling, at every step, happy to live life.
Sufi, October 7, 2008.


34- Difficult life

Worse than a difficult life is to end it as a defeated one.
If life is full of obstacles and disappointments, it is best to pause to evaluate the reason for the difficulties.
What is the universe signaling through dislikes?
What needs to be transformed intimately, for the results of life itself to improve?
So, if you have a difficult life to the present moment, why not make a happy ending to it?
Yes, it is possible! For this, it is enough to look sincerely into oneself, seeking the source of disappointments.
By changing the internal tendencies that cause unhappiness, new guidelines will emerge that will bring joy of living.
Self-knowledge and transformation are keywords for victory!
Sufi, October 7, 2008.


35- Anger

Anger obscures reasoning.
So in a certain situation, even if you are right, but angry, you will not know whether to put it through well-considered arguments.
In this way communication will fail and the result of your efforts will be in vain. You may even lose the initial reason, being struck as guilty.
In the background, not infrequently, demonstrations of anger are associated with insecurity. So, those who present themselves aggressively do not pass an image of real firmness. Under these conditions, no argument has good credit.
Firmness, in turn, is the sister of serenity. Putting them together, during a placement of ideas or opinions, will not be so difficult to overcome the anger of others.
Wisdom is stronger than hatred!
Sufi, October 07, 2008


36- Everything is in its place

Everything is in its place!
The various religions and their ramifications fulfill their roles, according to the consciential understanding of each group. Cultural differences reflect the longings of each people, and each people has something to teach and to learn. Financial disparity within each nation also has its raison d’être, even though we do not want misery to be an intimate companion to anyone.
However, some, consciously or unconsciously, end up demanding that misery be a companion to the journey.
In all the situations commented on, it is necessary to evaluate, being in a position distanced emotionally from the Terrain Plane, still having in mind that life is continuous.
Each incarnation is an intensive learning! So it is not difficult to understand that everything is in its place!
Sufi, October 13, 2008.


37- Purpose

The Divine Light manifests itself in infinite forms, from full solar irradiance to deep dark depths.
As a ray of sunshine, it illuminates; While abysmal darkness, serves as a counterpoint to light, providing the essential learning of duality.
Everything contributes to the evolutionary journey! The same tongue that feels the sweet, perceives the bitter. Often, it is only after painful, external or internal combats that you can come to an understanding or have a sense of accomplishment.
Thus aspiring to the purity of the Light is something legitimate, but it is important to meditate because one is on the Earth. If the Universe conspired so that at this moment you have a dense body, would it not be because the earthly density will bring you some learning?
In everything there is a purpose! Have you figured out which one is yours?
Sufi, November 6, 2008.


38- Justice

Justice is the instrument of balance of things in the earthly world, par excellence. It also manifests, in a higher instance, the maintenance of the Cosmos.
In the smallest details, and by ways often unimaginable, justice is done
gift. Even in a moment of personal victory and satisfaction, a subtle situation may arise, where there is a small counterpoint to the current happiness.
If we pay attention to these signs, it will be possible to understand that Cosmic Justice manifests itself in the meandering meanders of life.
However, the time for everything to occur is determined by Universal Intelligence.
It is difficult for what is limited, to understand that which is unlimited.
However, by sharpening the inner gaze, it will be possible to glimpse Divine Justice in action.
Sufi, 10 November 2008.


39- Way of acting

It all depends on how you speak or how you act.
Truculence will generate truculence. Kindness will have the answer of kindness itself. Bad news can be given mildly, and the reaction to the news will not be so far from serenity.
On the other hand, if someone transmits his affection in a taxing way, he will not have the expected affection as his return, but rather a mixed feeling of affection with “defensive energy.”
In the Universe, the Law of Correspondence is preponderant.
Even in organisms devoid of a good degree of consciousness, reciprocity acts in an evident way.
Whoever pays attention to this Law, assimilating into its being this cosmic mechanism, integrates itself into the Divinity itself.
Sufi, 10 November 2008.


40- existential empty

Many people feel a great emptiness in their lives.
There is no sense in work, personal life or leisure time. It is the so-called “existential void”. They are far from understanding their purpose in Life.
Life is made of conscience! It is being aware of you; Of the great cosmic motor, which is Love; And of the reconnection with the Universal Consciousness.
So the first step is to achieve self-knowledge, respecting yourself as a human being and acquiring the first light, understanding that it is more than flesh and bones.
The second step is to understand that Love is a universal currency, in a different economy, where giving produces wealth.
The third step, in turn, only occurs when the being has already exercised enough Love. At this stage, barriers are broken and transcended to human consciousness. It is felt and acted in conjunction with the Unlimited. At this point, the reconnection was done! It is perceived that the “existential vacuum” was pure illusion!
Sufi, November 13, 2008


41- Coherence

To have consistency is to have a strong foundation for the maintenance of one’s own equilibrium, giving joy to life.
The first relevant coherence is that of feeling with acting. He who acts according to his feelings is emotionally at peace. It is clear, however, that reference is made to noble sentiments.
The second coherence of significant importance is that between your real needs and your efforts. Those who toil to meet their needs, spending their energy lucidly, respect their body and soul.
The third necessary coherence is that established between speaking and acting. Whoever acts according to what he promises is aligned energetically and gains the credibility of the fellow.
By cultivating these three coherencies, one is on the path of self-realization.
Sufi, November 24, 2008.


42- Dispersion

He who disperses easily, often distracted from his life goals, spends his energy in vain.
Everything in the Universe has a purpose. However, it is not necessary to become rigid, losing the spontaneity of living, to achieve goals.
But the one who loses focus repeatedly, letting himself be led by dubious flows, is like the individual who launches into an unknown river, with hidden obstacles and uncertain fate.
Simply “getting carried away by life” is not wise. It is important to identify your role in this world, and then to surrender to it body and soul. Discerning this role is a fundamental task that should not be delegated to others.
Sufi, November 24, 2008.


43- Limitations

Limitation is not punishment, but re-education for the soul. In this respect, the limiting element functions as a teacher.
On the other hand, if Life offers you obstacles, it is because She expects you to develop some quality, in order to overcome the obstacle.
In this case, the limitations are evolutionary leverage.
Large-scale suffering, which apparently makes men impotent victims, can serve as a source of inspiration for bright minds and love-loving hearts, translating their potentials into healing for the body and / or soul.
So pain, sometimes, is the mother of intellectual victory.
At other times, pain is the mother of love itself.
Sufi, December 5, 2008.


44- Integration

The intellect is a good tool, but if it is the only one to be used, or preponderate over the others, it will become an obstacle to evolution.
The heart allows the perception of what is beneficial or detrimental to the walk itself, but if feelings are the only signposts of life, or if they predominate over reason, they will become an obstacle to a greater understanding.
The balance between “opposites” and the connection between complementary parts is a higher goal in Life, toward Integration with the Divine.
There is an embryo of Divinity in each. The One Belongs To The One!
Sufi, December 5, 2008.


Final words

On February 19, 2009, I had a strong will to write, realizing that another psychography would materialize. I had no idea of the content or purpose of the communication. As soon as I got the writing material, I realized it would be poetry. After finishing it, I found it beautiful and interesting, but I did not understand what its purpose would be.
I recognized that the spiritual author was the Sufi spirit, though again he did not sign. The next day I wanted to reread it, and only then did I realize that it was the closing of this book.
In fact, Sufi had ceased to manifest for several days, and I imagined that at some point the spiritual author would again communicate, continuing the work.
He surprised me, for he had indeed returned to finish it. Next, I express the final words of Sufi.

The main light

The sun shines for everyone,
Even for those who only see darkness,
Lost among foolish padlocks,
Created by the illusion itself.

The moon illuminates the dark night,
Among the stars of immensity,
Forming beautiful picture of beauty,
That snatches even the hardest heart.

At night, without the moon illuminating,
There are still the stars of compassion,
Though they do not clear the dark trail well,
They point to good, safe direction.

The Main Light is not visible,
But that which illuminates reason,
Making it more sensitive,
Approaching it from the heart.

Noble being who hears me,
Do not lose your attention right now.
Ask yourself: In my life, what happened?
And listen to the voice of your conscience in action.

His words are silent,
But they resonate with the strength of the soul.
They do not make jocular phrases,
But wisdom that enlightens and calms.

This is the Main Light,
That springs from the Inner World.
Listen and see at the same time, because, after all,
Inside you crack the Transformer Fire.
Sufi, 19/02/2009.




Physical and mental pain

“The modern world brings the positive and negative consequences.
The positive is that the distance of time and space were very short if we compare 100 years ago. Today we talk live with a person on the other side of the world, and we still see her through our computer monitor.
The Internet, especially the social networks, interconnect people.
This is the positive side, as I see it.
The down side is that many people live by appearances. The important thing is to show to see how many likes we receive in our profile or daily things.
The interesting thing is that if you put a message, the person enjoyed it, without even having read what was written.
Also, we can notice that all people seem happy. In the world of Facebook, for example, nobody gets sick, no one suffers from depression, no one feels pain.
Is that so? Is this the reality we live in?
How long will we endure a hypocritical society in which we are the main actors?”

Author: Adésio Alves Machado

To believe that one can escape from pain, to free oneself from pain, to forget one’s pain is a manifestation that is technically understood in the life of the great majority of humanity. Because it is an attitude that is too simplistic, accommodative and does not offer a solution to the great problem that marks the human being
Praying, many of the prevailing religions in Christianity would find the release of the stormy waters of suffering. In prayer the pure and simple liberation of the tumultuous pain would be found, as if Divine Providence had the role of accumulating solicitations to immediately attend to them indiscriminately, far from analyzing the deep question of merit and demerit.
There are also those linked to materialistic or scientific currents, whose character is hindered by unbelief in immortal life, and thus, they deem themselves qualified to annul the guilty past and strong enough to free the offenders, sparing them from responding to the crimes Against the Perfect Law.
For these, pleasure is sought eagerly, but they nevertheless manage to satisfy the thirst for joy, and then flee to the slippery mazes of maddening drugs, seeking through them the exaltation of the happiness which they deem worthy to enjoy.
However, the pain continues unperturbed, she who is the servant of the soul, shaking and awakening the minds, in the eagerness to realize that which is divine – the maintenance of the balance of the Law.

It emerges here and there, with a thousand appearances, but always shown in an identity that many dare to listen to it and seek to understand it.
In order to face it, stoicism emerged in ancient times, having as its basic point of support contempt for earthly goods, which, together with the worship of virtues, would promote the balance of man, valorizing him and empowering him to overcome pain, for In this way, could face it with nobility and faith.
Socrates was an example of Stoicism, when imprisoned after vile trial, advocated, even from prison, the cultivation of morality and virtue as the only means to transpose the aculeus of pain.
Poor Francis of Assisi experienced mockery, a thousand humiliations, but he kept the pulsating force of love in his acts and words exercising the Christian virtues, never ceasing to bless the pain.
The Voices imprisoned Joan of Arc, and she, stimulated by the Venerable spiritual friends, who never ceased to lead her patiently, endured the pain of the prison, the reproach and after the infamous judgment, was yet another to die burned, but calling for JESUS , Believing in Him, thereby overcoming pain.
Joanna de Ângelis asserts that pain is a ransom currency, an exercise for
Fixation of the good and high divine grant.
To live a man absent from pain would ignore peace, would not take into account the necessity of joy and curse health, thus losing the inestimable opportunity to exercise lessons so that good made that final abode on his mental screen.

Let’s be where we are, in the wheelchair; In moral torments; In the limitations of the objectives; In family, social and labor relations; In the face of the pain in the body, in the mind and in the soul, where it burns the embers of pain, let us endeavor to thank God for the opportunity to relearn and repair.

Let us never cease to consider that, as pain burns us, thousands upon millions of brothers and sisters in humanity throw themselves unhindered by the narrow paths of irresponsibility, driven by the folly of insatiable joy. Let us calm down, even if the pain is tearing us apart.
The Unconditional Friend of all hours, JESUS, chose the pain as the companion of his earthly days and took advantage of it, through it, to leave us a precious teaching, without ever resorting to verbalism or rhetoric, showing that one can be happy in all Moments, never ceasing to exalt love and kindness as a script of enlightenment.
With a particular sky full of dark clouds, carrying worries, in the face of ulterior anxieties, we lift our heads and turn our hands on wings of love and peace and with them, through the work in good, we praise the Lord of Life, So one day we will fly to the regions of full liberation after we have redeemed our debts in divine accounting. Let us, therefore, receive the pain with joy, with love and never discolour or enter into a frenzy.


Support Joanna de Ângelis – book “Dimensions of Truth”, psychography by Divaldo Pereira Franco. (Article originally published in the Pernambuco Spiritist Journal – May 1999)




Crisis in the Gulf

t”Long enough have men torn one another to pieces, anathematising each other in the name of a God of peace and of mercy, whom they insult by such a sacrilege. Spiritism will eventually constitute a bond of union among them, by showing what is truth and what is error; but there will still be, and for a long time to come, scribes and pharisees who will reject it, as they rejected Christ. Would you know the quality of the spirits who influence the various sects into which the world is divided? Judge them by their deeds and by the principles they profess.
Never did good spirits instigate to the commission of evil deeds; never did they counsel or condone murder or violence; never did they excite party-hatreds, the thirst for riches and honours, or greed of earthly things. They alone who are kind, humane, benevolent, to all, are counted as friends by spirits of high degree; they alone are counted as friends by Jesus, for they alone are following the road which He has shown them as the only one which leads to Him.”
SAINT AUGUSTINE , The Spirits ́ Book

In a letter to the Turkish government last year, I told that a catastrophic war could start near Turkey.
In the letter I spoke about the need for unity between countries to achieve peace on Earth. At the time they were accusing Germany, my heart country, of supporting terrorists. Accusations, in which are not truths.

Also, almost 1 year ago I wrote a letter with a 12-page protocol for the Pope to intercede for peace between the Koreas. But I also said that, according to my calculations, I thought a war in the Middle East would be more likely.
Of course I’m sure, this letter did not reach his hands. Even if it had arrived, it probably was cursed, because I spoke of the Spirits.
Spirits in the catholic tradition are demons. The contact with the souls of the dead is not possible, even though it is clearly in the Bible the account of Saul’s contact with Samuel ….

At the time I was having a very internal conflict because I did not know if I was receiving any influence from any evil spirit.
I wrote to some Spiritists for advice. I only received silence. About writing to the Pope, one of these spiritists told me not to do so, afraid to “disrupt” the peace of the spirit movement. Perhaps he was afraid of a new persecution of the Catholic Church.
But regardless of this, at least I have my conscience quiet, for having done my duty.
If you want to read the letters, they can be found in pdf


I do not believe that an Anti-Christ will ever come, but I believe that somehow, we are all capable of denying the words of Jesus. Do not we do this? Every time we deny our brother? Every time we hate our enemies?
Often during the day I think about my actions. I also think of people that I have a certain aversion. Most of the time they are people in possession. For they are the “masters of the world.”
But even though there is no anti-Christ, the current president is doing damn damage on Earth. But, maybe the world needs it. Maybe people need a jolt to wake up.
For this is how we will acrodaremos. When we suffer, when we lose a loved one ….
If everything is in God’s plan, then even suffering will be for our learning.
But we can choose not to suffer. We can choose to be mere observers.
The question is: What about our feeling? How to reconcile all this?
The American people are accumulating a very negative karma for having elected someone like the current president. And they can not say, “We did not know,” as happened to the German people.
According to Spiritism and many spiritualistic philosophies, the great separation of tares and wheat is happening at this time
. This is the last chance for many souls to reincarnate on this earth globe.
Very negative souls will be transported to inferior worlds. The description of the worlds can be found in Allan Kardec’s book of the Spirits, and can be downloaded for free if anyone is interested in reading.

I really like this idea, and something tells me that I too can reincarnate in one of these worlds, to help the primitive nations to evolve, just as happened to the Earth with that coming from the chapel and the Orion peoples, who formed the Egyptian and Hindu civilizations.

Wow, do you imagine that many heads of state, wealthy people, with all the luxury, accustomed to command and dominate people to be reincarnated in a primitive world, from the stone age, to sleep in the caves, to run, trying to save their lives not to be killed by the wild animals? Sleeping in the cold, because maybe the fire has not yet been discovered there?
I really like this idea. Pure adventure, without limits, with a duration of 200,000 years.

Well, now with a smile on my lips, I go to my private paradise, my little garden, to feed my little birds, fish and squirrels.
A good weekend to all, with much reflection!

Greetings, Ra’ah Demirci


Diogenes, the Dog Man

Diogenes of Sinope, the dog man, came in detachment to the planet Earth in the year 400 BC, being the forerunner of the philosophy of cynicism conceived by the philosopher Antisthenes disciple of Socrates. His letter directs us that we should renounce all superfluity and comfort for the attainment of fullness. “Question 912 of the book of spirits teaches us that the most effective means of combating the predominance of corporeal nature and self-denial”, ie, renouncing free will in the name of divine order, detaching itself from self-interest, In martyrdom in the name of generosity, in order to manipulate the science of the Eternal Father.

Diogenes walked among the Earthlings with his olive lantern in search of the true man. They report that the dog man lived in a barrel, sometimes he was caught naked in public, fed only what was fit in his gourd, and exercised exhaustively.
He had preached that the path to eternal happiness was in the pursuit of moral virtues, focusing on simplicity in flight from the capital concepts that, according to him, removed the man of his true nature.
Today we can identify his genius as those of the hippies, citizens of the world, nomads, representatives of the alternative society!
Sent from the astral on a mission of consoling spirit of the shady Alexandrian ideals of his time, “a true paradigm opposed to the Hellenistic predecessor period and the later imperial period” (Reale).
Dog-man made sarcasm and irony, in the pompous paths of ancient Greece, in search of the true human essence, I think of him in the celebrated phrase, “who controls his wills? Your spirit or society ?, who controls your wishes? Your ego? Or the truth, his ego without satiety or the truth behind the veil “(Bnegao), Diorgenes in his time and in his way proposed: that the human being has at his disposal the potential to live in peace in harmony with his divine nature , Being granted the means for this, with only the intimate feeling of being garrisoned by God, the human being finds himself sealed and blinded by worldly concepts of accumulation and preservation, which imprisons the majority in ignorance. Diogenes Disembodied “in Coritio the very day that Alexander the Great died in Babylon. According to Reale, Giovanni and Antiseri, in Dario – History of Philosophy: “Diogenes was the spokesman for many instances of the heleistic period, albeit unilaterally. His own contemporaries already understood him thus, raising a column to him that was topped by a marble dog of Paros, inscription: “Even the bronze yields to the time and ages, but your glory, Diogenes, will remain intact forever because only you You have taught mortals the doctrine that life is enough for itself and you have shown the easiest way to live. “


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“Often living is an act of courage.” Seneca (4 v. Chr.- 65 n Chr)

Seneca was a Roman philosopher and poet who lived under the empire of Caligula, then Claudius and, finally, Nero.
His talent as a lawyer earned him the enmity of Emperor Caligula. Under the empire of Claudius he was exiled for eight years.
Called back to Rome, he tutored Nero and, for a time, managed to exert a beneficial influence on the young emperor.
Later, he adopted a position of complacency with the many follies committed by the emperor, which did not prevent him from being ordered to commit suicide.
Living in such adverse climates, he kept his concern for individual moral achievements. And he had the opportunity to write:

Crying is running the risk of appearing too sentimental.

Laughter is running the risk of looking foolish.

Reaching out is taking the risk of getting involved.

Exposing your feelings is running the risk of showing your true self.

Defending your dreams and ideas before the crowd is to risk being misinterpreted and losing people.

To love is to take the risk of not being corresponded.

To live is to risk the death.

To trust is to risk being disappointed.

To try is to risk failing.

But we must take the risks, because the greatest danger is not to risk anything.

There are people who take no risks, do nothing, have nothing, and are nothing.

They can even avoid suffering and disappointment, but they achieve nothing, they feel nothing, they do not change, they do not grow, they do not love, they do not live.

Chained by their attitudes, they see slaves, they deprive themselves of their freedom.

Only the person who takes risks is free.


The decision to take risks or not is ours. Now we can continue to stop crying because we were told in childhood that man does not cry. Or, in the case of women, not to show weakness. Or let us allow the tears to show that we are human beings with feelings.

We can be those who defend their noble ideas, fighting for life, exposing us or shutting ourselves up in the face of injustice.

We can engage in the movement for life, exposing our opinion against euthanasia, the death penalty, abortion. Or just keep quiet and let it all happen, without worrying.

We can get involved in peace movements, the rights of the disadvantaged, or remain apathetic, letting everything run at will.

In short, we can strive to improve our condition of humanity by chiseling our passions and overcoming our accommodation. Or we choose to continue where we are, as we are, not making any effort to garner other virtues or values ​​of spiritual nobility.

The decision is always individual and non-transferable.

Spirits were created by God with a grand goal: perfection.

The walk is long and winding. The choice of the path or the speed with which one wishes to walk, is of each one.

Opting for growth or waiting to be dragged by the inexorable law of progress is for every creature.

But whoever wishes to achieve happiness before, idealize changes from today, as opportunities smile and the chances become abundant.

Writing of the Spiritist Moment, based on text attributed to
Seneca and the entry Seneca, of the Encyclopedia Mirador, v. 18,
Encyclopaedia Britannica do Brasil.
On 12.21.2013.


Photo: Theodora, Athens 2017


Diogenes the Cynic

“Modesty is the color of virtue.

We have two ears and one tongue so that we would listen more and talk less. It takes a wise man to discover a wise man.” Diogenes

Contact with the spirit of the philosopher Diogenes the beggar

Diogenes of Sinope (in ancient Greek: Διογένης ὁ Σινωπεύς; Sinope, 404 or 412 BC, Corinth, 323 BC), also known as Diogenes the Cynic, was a philosopher of Ancient Greece. The details of his life are known through anecdotes (chreia), especially those gathered by Diogenes Laertius in his Lives and Opinions of Eminent Philosophers.

Diogenes of Sinope was exiled from his hometown and moved to Athens, where he would have become a disciple of Antisthenes, former pupil of Socrates. He became a beggar who lived in the streets of Athens, making extreme poverty a virtue; It is said that he would have lived in a large barrel instead of a house and wandered about the streets carrying a lamp during the day, claiming to be looking for an honest man. Eventually he settled in Corinth, where he continued to pursue the cynical ideal of self-sufficiency: a life that was natural and not dependent on the lusts of civilization. Believing that virtue was best revealed in action and not in theory, his life consisted of a tireless campaign to overthrow the institutions and social values ​​of what he saw as a corrupt society.


Spiritualist Magazine – Journal of Psychological Studies
Every effect has a cause. Every intelligent effect has a smart cause. The power of intelligent cause lies in the reason of the greatness of effect. Second Year – 1859


1. Evocation.
R. Ah! I come from afar!
2. Can you appear to Sir Adrien, our psychic seer, just as you were in the existence we know of?
A. Yes, and even come with my flashlight, if you wish.
Wide forehead and very bony side bumps, slender and curved nose; Big and serious mouth; Eyes black and stuck in the orbit; Piercing and mocking look. Carve a little elongated, thin and wrinkled, complexion yellow; Uncultivated mustache and beard; Gray hair and scattered. White and heavily soiled dressings; The bare arms, as well as the legs; The body is thin and bony. But the sandals tied to the legs by ropes.
3. Thou hast said that thou comest from afar: of what world comest thou?
A. You do not know him.
4. Would you kindly answer a few questions?
A. With pleasure.
5. Has the existence known to you under the name of Diogenes the Cynic profited you for your future happiness?
A. Very; You made a mockery of it, as my contemporaries did; I am astonished that history has scarcely clarified my existence, and that posterity, it may be said, was unjust to me.

6. What good did you do, because your existence was very personal?
A. I worked for myself, but you could learn a lot from seeing me.
7. What are the qualities you would like to find in men, and what are you looking for with your flashlight?
A. Of energy.
8. If you had found the man whom we have just recalled, Chaudruc Duelos, would you find in him the man whom you sought, because he also voluntarily abstained from all superfluity?
A. No.
9. What do you think of him?
A. His soul is astray on the earth; How many are like him and do not know it; He at least knew.
10. Do you believe that you have possessed the qualities that you seek in man?
A. No doubt: this was my criterion.
11. Which of the philosophers of your time do you prefer?
R. Socrates.
12. What do you prefer now?
R. Socrates.
13. And Plato, what say ye of him?
A. Very hard; His philosophy is very severe: I admitted the poets, but he did not.
14. What does the story tell about your interview with Alexander is real?
R. Very real; History itself mutilated it.
15. What has history mutilated?
R. I understand to speak of other conversations that we had together: you believe that it came to see to me to say but me a word?
16. The word imputed to him, namely that if it were not for Alexander, he would like to be Diogenes, is it real?
A. He said, maybe, but not before me. Alexander was a mad young man, vain and trusting; I was a beggar in his eyes: how could a tyrant dare to be taught by the wretch?
17. After your existence in Athens, did you reincarnate on the earth?
A. No, but in other worlds. Today, I belong to a world where we are not slaves: that means that if you were awakened, you would not do what I did tonight.
18. Could you trace the picture of the qualities you seek in man, such as were conceived at that time, and how do you conceive them now?
– R. Before:. Courage, audacity, self-assurance and power over men by the Spirit.
Now: Self-denial, sweetness, power over men by heart.


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Wealth and misery in the world

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.”

Jimi Hendrix

Today I had the visit of a client that I have been treating for 3 weeks. She was bitten by a tick a few years ago. Since then she has felt many pains in her right arm.
When I started the treatment, I picked some herbs and made a dye for it to pass on the arm.
She brought me lots of flowers from her hotel garden. Among them are scented roses and daisies.
We always have pleasant conversations, until the time when the subject is asylum.
Today I heard from her about the Africans. She said that the intelligence of that people is lower than that of a European. I started to feel a little uncomfortable, because I did not want to get into a speech …
After all, despite having white skin, in my heart I’m a black woman. When I was little, my dream was to have a dark doll. I never won, because at the time there was great inflation in Brazil and my parents were poor.
I tried to explain that the same soul can be born as an African, a European, an American and then as Muslims.
But she did not understand. Maybe because she still has the thinking fixed on matter. For when we think of ourselves as immortal, we change our way of seeing the world very much.
Interesting that an hour before, I met an old acquaintance who came from Africa a few years ago. We studied nursing together. He has passed the test and works as a nurse to this day. I gave up the course, I decided to specialize in Ayurveda.
The reason why the mixture of Africans and Europeans, according to Kardecian philosophy and codification, is found in the “Law of Progress” part, being one of ten moral laws: “” While all living beings progress morally, progress Materially the worlds in which they inhabit. Whoever could accompany a world in its different phases, from the moment the first atoms were destined to be constituted and constituted, would see it go through an incessantly progressive scale, but of imperceptible steps for each generation, and to offer the Their inhabitants an ever more pleasant abode, as they themselves advance on the path of progress. Thus the progress of man, that of animals, their auxiliaries, that of the plants and the habitation, is progressing in parallel, for nothing in Nature remains stationary. “
Book: The reason of Life Part III
Author: Leon Denis         Year: 1927

Since the purpose of life is the intellectual and moral perfection of being, what conditions, what means would best co-operate with it? Man can work in its perfection in all conditions, in all social circles, yet it would far out much more easily under certain definite conditions.
Wealth provides man with powerful means of study;
To give his spirit a more developed and more perfect culture, he places in his hands greater facilities to relieve his unhappy brethren, by participating through public utility foundations, in order to improve his destinies. But it is rare for those who consider it a duty to work in the relief of misery, in the instruction and improvement of their fellow men.
Wealth often dries up the human heart, extinguishes this flame
Interior, this love for progress and the social improvements that animates every soul
Generates a barrier between the powerful and the humble, leads to living in a
Means where the disinherited ones of this world are not reached and where, consequently,
Their needs and evils remain almost always ignored and unknown.
Misery also has its dreadful dangers: the degradation of characters, despair, suicide. But while wealth makes us indifferent and selfish, poverty, in approaching the humble, makes us share the pain. You must have suffered on your own to appreciate the sufferings of the other. While the powerful, in the bosom of the honored ones, envy and seek to rival in brilliance, the little ones, approached by necessity, sometimes live in touching fraternization.
Look at the birds of our region during the winter months, when the sky is dark, when the earth is covered with a white blanket of snow, tight against each other, on the edge of a roof, warm each other in silence. Necessity unites them. But the beautiful days come, the sun resplendent, the abundant supply, and they chirp, persecute, fight, tear.
Such is the man. Sweet, affectionate with his peers on the days of sorrow. But the possession of material goods makes him, very often, forgotten and hard. A modest condition is best suited to the spirit desirous of progressing, of acquiring the
Virtues necessary for his moral ascension. Away from the whirlwind of pleasures
Deceivers, will better assess life. He will demand of matter what is necessary for the preservation of his organism, but he will avoid falling into pernicious habits, becoming prey to the innumerable fictitious needs which are the scourges of mankind. He will be sober and industrious, contented with little, attaching above all to the pleasures of intelligence and the jewels of the heart.

Thus, fortified against the assaults of matter, the sage, under the pure light of the
Reason, his fate will be seen to shine forth. Clarified about the purpose of life and the reason for things, he will stand firm, resigned to the pain;
To serve it to its purification, to its advance. He will face the test with courage, understanding to be salutary, which is the shock that will tear our souls, and that it is only through this laceration that the gall that is in us can be shed. If men laugh at him, if he is a victim of injustice and intrigue, he will learn to patiently endure his ills by directing his thoughts to our older brothers: Socrates drinking hemlock, Jesus on the cross, Joanna at the stake. He will console himself in the thought that the greatest, the most virtuous, the most worthy, suffered and died for humanity.
And when, finally, after a well-completed existence, the solemn hour will come, it will be calm, without regret, that will welcome death, death, which men envelop with a sinister apparatus, death, amazement of the powerful and the sensual, and Which, for the austere thinker, is nothing more than liberation, the hour of transformation, the door that opens to the luminous empire of Spirits.
This threshold of supra-terrestrial regions will flank it with serenity. His conscience, detached from material shadows, will clothe himself before him as a judge, representative of God, asking, “What did you do with life?”
And he will answer, “I have fought, suffered, loved, taught good, truth, righteousness: I have given to my brethren the example of righteousness, of sweetness: I have succored those who suffer, comforted those who mourn. And now, that the Eternal judge me, behold I am here in His hands! “


Man, my brother, have faith in your destiny because it is great. You were born with innate faculties, endless aspirations, and eternity is given to you to develop one and satisfy others. To grow life to life, to be clear by study, to purify oneself by pain, to acquire an ever greater science, to acquire ever more noble qualities, that is what is reserved for it. God has done more for you. He gave the means to collaborate in His work, to participate in the law of progress without limits, to open new paths to his fellow men, to raise his brethren, drawing them to you, initiating them in the splendours of the true and the beautiful, to the sublime harmonies of the universe. Is not this creating, transforming souls and worlds? And that immense work, fertile in characters, is not preferable to a warm and barren home? Collaborate with God! To accomplish in everything and for all good and justice! Who can be greater, more dignified to his immortal spirit!
Then raise your gaze and embrace the vast prospects of your future. Put in this spectacle the energy necessary to confront the winds and storms of the world.
Marche, brave, fighter, climb the ramp leading to the summits we call virtue, duty, sacrifice. Do not stop on your way to picking florets or bush to play with golden pebbles. Forward, forward!
Do you see in the splendid skies these flickering stars, these innumerable suns dragging, in their prodigious evolutions, brilliant processions of planets? How many accumulated centuries were not needed to form them!
How many centuries will it take to dissolve them! Good! A day will come when
All these fires will be extinct, where these gigantic worlds will fade away
To give way to new globes, to other families of emerging stars from the depths. Nothing of what you see today will exist more.

The wind of the spaces will forever have swept the dust, these worlds used, but you, you will always live, pursuing your eternal march in the bosom of
An incessantly renewed creation. What then shall the shadows and the care of the present be for your purified soul, magnified? Ephemeral accidents of our
Will leave, in the depths of our memory, more than sad or sweet memories. Faced with the infinite horizons of immortality, the evils of the present, the trials suffered, will be like a fugitive cloud in the middle of a serene sky.
Then measure the things of the earth in its true value. Do not disdain them, no doubt, because they are necessary to progress, and your mission is to contribute to your improvement by perfecting yourself, but do not bind your soul exclusively in this, first of all, seek the teachings that you bring. For them, you will understand that the goals of life are not joys or happiness but, above all, a form of work, study and fulfillment of duty, the development of the soul, the personality you will recognize beyond the grave , Just as you have been carving it out yourself in the course of your earthly existence.



The solution we have just given to the problems of life is based on the most rigorous logic. It is in accord with the convictions of the great geniuses of antiquity, with the teachings of Socrates, Plato, Origen, and the Druids, whose profound visions, now reconstituted by history, have confused the human spirit twenty centuries ago.
It forms the basis of the philosophies of the East. It has inspired sublime deeds and works, and our fathers, the Gauls, have taken from it their indomitable courage, their contempt for death.
In modern times it has been professed by Jean Reynaud, Henri Martin, Esquirros, Pierre Leroux, Victor Hugo, etc.
Nevertheless, in spite of its absolutely rational character, in spite of the authority of the traditions upon which they rest, these conceptions would be qualified as pure hypotheses and relegated to the realm of the imagination, if we could not establish them on an unbreakable basis, on direct and sensible experiences, at the disposal of all.
Fatigued by theories and systems, the human spirit, in the face of every new affirmation, today calls for evidence. These proofs of the existence of the soul, of his immortality, experimental spiritualism brings us, material, evident. It is only necessary to observe them coldly and seriously, to persevere in studying psychic phenomena, to convince themselves of their reality and their importance, and to feel the vast consequences they will have, from the point of view of social transformations, for bringing a positive Support for moral laws and the ideal of justice, without which no civilization could grow.

The souls of the dead are revealed to humans. They manifest their presence, they talk with us, they initiate us in the mysteries of reincarnations, in the splendors of that future that will be ours.
This is a real fact, very little known and very often answered. The Spiritist experiences have been met with sarcasm and everyone who has dealt with them from the beginning has been scruffy, ridiculed, considered foolish.
Such has been at all times the fate of new ideas, the welcome reserved for the great discoveries. The use of rotating tables is considered trivial, but the greatest laws of the universe, the most powerful forces of nature, do not were revealed in a more imposing way. Is it not thanks to experiments with frogs that electricity has been discovered? The fall of an apple demonstrated universal attraction, and the boiling of a kettle, the action of steam. As for being labeled crazy, the Spiritists share in this point the fate of Solomon
Causes 2, Harvey 3, Galvani 4 and so many other men of genius.
It is noteworthy that: most of those who passionately criticize these phenomena have neither observed nor studied them, or have done so superficially, or among the number of those who know them and affirm their existence, are the greatest sages of the time. These include Sir William Crookes, a member of the Royal Society of London, an eminent physicist who owes the discovery of radiant matter, Russel Wallace, Darwin’s adversary, Warley, chief engineer of the telegraphs, F. Myers, president Of the Society for Psychical Research, O. Lodge, Rector of the University of Birmingham, in America, Jurist Edmonds, President of the Senate, Professor Mappes of the National Academy, Germany astronomer Zoellner, Camille Flammarion in France, Doctor Peul Gibier, student of Pasteur, Vacquerie, Eugène Nus, C. Fauvety, Colonel de Rochas, Professor Charles Richet, member of the Institute, Dr. Maxwell, attorney general of the Bordeaux Court of Appeal.

In Italy the celebrated professor Lombroso, who after having long disputed the possibility of the spiritist facts, studied them and then publicly acknowledged the reality. How much has been said about which side would be guaranteed to have carried out a serious examination and a mature reflection! Galileo, to those who denied the Earth’s movement responded “And it moves! ” Crookes this pronounces thus in the matter of the spiritist facts: “I did not say that this could be, it said that it is”. Truth, at the beginning qualified as utopia, always prevails.
We note, however, that the attitude of the press regarding these phenomena is appreciably modified. He does not jest and ridicule more, but there is something serious about him. The great newspapers of Paris, FIGARO, MATIN, ECLAIR, JOURNAL, PETIT PARISIEN, etc., often publish serious articles on these subjects. The doctrine of experimental spiritualism expands in the world with prodigious rapidity. In the United States, its adherents count for millions, in Western Europe it is beginning and even in the most distant means, research societies are founded, numerous publications appear. A metaphysical institute was founded in Paris, with the assistance of the State, for the experimental study of these facts.
The contest of particularly gifted individuals is indispensable for the attainment of psychic phenomena. Spirits can not act upon material bodies, impressing our senses, without a supply of animal fluids borrowing from individuals called mediums. The whole world has rudiments of mediumship, which can be developed by work and exercise.

The soul, in its existence beyond the grave, is not devoid of form.
It has a fluidic body, of vaporous matter, quintessenciada, called perispirit, which pre-exists and survives the material body, of which it is at the same time the matrix, the model and the motor. This perispirit or fluid body has a whole subtle organism, and it is by its action, combined with the vital fluid of the mediums, that the Spirit manifests itself to men, making them hear blows, displacing objects, corresponding by agreed signals. In certain cases, it may even become visible, tangible, to produce direct writing, messages, and even impressions and moldings of your materialized envelope.
All these facts have been observed thousands of times by the sages designated for this purpose and by people of every class, of all ages and of all countries.
They experimentally prove the existence around us of an invisible world, populated by souls who left Earth, among whom are those we had known and loved, and whom we will one day join. It is they who teach us the consoling and grandiose philosophy from which we outline the essential traits above.
And it should be noted that these manifestations, considered by so many men – under the rule of narrow prejudices – as strange, abnormal, impossible, have always existed. Constant relationships have united the world of Spirits to the world of the living. History proves it. The apparition of Samuel to Saul, the family genius of Socrates, those of Tasse and Jérôme Cardan, the voices of Joan of Arc and many other similar facts, come from the same causes.
Only, they were once considered as supernatural and miraculous, presenting themselves today with a rational character, as a set of facts governed by strict laws, whose study gives rise to us a deep, enlightened conviction.

The invisible world is in reality only the extension of the visible world. In addition to the limits drawn by our senses, there are forms of matter and life from which science increasingly admits the possibility, after the discovery of radiant matter, the application of X-rays, Hertz’s works on wireless telegraphy, Of Lockyer on the nebulae, those of Becquerel, Curie, and Lebon on the radioactivity of bodies, opened up a whole unknown domain of nature.
The Spiritist facts, as one sees, far from being despicable, constitute one of the greatest intellectual and moral revolutions that has been produced in the history of the globe.
They are the most serious argument that can oppose materialism. The certainty of living on the other side of the grave, in the fullness of our faculties and our conscience, makes us lose the fear of death.
The knowledge of the happy or painful situations, lived by the Spirits by their good or bad actions, has a powerful moral action. The prospect of infinite progress, of intellectual conquests, which await all beings and leads them to common destinies, can, by itself, bring men closer together, uniting them by fraternal bonds. The doctrine of experimental Spiritism is the only positive philosophy that meets all the moral needs of mankind.

In short, the principles that flow from Spiritism, principles taught by the disembodied spirits – in a much better position than we are to discern the truth – are the following:
Existence of God, directing intelligence, living law, soul of the universe, supreme unity to which they are destined and harmonize all relationships, immense focus of the perfections from which they radiate and expand to the infinite all the moral powers:
Justice, Wisdom and Love!

Immortality of the soul, the spiritual essence that encloses, in the germ state, all
Faculties, all powers, which is destined to develop them by their work, incarnating on material worlds, rising by successive and innumerable existences, from step to step, to perfection.
Communication of the living and the dead; the reciprocal action of some over the
Others: permanence of the relations between the two worlds, solidarity of all beings, identical in origin and ends, different only by their transient situation: some in the state of Spirit, free in space, the others, encased in a perishable envelope , But passing alternately from one state to the other, death being but a transitional period between two terrestrial existences.
Infinite progress, eternal justice, moral sanction, the soul, having freedom in its acts is responsible, creates for itself its future, according to its normal state, the coarse or subtle fluids that compose the perispirit, and which have been attracted to her by Its habits and tendencies, these fluids, subject to the universal law of attraction and gravity, draw it to the lower globes, to the worlds of pain, where it suffers, expiates, rescues the past, or where matter has less supremacy, Where harmony and happiness reign. The soul, in its superior and perfect life, collaborates with God, shapes the worlds, directs its evolutions, watches over the progress of the humanities, the fulfillment of the eternal laws.
Such are the teachings that experimental Spiritism brings us. They are none other than those of primitive Christianity, detached from the forms of material worship,
Deprived of dogmas, of false interpretations, of errors, under which man has hidden, unrecognizable, the philosophy of Christ.
The new doctrine, revealing the existence of an invisible spiritual world, as real and alive as ours, opens horizons to human thought before which still hesitates, interdicted, obfuscated. But the relationships that this revelation facilitates between the dead and us, the consolations, the encouragement that comes from it, the certainty of finding all those whom we believed lost forever, of receiving from them the supreme teachings, all these constitute a set of forces, of Moral resources that man could not ignore or disdain without danger to him.
However, despite the high value of this doctrine, the man of this century, deeply skeptical, blunted by his prejudices, would hardly have made sense if facts had not come to support it. To achieve the human spirit, superficial, indifferent, material, noisy manifestations were necessary. That is why, in 1850 and by various means, furniture of all forms swayed, walls were sounding blows, heavy bodies moved contrary to the known physical laws, but after this first rough phase, the spiritist phenomena have become increasingly More intelligent.
The psychic facts (from the Greek psickè, soul) succeeded to physical manifestations, mediums, writers, orators, sleepwalkers, healers, revealed themselves, receiving, mechanically or intuitively, inspirations whose cause was outside them, visible and tangible apparitions were produced, And the existence of the Spirits became indisputable to all observers who were no more fascinated by the choice made.
Thus appeared to mankind the new belief, supported on one side
On the traditions of the past, on the universality of principles at the source of all religions and of most philosophies, on innumerable psychological testimonies, on facts observed in every country by men of all conditions.
A remarkable thing, this science, this new philosophy, simple and accessible to all, free from every apparatus or form of worship, this science arrives at the hour when customs corrupt, social ties relax, where the old world errs at Drift, without brake, without ideal, without moral law, like a private ship of government floating in the air.
Every man who observes and reflects can not conceal that modern society is in a threatening crisis. A deep decomposition to it corrodes deafly. The hatred that divides classes, the lure of profit, the desire for joys, is becoming more and more rude, more ardent. You want to own at all costs.

All means are good to acquire the well-being, the fortune, the only objective that is considered worthy of life. Such aspirations can produce only two consequences: the merciless selfishness among the happy, despair and revolt among the unfortunate. The situation of the small, the humble is painful, and very often, plunged into a moral night where no consolation illuminates, are led to seek in suicide the end of their evils.
The spectacle of social inequalities, the sufferings of some, as opposed to the apparent joys and the indifference of others, stir among the disinherited ardent greed. Hence the claim of material goods is accentuated. It is enough that the inferior masses rise, and the world will be close to being shaken by atrocious convulsions.
Science is powerless to conjure evil, to recover characters, to heal wounds from life’s struggles. Actually, in our time, there are almost only sciences specialized in certain aspects of nature, gathering facts, bringing to the human spirit a sum of knowledge that is proper to it. This is how the physical sciences became prodigiously enriched after half a century, but these sparse constructions lack the bond of union and harmony. The science par excellence, that which from the series of facts goes back to the cause that produced them, which must reconnect, unite these various sciences in a great and magnificent synthesis, giving rise to a general conception of life, fixing our destinies, highlighting a moral law, A foundation of social improvement, this universal, indispensable science does not yet exist.
If religions agonize, if vigilant faith died, if science is powerless to provide man with the necessary ideal, to regulate his march and to improve societies, will we all be without hope?
No, because a doctrine of peace, fraternity and progress rises above the troubled world, coming to appease the savage hates, calming the passions, teaching everyone solidarity, forgiveness and goodness.
It offers to science this synthesis, awaited, without which everything would remain forever sterile. He triumphs over death, and for the sake of this life of trials and evils opens the radiant prospects of boundless progress in immortality.
He says to all: “Come to me, I will warm you, comfort you, make your lives sweeter, your courage and patience easier, the tests more bearable.
I will enlighten your dark and tortuous paths with powerful reason. To those who suffer, I will give hope: to those who seek, I will give birth, to those who doubt and despair, I will give assurance and faith. ”
He also says: “Be brothers, help each other, help yourselves in your collective march.
Your goals are beyond this material and transitory life, it will be in this spiritual future that you will come together as members of a single family, from your concerns, needs and innumerable evils. Then merit him for your efforts and your labors! ”
Humanity will rise great and strong on the day when this doctrine, an infinite source of consolations, is understood and accepted. On that day, envy and anger will be extinguished in the hearts of the little ones, the powerful, realizing that he has been weak, and that he can redeem himself, that his wealth is only a loan from above,
Mankind will become more charitable and sweeter with his unhappy brethren. Science, completed, fertilized by the new philosophy, will see superstition and darkness fall before it. No more atheists and skeptics. A simple, great, fraternal faith will spread over the nations, making their resentments and their deep rivalries cease. The Earth, free from the scourges that devour it, will continue its moral ascent, will rise a step in the scale of the worlds.
About the Author Leon Denis:leon denis
He was, alongside Camille Flammarion and Gabriel Delanne, one of the main expressions of the Spiritist Doctrine, after the disincarnation of the coder Allan Kardec, defending and spreading Spiritism.
He was born in Foug, Tours, France, on January 1, 1846 and since his youth has embraced THE BOOK OF SPIRITS.
He was nicknamed “Spiritist Apostle” for his great contribution, whether in the clash with the detractors of the Doctrine, or in the lectures, or by the literary works he left – whose style is rationalism, depth and cognition.
The philosopher Denis, once in his time, was reputed to be of exuberant wisdom and docility.
He suffered a process of progressive blindness, aggravated after 1910, without ceasing to work for the Spiritist cause, including writing – under the language of Braille.
He disembodied in the native land, on March 12, 1927, spelling his name in the gallery of the greatest thinkers of Spiritism and leaving great works, such as: CHRISTIANITY AND SPIRITISM, AFTER DEATH, IN INVISIBLE, THE GREAT ENIGMA, THE PROBLEM OF BEING, OF DESTINY AND PAIN, and SOCIALISM AND SPIRITISM.


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