Pray for Turkey

Spiritism and mediumship in Brazil is becoming something current, so normal it’s like surfing on the internet, and many people in Brazil do not have this idea that they have in their hand.
Here in Europe, on the contrary, because the second-war history, speak the word “spiritism” is like scolding someone, because it was very abused by the Nazis …

A few months ago, at the bakery, I had the first physical manifestation of my life, together with others. I do not know if it was obsessor or not, but I was so happy and even thanked him for this moment.

The spirits have shown us that death is only an illusion.

Today, August 07 is a very sad day that will go down in the history of Turkey and Europe. The president of that nation announced that the death penalty will again be part of the criminal code, with the excuse that other countries also have.
But the problem is that with this decision, many innocent people will be condemned.
For this reason, I would like to dedicate this prayer of Emmanuel to them.



Lord Jesus!

When you came to Earth, through the manger scenes, the Scriptures was waiting for you, as the light to those who sit sit in darkness! …

And indeed, Lord, shadows ruled the world

Shadows at work, in the form of slavery …

Shadow in righteousness in the form of cruelty

Shadows in the temple in the form of bigotry

Shadows on governance in the form of tyranny

Shadows in the minds of the people in the form of ignorance and misery

Gradually, however, the flash of your infinite goodness, broke up the shackles of slavery, became the cruelty in significant human rights, transmuted the fanaticism in rational faith, tyranny become administration, and gradually the ignorance and misery will receive school assistance and solidarity.

However, Lord still are left darkness in love, in the form of selfishness!

Selfishness in the home

Selfishness in affection ..

Selfishness in charity …

Selfishness in providing service

Selfishness devotion

Master dispels the fog that still obscures the horizon and teaches us to love as you loved us, without seeking vainly those who love the reflection of ourselves, because only feeling true brothers to each other, is that we will achieve with pure fraternity our everlasting resurrection.
Photo: A.T. Istanbul 30. April 2016
Christmas message from the spirit Emmanuel through the medium of psychophony Francisco Cândido Xavier: This psychophony occurred on December 15, 1955, and subsequently made part of the book “Great Voices from Beyond.”