Project Diogenes

“Each one colors his life, with the nuances he possesses in his soul.
No one gives what he does not have, just as no one can lend vibrant colors to his life if he only knows how to vibrate in gray tones.
It is therefore necessary to develop happier aspects.
How can one want to paint the picture of one’s life in cheerful colors, if in his hand is a rigid and solitary pencil of pure graphite?
You need to change pencils! It requires flexibility and the gradual development of its artistic side.
At first, everything will be a little difficult. Monotonous landscapes will materialize.
However, with practice and persistence, better screens will emerge. After some time, creative inspiration will keep you company. Your life, then, will be a beautiful picture and you can say that you painted it yourself!” Sufi by Pablo de Salamanca



The Diogenes project is nothing more than joining the useful and pleasant …
People in hospices, nursing homes or psychiatric clinics will make artistic paintings, whether watercolor, acrylic or some other material, such as small sculptures, indicating their date of birth and city / country of residence.
These works of art will be presented to the public in the form of vernissage.
Later, these same works will be auctioned or sold.

50% 50% 0,50 

50% of the money will be donated to the institution where the paintings were made. And

50% of the money will be used to buy food for the poor of Athens.

If you want, you can help the beggars of Athens directly through Cardiacafe. With only 0.50 cents you will already feed a beggar who is starving. To know how to donate, please contact the owner directly:



Who was Diogenes?

Diogenes is noted in many stories of philosophy as the philosopher who openly despised the powerful and social conventions. He was born in Sínope (c.444-365 a.C.), being the greater representative of the school of cynics, whose founder was Antístenes. Like all cynics, he too despised general ideas and social conventions, denying the possibility of science itself.
Diógenes was associated with several episodes that express his ethical ideas, the only ones that gave true importance. The only acceptable way of life would be to conform to nature, everything else was wind. It is said that Alexander of Macedon, the great emperor of antiquity, when he met him, would have asked him what he most desired. It turns out that because of the position in which it was, Alexandre, it made him shade. Diogenes, looking at the sun, replied: “Stand back, for you are stealing the light from my sun!”
Taking the contemptuous attitude towards social conventions to the extreme, Diogenes had a barrel house and was dressed in rags. He wandered about the city with a lit lamp, even in the daytime, telling those who questioned him that he was looking for “a true man.” He who lived according to nature.

I am not an Athenian or a Greek, but a citizen of the world. Diogenes of Sinope



To know more about Diogenes of Sinope, please take a look here:


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