The future of Europe

The list of the 10 countries that most exported military weapons between 2009 and 2013: United States, Russia, Germany, China, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Ukraine, Italy and Israel.
In fact, these 10 countries have a moral duty to receive asylum, because if there is a war, it is because of their weapons. After all, we only reap what we sow.

In the book “On the way to the Light”, spirituality informs us what Christ’s goal for humanity is: Uniao dos pueblos.

This is why I am often perplexed by the reaction of many religious leaders such as the Buddhist leader and Danish businessman Mr Nydahl to verbally combat the politics of asylees and be even racist. It strikes me because he has a very extensive degree of Buddhist knowledge.

But no one is perfect and we should do our utmost not to judge anyone, for we are all imperfect souls. Especially this soul that writes to you.

It is not uncommon at times that I dream about political issues. Sometimes giving advice as in the case of the German defense minister, sometimes releasing prisoners from the Korean regime.


Last night I dreamed of the Chancellor of Germany, Mrs. Angela Merkel. In my dream, after a political meeting with several other leaders, she was physically exhausted. In an informal conversation, she revealed that the fatigue was due to a cancer she had acquired. Even though I am aware that the massage can accelerate the cancer cells, I offer to give her a back massage, relieving her muscle tension a little.

I can not guarantee that we really met. Therefore, only time can reveal whether it was just dream or a meeting of two souls in the spirit world.

All spiritualists know that illness begins in the soul and the cause is often stress. But it can also be karmic from other past lives. However, because of our actions, this karma is often transformed. If we do good things for our fellow man, then we will accumulate positive karma. Now, if we desire evil, our soul can transform the cells of our astral body, in which it will project itself into the carnal body.

Yesterday there was a meeting of the leaders of several countries in Brussels. France and Germany, enemies of other times, are united by the same ideal: A strong Europe, without racism, fraternal and aiming for the good of the people. But many political leaders do not have the same ideal, because they think only in the present moment. Unfortunately they did not reach the vision of a fraternal world, without barriers.

Of course I understand the fear of mingling with the Islamic race. For the law of Charia is a barbaric law that must be abolished. But Europeans have, not only the mission but the duty to receive these refugees. Especially Germany for having a very heavy karma, but also for being the third largest exporter of military weapons.

Here is the list of the 10 countries that most exported military weapons between 2009 and 2013: United States, Russia, Germany, China, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Ukraine, Italy and Israel.

In reality, these 10 countries should receive the asylees, because if there is a war, it is because of their weapons.

I do not think I need to dig deeper into the subject.

Now a copy of the book “On the way to the Light”, psychographed by the medium Francisco Xavier dictated in the year 1938, a year before the second world war.


PDF: A Caminho da Luz

This book and others can be read for free at the following website:
As the painful transitions of the twentieth century announce themselves to the sinister clatter of weapons, the spiritual forces gather for the great reconstructions of the future.
The time is near when all the terrestrial values ​​will be measured for the resurgence of the creative energies of a new world, and it is natural for us to remember the mystical ascendant of all the civilizations that have appeared and disappeared, evoking the great evolutionary periods of the Humanity, with its miseries and its splendours, to affirm the spiritual realities above all transient phenomena of matter.
This effort of synthesis will be that of faith claiming its position in the face of the science of men, and before the religions of separateness, as the compass of true wisdom.

Before our eyes of spirit pass the ghosts of dead civilizations, as if we were standing before a wonderful “screen”. Souls change the fleshly garb, in the unceasing course of centuries; Build the millennial edifice of human evolution with their tears and sufferings, and even our ears reach the painful echoes of their afflictions. It passes the first organizations of man and pass their great cities, transformed into silent ossuaries.

Time, as the divine patrimony of the spirit, renews the anxieties and anguish of every century, in order to clarify the way of human experiences. The races and the generations, the languages ​​and the peoples, the countries and the frontiers, the sciences and the religions pass. A divine breath makes all things move in this wonderful whirlwind.
The order is then established, balancing all the phenomena and movements of the planetary building, vitalizing the eternal bonds that bring together his great family.
One sees, then, the unbreakable thread that sustains the centuries of earthly experiences, bringing them harmoniously together, so that they constitute the immortal treasure of the human soul in its glorious ascension into the Infinite.
Races are replaced by souls and generations are stages of their learning and use; Languages ​​are forms of expression, moving towards the unique expression of brotherhood and love, and peoples are the dispersed members of a large family working for the definitive establishment of their universal community.

His most eminent children, on the level of spiritual values, are favored by the Supreme Justice, who legislates on High for all the worlds of the Universe, and can visit the other sidereal homelands, returning to the orb, the blessed effort of regenerative missions within the churches and Of the earth academies.
In the magical screen of our studies, we highlight those missionaries who the world has often crucified in the incomprehension of vulgar souls, but in all and above all, the light of this thread of spirituality that divinizes matter, chaining the work of Civilizations and, above all, obscuring the “screen” of our observations and our studies, we see the source of extraordinary light, whence the first geometrical point of this thread of life and harmony, which balances and saturates the whole Earth in a Apotheosis of movement and divine clarity.

Our poor eyes can not discern particularities in this wonder, but we know that the thread of light and life is in His hands. It is He who sustains all the active and passive elements of planetary existence. In his august and merciful heart is the Word of the beginning. A breath of His will can renew all things, and His gesture can transform the physiognomy of all earthly horizons.
The generations of all time have passed, with their anxieties and anxieties. Wars have bloodied the itinerary of peoples in their incessant pilgrimages to higher knowledge.
The thrones of kings have fallen, and millennial crowns have been crushed. The princes of the world returned to the theater of their proud vanity in the humble garb of the slaves, and in vain the dictators urged and called upon the peoples of the earth for slaughter and destruction.
The determinism of love and good is the law of the whole universe and the human soul emerges from all catastrophes in search of a better life.
Only Jesus did not pass, in the painful journey of the races, aiming at the tearing of all frontiers into the universal amplexo.
He is the Light of Principle and in his merciful hands rests the destinies of the world. His magnanimous heart is the source of life for all terrestrial Humanity. His message of love in the Gospel is the eternal word of resurrection and justice, of brotherhood and of mercy.
All human things have passed away, all human things will change. He, however, is the Light of all terrestrial lives, inaccessible to time and destruction.
As we speak of the mission of the twentieth century, contemplating the dictators of today, who fly in the executioners of the multitudes, it is up to us to turn our eyes to the infinite mercy of the Lord, begging for peace and love for all hearts.


Summary of pages 212-215:
The Gospel and the future
From that time when the evangelical message expanded the sphere of human freedom, by virtue of its maturity to understand the great and consoling truths of existence, it parked the spiritual man in his outbreaks of progress, unable to accompany the physical man in his march By the roads of knowledge.
It is for this reason that, alongside powerful airplanes and radiotelephony, which link all continents and countries of today, indicating the imperatives of the laws of human solidarity, we see the concept of civilization insulted by all doctrines of isolation, while the peoples Prepare themselves for extermination and for destruction. That is why, in the name of the Gospel, all absurdities are perpetrated in so-called Christian countries.
The reality is that Western civilization did not become Christianized. In France we have the guillotine, the gallows in England, the ax in Germany, and the electric chair in the very America of fraternity and concord, to refer only to the supercivilized nations of the planet. Has not Italy attacked Abyssinia in the name of the Christian civilization of the West? Was it not in the name of the Gospel that the Italian priests blessed the cannons and machine guns of the conquest? In the name of the Christ, in these twenty centuries, all the discord and all the bitterness of the world have spread.
But the time has come for a readjustment of all human values. If the painful collective atonement preludes the epoch of the last years of the Apocalypse, spirituality must penetrate the achievements of the physical man, leading them for the good of all mankind.


Spiritism, in its mission of Comforter, is the shelter of the world in this century of declines of its History; He alone can, in his feature of revived Christianity, save the religions that are extinguished between the clashes of force and ambition, selfishness and dominion, pointing to man his true ways.

In its source of enlightenment, one may drink the crystalline lymph of the consoling truths of Heaven, preparing souls for the new age. The time has come when the forces of evil will be compelled to abandon their ultimate positions of domination in earthly environments, and their last triumphs are well the pledge of a reckless and unhappy reaction, hastening the realization of the dark vaticancies weighing upon His perishable empire.
Dictators, armies, economic hegemonies, versatile and unconscious masses, inglorious wars, secular organizations, will pass with the vertigo of a nightmare.
The victory of the force is a clarity of fireworks.
All reality is that of the Spirit, and all peace is the understanding of the kingdom of God and his righteousness.
The passing century will effect the division of the sheep of the immense flock. The shepherd’s staff will lead suffering into the painful task of choice, and pain will be entrusted to the work which men have not accepted for love.

A storm of bitterness will sweep the whole earth. The children of Jerusalem of every age shall weep, beholding those rains of tears and blood that shall burst forth from the heavy clouds of their blackened consciences.
Condemned by the irrevocable sentences of their social and political errors, European superiority will disappear forever, like the Roman Empire, delivering to America the fruit of their experiences, with a view to the civilization of the future.
Now there is a twilight on earth, to which it will be a deep night; And to the twentieth century it is the mission of the outcome of these frightening events.

Nevertheless, the humble workers of Christ hear their voice at the core of our soul:

“Blessed are the poor, for the kingdom of God belongs to them!
Blessed are those who hunger for justice, for they will be satisfied!
Blessed are the afflicted, for the day of consolation will come! Blessed are the peacemakers, because they will go to God! ”
Yes, because after the dawn there will be a new dawn. Comforting lights will envelop the entire regenerated orb in the baptism of suffering. The spiritual man will be united to the physical man for his glorious march in the Unlimited, and Spiritism will have removed from its material debris the divine soul of the religions, which men have perverted, binding them in the welcoming embrace of restored Christianity.
Let us work for Jesus, even though our workshop is located in the desert of conscience.
We are all called to the great work and our most sublime duty is to respond to the calls of the Chosen.
Looking back over the history of the world, we feel a sharp chill in this painful twilight of Western civilization. Let us remember the mercy of the Father and make our prayers. The night will not delay and, in the midst of its compact shadows, let us not forget Jesus, whose infinite mercy, as always, will be the immortal clarity of the future dawn, made of peace, fraternity and redemption.







Tales of the Master


Dear readers,
After I translated some of Jesus’ stories, I put catchwords / tags in different languages to be easily found by google.
In the translator, something very interesting happened. Please see the pictures, because an image says more than 1,000 words.
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Author: Spirit Neio Lucio                      Medium: Chico Xavier
Book: Jesus no Lar                                  Year: 1949

The lesson of the seed

In the face of the perplexity of the hearers, Jesus said convincingly:
“Indeed, it is very difficult to overcome the distressing cares of human life.
Wherever our eyes turn, we find war, incomprehension, injustice and suffering. In the Temple, which is the Lord’s Home, pride and vanity appear in the rich, hatred and revolt in the poor. It is not always possible to bring the pure and clean heart, as it would be desired, because there are thorns, muds and snakes that surround us. However, the idea of ​​the Divine Kingdom is like the tiny seed of wheat. Almost imperceptible is thrown to the earth, supporting
But if it germinates, the pressure and impurities of the soil do not paralyze it. It crosses the dark floor and, although it removes much of its own food, its impulse to seek the light from above is dominant. Since then, there is sun or rain, day or night, work ceaselessly in your own growth and, in this eagerness to rise, fruit for the good of all. The apprentice who felt the happiness of the inner revival, which occurs to the wheat seed, observes that long roots bind him to terrestrial inhibitions … He knows that the
Malice and suspicion follow his steps, that pain is a constant threat, yet he experiences above all the impulse of ascension and can no longer stop
. He constantly acts in the sphere of which he became a pilgrim, in favor of the general good. You do not find irresistible seductions in the flowers of the journey. The reunion with the Divinity, of which it is recognized successor heir,
It constitutes an unchanging objective and no longer rests,
On the march, as if a consuming and burning light would torture his heart. Without
To perceive, produces fruits of hope, goodness, love and salvation, because he never goes back to tell the benefits of which he has become a faithful instrument. The vision of the Father is the obscene worry that vibrates in the soul of a nostalgic son.
The Master silenced for a moment, and concluded: “For this reason, though the disciple keeps his feet imprisoned in the mire of the earth, the indefatigable work in the good, in the place where it is found, is the indisputable trace of its elevation.
We will know the trees by the fruits and identify the laborer of Heaven for the services in which he expresses himself.
At this point Peter interfered, asking: “Lord, what, then, of those who know the sacred principles of charity do not practice them?
Jesus sketched an expression of satisfaction in his eyes and said, “These, Simon, are seeds that sleep, even though projected into the giving of the earth. They will carry with them precious values ​​of Heaven, but they will remain useless for a long time.
However, let us be convinced that the showers and hurricanes will pass through them, renewing their position on the ground, and they will germinate, victorious, one day. In the fields of Our Father, there are millions of souls thus, waiting for the renewing tempests of experience, so that they may address the glory of the future. Let us help them with love, and let us go on looking forward.
Then, before the silence of all, Jesus blessed the small family assembly and left.

The unstable servant

In front of all those present, the Master narrated with simplicity:
-A certain man has found the light of Divine Revelation and wished ardently to be enabled to live among the Angels of Heaven.
So much he beseeched this blessing to the Father who, through inspiration, the Lord sent him to the necessary improvement with a view to the end he intended.
Through several friends, guided by the Divine Power, the candidate, who showed a marked tendency for sculpture, was led to collaborate with a former master in precious marble.
However, in a short time, he left his work, claiming that he was unable to submit to a rough and intractable man, and so he moved to a workshop devoted to the making of wood utilities, under the guidance of an old sculptor.
He left, too, without delay, asserting that he could not bear it. Then it was employed under the orders of a well-known laborer specialized in the construction of columns in the Greek style. Soon, however, the
Leave him, declaring that he does not tolerate the demands.
Soon after, he went to work, under the orders of an experienced sculptor of ornamentation in festive bows, but, after a week, he had escaped the commitments made, claiming to have found a chief who was too violent and irritable. Then he placed himself under the guidance of a manufacturer of precious chests, from whom he departed in a few days, on the pretext of being a cruel and soulless creature.
And so from task to task, from workshop to workshop, the aspirant to heaven invariably said that it was not possible for him to incorporate his own energies into the earthly experience, for everywhere finding error, evilness and persecution In those who directed him, until death brought him to the presence of the Angels of the Lord. But he did not find them as smiling as he waited. One of them advanced sadly and asked, “Friend, why did you not prepare yourself for the imperatives of Heaven?”
The questioner who identified his own inferiority, in the shadows in which he was involved, cried out in mourning that he had only met with demand and hardness in the conductors of human struggle.
The Messenger, however, observed bitterly, “The Father has called you to serve for your own benefit and not to judge. Every man will give an account of himself to God. No one will escape to the Divine Justice that is pronounced in the precise moment. How could you forget such a simple truth in life? The hammer beats the anvil, the blacksmith drives the mallet, the merchant examines the work of the blacksmith, the people give their opinion of the merchant, and the Lord, in the Assembly,
Analyzes and judges everyone. If you escaped to the little services of the world under the claim that others were incapable and unworthy of direction, how can you understand the heavenly ministry?
And the inconstant worker passed to the consequences of his unthinking fall.
Jesus paused and concluded, “Whoever is under the dominion of strong and hardened people in the discipline, excellent results will be able to collect if he knows and can take advantage of the roughness, drawing on the rough wood to the contact of the planer benefactor.
Blessed is the hand that educates and corrects, but blessed is the one who is left to perfect his touch of renewal and improvement, because the masters of the world always complain about the lesson of other masters, but the work of good, when performed for all, Remains forever.

The distracted messengers

The listeners of the cult of the Good News talked about the controversies that were ceaselessly wrapped around the faith in the circles of pharisaicism of various schools, when the Christ, in the profound simplicity that was characteristic of him, narrated tolerantly: “A great lord has received Alarming news of a vast grouping of servants in a remote area from the seat of his government, who had been plagued by a malignant fever, and, desirous of succoring those who were suffering in the remote area of ​​his domains, sent them reliable messengers, taking remedies appropriate to the situation and measures alluding to the general readjustment.
The emissaries left the palace with great promises of work, safety, and efficiency in the mission, yet as soon as they saw themselves outside the gates of the lord, they began to rule over the choice of ways. Some claimed the shortcut, some the plain without thorns, and others still asked for passage through the hills.
Long days lost in the dispute, until the group disbanded, each phalanx attending to its own whims, with absolute forgetfulness of the fundamental objective.
The difficulties, however, were not resolved with decision. The different scripts have been created, as conflicts have expanded. Reduced now, numerically, the expeditions suffered, with more rigor, the sterilizing blows of personal opinions. The travelers cared only to invent new reasons for useless friction. Among those who marched along the shortest path, the strip and the mountain saw unproductive discussions, forceful and endless. Precious days and nights were detached in noisy comments about the fever, the condition of the sick, or the surrounding landscapes. Harsh hours of bitterness and disharmony, from moment to moment, interrupted the trip, being very cost avoided the scenes of pugilato and homicide.
The quarrels arose over the smallest questions, with the utmost waste of opportunity, and for this reason both short-haul travelers and those on the plain and the mountain were delayed, since they were found in the valley of the plague at one Time, with enormous and irremediable disappointment for all, because, to the lack of the promised resource, there were no sick alive in the flesh.
Death had devoured them, one by one, while the argumentative messengers killed time, through the journey.
The Master looked at the apprentices with a very lucid eye and added: “In this symbol, we have the world attacked by the plague of wickedness and unbelief, and we see the portrait of the bearers of celestial medication, which are the religious of all shades speaking on Earth , In the name of the Father. Men, however, enlightened by the wisdom of faith, though they have received valuable resources from Heaven for those who suffer and weep, as a consequence of the ignorance and distress prevailing in the world, forget the obligations that mark their lives And, overcoming their own whims to the purposes of the Supreme Lord, they are confused in verbal ravings of every kind. While feeding the disturbance, frivolous and distracted, those in need of light and help faint from lack of care and dedication.
And caressing the head of one of the children who were present, as if concentrating all hope on the sublime future, he concluded, smiling and calm: “The discussion, however fruitful, should never distract us from the service that the Lord gave us do.
Photo: Istanbul 2016 took by Theodora