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Author: Spirit Neio Lucio                      Medium: Chico Xavier
Book: Jesus no Lar                                  Year: 1949

The lesson of the seed

In the face of the perplexity of the hearers, Jesus said convincingly:
“Indeed, it is very difficult to overcome the distressing cares of human life.
Wherever our eyes turn, we find war, incomprehension, injustice and suffering. In the Temple, which is the Lord’s Home, pride and vanity appear in the rich, hatred and revolt in the poor. It is not always possible to bring the pure and clean heart, as it would be desired, because there are thorns, muds and snakes that surround us. However, the idea of ​​the Divine Kingdom is like the tiny seed of wheat. Almost imperceptible is thrown to the earth, supporting
But if it germinates, the pressure and impurities of the soil do not paralyze it. It crosses the dark floor and, although it removes much of its own food, its impulse to seek the light from above is dominant. Since then, there is sun or rain, day or night, work ceaselessly in your own growth and, in this eagerness to rise, fruit for the good of all. The apprentice who felt the happiness of the inner revival, which occurs to the wheat seed, observes that long roots bind him to terrestrial inhibitions … He knows that the
Malice and suspicion follow his steps, that pain is a constant threat, yet he experiences above all the impulse of ascension and can no longer stop
. He constantly acts in the sphere of which he became a pilgrim, in favor of the general good. You do not find irresistible seductions in the flowers of the journey. The reunion with the Divinity, of which it is recognized successor heir,
It constitutes an unchanging objective and no longer rests,
On the march, as if a consuming and burning light would torture his heart. Without
To perceive, produces fruits of hope, goodness, love and salvation, because he never goes back to tell the benefits of which he has become a faithful instrument. The vision of the Father is the obscene worry that vibrates in the soul of a nostalgic son.
The Master silenced for a moment, and concluded: “For this reason, though the disciple keeps his feet imprisoned in the mire of the earth, the indefatigable work in the good, in the place where it is found, is the indisputable trace of its elevation.
We will know the trees by the fruits and identify the laborer of Heaven for the services in which he expresses himself.
At this point Peter interfered, asking: “Lord, what, then, of those who know the sacred principles of charity do not practice them?
Jesus sketched an expression of satisfaction in his eyes and said, “These, Simon, are seeds that sleep, even though projected into the giving of the earth. They will carry with them precious values ​​of Heaven, but they will remain useless for a long time.
However, let us be convinced that the showers and hurricanes will pass through them, renewing their position on the ground, and they will germinate, victorious, one day. In the fields of Our Father, there are millions of souls thus, waiting for the renewing tempests of experience, so that they may address the glory of the future. Let us help them with love, and let us go on looking forward.
Then, before the silence of all, Jesus blessed the small family assembly and left.

The unstable servant

In front of all those present, the Master narrated with simplicity:
-A certain man has found the light of Divine Revelation and wished ardently to be enabled to live among the Angels of Heaven.
So much he beseeched this blessing to the Father who, through inspiration, the Lord sent him to the necessary improvement with a view to the end he intended.
Through several friends, guided by the Divine Power, the candidate, who showed a marked tendency for sculpture, was led to collaborate with a former master in precious marble.
However, in a short time, he left his work, claiming that he was unable to submit to a rough and intractable man, and so he moved to a workshop devoted to the making of wood utilities, under the guidance of an old sculptor.
He left, too, without delay, asserting that he could not bear it. Then it was employed under the orders of a well-known laborer specialized in the construction of columns in the Greek style. Soon, however, the
Leave him, declaring that he does not tolerate the demands.
Soon after, he went to work, under the orders of an experienced sculptor of ornamentation in festive bows, but, after a week, he had escaped the commitments made, claiming to have found a chief who was too violent and irritable. Then he placed himself under the guidance of a manufacturer of precious chests, from whom he departed in a few days, on the pretext of being a cruel and soulless creature.
And so from task to task, from workshop to workshop, the aspirant to heaven invariably said that it was not possible for him to incorporate his own energies into the earthly experience, for everywhere finding error, evilness and persecution In those who directed him, until death brought him to the presence of the Angels of the Lord. But he did not find them as smiling as he waited. One of them advanced sadly and asked, “Friend, why did you not prepare yourself for the imperatives of Heaven?”
The questioner who identified his own inferiority, in the shadows in which he was involved, cried out in mourning that he had only met with demand and hardness in the conductors of human struggle.
The Messenger, however, observed bitterly, “The Father has called you to serve for your own benefit and not to judge. Every man will give an account of himself to God. No one will escape to the Divine Justice that is pronounced in the precise moment. How could you forget such a simple truth in life? The hammer beats the anvil, the blacksmith drives the mallet, the merchant examines the work of the blacksmith, the people give their opinion of the merchant, and the Lord, in the Assembly,
Analyzes and judges everyone. If you escaped to the little services of the world under the claim that others were incapable and unworthy of direction, how can you understand the heavenly ministry?
And the inconstant worker passed to the consequences of his unthinking fall.
Jesus paused and concluded, “Whoever is under the dominion of strong and hardened people in the discipline, excellent results will be able to collect if he knows and can take advantage of the roughness, drawing on the rough wood to the contact of the planer benefactor.
Blessed is the hand that educates and corrects, but blessed is the one who is left to perfect his touch of renewal and improvement, because the masters of the world always complain about the lesson of other masters, but the work of good, when performed for all, Remains forever.

The distracted messengers

The listeners of the cult of the Good News talked about the controversies that were ceaselessly wrapped around the faith in the circles of pharisaicism of various schools, when the Christ, in the profound simplicity that was characteristic of him, narrated tolerantly: “A great lord has received Alarming news of a vast grouping of servants in a remote area from the seat of his government, who had been plagued by a malignant fever, and, desirous of succoring those who were suffering in the remote area of ​​his domains, sent them reliable messengers, taking remedies appropriate to the situation and measures alluding to the general readjustment.
The emissaries left the palace with great promises of work, safety, and efficiency in the mission, yet as soon as they saw themselves outside the gates of the lord, they began to rule over the choice of ways. Some claimed the shortcut, some the plain without thorns, and others still asked for passage through the hills.
Long days lost in the dispute, until the group disbanded, each phalanx attending to its own whims, with absolute forgetfulness of the fundamental objective.
The difficulties, however, were not resolved with decision. The different scripts have been created, as conflicts have expanded. Reduced now, numerically, the expeditions suffered, with more rigor, the sterilizing blows of personal opinions. The travelers cared only to invent new reasons for useless friction. Among those who marched along the shortest path, the strip and the mountain saw unproductive discussions, forceful and endless. Precious days and nights were detached in noisy comments about the fever, the condition of the sick, or the surrounding landscapes. Harsh hours of bitterness and disharmony, from moment to moment, interrupted the trip, being very cost avoided the scenes of pugilato and homicide.
The quarrels arose over the smallest questions, with the utmost waste of opportunity, and for this reason both short-haul travelers and those on the plain and the mountain were delayed, since they were found in the valley of the plague at one Time, with enormous and irremediable disappointment for all, because, to the lack of the promised resource, there were no sick alive in the flesh.
Death had devoured them, one by one, while the argumentative messengers killed time, through the journey.
The Master looked at the apprentices with a very lucid eye and added: “In this symbol, we have the world attacked by the plague of wickedness and unbelief, and we see the portrait of the bearers of celestial medication, which are the religious of all shades speaking on Earth , In the name of the Father. Men, however, enlightened by the wisdom of faith, though they have received valuable resources from Heaven for those who suffer and weep, as a consequence of the ignorance and distress prevailing in the world, forget the obligations that mark their lives And, overcoming their own whims to the purposes of the Supreme Lord, they are confused in verbal ravings of every kind. While feeding the disturbance, frivolous and distracted, those in need of light and help faint from lack of care and dedication.
And caressing the head of one of the children who were present, as if concentrating all hope on the sublime future, he concluded, smiling and calm: “The discussion, however fruitful, should never distract us from the service that the Lord gave us do.
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Is Reincarnation Worth Believing?

Article: A proof of reincarnation
Author: Adésio Alves Machado

It becomes more evident every day what all the Spiritist doctrine has affirmed
In its 145 years of existence (we are in the year 2002).
It was not the spiritualist reincarnationists who came to the public to make such a statement, but rather those who did not believe in life after life (in the flesh). Today there are dozens of doctors, psychiatrists and psychotherapists who say that their patients have revealed, and undoubtedly, that they were protagonists of existential episodes that happened in other lives than the current one.
It is the domain of those concerned that TVP (Past Life Therapy) runs the world, curing phobias, psychological trauma and many psychic ills, both in adults and children.
We want, on this occasion, to refer to memories of past lives experienced by children.

One book caught our attention because its author was skeptical about reincarnation and had never imagined going into a hypnological process and being led to the memory of other lives. We want to refer to American Carol Bowman and her book “Children and their Past Lives,” with a foreword by Brian Weiss, a world-renowned psychiatrist, well known in Brazil. Here he has been many times, and his fame began after he launched the bestselling book “Many Lives, Many Masters,” an opportunity to report the case of Catherine, one of his patients.
Carol Bowman also lived, after entering into hypnological state, past life episodes, and with ease. She wrote that if a child describes with such conviction, despite all her innocence, having lived before, calmly describes her death and her journey back to the carnal life, she gives unmistakable witness to an unmistakable truth: we are immortal souls, We already live and will continue to live.
He states peremptorily that these memories of children constitute the most evidence of reincarnation. In other words, she means: the spiritists are right!
In fact, they always were.

For this writer, when a child speaks spontaneously of their past lives without being hypnotized, they are in fact giving their parents practical advice so that they recognize the existence of reincarnation and help them to heal themselves of their fears Through the revivals of certain events that occurred in the past, which are negatively impacting their lives today. They ask for help from their direct officials, and in an unusual way, yet.
The whole process of absolute belief in reincarnation began, for Carol, when her youngest son, Chase, was mostly showing intense terror, a phobic fear of gunfire, bursting fires, loud bangs, and so on.
She decided, after advice from a friend, to find a hypnotherapist to rid her child of the fear.
Causing astonishment to all, the son recalls being a soldier in the American Civil War, describing facts with impressive details, which were then duly proved by a historian, which had happened to him during the war. The most notable came later: he was cured of his phobia following the experience of his death in the war, which occurred in the midst of a noisy and terrible shooting.
From there, Carol began an investigation of the memories of past lives in other children, realizing that they also lived the same experiences with her son. She interviewed parents who are also perplexed in front of their children and their past-life accounts.
She visited libraries in search of other authors who had approached the subject that was fascinating her. The result was this book with a plethora of incontrovertible facts showing children describing their old lives spontaneously, and also after being led into a visualization, causing them to enter into a state of altered consciousness.
In order not to lengthen this article, we will dwell on a single case of the many recorded by Carol Bowman. He is at the end of his book, so we will do it as brief as possible. However, it will be more than enough for anyone to be convinced of the reincarnating reality, the many lives of the spirit, as long as he is not so skeptical and does not feed so many doubts about our immortality.
**** As terrible for parents as their child’s death, with the belief in reincarnation this pain will be absorbed quickly, and parents will not need to lose faith in GOD, in His Justice and Compassion for His creatures.
Theodora’s note: (I do not agree with this author’s part A pain of the loss of a loved one will never be overcome, even believing in reincarnation What is possible is to accept the loss better, having hopes of finding them again Even though, When someone dies, even knowing that this person comes to visit us or the possibility of communication through a medium, our feeling still very attached to the material things, wants to see with the eyes, to listen with the ears, to embrace the being that is gone)
Reincarnation offers a plausible hope that the child who “died” will return from “death” to life in the same family.
The Pollack family, from England, suffered what is usually said on
Unimaginable tragedy. Joanna and Jacqueline, aged eleven and six, respectively, were run over and “killed” when they were walking down a sidewalk.
Well before the accident, his father, John Pollack, a committed Catholic, firmly believed in reincarnation. In his faith he asked GOD to give him an unmistakable proof of reincarnation. Little did he know what was in store for him, as we shall see.
After the tragic event, he now asked GOD to return his daughters.
In less than a year his wife, Florence, becomes pregnant and John assured everyone that his daughters were going back to the family, and as twins. John contradicted even the gynecologist who claimed to be the pregnancy of just a baby. On October 4, 1958, Florence gave birth to two babies, two identical twins, who were given the names of Jennifer and Gillian.
They realized at once that Jennifer, but not Gillian, had two birthmarks-a white line across her forehead and a brown mark on her waist-that corresponded in size, shape, and location to a scar and a congenital mark that Jacqueline had on Forehead and waist. This fact was remarkable because, according to Dr. Stevenson’s research, identical twins would have to have identical birthmarks, which they did not now.
Growing up the girls, long enough to speak, remembered details of their “dead sisters,” whom they had no way of knowing, absolutely none. Made a test by parents and relatives, they identified in detail toys that had belonged to Joanna and Jacqueline. When they first visited the town where they had lived (the Pollack moved when the girls were still very small), they pointed correctly to the old family home, went to the park and playground, having described the school and the swings before See them.
It is a case with all the hallmarks of past life memories, especially birthmarks.
John Pollack believed more and more in GOD, He had restored his daughters
As a response to their faith and their belief in reincarnation. The proof that he had asked of God was granted to him in an undeniable manner. Is it worth it to believe in GOD, or not?
(Article originally published in Reformer / FEB – August 2000)

The Significant Difference Between Believing and Having Faith

Author: Adolfo Guimarães
“If the human spirit is not in tune with the spirit of God, he has no faith, though he may believe.”
Hubert Rohden, a respected Brazilian professor, philosopher and humanist, in one of his opportune comments inserted in the book “The Living Message of the Christ”, a work that includes his own translation of the four Gospels, directly from the first century Greek, invites To reflect on the significant distinction between believing and having faith. For him, the misunderstanding of this question has distorted theology and brought enormous damage to the message of Christ over these 2000 years.

He writes:

From the earliest centuries of Christianity, when the Greek text of the Gospel was translated into Latin, the baneful identification of believing with faith began. The Greek word for faith is pistis, whose verb is pisteuein. Unfortunately, the Latin noun fides, the correspondent to pistis, has no verb and thus, the Latin translators were obliged to resort to a verb from another radical to express the Greek pisteuein, to have faith. The Latin verb that replaced the Greek pisteuein is credere, which in Portuguese gave credence. None of the five neo latin languages ​​- Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, Rumanian – has a verb derived from the noun fides; faith;
All these languages ​​are obliged to resort to a verb derived from creder. Now, the word pistis or fides means originally harmony, harmony, consonance. To have faith is to establish or to have harmony, harmony between the human spirit and the divine spirit. ”
If the human spirit is not attuned to the spirit of God, he has no faith, even though he may believe.

For the illustrious philosopher there is one of the greatest problems that has long been detrimental to theology and to explain the difference of meaning between a
Thing and another, down Rohden establishes the following parallel the illustrative:
“A radio receiver only receives the electronic where the station emitted by the station, when the receiver is tuned or tuned perfectly with the frequency of the
Issuer. If the transmitter, for example, emits a wave of frequency 100, my receiver only reacts to that wave and receives it when it is tuned to frequency 100. Only in this case, my receiver has faith, fidelity, harmony; Fidelizes with the broadcaster “

In this context, “if the human spirit is not in tune with the spirit of God, he has no faith, though he may believe. This man may, in theory, accept that God exists and yet have no faith. To have faith is to be attuned to God, both by conscience and by experience, whereas a man who is not attuned to God by conscience and experience, by mysticism and by ethics, can vaguely believe in God. To believe is an act of goodwill; Having faith is an attitude of conscience and living, “argues Professor Rohden.
Salvation is nothing other than the harmony of conscience and living with God.

For him, the well-known phrase “he that believeth shall be saved, he that believeth not shall be damned,” is absurd and blasphemous in the sense in which it is generally used by theologians. However, “if we give it the true meaning, ‘whoever has faith will be saved’ she is right, because salvation is nothing other than the harmony of conscience and living with God.”
In his opinion of the sincere seeker, scholar and spiritualist philosopher “the substitution of having faith for believing almost 2000 years, is disgracing theology, profoundly distorting the message of Christ”
“The Living Message of the Christ”, Hubert Rohden, Dawn, 4th edition
(Reprinted from the Consciência Espírita website, with the appropriate authorization)


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The Apocalypse of John – 666


Identifies the beast as the Papacy and the number 666 as the “Sumo- Pontiff of the Roman Church who uses the title” Vicarius Generalis DEL IN TERRIS “Vicarius FILII DEI” and “DVX Cleri” meaning “Vicar General God on earth “,” Vicar of the Son of God “and Prince of the clergy.”
It will be enough to the student a little game of patience, adding Roman numerals found in every papal title in order to find the same equation 666 in each of them. “

Interpretation Chapter XIV – Title: The Apocalypse of John

Book: On the way to the Light  Year of Publication: 1939

Autor: Emmanuel Medium: Francisco Xavier

Interpretation: André Luiz Sobreiro        Participation: Roberto

André: Revelation of John. There are many scholars who argue if Apocalypse was written by John or by someone else.  Emmanuel tell us that Apocalypse is wrote by  John.

The teacher begins his text: “A few years before the end of the first century, after the advent of the new doctrine, that is, Christianity, since the spiritual forces operate an analysis of bitterness situation of the world in the face of the future “

André says: Most important. Why Emmanuel is saying that spiritual forces operate an analysis of the situation embittering the world in the face of the future?

By the year 100 A.D., the situation of the world had already muddled again. Jesus was a flash of light on a dark world. But shortly after Jesus returns to the moors the situation of the world has descended again.

I mean, a little before the year 100, spirituality did an analysis of the planet and humanity had already deviated from the straight path again.

 “Under the aegis of Jesus (the aegis means defense, protection, shelter) establishes new lines of progress for the civilization, marking the initial traces of European countries in modern times. Rome, is no longer is, then, to the invisible plan, if not, an infectious Focus that is necessary to neutralize or remove “.

André: The Rom Empire had lost its way

Roberto says: infectious mean that is contaminating. It is a disease that infects the entire population of Rome, reaching the neighbors.

André: The problem was this: Rome was an empire that would be expanding, conquering new lands and new people. Roma took their culture to those conquered nations. Then, all nations Were dominated by Rome, it was just getting as well contaminated as Rome. This is the term. So bad, greedy as Rome.

Roberto: The controversial spirits, to the Christianity would dominate neighboring countries. So you need to what? Neutralize. What did Jesus do? He neutralized. Surrounded.

André: “All the gifts from above, had been neglected by the imperial City” Jesus commanded all that was possible to not have to neutralize or remove: “For the love or the pain.” Jesus sent the message: “Stop before it is necessary to take drastic measures.” Rome did not hear. This is what Emmanuel is transmitted across the “All the gifts from above, had been neglected by the imperial city, transformed in Vesuvio’s passions and depletion.” Rome lost its way. Allowing the lower passions dominate. Why volcano? It is an uncontrollable force. It does not exist, nothing in the world that controls a volcano. The science will not produce anything that controls a volcano by eruption.

Summarizing: Rome lost control of itself. It is like a cancer, it took a huge size. I mean, if you do not control, then you have to weed out.

“The Divine Master, Jesus calls the spaces the spirit of John, which is still stuck in the bonds of earth. (he get out of his body), and the astonished and afflicted apostle read the symbolic language of invisible (Andrew says:.. Symbolic language Jesus does not tell by narrating him what will happen). He sees everything in out-of-body.

Now we will pay close attention on this symbolic language. Because when he comes back to his body, he has to write down what he saw. Exacly in that point it will give a confusion

error. “Recommends him the Lord that he delivered his knowledge to the planet, with a warning to all nations and all peoples of the earth “(That is why he spoke: Give the seven churches Seven is the entire planet, Seven is the number unity. Look how interesting!

“And the old apostle of Patmos (Greek island), transmits to his disciples the extraordinary warnings of the Apocalypse”

Andrew: John narrated, ie he dictated what he saw and the scribe wrote down.

“All facts subsequent to John’s existence is there provided”

Andrew: Here’s a revelation. Revelation begins more or less after 100 years of Christ. “All the facts, after the existence of Joao is there provided.” When begins the narration? More or less after 100.

“It is true that often the apostolic description penetrates the darker ground difficult to understand”

André: Why? He will now explain: “It is seen that his human expression could not copy faithfully the divine expression of his visions of thrilling interest to the history of humanity”

André: That is, what he saw (outside the body), he failed to pass to the scribes, the symbolic, prophetic visions. It has a very big difference between what we see a psychic ecstasy and what we able to pass a book. Human language is quite poor, it is limited. We can not step into the role 100%, for example, a psychic ecstasy. This is what Emmanuel is saying, John could not, at some points, faithfully pass on what he saw.

Then, at some points the apocalypse is doubtful.

Roberto: It is a language that needs to study hard in order to understand.

André: There are some points where John failed. Emmanuel is saying. Let’s read again: “It is true that often the apostolic description penetrates the darker terrain, difficult to understand. See that his human expression, (when he returns to the body, say by the way, a Body with almost 100 years old, limited, tired, hurt) could not copy accurately the divine expression of his visions of palpitating interest for the history of mankind. ” Look, John not realized. It is not a grotesque failure is not an intentional failure, but it is a fail.

Roberto: He may not copy accurately, I mean, he did not copy 100% that Jesus gave to him.

André: He saw and, at the time to describe he did not have conditions to express what he saw. Because there are things we see, Roberto, that human language has no words, no words.

Roberto: It’s like that old saying says: “I learned for me, now I do not know to transmit.” , To pass this knowledge ahead is quite difficult.

Andrew: Exactly. Human language is limited to transcendent things. Your example is in the context that we want to pass. So, John had no conditions.

Roberto: Well, I believe that these failures are not so great, but, minimal, little things. For if they had something that would interfere the greater spirituality would not publish some teachings that would hamper. He published with flaws, but these teachings were of great help to the humanities.

André: It’s possible. Emmanuel continues: “Wars, future nations, the Forthcoming torments, commercialism, the ideological struggles of Western civilization, is provided in detail”

Andrew: All symbolically. Would give a deep study How does John calls wars? It has a symbol for war.

Roberto: It’s all in the basis of symbol, then?

André: What is the symbol for the nations that have emerged? What is the symbol for commercialism? What is the symbol for these ideological struggles? Would give a deep study to find out what the meaning of these symbols.

Sea in the Bible is war. “And I saw a beast came from the sea” = it is a nation that rose after a war, one empire that arose after a war. Two symbols here, we already know. War: sea. Beast: nations, empires. Look how interesting!

“And the most painful figure there related (the Apocalypse) which still offers a vision of the world, it is well that the erring church of Rome, symbolized by the beast, dressed in urple and drunk with the blood of the Saints”  Emmanuel is telling that, one of the apocalypse beast is the Catholic church.

Roberto: Emmanuel is saying that?

Andrew: Yesss. Let’s review a little longer on this figure, more painful, listed on the apocalypse, which John says. This vision of the modern world: The wayward Church of Rome. The Catholic church. We can not criticize the Catholic church itself, towards our brothers Catholics, but the Catholic power, the dome.

Roberto: It is because the Catholic Church was that it brought the documents of Christianity.

André: Christianity itself, until around 1857, so Kardec deliver on the Espiritism doctrine. Then we can not come out criticizing, judging.

Roberto: Never. It was she who saved the documents and brought us Christianity.

André: So when Emmanuel tells us that the wayward Church of Rome is one of the beasts seen in the Apocalypse, he is talking about the abuses of power. He is not talking aout Catholic people. It is logical that have a lot of good people there.

Roberto. Logical, but the Catholic church symbolizes the empire, the field that had in the world, both in the government, as the religious part. She had a power to dominate the nations.

André: Exactly. It is this power of Rome to dominate consciences being convicted of Emmanuel. Is this empire being called a beast. The Roman power in the religious sense, that John saw as a beast. But the power, and not the good souls, who are in the Catholic church. For God’s sake

Roberto: Exactly.

André: So, continuing: “symbolized the beast, dressed in purple.” This purple clothes is luxury, adorned clothes with precious stones, and drunk with the blood of the saints,

André:. Because often the saints did not know what was the Catholic church and they were canonized . Then, the catholic church were saying that the Saints were “Catholics martyrs.”

Sometimes the person did something good, cured someone, doing well things in a very remote village where there had no idea what was the Catholic religion… And often, during the inquisition, many inocent people were killed by the Catholic church. There are reports of it. Often the catholic church killed These people, later they said, that the saints were “Catholics martyrs.”

Roberto gives an example: Joan of Arc.

André: And then canonized these people as if they were Catholics saints. Hence the distortion of the image: “drunk with the blood of the saints”, they often killed and then they themselves canonized. So, this is the symbology: dressed in purple, luxury, with stones with gold, drunk with the blood of the saints, which often killed they themselves and beatification of, canonized. And often, the higher spirit (saint) who did the work that made the cure and made fenomemo in which our brothers Catholics call “miracles” did not know the Catholic institution. But they canonized like a priest, a Catholic friar and distorted all the facts.

Study No. 50 -. Chapter XIV – Identification of the apocalyptic beast

André: Let’s read this sub-item with a lot of attention because it has a lot of information that we Need to discuss, it is a very important Topic.

“Tell the apocalypse that, the beast could say great things and blasphemies for 42 months, adding that its number was 666, citation of the apocalypse, chapter XIII, verses 5 and 18. “

André: We will discuss this item, then: This beast that Emmanuel is telling us, that could do great things and blasphemies for 42 months, is that we have already quoted in the previous study, Emmanuel identifies as the wayward Church of Rome, symbolized by the beast, dressed in purple and drunken with the blood of the saints. It was the end of our study of the book “on the way to the Light” from last week.

So, we need to understand that Judaism wore “symbolism”, when making their narratives. And Emmanuel will help us interpret this symbolism now. So, we will try to interpret them as best as possible, paying close attention in the interpretation of symbols. Emmanuel mention two verses of the Apocalypse, which we will now read:

Revelation XIII, 5 John the Evangelist tells us, “In the beast was given a mouth to speak arrogant words and blasphemies and he was given authority to act for 42 months.”

Much attention to this end: The beast had authority to act for 42 months. This information is very important for the continuity of our study.

And verse 18 John tells us: “Here is wisdom. The one who has understanding count the number of the beast, for it is man’s number. His number is six hundred sixty six, half, half, half 666 “

André: Come on. Continuing the book on the way to the light, then join the informations. Emmanuel continues: “Examining the importance of symbols at that time, (Andrew says: Look at the symbolism of Judaism, how Judaism wore symbols, used Images on their narratives), and following the right course of interpretations, (André : that is, Emmanuel will prevent the distorted interpretations and will give us the proper course), we can take each month as 30 years.

André: Emmanuel is showing us that, in this apocalyptic time scale, every month has for us the time of 30 years. Each day, one year. Each month, 30 years. It is good we make it clear that the Jewish month, he has 30 days. There are no months of 31 days, nor the month of February 28 days.

The Jewish month, has invariably 30 days. The Jewish year has invariably 360 days.

So 42 months X 30 days = 1260 days, which is the cycle of this apocalyptic beast, quoted in the book “Revelation”.

Some times, John the Evangelist will speak in 1260 days. At other times, he will speak in 42 months.

42 months x 30 days = 1260 days. He is citing the same information in two different ways.

“We take every month, to be 30 years, instead of 30  ways days, thereby obtaining a period of 1.260 common years, precisely the period between 610 and 1870 of our era after Christ.”

André: The cycle of the beast, the beast power cycle, dressed in purple and drunk with the blood of the saints. Therefore, the power cycle of the Catholic church began in 610 after Christ and ends in 1870 after Christ.

Let’s see the facts that mark the beginning and the end: “When the papacy was consolidating after emerging with the Emperor Phocas in 607”

03 years after the Emperor Phocas, the papacy arises. Then Emmanuel tells us here that this story to say that Simon Peter was the first Pope is gibberish. The papacy begins in the year 610, although Emmanuel not tell us here, who was the first Pope, unless he is saying that the Emperor Phocas was the first Pope. By then, we would have to study a little more.

And how it ends the power cycle of the Catholic church? “The decree of papacy infallibility, with Pius IX in 1870”

André: This information with infallibility in 1870, Emmanuel himself had given us in the book Emmanuel, psychographic in 1937, a year before the book “On the way to the Light.”

Therefore, in 610 after Christ, it begins the power cycle of the Catholic church. In 1870, with the decree of papau infallibility, closes the power cycle of the Catholic church. Was an extreme act, as we often say, an appealing act of the power loss of consciousness, saying: “When the Pope takes a decision of being inspired by God. So the Pope was infallible.

When they were Aware of loosing power, they decree the papal infallibility. Such as fear of losing temporal power, but actually what they lost was the power to dominate minds. And the beast dressed in purple and drunk with the blood of the saints, strode to the end of its cycle.

“What marks the decline and the Vatican official´s Absence”Authority that had already taken a serious blow in the sixteenth century with the Protestant Reformation. Because you can not deny that Luther made a big damage to the Catholic organization. “The beast apocalyptic had taken a very serious blow, but managed to rise again. But now, the lack of Catholic authority reached the peak. And, in order of not lose power, decreed to papal infallibility in the face of scientific evolution, philosophical and religious of mankind “- Humanity has looked to philosophy with new eyes, while science progressed, and the religious notion of humanity had matured.

But the way the Catholic religion to think of man’s religious notion God did not change. Humanity no longer felt more security. And then the Emmanuel reason to say: “the absence of the Vatican’s authority in the face of scientific evolution, philosophical and religious of mankind.”

And the guiding continues: “As for the number 666, if we refer the interpretations with the Greeks numbers on their values, we must appeal to Roman numerals on its signification, to be more publicized and well known”

André: Look at this. Roman numerals were more widespread at the time.

And it is this numbering Roman numerals, which is the key to confirm that is the papacy, which is the cycle of the power of Rome, which is the scheme, not to lose the temporal power, the beast dressed in purple and drunk with the blood the saints. Let us deeply study what Emmanuel tells us now:

“Explaining what is the most holy supreme of the Roman Church, the Pope who uses the titles of: Vicarius Generalis Dei in Terris, Vicarius Filii Dei and Duquis Cleri,

which means:

Vicarius Generalis Dei in Terris: General Vicar of God on earth

Vicarius Filii Dei Vicar son of God

Duquis Cleri: Prince of the Clergy

It will suffice to the student a little game of patience, adding Roman numerals, found in

every papal title in order to find the same equation of 666 in each of them. “

In the first title: Vicarius Generalis Dei in Terris


V: 5 I: 1 C:100 A: 0 R: 0 I: 1 V: 5 S: 0


G: 0 e : 0 n : 0 e: 0 r :0 a : 0 l : 50 i :1 s:0


D : 500 e : 0 i : 1

in i: 1 n : 0

Terris T: 0 e: 0 r: 0 r: 0 i: 1 s: 0

The word Vicarius: 112

The word Generalis: 51

The word Dei: 501

The word in: 1

The word Terris: 1

All in all totaling: 666


Vicarius Filii Dei


V5 i 1 c100 a 0 r0 i1 V5 s0


F0 i 1 l 50 i 1 i 1


D 500 e0 i1

The word Vicarius: 112

Filii: 53

Dei: 501

All in all totaling: 666


Dux Cleri

Dux: 515

500 D v 5 x 10

Cleri: 101

C 100 l and 50 r 1 i

The word Dux: 515

The word Cleri: 151

All in all totaling: 666

André: The three sentences Emmanuel gives us, in which the Pope is called in the Catholic church, if you add the Roman numerals, will be given 666. Proving that the papacy was the beast, dressed in purple and drunk with the blood of the saints John the Evangelist saw and recorded in Revelation, Chapter XIII, verse 5:18, which Emmanuel cited here in the book “On the way to the Light.”

Only the level of curiosity, we can mention also, all scholars are adamant that the Revelation and the prophet Daniel in the Old Testament are supplements of each other. In Daniel the prophet, Chapter VII verse 25, Daniel tells us about an animal who will speak against the Most High, will oppress his saints and try to change times and laws:

The saints will be given into his hands for a time, times and half time. Time, times and half a time.

Time is 1

Times is 2

Half-time is ½

1 + 2 + 1/2 = 3 ½

Therefore: 3 ½ is half of a cycle.

Joining the two verses, 1260 years is half a cycle.

So, this cycle of the beast is half a life cycle.

Half of the cycle, the beast tried to bewilder the world in religious terms. Now we have, starting from 1870 over 1260 years to rebuild the world religiously, until the arrival of “Happy World”, which is the fourth stage 4, according to Allan Kardec in the Gospel According to Spiritism, Chapter 3, obviously through the world regeneration and through the transition that has already begun, in which we are passing through.

André: Emmanuel continues: “It is seen as the Apocalypse of John, has singular importance to the destiny of earthly humanity.”

André: explains: It was not for nothing that Jesus chose to quote the Bible Revelation. A book where would revelations of paramount importance.

When Jesus calls John the Evangelist unfolding (out of body), he makes the revelations and take providences. We study it a little bit ago, when we talk about the wording of the final text, spirituality participated in the writing of the final text and the choice of books that would go to the Bible.

When Jesus calls John the Evangelist and show these pictures and take providences so that the apocalypse was mentioned in the Bible, it was providential. And we need to study this book, even if it is a book of extreme difficulty for us.

And to close the first part of today, closing also the chapter 14: THE SCRIPT of light and love. Emmanuel tells us: “But let us return to our purposes, fulfilling us to recognize in the Gospels a divine wonderful light, the incessant flow of centuries has only been able to revive and rekindle.”

André: The times, the progress, scientific progress, for example, the philosophical progress, growth goers number, of the more dogmatic religions, multiplication of the false prophets which we are seeing in the transition we are going through, none of this has power to outshine the light of the Gospel.

The Christ’s words are words of eternal life. Neither time nor space has the power to decrease. This is what Emmanuel is saying, “Is that they keep the score sheet, the record of all the compendiums of peace and truth into the lives of men.”

André: Nothing will bring us peace: Neither power nor money, nor the professions, qualifications … Nothing will bring us peace. Only the gospel will bring us peace, will fill our hearts with joy, as Jesus told the Samaritan woman: “I have a water. If you drink, you never feel thirsty “is the pure water of love, through which all souls can ascend the luminous mountains of wisdom from heaven. It is the Gospel which will take us to this point, for these heavenly moorlands.

That will give us to meet the highest circles of earth spirituality. And who knows, even the most advanced worlds one day. Sirios where Alcyone lives and other more advanced worlds. In this and other galaxies….

Book “On the way to Light”, chapter 24. Subtitle: Clarification of the Catholic Church

André: The title itself already brings us to the need to seek synonymous. Defection, according to the dictionary , that means “party of abandonment, belief,” bringing us a sense of drift, will surely comment to us the moment the Catholic Church turned away, the way of conducting souls to Jesus. And Emmanuel tells us: “Since 1870, the year that marked the man the decline of the church”

André: A lot of attention to this point, because in 1870 marks the end of the Church cycle. Let us remember what was said a few chapters ago, when the benefactor told us that the cycle of the beast, cited chapter XIII book of Revelation, written by John the Evangelist would have 1260 years in Revelation symbolically, for 1,260 days.

Emmanuel tells us that these 1260 years began in the year 610 and then adding to 1,260, the we arrive to the year 1870.

And which marks the end of the power of the Catholic church, according to Emmanuel himself. The first work he brought us, through Chico Xavier, was the papal infallibility.

The decree of papal infallibility marks the end of the power cycle of the Catholic church. It was an extremme attitude of those who can no longer manipulate minds. And with the fear of loss of power, decreed that all the supreme pontiff said, would come from God.

Because ponifice supreme, the Pope, the representative of God on earth, everything he said, would come directly from God. The papal infallibility in 1870 marks the end of the church’s power cycle. And Emmanuel continued, “because of its spiritual defection in the fulfillment of the great duties entrusted by the Lord …”

Then Jesus entrusts this church the mission of conducting souls to Christ the obligation, the duty of the Catholic Church was to lead souls to peace, to perfection. And the defection using the same term that the benefactor, brings us this connotation of a Deviation from on the way. A detour, referring to the task that was assigned to the church, to do what Jesus asks the Apostle Peter in the twenty-first chapter of the Evangelist John notes: “. Feed my sheep”

“In apostolic times, a period of deeper transitions mark all human activities.”

Interesting to note here, when Emmanuel tells us “a period of deeper transitions mark all human activities.” Because we cling to the very concept of planetary transition and sometimes we forget, we do not realize the cycle of personal transition through which we are passing. Our values are being rebuilt.

So there is a dire need to rebuild ourselves. The transition involves our hearts. Because values and feelings are being rebuilt and before build new values, it is necessary to deconstruct the old values. We are being asked to give up everything that interested us for Millennia: Money, power, sex, social status, all this being destroyed.

And the new values need to be built in our hearts. So, all human activities are being reconstructed on their moral values. We are seeing so much confusion. Because, what guided us, what led us, we no longer guide, no longer orients us more.

Hence the great confusions who are going on in our professional lives, in our family life, our social life, including our religious life. Because the old values no longer satisfy us anymore.

Then, it is necessary that we see life with different eyes, with other values.

And Emmanuel continues: “In vain, the world waited for the Christians achievements, initiated in Constantine’s empire, together with the state and living at the table of their economic interests, the church did not take care of anything that was not its perishable kingdom.”

When Emmanuel tells us of his perishable kingdom, it is clear to us that he is reminding us what Jesus said in the gospel verse, in fact commented by Allan Kardec in Chapter 2 of the Gospel According to Spiritism: “My kingdom is not of this world”.

It is quite clear to us that the church was concerned more with Cesar kingdom, reminding us also what Jesus told us: “Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what is God’s.”

The church is concerned with the kingdom of Caesar, with the perishable realm. Jesus never aimed, according to what we have found and we can interpret the Spiritist texts, to build perishable kingdoms.

The idea has always been to build the heavenly kingdom. The kingdom of God in our hearts. And our attempt has been often unconsciously rebuild this kingdom of power in the world.

Therefore so many people do not open hand of power. There are those who, since thousand years, has been fighting for time financial power and do not understand or pretend not to understand the need to move to give up, to open hands These values.

The church, at some point in its history, break away from Christ and allied to the state and has been helping to take care of perishable powerful kingdom, forgetting what Jesus told Pilate: “My kingdom is not of this world.”

Emmanuel continues: “Forgotten God, they never sought to match the evolution of the physical man to the spiritual man, clinging to creep interests and greedy politics of the time.”

André: Interesting that here. How often do we forget the spiritual man evolution, the evolution of the spirit and take care only of the evolution of man body? And we care about building empires to bring in luxury, comfort, facilities and forget often that without the cycles of pain, suffering there is no learning.

Often we forget these necessary movements to grow in spiritual feeling and we were often concerned only with the growth of the physical man, just looking for the pleasure of matter, the body, the flesh.

That power is being dismantled by spiritual forces.And that power is being dismantled by spiritual forces.

And do not be deceived, because there are spirits living in psychosphere of the earth, trying to not let all this, power scheme, disassembled, fall. There are spirits living in psychosphere of the earth. Some incarnate others disembodied, making everything possible so that this power scheme does not end. Just as there are spirits, deviating a little commentary of interpretation, who are fighting, they are doing all possible and imaginable movements, to maintain the spirit that lives in psychosphere of the earth, incarnated or not, remain in ignorace.

Because  ignorance interests to those in power: Whether politicians, heads of state, religious leader or unscrupulous businessmen

The chance of falling from power, when their protected ignore the form of renovation, the possibility of renewal is very small. Let us not forget that. Concerns the mighty men keeping ignorance. Is urgent to clarificationthe growth.

And the Roman Church has opened hands, of this movement it was her task to lead souls

to Christ.

But, Let us not deceive once again, my brothers, my dear listeners. Because we are not talking about an institution. When we commented on the Catholic Church, we are not bragging about an institution.

We are bragging about spirits accustomed to power. And many of them are right now reincarnated. These spirits, accustomed to power, are reincarnated in the spiritualist movement, to try to see the relationship of man to God in another way, and to redeem the mistakes of the past. Then, we see Spiritist people with the central tendency of power, making all movements inside a spiritualist home, taking part of the movement of a city … The Spiritist movement concerning a town, a state turns around it, and everything will happen the way that this person wants.

Because we bring to the Spiritist movement everything that has been learned and assimilated during millenniums in innumerable incarnations. Let us not forget that the fact we have become Spiritist does not change us automatically.

And the risk of bringing to the Spiritist activities such atavism is very large.

It’s just us to think, not the level of judgment or criticism, but as a form of analysis and case …

It’s just we think of the situations of “the owners of Spiritist homes.” Everything revolves around one person.

And woe to those who disagree with this person, woe to those who try to show where are the gaps, at doctrinal level. This unfortunately happens a lot.

We need help, we need to pray, we must pray to the spirits friends, to enlighten our souls. For these souls rediscover the path of self-elevation and the elevation of those who of them come close to.

And Emmanuel continues, ending the first part of the study of today’s morning: “That is why, right now hang him on the forehead, the most sinister predictions”

André: Vaticine means predictions, prophecies. And the prophecy, is nothing more than a revelation in the sense of the cause and effect principle.

In 1938 Emmanuel is telling us that prophecy calls predictions difficult sinister that hovered over the Catholic church.

Nothing more, nothing less than the fulfillment of the laws in the sense of the cause and effect principle: What was planted in the past would be collected right now.

And as the church, deserted, stepped down from their duty to lead souls and often ledrather the wrong direction, arrived in 1938, the time of harvest.

And these spirits who enjoy power, who like to centralize itself activities, are having a Chance to see their faults. Deconstruct itself this centralizing movement, son of pride and selfishness, and reconstruct a healthier religiosity.

Many of them are learning this through the hard way in Spiritist activities.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, friend master of the souls doctor, we thank you Lord, for more this blessed opportunity that we are having this evening of Saturday, that we may be here together, seeking the understanding of the spiritist doctrine, seeking the understanding of your gospel, the Lord in the light of comforter, that your goodness promised us 2,000 years ago.

We remember, Lord, thy celebrated words recorded by the evangelist John, whose apocalypse is being cited in studies, when in Chapter XIV of the notes written by this evangelist, between verses XV and XVII, you told us that: “If you love me , keep my commandments and I will pray the Father will give you another comforter to be with you forever. “

We thank the Lord for sending, by the advent of the spiritist doctrine, and thank you also, Sir, the psychographic work of Francisco Candido Xavier, which has brought so much light to our lives, our experiences, which has enabled both in our intimate reform. Because Chico Xavier, Lord, was the medium of spirits group, led by Emmanuel, who had the mission to revive primitive Christianity in its original purity. And we know that the mission of Francisco Candido Xavier was not easy, and we thank him, we thank his mentor, Emmanuel, and the whole team who used that humility and that most enlightened hand to bring us so much light, so much information, so much blessing, and by consequence, so much possibility for growth. That at the meeting today let us be protected and illuminated by the Emmanuel team, the mentors of the portal of light, which we know we are already being supported and enlightened by them, we have no doubt about that.

Thanks to their presence and we ask clarification to discuss these maxims, in the clearest possible way, so that we all have an understanding of the scriptures and we may spread this understanding properly, safely in the light of the comforter.

That we may reflect this light, Lord, as we try to develop our own. But that we are mirrors, fewer blurry increasingly clean, reflecting light that comes from above, coming from your men of confidence. May ultimately, it comes from your great love, Master.

Love for your smaller brothers. We started at the moment the 50 study of the works of instructor Emmanuel. So be it.


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Source: Rede Amigo Espirita

A Caminho da Luz / On the way to the Light ISBN: 978-0-9829748-2-7


Jesus Apostle: Maria of Magdala


 When the Sabbath was over, Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, and Salome bought spices so that they might go to anoint Jesus’ body. Very early on the first day of the week, just after sunrise, they were on their way to the tomb and they asked each other, “Who will roll the stone away from the entrance of the tomb?” But when they looked up, they saw that the stone, which was very large, had been rolled away. As they entered the tomb, they saw a young man dressed in a white robe sitting on the right side, and they were alarmed. “Don’t be alarmed,” he said. “You are looking for Jesus the Nazarene, who was crucified. He has risen! He is not here. See the place where they laid him.  But go, tell his disciples and Peter, ‘He is going ahead of you into Galilee. There you will see him, just as he told you.” Trembling and bewildered, the women went out and fled from the tomb. They said nothing to anyone, because they were afraid. Mark 16: 1-8


Allan Kardec left us a commandment: If some day science proves that Spiritualism is wrong at some point, leave this point, and stand with the science.”

So far, the Spiritist Codification has only confirmed science, such as: Fluid, Dark Matter and Dark Energy.  And I am very happy because the teachings in Genesis of Allan Kardec, the Book of Spirits and other books of the codification, publicated up to 1857 there are revelations about things that, only now science is discovering and revealing, as for example, the infinity of galaxies, his inhabitants and infinity of the universe.

However, in nowadays, there are many mediums of spiritualist doctrine that differ many informations about Mary Magdalene.
So, I have studied a lot, especially what historians has brought until now,  and did compare those informations
At this point, I follow the science.
For we mediums, are subject to failure in interpretations. Due to our human and imperfect capacity.

In this article, I did  compare  a revelation of the Spirit Dismas with a documentary of scientific experts, which was discovered a few years ago about the magnanimous figure of Mary Magdalene.

Dismas, the good thief, was a merchant who lived at the time of Galilee, who claims to know Judas, James and Mary of Magdala.

After reading, please feel completely free to disagree.  After all, every new idea is seen in a skeptically way.

But please, think and meditate on it. Time alone will  confirm if it is true or not ...

Thanks for reading, Theodora.


Doku: Mary Magdalene and the Cathars

In the secret gospels, historians discovered that Mary Magdalene was considered one of the main disciples of the Master. In the Gospel of Philip says that Jesus loved Mary Magdalene and used to kiss herMary Magdalene was the first to see Jesus rising from the dead. Why did he appeared, precisely for her, if she were not so important to him?

For many centuries, the church harassed her and even started a crusade against the Gnostics in the year 1208 in the south of France.

According to historians, in Rome, the pope initiates all the fury against a Christian group called the Cathars.
According to Professor Timoty Wallace Murphy, PhD., and author: the Cathars were pacific and very religious, but a threat to the church. The grace of reaching the spiritual world depends on the knowledge, discernment gnosis and behavioral changes (intimal analysis, self-knowledge). Other threatening aspects, would be the women having equal rights, not only the clergy, but in society in general.
They believed that Mary Magdalene was the wife of Jesus.

Comparing the doctrine of the Cathars with the teachings of Kardec, obtained through the evolved spirits, both teachings have much similarity. The two philosophies teach that man does not need temples or intermediaries to reach God. The knowledge of self, the intimate reform, moral laws are tools that the soul uses to raise to God.
It also preached through the knowledge that no soul is lost. Sooner or later, all reached the eternal bliss.

Dr.Bart D. Ehrman says that the Cathars taught knowledge as a way of salvation.
Not faith, but to know the real secrets that Christ left:  His messages. Uncover and understand the parables.

Dan Ward, PhD and author: They believed that every human being had a divine spark, starting from the beginning and evolving. In which, not need an intermediary, thus opposing the Roman Catholic dogma.

Of course, Rome did not agree and on July 22, 1209, while the south of France was surrounded, the Cathars took refuge in the basilica of St. Magdalene. According to historians, the crusade lasted about 35 years and were killed about 100,000 Cathars.

The church does not believe that Jesus was married and had children, turning the idea as heresyBut if we go back to the time of Constantine the Great, and study osconcilios of Nicaea and also study the other councils of Constantinople, as well as the life of Theodora and Justinianwe will come to very enlightening ideas.

Although that in the four Gospels is not written that they were married, they indicate that Jesus and Mary Magdalene had a very special relationship.

Why Mary Magdalene appears in the most important moments of Jesus’ life? In Mark’s Gospel, she was present at the crucifixion. While the other disciples fled, abandoning the master alone, at the foot of the cross was Mary Magdalene and the other Mary. By citing her the first time in the Gospel. 36 hous later, she  was the first to see Jesus alive.

Let us forget a little the gospel and be the main actors: You have a wife and children, and went for a business trip. Suddenly you had an accident, which was in a coma, unconscious during many days… When you return from a coma, who will be the first person to look for. For whom you going to call first? Your business partner or your wife?

(The earliest manuscripts and some other ancient witnesses do not have verses 9–20.)

When Jesus rose early on the first day of the week, he appeared first to Mary Magdalene, out of whom he had driven seven demons. 10 She went and told those who had been with him and who were mourning and weeping. 11 When they heard that Jesus was alive and that she had seen him, they did not believe it.12 Afterward Jesus appeared in a different form to two of them while they were walking in the country. 13 These returned and reported it to the rest; but they did not believe them either.14 Later Jesus appeared to the Eleven as they were eating; he rebuked them for their lack of faith and their stubborn refusal to believe those who had seen him after he had risen.15 He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. 16 Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned. 17 And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues; 18 they will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.” 19 After the Lord Jesus had spoken to them, he was taken up into heaven and he sat at the right hand of God. 20 Then the disciples went out and preached everywhere, and the Lord worked with them and confirmed his word by the signs that accompanied it.





Dismas Revelation about Maria of Magdala

Spirit: Dismas (Ventania)                      Medium: Fernando Parada

In the Middle Ages, in times of persecution, I was a Benedictine priest, extremely religious. When I had access to bookstores, libraries, books papyrus and discovered the big scam, a great comedy, great drama, and the great puzzles and a farce of the Church, I decided to study other mythologies, such as Sumer, how to Babylon, do other invocations. I changed the Love for the Reason, I changed a God by many other gods that were being demonized and when they found out, because anyone who flees the light of the Holy Mother Church, I was thrown into the fire.

The latest incarnations per hour does not suit me say but I had two other very important that over time will reveal.

 I would like to talk about an incarnation I had XIV BC in Galilee. This was perhaps the most relevant, because after all I lived with people who participated in the History, or also the big lie that men have created around historical facts and that formed religions and concepts. There are big lies and great truths and some of it I was present when I reincarnated in XIV BC, near Galilee Sea.

I had not direct contact with Christ but I had contact with Mary, and I had also contact with Judas the Iscariot.

Maria Magdalena was born in Magdala,  was a daughter of a great fisherman and trader in Sea of Galilee. Magdala was a thriving little town. Maria went through Caesarea, then she got to know different cultures, Greco-Roman, Persian. That was a great carfut, a major crossroads of knowledge. All merchant People crossed the Caesarea and and Mary was there, learning with the Gentiles and also she learned with the Israelites. She was like a sponge, and she learned everything. It was a wise woman. It would be called a philosopher if men didn´t call this woman as prostitute.

She was a special child, same as you call an Indigo child, born at the wrong time. Or perhaps at the right time. She was intelligent, wise, a little priestess. Spiritually from Egyptian origin, and in her old age she became involve in the Sanhedrin.

Any woman who tried to sully the puruty of men in the Sanhedrin was considered a prostitute. No, she wasn´t. She was like a rag, because after all the men treated the prostitutes like a rag.

There was a passage at the Last Supper, where a Mary knelt at his feet, anointed with expensive oil, opening a bottle of alabaster, cleaned and wiped with her hair. These own hair would be what is called Charmut, it is the rag. The prostitute word, the language of Aran comes from the word Charmut. Some call Charmuta, chermout, charmiet but comes from the word Charmut, which is a rag. So it’s a way that the intolerant men of the time referred to a woman who was seen as impure.

Simon himself said that she was not pure enough to walk between them and the Master himself said: “I will make this woman as a man as you are!”

Only the man could receive knowledge? No, this is intolerance and foremost a bias, it all started

A big mistake would be to say that the men dropped their families to follow the Master, what the Roman Catholic Church preaches today. The man must be single, right? If man has his wife, because she not be quoted?

Their women were present all the time, they were at the Last Supper preparing their dishes, were preparing the rooms to sleep in their hostels, they were preparing food, were giving care and attention to their men. Women have always been the comfort and safe of their husband. So say that they excluded women is a macho posture and a big untruth. Therein also begins the Great Hoax, and still really believe in the lies. People do not believe Mary Magdalene could not have had any relationship with him because he was pure, do not believe that the apostles had their wives, concubines, do not believe that Jesus had his brothers, do not believe that Jesus had children, do not believe that Jesus’ parents had intercourse that he was born.

People invoke unbelievable miracles but do not want to believe the obvious the existence of a family, and the family was the basis of the existence of any men of Judea, Galilee, Adan, Aran, of Condrò.

It was the custom of the time, that great gods, I prefer to say avatars, born of virgin women. I advance it is impossible to conceive of the Holy Spirit. It is not part of the way of procreation of people who are incarnated on this orb, it does not happen in your planet. No one is born of nothing.

I can cite one that was born five hundred years before him, was Gautama Siddhartha and the Mayan queen became pregnant after seeing a white elephant and Yasoda Mata was a virgin.


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Seek knowledge! Read! Always questioning, and not read only a book! Seek the universal knowledge. If by chance it was, many believe that this earth is Christian because it was God’s will, then I tell them: Just a historical accident! Catholic Nations by imposing Rome became Catholic and colonized the Americas!If by chance the browser was a Hindu, instead of a Christ Redeemer you would WHAT? A statue of Shiva! So do not believe that these lands are more sacred than others simply that they received the Cross! Nanny these sacred lands through love and knowledge! That’s what I want to pass along to you. Dismas (Ventania)