Answers for Life

Book: Answers for Life    Date of Publication: May 21, 1975 Spiritual author: André Luiz Psychographic: Francisco Cândido Xavier   Life always answers our questions. Studies and research are long-range problems that Spirit asks, ahead of the Universe; inventions and discoveries are solutions that Divine Wisdom gives us by the school of the work. Many members,… Read More Answers for Life

The ancient messengers of peace and love

The real happiness begins in making the happiness of others. The good that you practice somewhere, is your lawyer everywhere. Emmanuel Book Emmanuel – Chapter II –         Year of Publication: 1937 Author: Emmanuel                                Medium: Francisco Xavier   Content Index Part II Ascendancy of the Gospel Religious Traditions The Missionaries of Christ  The law of Moses Jesus                                                                                                                                                                            … Read More The ancient messengers of peace and love