Theatrical Performance: Symbiosis

Comedy about death.

Inspiration from the book “When death knocked on my door” and “The Phantom of the Opera”

Author: Aparecida Teodoro




Cristina was born in Brazil in the year 1975. At the age of eight, her mother died of a heart attack. This is the first time that the angel of death knocks on her door. Since then, he becomes a constant visitor in her life, becoming a symbiosis in the life of the young woman.

After death takes her father, she can not accept the loss, becoming depressive. After much effort, then begins to burn in her heart the flame of hope. So she’s taking this platonic relationship to death.

-Knock, knock.

-Who is it?

-The death.

-I do not know you. What you want?

– I came to get your mother.

-But I’m just a kid. When will she be back?

-Undetermined time.

-Okay. I’m going to sleep again. But when I wake up, you will have brought her back home, right?

(Death laughs) “How innocent are the children!”

Knock, knock!

-Who knocks?

-the death.

-What do you want this time?

I came to get your sister Joan.

-But you were here last year!

-No, it’s been almost two years.

-But my sister is very young. Besides, she has a little girl to take care of.

-Contract is contract. I also have children to feed.

“Yes, but she’s only twenty-three.

– I’m not prejudiced.


Knock knoc.

“Come in, death.” You do not need to knock, you’re already part of the family. What do you want this time?

– I came to get your father.

-No! My father, no! Are you crazy?

-Contract is contract.

“Take me instead.” Who will take care of my brothers?

-It’s part of life.

“Look, if you take me in his place I promise I’ll cook, I’ll wash and step for you.”

No business! You are still very young and have all your life ahead of you. Tschau, see you next time.

Dejected and lonely, depression approaches the 14-year-old girl …

Cristina: “What am I going to do without my father, the reason for my existence?

Depression: – You can not live without it. Of course, you also want to die.

Cristina: How to convince death to take me? I already know! I have an idea! I’m going to take my aunt’s sleeping pills, so death will have no choice but to take me!

Der Tod hat sich verliebt

Der Tod hat sich in sie verliebt, er lässt ihr keine Ruh
Er schaut sie an bei Tag und Nacht und raunt ihr leise zu
Du bist so weiß, du bist so schön, ich rühr dich niemals an
Ich werd jetzt immer bei dir gehen, ich bin dein rechter Mann

Und meistens geht er neben ihr, manchmal eilt er voraus
Er bietet täglich ihr den Arm, doch noch schlägt sie ihn aus
Es ist der Mann, den sie gesucht, doch finden durfte nie
In seiner Nähe spielt für sie die schönste Melodie

Hope appears in Cristina’s life

Hope: “Wake up, wake up!

Cristina: -Hi death, good to see you.

Hope: – I am not death, I am the hope. Vomit!

Cristina: What ???

Hope: Now let’s do a stomach wash.

Cristina: I’m dead?

Hope: Of course not, you idiot!

Cristina: What do I do to die?

Hope: – Make some trips, then the will passes. Get up.

Cristina: -No, I want to die!

Hope: “Get up, you pregucose. It’s time to work.

Cristina: -No, I want to die!

Hope: Rise and play with your friends. You’re not going to leave the house anymore.

Cristina: -No, I want to die!

Hope: Open these curtains, watch the sun outside. The day is beautiful!

Cristina: -No, I want to die!

Hope: “So many sick people and you are full of vitality! Give life more value!

Cristina: -No, I want to die!

Hope: -Okay. So, we’ll make a new contract. Here in your life contract says that you must die at the age of 80. Let’s cut it to 40. Less than that I can not do it, if I will not have problems with the boss up there.

Cristina: – All right !. What should I do until there?

Hope: -You will travel the world.

Cristina: -That´s a good idea! I’m going to Europe!

Hope: -Good idea. I recommend you to go to Sweden, it is a good place to live.

Knock, knock!

Cristina: “O death, how long! You came to get me?

Death: -No, I came to bring greetings from your grandfather, the two aunts, and your old friend.

Cristina: And how much time do I have left?

Death: -10 years.

Cristina: Ten years yet? Sweden is very cold and I feel so unhappy. Can I go with you on this trip now?

Death: – No way! Contract is contract. Go to Germany, happiness lives there and it’s worth to know him.

Cristina: -Yeah, it costs nothing to try … I do not know happiness, but maybe it’s worth a try.

-Knock knock.

Cristina: “Is that you, death?

-No, happiness. Welcome to Kiel.

Cristina: -Oh, happiness! Nice to meet you!!! Come in and do not leave me any longer!

Knock knock.

Cristina: -Oi death, you seem exhausted, tired. What happened? It even seems like you had a burn-out!

Death: -Too much work, I’m exhausted. After the war in Syria began, our expedition tripled. I’ve never gained so many lives since World War II.

Cristina: -What do you want with me?

Death: -I came to get you!

-No, I can not go with you any more now, because I’m married to happiness.

Death: -Contract is contract.

Cristina: -Look, give me some time. I’m married to happiness! Let me talk to her and explain the situation. Give me more time, in the name of our old friendship!

-Okay. I have urgent business to solve in the Mediterranean sea and soon after I come to pick you up. Tschau!
Cristina: – Enjoy and take a long vacation …
Death: I’ll think about it.

Alone, Cristina enters panic: “Oh, what will I do? I can not keep up with death.Just now that I have found happiness.”

The hope appears and delivers a book to Cristina.
Cristina: What is this?

Hope: This is my book! A book of hope that says that death is a door to life. That material life is nothing more than a school and that we will die reborn many times, to perfect ourselves in the school of life.

Cristina: Viva la Morte! Long life to death! Is lebe der tod!